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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14461

Chapter 14461 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Thompson, P.A., 1971:
Environmental effects on pollination and receptacle development in the strawberry

Klermeier, F.; Schuster, J.; Renner, E., 1967:
Environmental effects on protein content and milk composition

Jonsson, E., 1970:
Environmental effects on quality of eggs for consumption

Malcolm, D.C.; Caldwell, E.A., 1970:
Environmental effects on shoot growth in conifers

Cernus, K., 1970:
Environmental effects on sire rating

Meyer, V.G., 1965:
Environmental effects on the differentiation of abnormal cotton flowers

Samata, Y.; Matsui, T., 1971:
Environmental effects on the expression of doubleness in an Impatiens balsamina variety

Dassat, P.; Paolis, P.D.S.rtore, G., 1965:
Environmental effects on the milk yield in some buffalo herds in southern Italy

Arnoux, M.; Mathieu, G., 1969:
Environmental effects on the sexual phenotype of the F1 progeny of crosses between diecious and monecious varieties of hemp (C. sativa L.)

Plasse, D.; Pena, N.; Verde, O.; Koger, M.; Linares, T., 1971:
Environmental effects on variance of calving intervals in pedigree Brahmans

Liphschitz, N.; Waisel, Y., 1970:
Environmental effects on wood production and cambial activity in Ziziphus spina-christi (L) Willd

Chung, Shiu-Ling Snetsinger, R., 1965:
Environmental effects upon reproduction of a mustiroom-infesting Cecid fly, Mycophila speyeri (Barnes) (Diptera : Ceddomyiidae)

Birch, P.D.W.; Newman, R.H., 1971:
Environmental factors

Altstadt, R.A., 1964:
Environmental factors affecting growth of carnation stock plants and cuttings

Frederiksen, K.R.; Price, D.A.; Blackwell, R.L., 1967:
Environmental factors affecting rate and efficiency of gain and other traits in Rambouillet lambs

Burns, R.E., 1972:
Environmental factors affecting root development and reserve carbohydrates of Bermudagrass cuttings

Mcmillan, C., 1971:
Environmental factors affecting seedling establishment of the Black Mangrove on the central Texas coast

Kern, K.G., 1970:
Environmental factors affecting the increment of Poplars in the Rhine floodplain

Sherwood, R.; Peberdy, J.F., 1972:
Environmental factors affecting the synthesis of toxins by species of fusaria

Goodman, N.L.; Larsh, H.W., 1967:
Environmental factors and growth of Histoplasma capsulatum in soil

Hammerton, John, L., 1967:
Environmental factors and susceptibility to herbicides

Milletti, G., 1967:
Environmental factors and the greenhouse in orchid growing

Ponzoni, R., 1967:
Environmental factors and their effect on wool production

Addis, P.B.; Judge, M.D.; Pickett, R.A.; Jones, H.W., 1965:
Environmental Factors Associated With Porcine Adrenal Size And Muscle Characteristics

Hadi, M.A., 1966:
Environmental factors causing variations in gestation period of Deoni cattle in Maharashtra State

Howard-Williams, C., 1971:
Environmental factors controlling the growth of plants on heavy metal soils

Cheraskin, E.; Ringsdorf, W.M.; Setyaadmadja, A.T.; Barrett, R.A.; Sibley, G.T.; Reid, R.W., 1968:
Environmental factors in blood glucose regulation

Cohen, F., 1968:
Environmental factors in planning the sphere of action of Swiss agricultural co-operatives

Heale, J.B.; Isaac, I., 1965:
Environmental factors in the production of dark resting structures in Verticillium alboatrum, V. dahliae and V. tricorpus

Knott, J.E., E.Al., 1971:
Environmental factors in vegetable production

Carlsson, G., 1967:
Environmental factors influencing blackfly populations

Les, E.P., 1968:
Environmental factors influencing body weight of C57BL/6J and DBA/2J mice

Ngere, L.O., 1970:
Environmental factors influencing milk yield of Hariana cattle

Donaubauer, E., 1972:
Environmental factors influencing outbreak of Scleroderris lagerbergii Gremmen

Gauss, J.F.; Taylor, G.A., 1969:
Environmental factors influencing reproductive differentiation and the subsequent formation of the inflorescence of Brassica oleracea L. var. italica, Plenck cv. 'Coastal'

Burrage, S.W., 1970:
Environmental factors influencing the infection of Wheat by Puccinia graminis

Skinner, H.H.; Knight, E.H., 1964:
Environmental factors influencing the response of guinea-pigs to modified strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus

Hanawalt, R.B., 1969:
Environmental factors influencing the sorption of atmospheric ammonia by soils

Armstrong, R.W., 1964:
Environmental Factors Involved In Studying The Relationship Between Soil Elements And Disease

Fiser, A., 1970:
Environmental fungal microbes content in broilerhouse on periodically changed litter

Provost, M.W., 1972:
Environmental hazards in the control of disease vectors

O'connor, L.J., 1970:
Environmental influence during beet seed production on bolting and quality characteristics of the subsequent root crop

Umaerus, M., 1970:
Environmental influence on development and quality in relation to selection at high latitudes

Kingma, G., 1968:
Environmental influence on grain production, yield components, and other characteristics of oat varieties in New York State

Schmidt, R.E., 1967:
Environmental influence on nitrogen utilization

Kamm, J.A., 1972:
Environmental influence on reproduction, diapause, and morph determination of Anaphothrips obscurus (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Krishnaswami, R.; Pundarikakshudu, R., 1971:
Environmental influence on seed protein and oil in soybean

Busch, L.V.; Schooley, H.D., 1970:
Environmental influence on symptom expression in Verticillium wilt of chrysanthemum

Thompson, L.; Slife, F.W.; Butler, H.S., 1970:
Environmental influence on the tolerance of corn to atrazine

Alleweldt, G., 1964:
Environmental influence on vegetative growth, dormancy and flower formation in vines. (Vitis species). III. Flower formation

Mainstone, B.J., 1971:
Environmental influences and the importance of covers and shade for cocoa. Part 1

Sarvella, P., 1965:
Environmental influences on cytoplasmic male-sterile cottons

Otryganjev, G.K.; Vladimir-Ova, J. N., 1967:
Environmental influences on embryonic development of the domestic fowl

Waugh, G.A.; Marlowe, T.J., 1969:
Environmental influences on growth rate and grade of yearling beef cattle

Waugh, G.A.; Marlowe, T.J., 1968:
Environmental influences on growth rate and grade of yearling beef cattle. (1967-68 livestock research report.)

