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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14499

Chapter 14499 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Murray, R.B., 1971:
Grazing capacity, sheep gains: cheatgrass, bunchgrass ranges in southern Idaho

Clanton, D.C.; Burzlaff, D.F., 1966:
Grazing cattle on sub-irrigated meadows

Dwyer, D.D.; Elder, W.C., 1964:
Grazing comparison of Woodward sand blue-stem and Caddo switchgrass in Oklahoma

Nagle, J.P.; Harris, G.A., 1966:
Grazing compatibility of cattle and elk on mountain ranges

Kutera, J.; Rusak, S., 1968:
Grazing conditions and productivity of pasture sprinkled with town sewage

Maloiy, G.M.O.; Heady, H.F., 1965:
Grazing conditions in Kenya Masailand

Herbel, C.H.; Ares, F.N.; Nelson, A.B., 1967:
Grazing distribution patterns of Hereford and Santa Gertrudis cattle on a southern New Mexico range

Sant, Harshwapdan, R., 1966:
Grazing effects on grassland soils of Varanasi, India

Walker, B.; Scott, G.D., 1968:
Grazing experiments at Ukiriguru, Tanzania. 1. Comparisons of rotational and continuous grazing systems on natural pastures of hardpan soils

Walker, B., 1968:
Grazing experiments at Ukiriguru, Tanzania. 2. Comparisons of rotational and continuous grazing systems on natural pastures of hardpan soils using an 'extra-period latin-square change-over design'

Walker, B.; Scott, G.D., 1968:
Grazing experiments at Ukiriguru, Tanzania. 3. A comparison of three stocking rates on the productivity and botanical composition of natural pastures of hardpan soils

Jonsson, K.; Adalsteinsson, S., 1969:
Grazing experiments with dairy cows in Laugardae-lir 1958-1961

Strasia, G.A.; Thorn, M.; Rice, R.W.; Smith, D.R., 1970:
Grazing habits, diet and performance of sheep on alpine ranges

Boyer, W.D., 1967:
Grazing hampers development of Longleaf Pine

Galbraith, W.A.; Anderson, E.W., 1971:
Grazing history of the Northwest

Crisp, D.J., 1964:
Grazing in terrestrial and marine environments. A Symposium of the British Ecological Society, Bangor 11-14 April 1962

Pearse, C.K., 1971:
Grazing in the Middle East: past, present, and future

Campbell, A.G., 1969:
Grazing interval, stocking rate and pasture production

Ross, M.A.; Cocks, P.S., 1964:
Grazing is vital in pasture oversowing

Andreae, B., 1966:
Grazing land farming in South Africa; a location and evolution theory study of the agricultural geography and economies of the tropics and sub-tropics

Anonymous, 1967:
Grazing management

Anderson, K.L., 1967:
Grazing management and fire in the Flint Hills

Hull, J.L.; Raguse, C.A., 1971:
Grazing management and plant species selection emphasized in irrigated pasture studies

Conway, A., 1970:
Grazing management for beef production

Gunning, B.A., 1966:
Grazing management for control of barley grass

Conway, A., 1968:
Grazing management in relation to beef production. 4. Effect of seasonal variation in the stocking rate of beef cattle on animal production and on sward composition

Conway, A., 1968:
Grazing management in relation to beef production. 5. Effect of feeding supplements to beef cattle on pasture at two intensities of stocking

Downey, N.E.; Conway, A., 1968:
Grazing management in relation to tricho-strongylid infestation in lambs. I. Influence of stocking rate on the level of infestation

Downey, N.E., 1969:
Grazing management in relation to trichostrongylid infestation in lambs. 2. Level of infestation associated with increased stocking rate and its effects on the host

Maclusky, D.S.; Morris, D.W., 1964:
Grazing methods, stocking rate and grassland production

Bogdan, A.V.; Kidner, E.M., 1967:
Grazing natural grassland in western Kenya

Anonymous, 1968:
Grazing oats in Queensland

Ashford, R.; Heinrichs, D.H., 1967:
Grazing of alfalfa varieties and observations on bloat

Baitursunov, T.B., 1970:
Grazing of young crossbred cattle in sub-mountainous and mountainous regions of Uzbekistan

Morel, V.F.; Rivadeneira, A.H., 1967:
Grazing on a mixture of ladino clover and perennial ryegrass with different types of fertiliser. Potential of this mixture for production of meat

Kollmorgen, W.M.; Simonett, D.S., 1965:
Grazing operations in the Flint Hill-Bluestem Pastures of Chase County, Kansas

Pringle, W.L.; Cornelius, D.R., 1968:
Grazing potential in Aegean Turkey

Gangstad, E.O., 1966:
Grazing preference of sorghum varieties and hybrids as related to composition and grazing yield

Weston, E.J., 1969:
Grazing preferences of sheep and nutritive value of plant components in a Mitchell grass association in north-western Queensland

Metteo, A., 1970:
Grazing problems in areas under forest management in Tunisia

Monnier, F.; Piot, J., 1964:
Grazing problems in the Adamaoua (Cameroun)

Garaudeaux, J.; Chevalier, H., 1970:
Grazing simulation in fertilization trials on temporary pasture

Piot, J., 1966:
Grazing studies in Adamaoua (Cameroon)

Chakravarty, A.K.; Subbayyan, R., 1969:
Grazing studies in arid and semi-arid zones of Rajasthan. Role of reserve pasture for summer grazing

Bhimaya, C.P.; Chakravarty, A.K.; Das, R.B.; Bhati, G.N., 1969:
Grazing studies in the arid and semi-arid zones of Rajasthan. 3. Growth of different kinds of livestock in natural pasture at Pali. Impact of grazing on vegetative cover and determination of animal equivalent

Das, R.B.; Bhimaya, C.P.; Bhati, G.N.; Ramachandran, Y., 1965:
Grazing studies on a rocky range land

Smoliak, S., 1968:
Grazing studies on native range, crested wheatgrass, and Russian wildrye pastures

Waldrip, W.J.; Parker, E.E.; Marion, P.T., 1966:
Grazing studies on the Texas Experimental Ranch

Thorsteinsson, I.; Olafsson, G., 1965:
Grazing studies with esophageal fistulated sheep in Iceland

Sant, H.R., 1964:
Grazing susceptibility numbers of grasses and forbs from the grazing grounds of Varanasi, India

Heady, H.F., 1970:
Grazing systems: terms and definitions

Lloyd, D.L., 1971:
Grazing trial, Norwin-evaluation of Panicum coloratum/lucerne leys

Calderbank, A.; Mckenna, R.H.; Stevens, M.A.; Walley, J.K., 1968:
Grazing trials on paraquat-treated pasture

Bryan, W.W., 1968:
Grazing trials on the Wal-lum of south-eastern Queensland. 2. Complex mixtures under common grazing

Bryan, W.W., 1968:
Grazing trials on the Wallum of south-eastern Queensland. 1. A comparison of four pastures

Bryan, W.W.; Evans, T.R., 1971:
Grazing trials on the Wallum of south-eastern Queensland. 3. A nursery grazed by sheep

Hill, G.D., 1969:
Grazing under coconuts in the Morobe District

Akimtseva, Z.S., 1966:
Grazing utilization of blue hybrid lucerne grown on solonets soils

Bryant, W.G., 1971:
Grazing, burning and regeneration of tree seedlings in Eucalyptus pauci-flora woodlands

Harper, J.L., 1971 :
Grazing, fertilizers and pesticides in the management of grasslands

Marinov, I., 1970:
Grease content and clean wool yield of Central Rhodope sheep and their F2 crosses with Tsigais

