Section 15
Chapter 14,479

Fertility of interspecific F1 hybrids and hybrid derivatives involving tetraploid species of Aegilops section Pleionathera

Feldman, M.

Evolution 19(4): 556-562


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-3820
DOI: 10.2307/2406253
Accession: 014478127

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Fertility data from interspecific F1 hybrids and hybrid derivatives between tetraploid species of the Aegilops section Pleionathera Eig show the feasibility of gene-flow between the species investigated. Artificial and natural F1 hybrids produced a small number of viable female gametes while the majority of the backcross progenies (BC1 and BC2 generations) were characterized by a steep increase in fertility. It is assumed that in nature, full genetic stabilization is attained by such hybrid derivatives already very few generations after the initial hybridization. Thus, the fertility data in demonstrating the possibility of interspecific gene-flow support the hypothesis that polyploids of this group are genetically interconnected.

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