Sargent, F.D.; Butcher, K.R.; Legates, J.E., 1967:
Environmental influences on milk constituents

Spike, P.W.; Freeman, A.E., 1967:
Environmental influences on monthly variation in milk constituents

Hansen, L.R.; Barr, G.R.; Wieckert, D.A., 1966:
Environmental influences on production in 100 dairy herds

Sarvella, Patricia, 1966:
Environmental influences on sterility in cytoplasmic male-sterile cottons

Washko, J.B., 1966:
Environmental influences on the creeping-rooted characters

Taplin, D.; Zaias, N.; Rebell, G., 1965:
Environmental influences on the microbiology of the skin

Domsch, K.H.; Corden, M.E., 1970:
Environmental influences on the sensitivity of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici to methylisothiocyanate

Ludwig, J.A., 1969:
Environmental interpretation of foothill grassland communities of N. Utah

Anon., 1969:
Environmental levels of radioactivity at atomic energy commission installations. I. Hanford atomic products operation calendar year 1967

Honda, T.; Okajima, H., 1969:
Environmental light condition and the tiller development in rice plant. 2. Effect of the partial shading on the development of tiller bud and dry matter production

Honda, T.; Okajima, H., 1970:
Environmental light condition and the tiller development in rice plant. 3. Effect of partial shading and temperature on the development of tiller buds and dry matter increments

Wurtman, R.J.; Weisel, J., 1969:
Environmental lighting and neuroendocrine function: relationship between spectrum of light source and gonadal growth

Shifriss, C.; Cohen, S., 1971:
Environmental modification of heritable resistance to Potato virus Y in Peppers (Capsicum annuum)

Shifriss, C.; Cohen, S., 1971:
Environmental modification of heritable resistance to potato virus gamma in peppers (Capsicum annuum)

Holland, D.A., 1967:
Environmental modifications resulting from the culture and grubbing of trees

Cooper, J.P., 1970:
Environmental physiology

Kibler, H.H.; Johnson, H.D.; Hahn, L.; Shanklin, M.D., 1970:
Environmental physiology and shelter engineering with special reference to domestic animals. 74. Thermal regulation in cattle at 2 degrees to 35 degrees as influenced by controlled feeding, ad libitum feeding and fasting

Kibler, H.H.; Johnson, H.D.; Berry, I.L., 1966:
Environmental physiology and shelter engineering with special reference to domestic animals. LXXI. Energetic efficiency of lactating dairy cows: effects of controlled and ad libitum feeding at 18 degrees C and 31 degrees C temperatures

Beckerman, W., 1972:
Environmental policy and the challenge to economic theory

Rowe, J.S., 1964:
Environmental preconditioning, with special reference to forestry

Davies, S., 1968:
Environmental radiation surveillance at a nuclear fuel reprocessing plant

Aarkrog, A.; Lippert, J., 1965:
Environmental radioactivity in Denmark in 1964

Aarkrog, A.; Lippert, J., 1970:
Environmental radioactivity in Denmark in 1969

Aarkrog, A.; Lippert, J., 1970 :
Environmental radioactivity in Greenland in 1969

Anonymous, 1970:
Environmental radioactivity in New Zealand and Pacific area monitoring. Annual summary, 1970

Kendeigh, S.C.; Kontogiannis, J.E.; Mazac, A.; Roth, R.R., 1969:
Environmental regulation of food intake by birds

Webb, L.J., 1968:
Environmental relationships of the structural types of Australian rain forest vegetation

Anderson, R.C., 1969:
Environmental scaling of microhabitats for some Costa Rican grasses

Tindal, J.S.; Knaggs, G.S., 1970:
Environmental stimuli and the mammary gland

Thorson, R.E., 1969:
Environmental stimuli and the responses of parasitic helminths

Lloyd, E.P.; Tingle, F.C.; Gast, R.T., 1967:
Environmental stimuli inducing diapause in the boll weevil

Judge, M.D., 1969:
Environmental stress and meat quality

Badran, A.M., 1964:
Environmental studies of maturation of the Mclntosh apple

Jasinska, S.; Lewandowski, L.; Sobiech, T.; Adamczewski, T.; Radzimski, S., 1969:
Environmental studies on the incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in endemic aireas

Jasinska, S.; Lew Owski, L.; Sobiech, T., 1966:
Environmental studies on the incidence of Listeria monocytogenes in silage, plants and soil

Kelleher, W.J., 1969:
Environmental surveillance around a nuclear fuel reprocessing installation, 1965-1967

Reinig, W.C., 1970:
Environmental surveillance in the vicinity of nuclear facilities

Chahl, J.S.; Kratzing, C.C., 1966:
Environmental temperature and choline requirement in rats. 2. Choline and methionine requirements for lipotropic activity

Payne, C.G., 1966:
Environmental temperature and egg production

Borchers, R., 1965:
Environmental Temperature And Growth Inhibition Of Weanling Rats Fed Raw Soybean Rations

Payne, C.G., 1966:
Environmental temperature and the performance of light breed pullets

Pfahler, P.L., 1965:
Environmental variability and genetic diversity within populations of oats (cultivated species of Avena) and rye (Secale cereale L.)