Piercy, D.W., 1966:
Greasy pig disease

Anonymous, 1969:
Great Britain

Russell, C., 1967:
Great Britain and the agricultural policy of the EEC

Daskalov, M., 1972:
Great Britain on the brink of the Common Market

Anon., 1966:
Great Britain. The West of Scotland Agricultural College. Report on the work of the college for the year ended 30th September, 1966

Kovnerev, I.P., 1966:
Great plans

Wade, D.R., 1972:
Great poinsettia potential-but consider customer requirements

Anonymous, 1970:
Greater Europe

Siperko, J. V.; Peskov, V.A.; Pronin, G.R.; Ugarov, A.S., 1966:
Greater attention should be given to Long-eared White pigs

Sezemov, M.K.; Caplygin, A.A., 1967 :
Greater attention should be paid to Oljkhvatskii Shorthorns

Hajdarkulov, G.I., 1966:
Greater attention to dessert grapes

Ng, S.K., 1970:
Greater productivity of the oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) with efficient fertilizer practices

Demko, E.B., 1970:
Greater role for I in association with other trace elements in disorders of the thyroid gland

Kosikowski, Frank, V., 1967:
Greater utilization of whey powder for human consumption and nutrition

Schneider, C.L.; Jafri, A.M.; Murphy, A.M., 1968:
Grecnhouse testing of Sugar Beet for resistance to curly top

Anonymous, 1967:
Greece and EEC, the association agreement

Anastasiadis, S., 1966:
Greece and the EEC- the effects of association on the country's agriculture

Mattheou, A., 1968:
Greece's new agricultural policy

Papageorgiou, E., 1967:
Greek agriculture

Papageorgiou, E., 1967:
Greek agriculture within European agriculture

Logothetis, B., 1969:
Greek report

Kasjanov, F.M., 1965:
Green 'parasols' in sheep raising

Carter, M.V., 1965:
Green Era-new wilt-resistant Green Pea variety

Borlaug, N., 1971:
Green Revolution

Wills, J.R., 1971:
Green Revolution and agricultural employment and incomes in Western U.P

Srivastava, U.K.; Crown, R.W.; Heady, E.O., 1971:
Green Revolution and farm income distribution

Anonymous, 1970:
Green Revolution in India

Thiesenhusen, W.C., 1972:
Green Revolution in Latin America

Quaden, G., 1972:
Green Revolution?

Walters, E.O., 1970:
Green Southern Yellow Pine veneer-saturation principle of moisture measure to establish drying sorts

Burk, L.G., 1970:
Green and light-yellow haploid seedlings from anthers of sulfur tobacco

Gotsulyak, V.D.; Kondratyuk, O.K., 1969:
Green and yellow pigment content in the leaves of winter wheat in relation to variety and infection by brown leaf rust

Geyger, E., 1971:
Green area indices of grassland communities and agricultural crops under different fertilizing conditions. (Ecological studies. Analysis and synthesis. Volume 2)

Galle, E.E.C., 1968:
Green bean cultivars. 1940-1965. Final report

Walker, M.R., 1969:
Green beans for forcing

Templeton, J.K., 1967:
Green budding at stake

Stevenson, I.T., 1967:
Green budding under shade

Anonymous, 1965:
Green budding: result of a survey of estate experience

Anonymous, 1966:
Green cereal aphid (Toxoptera graminum)

Pedigo, L.P.; Lentz, G.L.; Stone, J.D.; Cox, D.F., 1972:
Green cloverworm populations in Iowa soybean with special reference to sampling procedure

Carpenter, C.C.; Mondal, A.; Mitra, P.P.; Mondal, H., 1964:
Green Coconut Water: A Readily Available Source Of Potassium For The Cholera Patient

Anonymous, 1964 :
Green crinkle or boron deficiency

Lindsay, R.C.; Day, E.A.; Sandine, W.E., 1965:
Green Flavor Defect In Lactic Starter Cultures

Mostafavi, M., 1970:
Green flowering of Sesamum

Cadantu, L.; Bobos, C.; Maier, R.; Ionescu, D.; Rosca, N.E.A., 1966:
Green fodder from Liho rape and utilization in animal feeding

Pavlenja, V.P., 1965:
Green fodder in the fattening of pigs for bacon

Hillestad, R., 1970:
Green fodder plants as nurse crops in meadow establishment in different districts of Norway

Haland, A.; Skaland, N., 1969:
Green fodder turnips

Haland, A.; Skaland, N., 1969:
Green fodder turnips. Varieties, harvesting dates, seed rates, row spacings and nitrogen fertilizer rates. Trials 1957-65

Haland, A.; Skaland, N., 1969:
Green fodder turnips. Varieties, harvesting dates, seeding rates, row spacings, nitrogen fertilization. Trials 1957-65

Tardani, A.; Del Monte, R., 1967:
Green forage and hay in the feeding of young cattle

Nigoul, J., 1969:
Green forage for intensive meat production

Sneed, F.D.; Bowers, J.L., 1970:
Green fruit characters of cucumber as related to quality factors in brine stock

Sterenberg, P.M.; Milkus, B.N.; Kuspeleva, M.I., 1969:
Green grafting for diagnosing virus leaf variegation

Taylor, R.H.; Woodham, R.C.; Allan, A.W., 1967:
Green grafting: A useful technique for detecting Grapevine viruses

Ralston, R.D.; Dix, R.L., 1967:
Green herbage production of native grasslands in the Red River Valley 1965

Villinger, O.C., 1967:
Green light for Galjak

Mcguire, K.; Arbuckle, J., 1965:
Green lot feeding of beef cattle on the Darling Downs

Miyaguchi, M.; Harada, T., 1969:
Green manure as a natural chelating agent. 2. Isolation and characterization of chelating agents front green manures

Farhadi, I., 1964:
Green manure cropping as a method of weed control

Belyaev, G.N., 1965:
Green manure in connexion with use of mineral fertilizers on light soils of the cis-Urals

Shubin, M.M., 1966:
Green manure in the Altai region

Menon, T.M.G., 1967 :
Green manuring

Wolner, K., 1968:
Green manuring and fallow experiments

Haban, A.; Prokopova, A., 1966:
Green manuring and its effect on soil microflora

Moser, L., 1969:
Green manuring and nutrient transport

Benko, B., 1966:
Green manuring and orchard soil moisture

Grossmann, F., 1967:
Green manuring as a plant protection measure

Navratil, J., 1965:
Green manuring by the non-papilionaceous plant

Azeez, M.A.; Shafi, M., 1964:
Green manuring for increased rice production

Dyke, G.V., 1965:
Green manuring for sugar beet

Walunjkar, W.G.; Singh, A.N.; Balago-Pal, K., 1968:
Green manuring in black-cotton soils with flue-cured tobacco

Dizengof, L.F., 1969:
Green manuring in hilly vineyards

Skoda, V.; Bures, V., 1970:
Green manuring in hop gardens

Misra, G.N.; Pandey, R.S.; Singh, S., 1970:
Green manuring in standing sugarcane

Van Der Boom, I., 1965:
Green manuring in the IJsselmeerpolders

Doubravsky, J., 1965:
Green manuring in widely spaced crops covers the manurial requirement and increases yields

Bures, V., 1970:
Green manuring in widely spaced hop gardens

Ruger, H., 1969:
Green manuring in young fruit orchards?

