Section 15
Chapter 14,474

Factors affecting the propagation of some interspecific hybrids of almond by cuttings

Mercado Flores Ignacio, Dale, E.Kester

Proceedings American Society Hort Science 88: 224-231


Accession: 014473589

Seedlings of Prunus amygdalus Batsch. X P. persica L. were rooted by softwood, hardwood and leaf-bud cuttings. Important factors in rooting were the characteristics of individual clones, time of collection, method of handling, position on the shoot and treatment with indolebutyric acid (IBA) and fungicide. Hardwood cuttings rooted best when treated with Captan and IBA and planted directly in the nursery. Pre-planting treatment reduced survival. Hardwood cuttings of P. andersoni X P. amygdalus clone rooted well both when planted directly in a nursery or given a pre-planting treatment of warm storage to initiate roots.

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