Pfahler, P.L., 1965:
Environmental variability and geneticiability and genetic diversity within populations of oats (cultivated species of Avena) and rye (Secale cereale L.)

Povilaitis, B., 1970:
Environmental variability in tobacco cultivar trials

Gacula, M.C.; , Jr.; Gaunt, S.U.; Damon, R.A.; , Jr., 1965:
Environmental variance associated with milk composition yield

Armstrong, K.C.; Christie, B.R., 1965:
Environmental variance in orchardgrass (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Vaartaja, O., 1966:
Environmental variation in antheridial characteristics used in separating Pythium irregulare and P. polymorphon

Quinlivan, B.J., 1967:
Environmental variation in the long term pattern of germination from hard seeds of Lupinus varius

Hanover, James, W., 1966:
Environmental variation in the monoterpenes of Pinus monticola Dougl

Heydorn, K., 1970:
Environmental variation of arsenic levels in human blood determines by neutron activation analysis

Oinuma, T.; Ayabe, T., 1968:
Environmental variation of genetic statistics in flue-cured tobacco

Hsieh, S.C.; Ruttan, V.W., 1967:
Environmental, technological and institutional factors in the growth of rice production: Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan

Curtis, S.E., 1970:
Environmental--thermoregulatory interactions and neonatal piglet survival

Kleinschmit, J.Von Knigge, W., 1967:
Environmentally and genetically determined variation in dry-matter production, structure and specific gravity in young spruces (P. abies Karst)

Anonymous, 1969:
Environmentally conscious Sweden

Khan, T.N.; Boyd, W.J.R., 1969:
Environmentally induced variability in the host reaction of barley to net blotch

Arnold, C.Y., 1969:
Environmentally induced variations of sweet corn characteristics as they relate to the time required for development

Ketchie, D.O.; Ballard, A.L., 1968:
Environments which cause heat injury to 'Valencia' oranges

Dirksen, G.; Plank, P.; Spiess, A.; Hanichen, T.; Dammrich, K., 1970:
Enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 1. Clinical observations and studies

Hanichen, T.; Plank, P.; Dirksen, G., 1970:
Enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 2. Histomorphological findings in the soft tissues

Dammrich, K.; Dirksen, G.; Plank, P., 1970:
Enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 3. Skeletal changes

Dirksen, G.; Plank, P.; Hanichen, T.; Dammrich, K.; Spiess, A., 1971:
Enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 4. Studies on sheep selectively fed on clover, grasses or weeds

Parker, J.C.; Tennant, R.W.; Ward, T.G.; Rowe, W.P., 1964:
Enzootic Sendai Virus Infections in Mouse Breeder Colonies Within the United States

Van Hoosier, G.L.J.; Mccormick, N.; Hill, W.A., 1970:
Enzootic abortion in a canine colony. III. Bacteraemia, antibody response and mercaptoethanol sensitivity of agglutinins in naturally infested dogs

McCormick, N.; Hill, W.A.; Van Hoosier, G.L.; Wende, R., 1970:
Enzootic abortion in a canine production colony. II. Characteristics of the associated organism, evidence for its classification as Brucella canis, and antibody studies on exposed humans

Ognyanov, D.; Genchev, G., 1970:
Enzootic abortion in cows: role of neorickettsial (Chlamydia) infection

Rubaj, B.; Woloszyn, S., 1967:
Enzootic adenopapiUonia of the nasal cavity in sheep

Colusi, A.D.; Sequeira, A., 1964:
Enzootic arthritis in fowls caused by atypical Salmonella gallinarum

Tokarnia, C.H.; Dobereiner, J.; Canella, C.F.C.; Guimaraes, J.A., 1966:
Enzootic ataxia of lambs on the Piaui coast

Terlecki, S.; Done, J.T.; Clegg, F.G., 1964:
Enzootic ataxia of red deer

Wendt, K.; Pospisil, H.; Fuchs, H.-W., 1969:
Enzootic bovine Nocardia mastitis induced by Nocardia asteroides. I. Clinical picture and pathology

Wendt, K.; Pospisil, M.; Fuchs, H.-W., 1969:
Enzootic bovine Nocardia mastitis induced by Nocardia asteroides. II. Bacteriology, food hygiene aspects, pathogenesis

Datta, S., 1965:
Enzootic bovine haematuria

Clague, D.C.; Granzien, C.K., 1966:
Enzootic bovine leucosis in South East Queensland

Wendt, K.; Pospisil, M.; Fuchs, H.-W., 1969:
Enzootic bovine nocardial mastitis induced by Nocardia asteroides. III. Therapy, contagious prophylaxis and control

Dirksen, G.; Plank, P.; Hanichen, T.; Spiess, A., 1972:
Enzootic calcinosis in cattle. 5. Experimental studies on rabbits selectively fed with Dactylis glomerata, Trisetum flavescens and a grass mixture

Christensen, H.A.; Herrer, A.; Telford, S.R., 1972:
Enzootic cutaneous leishmaniasis in eastern Panama. II. Entomological investigations

Parodi, A.; Guenet, J.L., 1965:
Enzootic goitre in young goats

Dos Santos, J.A., 1966:
Enzootic hepatoma in rabbits: second series of observations

Duncan, J.R.; Tyler, D.E.; Van Der Maaten, M.J.; Andersen, J.R., 1967:
Enzootic nasal adenocarcinoma in sheep

Shevtsov, A.A., 1965:
Enzootic outbreak of Echinochasmus infection in birds in the Ukrainian SSR