Mascarenhas, H.A.A., E.Al., 1967:
Green manuring of dry-season bean crops with cowpea

Grootenhuis, J.A., 1965:
Green manuring on clay and sandy clay soils

Ter Horst, K.; T.V.lde, H.A., 1964:
Green manuring on sandy and peat settlement soils

Bom, G.J.; Van Der Weele, J.M., 1964:
Green manuring on the islands of Zeeland

Anon., 1966:
Green manuring trial with tulips at the Horticultural Experimental Farm at Oudkarspel

Antal, J., 1967:
Green manuring trials with rye

Navratil, J., 1965:
Green manuring with non-legumes

Miyasaka, S., E.Al., 1965:
Green manuring, liming and mineral fertilizing of beans on scrub land

Bernhart, A., 1965:
Green moisture content and shrinkage of Norway Spruce wood

Ryden, K., 1965:
Green mosaic of cucumber

Kavanagh, J.H.; Wood, R.K.S., 1971:
Green mould of Oranges caused by Penicillium digitatum Sacc., effect of additives on spore germination and infection

Ross, R.C., 1967:
Green moulds in mushrooms

Komjati, I., 1965:
Green pea (P. sativum L.)

Komjati, I.; Molnar, J., 1969:
Green pea (P. sativum L.)

Harrison, F.P.; Wooldridge, A.W., 1966:
Green peach aphid control on tobacco with systemic insecticide

Todorovski, B., 1965:
Green peach aphid on tobacco and the results of comparative trials for its control with various pesticides

Nanne, H.W.; Radcliffe, E.B., 1971:
Green peach aphid populations on potatoes enhanced by fungicides

Serghiou, C.S., 1968:
Green peach aphid, (Myzus persicae Sulzer), resistance in tuber-bearing Solanum species

Wallis, R.L., 1967:
Green peach aphids and the spread of beet western yellows virus in the Northwest

Allen, A.G.; Frappell, B.D., 1970:
Green peas for processing

Horvath, J., 1969:
Green petal, a new disease of Rape in Hungary

Giunchedi, L., 1970:
Green pit of Apples

Knigge, W.; Olischlager, K., 1970:
Green pruning of Norway Spruce

Keller, R., 1968:
Green pruning of conifers

Anonymous, 1970:
Green report 1970; Federal government report on the position of agriculture under para. 4 of the Agriculture Act, and federal govern-ment measures taken under para. 5 of the Agriculture Act and the EEC Adjustment Act

Desai, M.D.; Mohan, K.K., 1970:
Green revolution and farm labour use: the case of the Kalra district

Athavale, M.C.; Yadav, K.S.; Mishra, J.P., 1971:
Green revolution and short-term co-operative credit-a study in two districts of Madhya Pradesh

Rao, C.H.H., 1971:
Green revolution and the labour's share in output

Ladejinsky, W., 1969:
Green revolution in Bihar: the Kosi area: a field trip

Bhattacharyya, S.N., 1971:
Green revolution, small farmers and rural co-operatives

Singh, H.P., 1970:
Green revolution: agro-economic analysis

Allaby, M., 1970:
Green revolution: social boomerang

Klesser, Patricia, J., 1968:
Green rosette virus of Groundnuts in South Africa

Hirokawa, S., 1971:
Green spot disease of Tea leaf caused by Cercospora

Khuspe, V.S., 1964:
Green tissue tests as a useful guide for studying the nutrition of phosphorus on soil and foliar application to peas (Pisum sativum) var. N.P.29

Anonymous, 1967:
Green vegetable bu (Nezara viridula)

Passlow, T., 1971:
Green vegetable bug as a soybean pest

Hartwick, H.; Hilliger, H.G.; Tzimas, P., 1967:
Green-brown discoloration of egg yolk after the feeding of hens on a meal containing gossypol

Avazov, I., 1967:
Green-manure crops in Khorezm province

Gorelov, E.P.; Oripov, R., 1971:
Green-manure crops in cotton/lucerne rotations

Singh, M.P.; Sinha, K.S., 1964:
Green-manuring transplanted paddy under rainfed conditions in Bihar

Kostjuk, A.N., 1964:
Green-wood grafting of vines

Jones, P.A.; Kantack, B.H.; Weis, M., 1971:
Greenbug control on winter wheat with phorate in South Dakota

Chada, H.L., 1969:
Greenbug infestations on grain sorghum

Hackerott, H.L.; Harvey, T.L., 1971:
Greenbug injury to resistant and susceptible sorghums in the field

Livers, R.W.; Harvey, T.L., 1969:
Greenbug resistance in rye

Hackerott, H.L.; Harvey, T.L.; Ross, W.M., 1969:
Greenbug resistance in sorghums

Feeny, R.W.; Cole, R.H., 1966:
Greenhouse activity of five trifluralin formulations

Bariola, L.A.; Lindquist, D.A.; Ridgway, R.L., 1967:
Greenhouse and field cage tests with systemic insecticides for control of tarnished plant bugs on cotton

Barksdale, T.H., 1970:
Greenhouse and field comparisons of tomato early blight resistance

Retig, N.; Kust, A.F.; Gabelman, W.H., 1970:
Greenhouse and field tests for determining the resistance of onion lines to Fusarium basal rot

Skou, B., 1971:
Greenhouse azaleas

Arkenbout, J., 1968:
Greenhouse climate

Papavizas, G.C., 1964:
Greenhouse control of Aphanomyces root rot of Peas with aminobutyric acid and methylaspartic acid

Ward, G.M., 1967:
Greenhouse cucumber nutrition. A growth analysis study

Kirby, A.H.M.; Frick, E.L.; Moore, M.H., 1965:
Greenhouse evaluation of chemicals for control of powdery mildews. V. Tests with unsaturated compounds

Kirsy, A.H.M.; Frick, E.L.; Gratwick, M., 1966:
Greenhouse evaluation of chemicals for control of powdery mildews. VI Dinitro-s-alkylphenols: The 'dinocap' misconception

Hamilton, J.M.; Szkolnik, M.; Nevill, J.R., 1964:
Greenhouse evaluation of fruit fungicides in 1963

Sherman, W.B.; Janick, J., 1966:
Greenhouse evaluation of fruit size and maturity in strawberry

Colby, S.R., 1965:
Greenhouse evaluation of herbicide combinations

Parr, J.E.; Papendick, R.I., 1966:
Greenhouse evaluation of the agronomic efficiency of anhydrous ammonia

Macleod, L.B.; Bradfield, R., 1964:
Greenhouse evaluation of the relative importance of lime and potassium for the establishment and maintenance of alfalfa and orchardgrass seedlings

Haglund, William, A., 1965:
Greenhouse evaluations of soil fungicides for the control of pea root rot

Sechriest, Ralph, E., 1968:
Greenhouse experiments with baits for control of the black cutworm

Martini, J.A.; Pinchinat, A.M., 1967:
Greenhouse fertilizer trials with beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) In three soils from bean-growing areas of Costa Rica

Fisher, G.A., 1971:
Greenhouse flower production in Ontario. Production costs, returns and management practices 1966 and 1968-69

Ver, R.; Kecskemeti, L., 1969:
Greenhouse forcing of tomato

Hamstead, E.O., 1970:
Greenhouse integrated control studies of the two-spotted spider mite on lima beans with a predaceous mite, Typhlodromus fallacis, and insecticides

D.Bjlderling, N., 1971:
Greenhouse lighting in France

Norms, C.A., 1966:
Greenhouse nerine cultivation

Terman, G.L.; Bengtson, G.A.len, S.E., 1970:
Greenhouse pot experiments with Pine seedlings: methods for reducing variability

