Section 15
Chapter 14,488

Frost damage in forest trees. (XI) . Frost hardiness in the seedlings of Todo-Fir (Abies sachalinensis) and Akaezo-Spruce (Picea glehnii) planted in spring and autumn

Takatoi, I.; Watanabe, T.

Ann. Rep. For. Exp. Sta., Hokkaido 1967. 39-58


Accession: 014487901

Three years' investigations in Hokkaido showed that seedlings of A. sachalinensis were noticeably, and those of P. glehnii slightly, less susceptible to frost damage during the winter after planting when planted in spring than in autumn. The difference in hardiness between (a) spring- and (b) autumn-planted stock was greatest during the early part of the following winter.

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