Dalsgaard, H., 1970:
Enzootic paresis in horses as a consequence of outbreaks of rhino-pneumonitis (virus abortion)

Hagen, K.W., 1966:
Enzootic pasteurellosis in domestic rabbits. II. Strain types and methods of control

Mandrup, M., 1967:
Enzootic pneumonia in pigs. Dissemination and economic importance

Wegmann, W.; Bertschinger, H.U.; Keller, H., 1969:
Enzootic pneumonia in pigs. Electron microscopical study and demonstration of the causal agent in tissues

Terpstra, J.I.; Akkermans, J.P.W.M., 1968:
Enzootic pneumonia in swine caused by Mycoplasma

Boulanger, P.; L'Ecuyer, C., 1968:
Enzootic pneumonia of pigs: complement-fixation tests for the detection of mycoplasma antibodies in the serum of immunized rabbits and infected swine

Goodwin, R.F.; Whittlestone, P., 1966:
Enzootic pneumonia of pigs: growth and behaviour of the causal mycoplasma in liquid media

Van Der Veen, R.R.; Zumpt, I.F., 1967:
Enzootic pneumonia of sheep in the Mafeking district

Willemart, J.P.; Verger, M., 1965:
Enzootic staphylococcal synovitis of pullets

Burki, F.; Lindt, S.; Freudiger, U., 1964:
Enzootic viral coryza in cats. II. Virological and experimental study

Ramos-Aliaga, R.; Chiriboga, J., 1970:
Enzymatic N-demethylation of cocaine and nutritional status

Hiraoka, Y., 1966:
Enzymatic activities in Ascaris body fluid. II

Baldwin, R.L., 1966:
Enzymatic activities in mammary glands of several species

Wolf, Frederick, T., 1968:
Enzymatic activities in the leaves of light-grown and dark-grown wheat seedlings

Khan, S.U., 1970:
Enzymatic activity in a gray wooded soil as influenced by cropping systems and fertilizers

Sanint, B.; O.; Valencia, A.; G., 1970:
Enzymatic activity in coffee beans in relation to liquor quality. I. Duration of fermentation

Sldorskij, A.G., E.Al., 1971:
Enzymatic activity in leaves of diclinous plants

Musa, M.M.; Mukhtar, N.O., 1969:
Enzymatic activity of a soil profile in the Sudan Gezira

Cerna, S., 1966:
Enzymatic activity of soil in relation to its structure

Kozlov, K., 1964:
Enzymatic activity of the rhizosphere and soils in the East Siberia area

Swiatek, K.R.; Chao, K.L.; Chao, H.L.; Cornblath, M.; Tildon, J.T., 1970:
Enzymatic adaptations in newborn pig liver

Benveniste, R.; Yamada, T.; Davies, J., 1970:
Enzymatic Adenylylation of Streptomycin and Spectinomycin by R-Factor-Resistant Escherichia coli

Schafer, J.A.; Terriere, L.C., 1970:
Enzymatic and physical factors in house fly resistance to naphthalene

Fitzgerald, D.K.; Colvin, R.; Mawal, R.; Ebner, K.E., 1970:
Enzymatic assay for galac-tosyl transferase activity of lactose synthetase and alpha -lactalbumin in purified and crude systems

Grollman, E.F.; Kobata, A.; Ginsburg, V., 1970:
Enzymatic basis of blood types in man

Munns, D.N., 1969:
Enzymatic breakdown of pectin and acid-inhibition of the infection of Medicago roots by Rhizobium

Chubey, B.B.; Dorrell, D.G., 1972:
Enzymatic browning of stored parsnip roots

Coucke, P.; Voets, J.P., 1968:
Enzymatic cellulolysls by Sorangium compositum

Baldwin, R.L.; Milligan, L.P., 1966:
Enzymatic changes associated with the initiation and maintenance of lactation in the rat

Buening, G.M.; Gustafson, D.P., 1970:
Enzymatic changes in astrocytes of mice affected with scrapie

Tiedje, J.M.; Alexander, M., 1969:
Enzymatic cleavage of the ether bond of 2,4-dichIoro-phenoxyacetate

Lichtenstein, E.P.; Corbett, J.R., 1969:
Enzymatic conversion of aldrin to dieldrin with subcellular components of pea plants

Abiko, Y.; Tomikawa, M.; Shimizu, M., 1969:
Enzymatic conversion of pantothenylalcohol to pantothenic acid

Downing, M.; Adams, A.; Hellenga, L., 1965:
Enzymatic conversion of ribonucleotides to deoxynucleotides

Cima, L.; Levorato, C.; Mantovan, R., 1967:
Enzymatic decyanation of cyanocobalamin in rat tissues

Gemrich, Edwin, G., 1967:
Enzymatic degradation of 2-chloro-4,5-dimethylphenyl N-methylcarbamate by the fat bodies of Blaberus giganteus

Brady, R.N., 1967:
Enzymatic degradation of biotin

Keilich, G.; Bailey, P.; Liese, W., 1970:
Enzymatic degradation of cellulose, cellulose derivatives and hemicelluloses in relation of the fungal decay of wood

Van Etten, H.D.; Bateman, D.F., 1969:
Enzymatic degradation of galactan, galactomannan, and xylan by Sclerotium rolfsii

Fukuzumi, T.; E.A., 1964:
Enzymatic degradation of lignin. III. Oxidation accompanying carbon dioxide liberation of vanillic acid, vanilloylformic acid and guaiacylpyruvic acid by enzyme of Polystictus sanguineus and Poria subacida

Fukuzumi, T.; Shibamoto, T., 1965:
Enzymatic degradation of lignin. IV. Splitting of veratryl-glycerol- -guaiacylether by enzyme of Poria subacida