Bojcev, A., 1970:
Greenhouse production of table grapes

Dwyer, D.D.; D.G.rmo, H.C., 1970:
Greenhouse productivity and water-use efficiency of selected desert shrubs and grasses under four soil-moisture levels

Bromfield, K.R.; Cevario, S.J., 1970:
Greenhouse screening of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) for resistance to Peanut rust (Puccinia arachidis)

Boyd, F.J.; Pitre, H.N., 1969:
Greenhouse studies of host plant suitability to Graminella nigrifrons, a vector of corn stunt virus

Feder, W.A., 1965:
Greenhouse studies of the effects of soil fumigation on the growth of burrowing nematode tolerant root-stocks in old citrus soil

Pitre, H.N., 1967:
Greenhouse studies of the host range of Dalbulus maidis, a vector of the corn stunt virus

Mclean, D.M.; Hoffman, J.C.; Brown, G.B., 1968:
Greenhouse studies on resistance of snap beans to Rhizoctonia solani

Powell, W.M.; Pokorny, R.A., 1965:
Greenhouse studies on the control of root-knot nematodes on Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides

Ofori, S., 1965:
Greenhouse studies on the effect of urea on fertilizer-phosphorus absorption

Mccarter, S.M.; Jaworski, C.A., 1968:
Greenhouse studies on the spread of Pseudomonas solanacearum in tomato plants by clipping

Shukla, G.C.; Vimal, O.P., 1968:
Greenhouse studies on the utilization of weed as a source of organic matter under well-drained and submerged conditions

Chesney, H.A.D., 1969:
Greenhouse studies to determine the inherent fertility of some soils of Guyana

Muller-Kogler, E.; Stein, W., 1970:
Greenhouse studies with Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. on the infection of Sitona lineatus (L.) (Coleopt., Curcul.) in the soil

Foy, C.L., 1964:
Greenhouse studies with an OMU-BiPC combination on several agronomic crops

Hughes, E.E., 1967:
Greenhouse studies with hygroscopic compounds as additives to phenoxy herbicides for control of saltcedar (Tamarix pentan-dra)

Sommerfeldt, T.G.; Knutson, K.W., 1968:
Greenhouse study of early potato growth response to soil temperature, bulk density and nitrogen fertilizer

Sommerfeldt, T.G.; Knutson, K.W., 1968:
Greenhouse study of potato growth and response to soil temperature, bulk density and nitrogen fertiliser

Miller, D.A.; Cooper, W.E., 1967:
Greenhouse technique for studying Fusarium wilt in Cotton

Blodgett, E.C.; Aichele, M.D.; Murray, E.L., 1965:
Greenhouse tests on fire blight susceptibility of Stewart Bartlett compared with three other Bartlett pear clones

Wuest, P.J.; Schmitt, C.G., 1965:
Greenhouse tests to compare European and Beltsville isolates of Peronospora tabacina

D'aguilar, J.; Della Giustina, W., 1967:
Greenhouse tests with apparatus distributing pesticides in the form of fine particles

Courter, J.W., 1964:
Greenhouse tomato production: feasibility in southern Illinois

Corgan, J.N., 1966:
Greenhouse tomatoes can be profitable winter-spring product

Corgan, J.N., E.Al., 1967:
Greenhouse tomatoes: structures, production, marketing

Perrotta, G.; Cartia, G., 1965:
Greenhouse trials against tracheo-mycoses of Tomato

Wiebe, J., 1964:
Greenhouse vegetable production in Ontario

Wiebe, J., 1967:
Greenhouse vegetable production in Ontario

Paz, U., 1971:
Greenhouse ventilation and cooling for export roses

Lindquist, R.K., 1970 :
Greenhouse whitefly

Cantwell, J.; Nour, M.A.; Hudson, J.P., 1968:
Greenhouses for research in the hot arid tropics

Foti, S., 1966:
Greenhouses in Sicily for growing early vegetables

Brun, R.; Damagnez, J.; D.V.llele, O., 1966:
Greenhouses of flexible plastic films. Comparison of PVC and polythene coverings

Knorr, L.C.; Shah, S.M.; Gupta, O.P., 1970:
Greening disease of Citrus in Nepal

Mcclean, A.P.D., 1970:
Greening disease of Sweet Orange: its transmission in propagative parts and distribution in partially diseased trees

Mcclean, A.P.D.; Oberholzer, P.C.J., 1965:
Greening disease of the Sweet Orange; evidence that it is caused by a transmissible virus

Knorr, L.C., 1967:
Greening disease: what is it, and is it present in Florida?

Mccollum, G.D., 1971:
Greening of carrot roots (Daucas carota L.): estimates of herita-bility and correlation

D.G.eef, J.; Butler, W.L.; Roth, T.F., 1971:
Greening of etiolated bean leaves in far red light

Hardenburg, R.E., 1964:
Greening of potatoes during marketing-a review

Fraser, L.R.; Singh, D., 1966:
Greening virus a new threat to citrus industry

Fraser, L.R.; Singh, D.; Capoor, S.P.; Mariani, T.K., 1966:
Greening virus, the likely cause of Citrus dieback in India

Green, G.C.; Schwarz, R.E., 1970:
Greening: a menace to our citrus industry?

Machielse, P.L., 1969:
Greenkeeping and its problems in South Africa

Huyskes, J.A.; Van Dam, R., 1969:
Greenlof, an attractive new vegetable variety

Chipman, E.W., 1966:
Greensprouting seed potatoes

Chao, F.N., 1970:
Greet the new socialist agricultural upsurge

Del Solar, E.; Palomino, H., 1966:
Gregarious tendency in D. melanogaster

Davenport, C.B., 1929:
Gregor Mendel

Orel, V., 1965:
Gregor Mendel and his memory in Brno

Panin, V., 1966:
Gregor Mendel and his theory

Zebrak, A.R., 1965:
Gregor Mendel and the laws of heredity

Dubovsky, J., 1965:
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Greta, first Belgian oat variety resistant to stem nematode

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Greta, the first Belgian oat variety resistant to stem nematode

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Grey bark of Scots Pine: further contributions

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Grey mould on vines in the Crimea

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Grey mould or tulip fire

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Grey mould, Botrytis cinerea, control in strawberries with systemic fungicides

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Grey mould, still the No. 1 enemy of grapes

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Grey mould, the chief enemy of flower and vegetable growing in 1965

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Grey rot and stem atrophy of Grapes

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Grey rot of Grapevine, and measures limiting its development

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Grey rot of Onion

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Grey rot of Sunflower

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Grey spot, a Bean disease new for Brazil

Vieira, C.; Shands, H.L., 1965:
Grey spot, a new disease of Phaseolus beans in Brazil

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Grey squirrel trap

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Grey steppe cattle in different areas of Turkey

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Greyback grub control in a dry season

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Greyback grub control: amended recommendations

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Grid sampling and air photography in upland soil mapping

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Griffith Viticultural Research Station

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Grinding cereals other than wheat to separate fractions of improved feeding value and of industrial use

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Gripping force on the log by the dogs of a frame-saw carriage

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Grips for testing lumber in tension

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Griseofulvin and dysgeusia: implications?

