Section 15
Chapter 14,488

Frost damage in forest trees (IX) . Frost hardiness in Todo Fir (Abies sachalinensis (Fr. Schm.) and White Spruce (Picea glauca (Voss.)

Takatoi, I.; Watanabe, T.; Kamada, U.

Ann. Rep. For. Exp. Sta., Hokkaido 1966. 56-80


Accession: 014487900

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Studies on the frost hardiness of 24-year-old (a) Abies sachalinensis and (b) Picea glauca showed that buds could tolerate temperatures of -3 degrees C. (a) and -5 degrees (b) in Sept., decreasing to -30 degrees in both species by Jan. and Feb. but rising again thereafter. Hardiness of twigs was less than that of buds until mid- Nov., but the reverse was true later. Water content of needles was 61-63% in mid-Sept. decreasing to ca. 55% by Oct. and remaining constant thereafter until April.

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