Fattening trials with young female German Black Pied cattle. 3. Effect of varying the net energy intake with constant protein supply on fattening performance and the results of live grading, dressing percentage and carcase evaluation of younger heifers

Richter, K.; Cranz, K.L.; Schmidt, K.H.

Zuchtungskunde 36: 371-379


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 014476149

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For part 2 see Abst. 1226, Vol. 35. 3. After rearing to 112 days on a milk substitute, then summer grazing, 2 groups of 6 Black Pied Lowland heifers were put into stalls in mid-December at 412 to 432 days of age and mean liveweight 281 kg.