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Griseofulvin sensitivity of keratinophilic fungi from Romania

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Griseofulvin treatment of onychomycosis

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Griseofulvin-phenobarbital interaction in man

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Griseofulvin: a teratogenic study

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Griseofulvin-containing medium for simplified diagnosis of dermatophytosis

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Grit availability and pheasant densities in Minnesota and South Dakota

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Grizin for rearing gilts

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Groeivermindering van fijnspar veroorzaakt door Rotylenchus robustus

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Groin dermatitis in military personnel

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Gross abnormalities in chicks fed amino acid deficient diets

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Gross alpha and beta radiation in waters at a Wyoming mountain bog

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Gross anatomy of the blood supply and biliary drainage of the canine liver

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Gross anatomy of the nerves in the orbit of the pig

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Gross and histologic observations on Leucochloridio-morpha constantiae (Trematoda) in the bursa of Fabricius of the domestic chick

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Gross and histopathologic changes of duck plague (duck virus enteritis)

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Gross and histopathological description of the cranial form of chronic fowl cholera in turkeys

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Gross and merchantable yield of Oak and Aspen stands

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Gross and microscopic pathology of infectious duck hepatitis

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Gross and microscopical study of lucerne meal. Estimation of quality and identification in compound feeds

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Gross and net yield tables for Lodgepole Pine

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Gross and topographical anatomy of the thymus of the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo domestica L.) and the goose (Anser domesticus L.) at various ages

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Gross and ultramicroscopic lesions in hepato-pancreatitis in turkeys

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Gross basal area growth of Northern White-Cedar is independent of stand density over a wide range

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Gross cell wall composition of Venturia inaequalis

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Gross composition and variation of the components of baboon milk during artificially stimulated lactation

Buss, D.H., 1968:
Gross composition and variation of the components of baboon milk during natural lactation

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Gross content of nutrients in the leaves of Tilia cordata seedlings as an index of their nutrition and growth

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Gross content of protein and fat in animals given nitrogen parenterally when deprived of protein

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Gross effects of gamma radiation on the Indian-meal moth and the Angoumois grain moth

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Gross energetic efficiency of the edible carcase tissue growth of calves

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Gross income analysis and production intensification of production co-operatives in different production regions

Anonymous, 1969:
Gross income and its utilization in (Hungarian) co-operative farms in Szolnok county, 1968

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Gross income as a basis for the material interest in the improved system of control of agricultural production

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Gross income, fixed capital and working capital in collective farms

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Gross job time studies-an efficient method for analyzing forestry costs

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Gross margin results summarised 1965-66, 1966-67 and 1967- 68

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Gross margins and size of dairy herd

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Gross margins from apples

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Gross margins from glass

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Gross margins on hill farms

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Gross margins-facts and fallacies

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Gross metabolic activity accompanying the after-ripening of dormant Douglas-Fir seeds

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Gross morphological and chromosomal observations of 4-day rabbit embryos following incubation at elevated temperatures during the first cleavage division

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Gross morphological and cytological effects of nitralin on corn roots

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Gross morphology and serology as a basis for classification of elongated plant viruses

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Gross Morphology and Ultrastructure of Mycoplasma Gallisepticum

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Gross morphology of tap roots of desert cucurbits

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Gross morphology of the penis in seven species of the Mustelidae

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Gross morphology related to shelf life of anthurium flowers

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Gross national product originating in agriculture, 1947-65

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Gross national waste

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Gross ovarian changes during estrous cycle of swine

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Gross ovarian changes in the cycling and anoestrous Angora goat doe

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Gross production and ways of increasing the profitability of forests

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Gross production, respiration losses, and net production in a tropical rain forest

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Gross profit in relation to operational account analysis

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Gross protein value units in the standardisation of rations for Fayoumi chicks

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Gross ramifications of the blood vessels of the pig's liver

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Gross returns as an indicator of the farm enterprise

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Gross static lifting capacity of logging balloons

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Gross structure of the fat globule membrane of cow's milk

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Gross structure of the fat globule membrane of cow's milk. II. Distribution of amino acids, hexosamines, ribonucleic acid, copper and iron

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Gross tissue composition of fattening cattle

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Gross turnover and processing of agricultural produce (in Hungary)

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Gross variations in the response to man among yellow-fever mosquito populations in the laboratory

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Gross volume tables for Redwood trees in and near the Redwood National Park

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Gross wood characteristics affecting properties of handsheets made from Loblolly Pine refiner groundwood

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Gross yield determination on grassland. Reports on the CI 203 investigation. 5. Data for the final 5 years (1959-63)

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Gross-breeding Sinhala cattle with Jersey and Friesian in Ceylon

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Gross-breeding for milk production at Karnal

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Gross-compatibility relationships between the cultivated peanut Arachis hypogaea L. and other species of the genus Arachis

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Gross-fertilization in lucerne in cages and the risk of interpopulation pollen transfer by bees

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Grossability of geographically distant forms of wheat

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Grosses between British breeds and Limousin for meat production: carcass evaluation and meat quality

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Grosses between red clover Trifoliurn pratense L.) varieties to find a suitable combination for reciprocal recurrent selection

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Grosses between. C. arabica and C. kapakata. Cytological analysis of a triploid hybrid

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Grossing Slovakian Spotted cows with Swedish Red-and-White bulls. I. The growth and milk production of F1 crossbreds

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Grossing and self pollination in sugar cane

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Grossing between local zebu and American Brahman breed in Adamawa (Cameroon)

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Grossing experiments for the utilisation of sheep breeds in New Zealand

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Grossing of Kazakh Fat-rumped dams with Degeres rams at the Aktogai and XXII Party Congress State Farms in Karaganda province

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Ground and pelleted forages for dairy cattle

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Ground application of ultra-low-volume malathion and fenthion for horn fly control in New Mexico

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Ground bark-a container growing medium

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Ground beds versus greenhouse benches

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Ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae) in pea plantings

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Ground beetles in cropland in South Dakota

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Ground cherry (P. fruticosa) in variety breeding and as rootstock

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Ground cover in orchards

Anon., 1967:
Ground covers for Minnesota

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Ground covers for New York State landscape plantings

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Ground covers for melons

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Ground covers in plantation crops

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Ground elder

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Ground grass for fattening pigs

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Ground infrared photography to distinguish vegetation and terrain characteristics

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Ground losses in 16 cotton varieties

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Ground markers aid in procurement and interpretation of large-scale 70 mm aerial photography

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Ground millet for dairy cows

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Ground pearls-margarodids

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Ground skidding of cross-cut, barked logs by Massey Ferguson tractor and Rollum winch

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Ground skidding of whole stems by farm tractors and frame-steered skidders

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Ground snapped corn for sheep

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Ground sprinkling limitations for frost protection in deciduous orchards

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Ground temperatures in an Antarctic dry valley

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Ground toasted whole soya beans in rations for poultry

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Ground treatments for control of winged elm on rangeland

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Ground vegetation and forest litter production

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Ground vegetation as a hydrological factor of forest growth

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Ground vegetation of older Spruce stands on former sheep ranges in the Mittlere Alb

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Ground versus staked tomatoes

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Ground water fluctuations in some plant associations of the Holtum moor east of Bremen

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Ground waters and their effect on the development of Pine stands

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Ground-applied insecticides against the cereal leaf beetle

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Ground-nut variety introductions and breeding objectives in the sandy rainlands of the Sudan

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Ground-water flow related to streamflow and water quality

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Groundcover succulents for California

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Groundnut aflatoxin investigation

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Groundnut and molybdenum

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Groundnut and sesame oil meals as protein sources in layer rations

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Groundnut bhoosa as a partial substitute for concentrates in the ration of milch cows--effect on milk yield and utilisation of nutrients

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Groundnut breeding a review

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Groundnut cultivation in Israel

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Groundnut cultivation in the centre and north of the Upper Volta. First research results and subjects for extension

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Groundnut diseases

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Groundnut herbicide trials

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Groundnut improvement in the Sudan

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Groundnut oil meal-a substitute for skim milk powder in low cost stock diet for laboratory animals

