Ensiling in tower silos and clamp silos

Schukking, S.; Van Bljsterveldt, Q.P.M.

Land-bouwmechanisatie 18(9): 853-7


Accession: 014459656

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Data are given on average values for percentage DM, amounts of butyric, acetic and lactic acids, and the size of the ammonia fraction for silage made in 5 tower silos and 4 clamps in 1961-4. Much space in the silos was wasted when the herbage DM content was below 20%. To maintain good quality, herbage used for topping-up tower silos needed to be drier than 25% DM. The walls of clamp silos, but not of tower silos, could be made airtight by lining them with waterproof hardboard.