Section 15
Chapter 14,488

Frequency and spectrum of chlorophyll mutations after treatment of the seeds of the second generation of gamma -irradiated barley with ethyleneimine

Sangin-Berezovskij, S.N.

Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR (New Acad. Sci. USSR) : Ser. Biol, 6, 859-60


Accession: 014487545

Grains of the spring barley Har'kov 306 reproduced in Estonia and stored for four years at room temperature were treated with 6 and 9 kr. of gamma radiation and the Mx was again reproduced in Estonia; the M2 was sown from grain treated with a 0-01% solution of ethyleneimine. This caused a slight reduction in germination percentage, the reduction being more in the control than in the irradiated populations.

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