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Groundnut pests

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Groundnut poisoning, due to aflatoxin, in stock in South Africa

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Groundnut problems, breeding and management

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Groundnut ringspot virus-a new sap-transmissible virus of Arachis hypogaea and A. monticola

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Groundnut ringspot virus-a new sap-transmissible virus of Arachis hypogaea and A. monticola. Tomato spotted wilt virus on Arachis hypogaea

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Groundnut rosette and its assistor virus

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Groundnut rust (Puccinia arachidis) in Brunei

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Groundnut seed and its problems

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Groundnut shells in the feeding of ruminants

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Groundnut varieties and methods of cultivation in the light of their ecological characteristics. I

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Groundnut variety trials for resistance to virus diseases

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Groundnut. A comparative yield trial in Tucuman

Anonymous, 1967:

Gillier, P., 1966:
Groundnuts and Mo

Gillier, P., 1967:
Groundnuts and organic manuring

Schilling, R., 1965:
Groundnuts grown in association with cereals

Groenewald, J.W., 1965:
Groundnuts in animal nutrition and measures to replace them

Schilling, R., 1965:
Groundnuts intercropped with cereals

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Groundnuts-all aspects of cultivation

Kameraz, A.Ja., 1966:
Grounds for breeding potatoes for resistance to virus diseases

Feuerstein, H., 1970:
Grounds for determining prices and transfers of land used for agriculture and forestry. An econometric analysis of the land market in Schieswig-Holstein from 1954 to 1968

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Groundsel bush - a dangerous woody weed of the Far North Coast

Dmitriev, V.S., 1965:
Groundwater and effective soil fertility

Sulyok-Schulek, B., 1964:
Groundwater and fruit yield

Ahmed, F., 1968:
Groundwater potential and scope of study of water movement in unsaturated zone in East Pakistan

Solopov, G.S., 1968:
Groundwater regime of the Izobil'nensk massif of the Pravo Egorlvksk irrigation system

Sheth, S.T., 1970:
Groundwater resources for irrigation in India

Bawagan, P.V.; E.A., 1965:
Groundwood-type pulps from Gubas (Endospermum peltatum Merr.) for newsprint manufacture

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Group B streptococcal infections in man and cattle. II. Human infections as possible source of infection for cattle

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Group B streptococci in man and cattle. I. Results of serological typing

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Group B streptococci. The application of the CAMP-aesculin plate in the diagnostic routine

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Group B streptococcus infections in man and cows. II. Human infections as possible sources of infection for cows

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Group D streptococci in Tilsit cheeses

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Group E Streptococci. I. Physiological Characterization Of Strains Isolated From Swine Cervical Abscesses

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Group G streptococci in the udders of a Pennsylvania dairy herd

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Group P streptococci. Occurrence and characteristics of strains isolated from bovine mastitis and from the environment

Engebretsen, O., 1970:
Group P streptococci. Occurrence and characteristics of strains isolated from bovine mastitis and the environment

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Group Q streptococci. II. Nutritional characteristics and growth relationship to thymine, folate, and folinate

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Group action in United Kingdom agriculture

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Group agriculture and producer associations

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Group and fractional composition of humus in chernozems of the Ukrainian wooded steppe

Duniamalyan, M.S., 1964:
Group and fractional composition of humus of forest soils of Armenia

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Group and two-shift labour organization on the livestock farm of the Wheat and Sunflower Institute

Stanchev, L., 1964:
Group composition and formation of humic substances in dung

Gil', A.F., 1972:
Group composition of available phosphates of some soils of the Komi ASSR

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Group composition of humus and ratio of carbon to total nitrogen in dark chestnut soils of various provinces

Durasov, A.M., 1965:
Group composition of humus of chernozems of the provinces of the cis-Caucasus, trans-Volga and west Siberia

Konovalova, A.S., 1966:
Group composition of humus of derno-podzolic soils as an important index for diagnosing the state of their cultivation

Koshel'kov, S.P., 1964:
Group composition of organic matter of forest litters of coniferous forests of the southern taiga

Zaikova, L.A.; Maslova, I.Y., 1965:
Group composition of phosphates of gray forest soils and leached chernozems of the Priobya plateau

Kosel'kov, S.P., 1964:
Group composition of the organic matter in litter-and-humus of the S. taiga conifer forests

Maijala, K., 1964:
Group division in artificial insemination of pigs

Brit, G.D.O'carroll, N., 1967:
Group dying of Sitka Spruce, and its relationship with Rhizina undulata and fire sites

Jonnart, M., 1967:
Group farming (in Belgium)

Makings, S.N., 1965:
Group farming and tractor use

Martin., 1971:
Group farming in France

Fux, A., 1967:
Group farming in Valais

Vorobev, M.A., 1964:
Group feeding of anthelmintics against ascariasis of pigs

Kromann, R.P.; Finkner, M.D.; Sharp, J.E., 1971:
Group feeding vs. individual feeding of lambs

Dzhamrulidze, Y. E.; Kachakhidze, A.V.; Chelidze, G.T., 1966:
Group immunization of fowls against Newcastle disease by insufflation of a dust vaccine

Weir, B.S.; Cockerham, C.C., 1969:
Group inbreeding with two linked loci

Dodds, P.R., 1965:
Group marketing in the UK

Anonymous, 1972:
Group organizations for structural planning (O.G.A.F.)

Radcliffe, J.C.; White, B.R., 1969:
Group rearing of dairy veal calves using milk replacers

Nikkari, T., 1968:
Group regulation and switching systems for valves

Shikata, M., 1964:
Group Representation Of Genetic Recombinations

Buskapog Avdratt., 1972:
Group testing in 1971

Zimmermann, W., 1969:
Group values. Experiments on their analysis I

Ermakov, A.I., 1965:
Group, varietal and individual characteristics of oil percentage in flax seeds

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Group-like antigens of the ABO(H) system in hydatid cysts

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Grouping of Indian physiologic races of Puccinia recondita

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Grouping of Japanese Rice varieties on the basis of the reactions to pathogenic races of Piricularia oryzae Cav

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Grouping Of Beta-Hemolytic Streptococci On Cellulose Acetate Membranes

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Grouping of different biological and chronological components of egg-producing capacity with the aid of factor analysis

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Grouping of elongated plant viruses reported in Japan up to 1967 according to Brandes' system of classification

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Grouping of soils of agricultural regions of Dagestan for their productivity

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Grouping of soils of agricultural regions of Uzbekistan for the State land survey

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Grouping of southern chernozems of the Kulundin steppe for silvicultural reclamation taking the degree of their salinity into consideration

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Grouping of staphylococcal phages of animal origin

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Grouping soils on the basis of woodland suitability

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Grouping the polymorphic cultivated potato species Solanum andigenum Juz. et Buk. by the main leaf characters

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Groupings of autochthonous and zymogenic micro-flora of soil

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Groupings of stem insects pests of Abies nordmanniana associated with different types of tree dying

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Groups of Red steppe cattle related to Pirate 113 KRN 94 and future work with them

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Groups of cacao soil in Bahia

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Groups of spruce-stem pests in the southern taiga subzone of the European part of the USSR

Lur'e, M.A., 1965:
Groups of stem pests of Picea abies in the S. taiga subzone of European Russia

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Group-specific antigen of avian leukosis viruses. Virus specificity and relation to an antigen contained in Rous mammalian tumor cells

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Grove (grass/herb) forest types in central South Hame, S. Finland

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Grove application of Benlate for control of post-harvest citrus decay

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Grove heating: some thermodynamic considerations

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Grove inoculation studies with stem-end rot fungi

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Weikel, H.O.; O'dell, C.R., 1971:
Grow 'em in cages

Kaiwar, S.R., 1969:
Grow Hampi cotton for better harvests

Kohli, S.P., 1969:
Grow Safed Lerma to stabilize your high wheat yields

Herrick, A.H., 1969:
Grow a forest in three years

Srivastava, V.K.; Sachan, S.C.P., 1969:
Grow ashgourd the efficient way

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Grow blight-free field beans

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Grow economically profitable cultivars

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Grow elite seed under high fertility

Rusanov, B., 1965:
Grow forage-type kohl rabi

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Grow papaya for profit

Bokareva, L.; Fogel', A., 1965:
Grow sweet potatoes!