Chesbro, W.R.; Auborn, K., 1967:
Enzymatic detection of the growth of Staphylococcus aureus in foods

Veringa, H.A.; Schrijver-Davelaar, H., 1970:
Enzymatic determination of acetaldehyde in starter, yoghurt and butter

Gilliland, S.E., 1969:
Enzymatic determination of residual hydrogen peroxide in milk

Turner, W.W., Jr., 1969:
Enzymatic determination of starch in feeds, feed ingredients, and feces

Donelson, J.R.; Yamazaki, W.T., 1968:
Enzymatic determination of starch in wheat fractions

Bergen, W.G.; Purser, D.B.; Cline, J.H., 1967:
Enzymatic determination of the protein quality of individual rumen bacteria

Winston, R.M.; Warburton, F.G.; Stott, A., 1970:
Enzymatic diagnosis of megaloblastic anaemia

Bronstein, H.D.; Haeffner, L.J.; Kowlessar, O.D., 1966:
Enzymatic digestion of gliadin: the effect of the resultant peptides in adult celiac disease

Gatt, S., 1970:
Enzymatic estimation of galactose in the presence of galactolipids

Alexander, A.G.; Montalvo-Zapata, R., 1970:
Enzymatic factors in the sucrose decline of sugarcane desiccated with paraquat, diquat, and dinitro-butylphenol

Majumder, G.C.; Ganguli, N.C., 1968:
Enzymatic formation of hydroxamate from gluta- thione and hydroxylamine by milk

Chernikov, M.P.; Stan, E.Y., 1970:
Enzymatic hydrolysis and degree of dispersion of alpha S-casein after denaturation

Got, R., 1965:
Enzymatic hydrolysis of human lactotransferrin

Lecadet, M.M.; Dedonder, R., 1967:
Enzymatic hydrolysis of the crystals of Bacillus thuringiensis by the proteases of Pieris brassicae. I. Preparation and fractionation of the lysates

Hine, R.B.; Aragaki, M.; Tokunaga, J., 1965:
Enzymatic inactivation of Phytophthora parasitica by papain

Hine, R.B.; Tokunaga, M.A.agakl And Junzo, 1965:
Enzymatic inactivation of the papaya blight fungus, Phytophthora parasitica, by papain and other proteolytic enzymes

Majumder, G.C.; Ganguli, N.C., 1967:
Enzymatic incorporation of amino acid into the protein complex by freshly secreted milk. I. The nature of incorporation

Majumder, G.C.; Ganguli, N.C., 1968:
Enzymatic incorporation of amino acid into the protein complex by freshly secreted milk. III. Incorporation by buffalo milk

Majumder, G.C.; Ganguli, N.C., 1968:
Enzymatic incorporation of amino acid into the protein complex by freshly secreted milk. IV. Incorporation pattern with different amino acids

Singh, A.; Ganguli, N.C., 1971:
Enzymatic incorporation of amino acid into the protein complex by freshly secreted milk. VI. Incorporation by goat milk

Majumder, G.C.; Ganguli, N.C., 1967:
Enzymatic incorporation of amino acid into the protein complex by freshly secreted milk. n. Factors influencing incorporation

Rodriguez-Kabana, R., 1969 :
Enzymatic interactions of Sclerotium rolfsii and Trichoderma viride in mixed soil culture

Martincic, T.; Krvavica, S., 1964:
Enzymatic investigations in the mucosa of the rumen. 2. On the presence of arginase in the ruminal mucosa of cattle

Krvavica, S.; Kurelec, B.; Martincic, T., 1964:
Enzymatic investigations in the mucosa of the rumen. 3. On the presence of carbamyl phosphate synthetase and ornithine transcarbamylase in the mucosa of the rumen

Lhuissier, M.; Biette, E., 1965:
Enzymatic liberation of the lysine in spray-dried milk

Gentilini, P.; Franchi, F.; Ignesti, C.; Surrenti, C., 1965:
Enzymatic liver modifications in the course of high-cholesterol diet induced steatosis. Elements of correlation between histochemical and biochemical data

Sawasaki, T.; Shimokawa, H., 1970:
Enzymatic lysis of living Candida cells in the presence of chemical agents and antibiotics

Sato, S., 1968:
Enzymatic maceration of plant tissue

Lein, K.A., 1970:
Enzymatic methods for the determination of the total glucosinolate content of single swede-rape seeds as a basis for the selection of low-glucosinolate rape

Chandrasekaran, A.; King, K.W., 1967:
Enzymatic modification of the extractability of protein from coconuts (Cocos nucifera)

D.B.rbieri, A.; Tassi, G.C.; Mistretta, A.P.; Monti, G., 1969:
Enzymatic modifications in rabbit blood infected with hog cholera virus

Tramolieres, J.; Lowy, R.; Griffaton, G., 1966:
Enzymatic pathways of ethanol metabolism at normal and toxic levels

Sauter, J.J.; Braun, H.J., 1968:
Enzymatic polarity in ray parenchyma cells of conifers in spring

Nordal, J.; Rossebo, L., 1972:
Enzymatic precipitation in agar gel as a method for the detection of sodium caseinate in raw and heated meat products

Devos, P., 1964:
Enzymatic proteolysates for stimulation of acid development and coagulation in Camembert manufacture

Ottow, J.C.; Von Klopotek, A., 1969:
Enzymatic reduction of iron oxide by fungi

Goren, R.; Monselise, S.P., 1964:
Enzymatic relationships and content of certain natural compounds in developing Shamouti orange fruits

Durand, G., 1965:
Enzymatic splitting of urea in presence of bentonite

Narayanaswami, R.; Veerraju, V., 1969:
Enzymatic studies in the rhizosphere of strawberry, Fragaria vesca L

