Feed utilisation, wool production and growth of several wool breeds of sheep in intensive conditions. 4. Effect of breed on growth rate and efficiency of feed utilisation for weight gain

Jacobsz, J.Z.H.; Cronje, P.J.; Blom, P.V.A.; Skea, E.

Agroanimalia 3(1): 1-5


Accession: 014477027

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For part 1 see Abst. 2089, Vol. 42. 4. Growth and efficiency of utilization of feed by Merino, German Merino and Dohne Merino sheep, 6 of each breed, all female and fed singly and intensively on lucerne hay and yellow maize, were studied from 6 to 42 months of age. The growing period, up to 18 months of age, was divided into 3 sections, followed by 2 sequences of pregnancy, lactation and dry period.