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Grow two new forage plants

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Growers revolutionize planting techniques

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Growers war with gophers

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Growfli characteristics of ecotypes of Quercus robur in the central forest steppe

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Growing 2 maize crops in 1 year in the south of the Turkmenian SSR

Anonymous, 1968:
Growing American bunch grapes

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Growing American holly in New Jersey

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Growing Asparagus sprengeri in plastic buckets

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Growing Christmas trees on a power line right-of-way

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Growing Chrysanthemums in pots, a possibility for the profitable utilization of hotbed frames in summer and autumn

Anonymous, 1971:
Growing Douglas Fir in N. W. Germany

Nusslein , H., 1970:
Growing Douglas Fir in the Spessart

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Growing Douglas fir in the Elbe-Weser triangle

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Growing Eigenheimers on the clay and loam soils of the islands of S. Holland. 1

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Growing Elms

Williams, L., 1964:
Growing Ginseng

Zheronkina, T.A., 1971:
Growing Junipers from unripe seeds

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Growing Khibinskaya cabbage in long monoculture on ion exchange soil

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Growing Lodgepole Pine and White Spruce container planting stock under reduced light intensities

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Growing Motihari tobacco the improved way

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Growing New Year trees

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Growing New Zealand flax in the Delta del Parana

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Growing Pinus massoniana in S. Honan province

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Growing Pinus sibirica seedlings in the central regions of the USSR

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Growing Planes in forest stands

Evrard, R., 1968:
Growing Poplar in rows

Jaime Fanlo, F.; Chardenon, J., 1971:
Growing Poplar under irrigation

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Growing Poplars and Willows in the dam-bank zone

Simon, M., 1971:
Growing Poplars with sewage irrigation

Walgemoed, D., 1966:
Growing Populus 'Gelrica' in the

Whitesell, C.D.; Landgraf, M.F., 1966:
Growing Queensland-Maple on lava rocklands in Hawaii

Sas, B., 1965:
Growing Robinia pseudoacacia from scarified seed

Rohde, J., 1971:
Growing Saintpaulia ionantha

Radu, S., 1968:
Growing Salix alba in the zone adjoining flood embankments

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Growing Scots Pine in the north

Waister, P.W.; Cormack, M.R., 1971:
Growing Scots raspberries to suit the machine

Nedkvitne, K., 1966:
Growing Silver Fir in Western Norway

Bonnemann, A., 1970:
Growing Spruce on soils with impeded drainage

Stefanescu, P., 1969:
Growing Spruce outside its present range

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Growing Taxodium distichum in the Bucharest region

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Growing Vicia villosa for green fodder

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Growing White Pines to avoid blister rust-new information for 1964

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Growing Willows on sandy soils

Stanek, W., 1970:
Growing Yellow Birch seedlings in polyethylene bullet containers

Vullioud, P., 1969:
Growing a mixture of field beans and oats

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Growing agricultural plants on dehydrated sewage sludge

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Growing almonds in Australia

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Growing an Oriental tobacco in Northern Italy

E.Baradi, T.A., 1970:
Growing and by-products of dates

Larsen, E.M., 1970:
Growing and controlled production of Begonia x hiemaiis

Tremberth, M., 1972:
Growing and field processing of pepper

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Growing and forcing Brussels or witloof chicory

Anonymous, 1964:
Growing and manufacture of tobacco in Italy

Melville, F., 1969:
Growing and marketing Yates

Resseler, H., 1969:
Growing and marketing beans and peas in Poland

Dunkel, K.-H., 1969:
Growing and marketing garden cress

Van Raalte, D., 1968:
Growing aphelandras

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Growing apple seedlings on new dwarfing rootstocks in Tambov province

Burmistrov, A.D., 1968:
Growing apples with an interstock

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Growing autumn leeks

Buijs, G., 1966:
Growing autumn-flowering freesias

Cundiff, E., 1964:
Growing avocado pears

Manica, I., 1970:
Growing avocados

Heursel, J., 1969:
Growing azaleas for flowering all the year round

Day, A.D.; Turner, F.; Jr.; Kirkpatrick, R.M., 1971:
Growing barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) on beds in saline soil

Popov, A.; Pavlov, P., 1965:
Growing beans and maize together

Titova, V.G., 1969:
Growing beet between the rows of tree belts

Rao, M.V., 1968:
Growing betelvine in Madhya Pradesh

Haycock, R.E., 1969:
Growing better grass

Widmer, R.E.; Seager, J.C.R., 1969:
Growing better poinsettias

Ryhtik, F.A., 1967:
Growing black currant seedlings in a year

Smale, P.E.; Smith, A.W., 1970:
Growing black currants in Canterbury

Anonymous, 1967:
Growing blackberries

Anonymous, 1967:
Growing boxwoods

Watson, T., 1968:
Growing brassicas on a farm scale

Darrah, G.V.; Dodds, J.W., 1967:
Growing broadleaved trees in mixture with conifers

Lollichon, F., 1965:
Growing brown tobaccos in Equatorial Africa. 1

Montesi, M.; Lazzereschi, F., 1966:
Growing bulbous crops in a region of hills and mountains, with special reference to the forcing of gladioli for corm production

Jessup, R.J., 1964:
Growing capsicums (peppers)

Benjamin, W.J.; Scott, R.W., 1965:
Growing carrots

Dancik, J., 1966:
Growing catchcrops for fodder and for green manuring in a crop rotation

Anonymous, 1969:
Growing cauliflower and broccoli

Cernikov, P., 1970:
Growing cauliflower in Uzbekistan

Polspoel, A., 1967:
Growing cauliflowers in the open

Ignatov, B., 1971:
Growing certain determinate tomato varieties for processing on calcareous chernozem soils

Anonymous, 1967:
Growing cherries east of the Rocky Mountains

Sharma, V.K., 1969:
Growing cherry for profit

Croon, F., 1969:
Growing chicory for seed

Anonymous, 1967:
Growing chrysanthemums in the home garden

Solov'ev, A.P.; Kovzikov, V.G., 1968:
Growing cigar-tobacco plants between strips of maize and hemp

Nauer, E.M.; Roistacher, C.N.; Laba-Nauskas, C.K., 1968:
Growing citrus in modified UC potting mixtures

Richards, S.J.; Moore, P.W.; Warneke, J.E., 1967:
Growing citrus in soil containers

Gusejnov, I.D., 1964:
Growing commercial Willows under irrigated conditions

Bjarnason, H., 1965:
Growing conditions and forestry

Heller, H., 1969:
Growing conditions and succession of plant communities in river flood-plains of Switzerland

Endo, Y., 1965:
Growing conditions of improved Poplar

Logvinova, A.N., 1964:
Growing conditions of initial forms and the yielding capacity of hybrid seed

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Growing conditions of parental forms in the year preceding crossing

