Gamma radiation effects on the pectic substances in citrus fruits

Rouse, A.H.; Dennison, R.A.

J Food Sci 33(3): 258-261


DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2621.1968.tb01362.x
Accession: 014491633

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Exposure of "Valencia" oranges and 'Duncan' grapefruit to radiation doses of 150 and 300 krad increased the water- and oxalate-soluble pectins and decreased the protopectin in component parts of the fruits. Quantities of water-soluble pectin and protopectin in the peel and membrane were affected by increased dosages in both fruits. Pectins were degraded in all of the components of the treated fruits and the methoxyl contents of the pectins from the peel of oranges and grapefruit decreased. Pectinesterase (PE) activity in the peel of the citrus fruits decreased with increased dosage, while the PE in the membrane increased with dosage.