Joyner, A.E., Jr., 1967:
Enzymatic studies of rumen microorganisms. 2. Bio-synthesis of amino acids by Ruminococcus flavefaciens

Wu, L.C.l; Tseng, T.C.e; Lee, Y.S.yone, 1965:
Enzymatic studies on Piricularia oryzae Cav

Wu, L.-C.; Tseng, T.-C.; Lee, Y.-S., 1965:
Enzymatic studies on Pyricularia oryzae Cav

Rosenthal, S.A.; Sokolsky, H., 1965:
Enzymatic studies with pathogenic fungi

Fucik, V.; Kara, J., 1964:
Enzymatic synthesis of 5-bromo-2'-deoxyuridine-2-14C and of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine-2-14C and their incorporation into deoxyribonucleic acid (Allium cepd)

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Enzyme inhibitors in cow's colostrum and milk

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Enzyme preparations for feeding piglets

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Enzyme preparations for piglets

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Enzyme preparations for rearinglambs

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Enzymic and non-enzy-mic prevention of bitter tastes in enzymic protein hydrolysates

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Enzymic assimilation of nitrate in tomato plants. I. Reduction of nitrate to nitrite. II. Reduction of nitrite to ammonia

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Enzymic Assimilation of Nitrate in Tomato Plants. II. Reduction of Nitrite to Ammonia

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Enzymic browning of apples

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Enzymic browning of whole wheat meal flour

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Enzymic coagulation of milk in flow; an important contribution to continuous cheese production techniques

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Enzymic correlates of development, secretory function and regression of follicles and corpora lutea in the bovine ovary

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Enzymic Decarboxylation of Oxalate by Extracts of Plant Tissue

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Enzymic degradation of a phosphopeptide obtained by trypsin hydrolysis of alpha -casein. A partial structural formula

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Enzymic degradation of anthocyanins of grapes

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Enzymic determination of L-arabinose and D-galactose

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Enzymic determination of uric acid by a colorimetric method

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Enzymic estimation of D-malate and other D-2-hydroxy acids

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Enzymic estimation of L-arabinose and D-galactose for study of the carbohydrates in foods

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Enzymic estimation of acetate

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Enzymic estimation of starch in special foods

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Enzymic extraction of proteins. Application to some by-products of the cereal industry

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Enzymic mechanism of starch synthesis in sweet potato roots. 3. The composition of carbohydrates and soluble nu-cleotides in the developing sweet potato roots

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Enzymic method for determination of hydroxyproline

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Enzymic method for quantitative determination of nanogram amounts of total and oxidized glutathione: applications to mammalian blood and other tissues

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Enzymic method of extraction of protein from different oilseed meals

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Enzymic methods for the micro assay of D-mannose, D-glucose, D-galactose, and L-fucose from acid hydrolyzates of glycoproteins

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Enzymic methods of diagnosing galactosaemia and galactokinase deficiency

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Enzymic oxidation of tocopherols and carotenoid pigments during bread making

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Enzymic processes and fat metabolism in calves

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Enzymic processing of vegetable protein foods

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Enzymic proteolysis of raw and steamed meat

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Enzymic radioassay for acetylcholine and choline in brain

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Enzymic studies in Prodenia litura F. III. Cholinesterase activity in the nerve cord

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Enzymic studies of certain wood destroying fungi

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Enzymic studies on cheese ripening, III. Rapid fingerprinting on a mixed thin layer for qualitative analysis of casein hydrolysate

Nakanishi, T.; Itoh, M., 1971:
Enzymic studies on cheese ripening. II Action of protease produced by Aspergillus oryzae strain B on casein fractions

Nakanishi, T.; Itoh, M., 1971:
Enzymic studies on cheese ripening. L Effect of the conditions of cultivation on the protease activity of Aspergillus oryzae

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Enzymic transformation of carbohydrates in the leaves of cereals in relation to their adaptation to soil salinization

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Enzymo-serological comparison of proteolytic enzymes produced by salmonella species and other enterobacteria

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Enzymological experiments with fungi in culture on trypsinised keratin

Anonymous, 1970:
Enzymological studies

Ziegler, H., 1968:
Enzymological studies on keratinophilic saprophytes and pathogenic dermatophytes

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Enzymology of the pigmented adenine-requiring mutants of Saccharomyces and Schizosaccharomyces

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Enzymoserological separation of bacterial proteinases

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Enzyniic activity of some mycetes. VII. Phosphatidase activity of pathogenic strains of Candida albicans in sheep blood media. Chemical and Chromatographie study

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EoIian sediment influence on pedogenesis during Quaternary

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Eocene soil profile in the northern Great Plains

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Eocephalomyocarditis in lactating sows

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Eolian migration of salts and its possible geoehemical and soil-forming significance

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Eolian origin of quartz in soils of Hawaiian Islands and in Pacific sediments

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Eosinopenie consecutive a 1'injection intradermique d'antigene bilharzien, chez le sujet bilharzien

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Eosinophil Turnover In The Normal Rat

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Eosinophile numbers in the blood of piglets at various ages

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Eosinophiles in vaginal smears in diagnosis of sterility in bitches

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Eosinophilia in canine diseases

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Eosinophilia in filarial endemic areas in Ceylon

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Eosinophilia in the peripheral blood and bone marrow of guinea-pigs with experimental Ascaris lumbricoides infections

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Eosinophilia of guinea-pig teats

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Eosinophilic granuloma (rodent ulcer) in the cat

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Eosinophilic Granuloma Of Gastro-Intestinal Tract Caused By Herring Parasite Eustoma Rotundatum

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Eosinophilic granuloma of pancreas caused by Ascaris eggs

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Eosinophilic granulomata of parasitic origin in the horse