Dudinskii, Ya. A., 1971:
Growing cone and shoot apex in the Gramineae

Schneider, G.; White, D.; Heiligmann, R., 1970:
Growing coniferous seedlings in soilless containers for field planting

Brown, B.E.; Andrews, H.; Skold, L.N., 1968:
Growing corn and soybeans on chemically killed sod

Kolcar, F., 1969:
Growing corn as second crop for silage

Treanor, L.L.; Andrews, H., 1964:
Growing corn on fescue sod

Treanor, L.L.; Andrews, H., 1965:
Growing corn on sod in Tennessee

Vlug, J., 1967:
Growing cos lettuces

Abdullaev, B.N., 1966:
Growing cotton varieties in wide spacing

Vlug, J., 1968:
Growing crisp-head lettuce in Holland

B-.; O., 1968:
Growing cucumbers in glasshouses or tunnels

Savinova, N.; Rauta, C.; Enachescu., 1965:
Growing cucumbers on mineral substrates

Gugenhan, E., 1969:
Growing cucumbers on straw bales

Anonymous, 1965:
Growing cycles in sugar cane production

Halls, L.K., 1970:
Growing deer food amidst Southern timber

Mcmahon, J.; Low, A., 1972:
Growing degree days as a measure of temperature effects on cotton

Burke, W., 1968:
Growing degree-days in Ireland

Rudd, R.D.; Newland, D.C., 1966:
Growing degree-hours at selected Oregon locations. A complementary view of temperature

Verlinden, J., 1965:
Growing early bush beans in the open

Stannek, G.; Zanner, L.; Petrzak, M., 1972:
Growing early carrots in large fields by a new production method

Calcatin, N., E.Al., 1967:
Growing early cucumbers under polythene

Boswell, V.R., 1966:
Growing eggplant

Bernardi, J.B., 1967:
Growing eggplants

Canevascini, V.; Sulmoni, E., 1970:
Growing eggplants in Tessin: 1965-1969 trials

Gasanenko, A.Ja., 1966:
Growing elite seed under irrigation

Degen, G., 1965:
Growing exotics in a Frankenwald forest district

Kotuhov, Ju. A., 1968:
Growing ferns from spores

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Growing field beans. Conclusions from trial results, 1964-6

Krezdorn, A.H., 1968:
Growing figs in the south for home use

Cathey, H.M., 1967:
Growing flowering annuals

Anonymous, 1967:
Growing flowering crabapples

Ortiz, R.G., 1967:
Growing for the blended cigarette in Colombia

Lukovnikova, G.A.; Komarova, R.A., 1966:
Growing forced green crops in winter glasshouses

Tolstopjatov, S.I., 1968:
Growing forest plantations with potatoes planted between the rows

Blagov, A.P., 1969:
Growing forests on wet and excessively wet felled areas

Meshechok, B., 1969:
Growing forests on wet peatland

Haveraaen, O., 1966:
Growing forests on wet peatland-production and profitability

Aldon, E.F., 1970:
Growing fourwing saltbush transplants for field planting

Wilcke, R., 1967:
Growing freesias for autumn flowering

G-, L., 1966:
Growing french beans in Italy

Anonymous, 1966:
Growing fruit for home use in the Northern Great Plains

Fletcher, R.F.; Dutt, J.O.; Bauer, A.H., 1967:
Growing garden tomatoes

Anonymous, 1968:
Growing gardenias

Sims, W.L.; Little, T.M., 1964:
Growing garlic in California

Matous, J., 1970:
Growing gerberas in plastic bags

Sanna, E., 1967:
Growing gherkins in the greenhouse

Seidel, H.; Probst, K., 1971:
Growing gherkins in the open in southern Spain

Williams, L., 1967:
Growing ginseng

Schmidt, E., 1969:
Growing gladioli for cut flowers

Griebel, R., 1968:
Growing gladioli from prepared corms

Allen, P.G., 1968:
Growing glasshouse crops on straw-a survey of recent developments

Anon., 1969:
Growing glasshouse cucumbers on straw bales

White, R.A.J., 1964:
Growing glasshouse cucumbers with trickle irrigation

Stankova-Opocenska, E.; Vecera, L.; Sou-Kup, J., 1971:
Growing glasshouse roses in a clay-peat substrate

Anon., 1968:
Growing glasshouse tomatoes on straw bales

Arnon, I., 1964:
Growing grain sorghums in a Mediterranean environment

Nemirov, E.A., 1971:
Growing grapes in Udmurtija

Klingbeil, G.C.; Wade, E.K.; Koval, C.F., 1966:
Growing grapes in Wisconsin

Keremidarska, S., 1967:
Growing green manure crops in irrigated apple orchards

Moreira, R.S., 1968:
Growing guavas

Shimanskii, N.K., 1965:
Growing high-yielding seed of sunflowers

Perrin, M.E.B.; Duggan, J.B., 1965:
Growing highbush blueberries in England

Zamfir, I., 1971:
Growing hybrid Black Poplars in Turnu Magurele forest district

Clonaru, A.; E.A., 1966:
Growing hybrid Poplars and Willows on the Danube flood-plain

Ching, C.B.; Kennard, C.P., 1968:
Growing hybrid corn

Nielsen, J.K., 1968:
Growing iris all the year round

Boots, J.; Kuenen, A., 1970:
Growing kohl-rabi under glass: economic aspects

Jensen, J., 1969:
Growing leeks

T.Velde, H.A., 1970:
Growing legumes under cover crops

Fearn, B., 1966:
Growing lithops from seed

Clay, R.P., 1969:
Growing loquats

Nyeki, J., 1967:
Growing lucerne on acid sandy soils

Parnia, C., 1967:
Growing lupins as a green manure crop in young apple orchards

Anonymous, 1968:
Growing magnolias

Zhechev, P.; Raikova, V., 1967:
Growing maize after perennial herbage crops for 2 and 3 years in the Sofia irrigation region

Dubas, A., 1970:
Growing maize in mixtures with small field bean (Vicia faba var. minor L.) or field pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Hedrick, T.I.; Mori, K., 1965:
Growing market for milk fat

Van Den Eynden, A., 1969:
Growing melons under plastic covers

Zabaznyj, P.; P.A., 1964:
Growing more hard wheat and strong wheat

Cesar, G., 1967:
Growing mother plants and the production of cuttings of Pelargonium zonale in water culture

Garcia Reyes, F., 1967:
Growing naranjillas, Solanum quitoense, in the coffee producing region of Colombia

Simmul', G.F., 1970:
Growing new cucumber and tomato varieties and hybrids in Adler glasshouse centre

Anonymous, 1968:
Growing new hybrids

Doty, C.H.; Sweet, R.D., 1970:
Growing nutsedge (Cyperus esculentus) in the greenhouse for research purposes

Roper, G.D., 1966:
Growing of Oak for future generations

Kolev, D.; Ivanova, A., 1964:
Growing of barley/ wheat mixed crops

Berson, G.Z., 1970:
Growing of bunching onions on multi-tier hydroponic units under different coloured light

Dancik, J., 1966:
Growing of catch crops for fodder and green manuring in crop rotations

Neenan, M., 1970:
Growing of crops without ploughing

Thomas, B.U., 1964:
Growing of hardwoods for pulpwood

Dayal, R.; Singh, G.; Sharma, R.C., 1967:
Growing of legume and cereal mixture under dry farming conditions

Ulmann, L., 1966:
Growing of oats in mixed cultures with summer cereals

Gigineishvili, P.L., 1970:
Growing of perennial crops in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam

Eich, D., 1967:
Growing of perennial forage plants with high N fertilization and sprinkler irrigation