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Chapter 14,481

Field trials in sheep with the anthelmintic pyrantel tartrate. IV. Comparison of pyrantel tartrate and tetramisole in the prevention of parasitic gastro-enteritis

Cornwell, R.L.; Jones, R.M.; Berry, J.; Jordan, T.; Mercer, E.A.; Pullen, D.A.; Riley, C.J.

Veterinary Record 80(23): 676-679


ISSN/ISBN: 0042-4900
PMID: 6068603
Accession: 014480025

Comparative field trials involving 720 lambs were carried out on 8 farms with sub-clinical parasitic gastro-enteritis, in 5 areas of Britain. Pyrantel tartrate and tetramisole given on 4 occasions at 4-weekly intervals resulted in highly significant growth responses over controls during a 16-week observation period. Mean growth rates in Ib. per day were 0.361, 0.349 and 0.302 for pyrantel, tetramisole and controls respectively.

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