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Eosinophilic interstitial nephritis in goats

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Eosinophilic meningitis among children in Hawaii

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Eosinophilic meningitis in Okinawa. Three suspected cases of angiostrongyliasis in man

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Eosinophilic meningitis in Thailand. Epidemiologic studies of 484 typical cases and the etiologic role of Angiostrongylus cantonensis

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Eosinophilic Meningoencephalitis In Thailand: Summary Of Nine Cases And Observations On Angiostrongylus Cantonensis As A Causative Agent And Pila Ampullacea As A New Intermediate Host

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Eosinophilic myositis in cattle

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Eosinophilic panostitis in the dog

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Eosinophilic panostitis-diagnosis and therapy

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Eosinophilic regional ileitis of parasitic origin

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Eosinophils and dietary histamine in the rat

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Eosinophils in malnourished children

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Eosinophils of ovine peripheral blood in electron microscopy

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Eosinophils of the gastro-intestinal mucosa of rats deprived of different essential amino acids

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Eosinophiltaxis and the functions of the eosinophil

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Eperiments with granulated and pelleted lawn grass seed

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Epery-throzoon ovis

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Eperythrozoon infection in a pig. Differentiation from swine fever

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Eperythrozoon infection in cattle in the Netherlands

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Eperythrozoon ovis infection in South Australia

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Eperythrozoonosis in cattle: case report

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Ephedra (Ma-huang) in the new Chinese Materia Medica

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Ephedrus plagiator, a parasite of the greenbug in France

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Ephemeral fever and congenital deformities in calves

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Epi- zootiology of mink enteritis: III. Carrier state in mink

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Epi-cuticular wax forms on leaf surfaces of Zizania aquatica

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Epi-demiological studies on P. tabacina Adam. II

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Epi-demiological studies on isolated lymph node tuber-culosis in slaughter pigs

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Epi-demiology of Dicrocoelium infection under alpine conditions

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Epi-demiology of Hymenolepis infection. III. Experimental infection with eggs exposed to various physical agents

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Epi-didymitis in rams. A clinical survey in the State of Rio Grande do Sid, Brazil

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Epizootiological and laboratory research on some foci of aspergillosis in birds and animals. Possibilities of transmission to humans

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Epicardial thickening in calves

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Epicormic branching in North Louisiana delta

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Epicormic branching in pruned White Spruce

Herman, F.R., 1964:
Epicormic branching of Sitka Spruce

Smith, H.C., 1966:
Epicormic branching on eight species of Appalachian hardwoods

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Epicormic branching: a real problem in plus tree selection

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Epicormic growth on Quercus borealis

Waggoner, P.E.; Horsfall, J.G., 1969:
Epidem: a simulator of plant disease written for a computer

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Epidemic and endemic occurrence of bovine leucosis

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Epidemic canine brucellosis due to a new species, brucella canis

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Epidemic caused by Group C streptococci-Str. zooepidemicus-in laboratory mice

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Epidemic decline of Breadfruit in the Pacific Islands

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Epidemic dermatitis caused by P. ventricosus. Note on an epidemic in Marseilles

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Epidemic diseases and afforestation

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Epidemic histoplasmosis in Ohio with source in Kentucky

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Epidemic histoplasmosis. Clinical, radiological, mycological, and immunological study of an outbreak occurring in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil

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Epidemic incidence of psittacosis in pigeons in Slovakia

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Epidemic nonmeningitic lymphocytic-choriomeningitis-virus infection. An outbreak in a population of laboratory personnel

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Epidemic occurrence of pulmonary aspergillosis in Turkey hen chicks in Egypt

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Epidemic occurrence of true swine pox in Bavaria

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Epidemic of Marssonina brunnea in nurseries and plantations of Euramerican Poplars in 1967

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Epidemic of Stilpnotia

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Epidemic of acute histoplasmosis in western New York State

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Epidemic of bacterial black rot disease of cauliflower at Katrain and measures for its prevention

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Epidemic of food poisoning produced by Salmonella enteri-tidis

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Epidemic of glume blotch on Wheat and reaction of Wheat varieties to Septoria nodorum

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Epidemic of human encephalitis caused by the virus of Venezuelan equine encephalitis in the State of Zulia (Venezuela) in 1962 and its control by aerial spraying and terrestrial fumigations (with aerosols)

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Epidemic of infectious hepatitis caused by contaminated butter

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Epidemic of maize smut (Ustilago maydis) on ZPSK hybrids

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Epidemic of pasteurellosis in farmed rabbits

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Epidemic of sporotrichosis in a family

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Epidemic of swine fever among wild boar in the Belovezhsk Forest and its eradication by oral immunization

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Epidemic outbreak of parotitis in rats

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Epidemic polyuria in Man caused by a phyconiycetous fungus (the Sassoon Hospital syndrome)

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Epidemic sporotrichosis

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Epidemic thyrotoxicosis in northern Tasmania: studies of clinical features and iodine nutrition

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Epidemic tropical sprue and other epidemics of diarrhea in South Indian villages. A comparative study

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Epidemic typhus in Ecuador. Part I. Serological investigation in humans and donkeys in places in some provinces of the inter-Andean region and in some places in the province of Guayas, in coastal Ecuador

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Epidemicity and clinical features of T. nibrtim infections in the tropics

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Epidemics of diseases of cultivated plants as agro-ecological phenomena

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Epidemics of late blight of Potato in Southern India

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Epidemilogical survey of the occurrence of Brucella infections in veterinarians in the Dutch speaking areas of Belgium

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Epidemio-logic research in leaf and stem rust of wheat in Yugoslavia

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Epidemio-logical survey of Enterobius vermicularis in Hokkaido. I. A survey of schoolchildren in Tsubetsu, near Abashiri

