Fattening performance and carcass quality of young Normandy bulls compared with German Simmental cattle

Schmitter, W.; Volkl, H.; Burgkart, M.; Stolzman, M.

Bayer. landw. Jb 41: 410-419


Accession: 014476090

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11 Normandy bulls were compared with a control group of German Simmental bulls from 4 different progeny groups, the fattening period beginning at the age of 140 days. Average weight was 26.0 kg. greater at 140 days and 38.9 kg. greater at 420 days in the German Simmentals. The total weight gain over the 140- to 420-day period was 278.9 kg. in the Normandy and 291.9 kg. in the German Simmental bulls, but the difference was not significant.