Gall-midges of economic importance IV. Biology of gall-midges (Cecidomyiidae: Diptera) affecting mango inflorescence

Prasad, S.N.; Grover, P.

Cecidologia indica. Allahabad 1: 51-66


Accession: 014491462

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Four species of Cecidomyiids are stated in the first paper to damage the inflo-rescences of mango in India. They are Dasyneura amaramanjarae Grover, Procystiphora mangiferae (Felt) (which is transferred from Dasyneura) and two first found in Lucknow and Coimbatore, respectively, that are described from the adults of both sexes as P. indica and Erosomyia indica spp.n. The first three species infest the blossoms and the fourth attacks the axis of the inflorescence.