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Epidemiological survey of streptothricosis (Kirchi) in northern Nigeria

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EpidemioIogical chemotypes of animal staphylococci. Biochemical characterization of strains isolated from bovine mastitis cases

Anonymous, 1967:
Epidemioepizootiology and control of the salmonelloses of cattle, equine animals and pigs

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Epidemiolodcal and therapeutic data on endemic skin mycoses in Yugoslavia

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Epidemiologi-cal studies on bovine staphylococci by means of drug sensitivity test and phage typing

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Epidemiologia da esquistossomose mansonica e infeccaO natural de Cavia aperea aperea

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Epidemiologia helmintiazelor in Delta Dunarii

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Epidemiologic analysis of taeniasis in Poland. Preliminary report

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Epidemiologic and genetic studies of congenital heart disease in the dog

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Epidemiologic and Metabolic Studies of a Goiter Endemic in Eastern Kentucky

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Epidemiologic and serologic investigations of filariasis in indigenous populations and American soldiers in South Vietnam

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Epidemiologic Approach To Chronic Diseases

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Epidemiologic role of skin hypersensitivity in hookworm disease

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Epidemiologic study of hypertension. Comparative results of hypertensive surveys in two areas in northern Japan

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Epidemiologic study of Tinea capitis caused by T. tonsurans and M. audouinii

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Epidemiologica I notes: incidence of Culicoides variipennis in an outbreak of bluetongue disease

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Epidemiologica interactions

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Epidemiologica studies on the occurrence of brucellosis among the staff and students of the Veterinary Faculty at Gent, Belgium

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Epidemiological analyses of Japanese encephalitis virus spread from mosquitoes to pigs through 5 years

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Epidemiological analysis of lungworm infection in cattle and sheep in Czechoslovakia

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Epidemiological and clinical research into infectious epididymitis

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Epidemiological and regional geographical aspects of S, American blastomycosis

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Epidemiological aspects of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus infections

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Epidemiological aspects of blackspot disease of roses caused by Diplocarpon rosae Wolf

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Epidemiological aspects of coccidioidomycosis in Venezuela

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Epidemiological aspects of puchocerciasis in Middle Chari (Chad)

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Epidemiological aspects of respiratory mycotic infections

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Epidemiological Aspects Of The Control Of Pseudomonas Infection In Mouse Colonies

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Epidemiological assessment of malaria in Morocco. (Data collected in 1960, 1961 and 1962.)

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Epidemiological considerations on Marseilles fever (First note)

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Epidemiological considerations on plague in the province of Manabi, Ecuador

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Epidemiological Data Concerning one year of a Malaria Surveillance Pilot Project in Southern Rhodesia

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Epidemiological efficacy of Dichlosal treatment of patients with taeniasis

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Epidemiological evaluation of the method of direct destruction of ticks in foci of tick-borne encephalitis. Communication I

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Epidemiological evaluation of the method of the direct destruction of ticks in foci of tick-borne encephalitis. Communication II. Tactics of treatments against ticks

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Epidemiological features of brucellosis in Uzbekistan. I

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Epidemiological features of coccidiosis in geese

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Epidemiological features of intestinal parasitoses in the inhabitants of Okpo Village, Burma

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Epidemiological investigations of oral Candida albicans

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Epidemiological invesugatioa into subclinical streptococcal mastitis in Moldova, Roumania

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Epidemiological methods in filariasis

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Epidemiological Observations On Gnathostoma Spinigerum In Thailand

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Epidemiological observations on rabies in Czechslovakia

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Epidemiological problems of ornithosis in Hungary

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Epidemiological problems of pasteurellosis in Warsaw province between 1957 and 1961

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Epidemiological significance of Strongyloides in sputum

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Epidemiological significance of deformed eggs found in faecal examination of Clonorchis sinensis infections

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Epidemiological significance of oral Candida in recurrent candidal vaginitis

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Epidemiological significance of wild Artiodactyla in foot and mouth disease

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Epidemiological situation with regard to sleeping sickness in Chad

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Epidemiological studies

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Epidemiological studies in Greenland 1962-1964. 1. Diabetes mellitus in Eskimos

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Epidemiological studies in bovine mycotic abortion. I. The effect of climate on incidence

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Epidemiological studies of caprine contagious pleuro-nneiimonia in Mexico

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Epidemiological studies of der matophytoses in the Berlin area

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Epidemiological studies of fascioliasis. A third season of comparative studies with cattle

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Epidemiological studies of human flukes around Lake Kasumigaura and Lake Kitaura in Ibaragi Prefecture and in Itakura town in Gumma Prefecture

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Epidemiological studies on Japanese encephalitis in pigs. I. A survey of antibodies, abortion, and stillbirth due to Japanese encephalitis virus in pigs

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Epidemiological studies on P. tabacina and the resistance of Tobacco to it. Part I. The epidemic course of P. tabacina in relation to the time and distance of Tobacco planting

Golenia, A., 1970:
Epidemiological studies on P. tabacina and the resistance of Tobacco to it. Part II. Reaction and features of the resistance (susceptibility) of Tobacco and some other Solanaceous plants to infection by P. tabacina

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Epidemiological studies on Physalospora piricola and screening of effective fungicides

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Epidemiological studies on Salmonella senftenberg. II. Infections in farm animals

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Epidemiological studies on Trichostrongylus infections in a rural area of Osaka Prefecture

Nishimura, T., 1966 :
Epidemiological studies on Trichostrongylus infections in a rural area of Osaka Prefecture II

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Epidemiological studies on an outbreak of listeriosis in a sheep flock

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Epidemiological studies on anthracnose of Dioscorea alata L. (Ratalu)

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Epidemiological studies on demodectic mange in dogs

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