Full lactation response on restricted vs. ad libitum roughage diets with liberal concentrate feeding

Swanson, E.W.; Hlnton, S.A.; Miles, J.T.

Journal of Dairy Science 50(7): 1147-1152


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-0302
DOI: 10.3168/jds.s0022-0302(67)87581-7
Accession: 014488565

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The effect of replacing 1/2 of the expected roughage consumption with equivalent TDN of 1:2. 4. Paired cows restricted on roughage (Group II) were allowed roughage at the rate of 3.0 kg hay and 7. 5 kg silage per 500 kg body weight plus 3. 8 kg concentrates, in addition to the concentrate allowance for FCM at 1:2. 4. In 294-day lactations Group I averaged 6, 349 kg FCM and Group II, 6,137 kg, a non significant difference (P<. 10). Fat tests averaged 4. 01 (I) and 3. 89 percent (II) with the difference between groups from the 12th to the 22nd wk statistically significant (P<. 01). Differences in body weight gain, total dry matter consumption, estimated TDN consumption, solids-not-fat tests, and milk fat yield were not significant. The average TDN/FCM ratio was significantly (P<. 05) higher for group II, 0. 33, than group I, 0. 31. Indications were that Group II diet, which averaged 67. 6 percent concentrate, was used less efficiently than the Group I diet which averaged 51.1 percent concentrate. Restricting roughage and substituting concentrate for roughage TDN for cows fed concentrates liberally gave no benefits and resulted in lower milk fat tests and efficiency.