Grazing distribution patterns of Hereford and Santa Gertrudis cattle on a southern New Mexico range

Herbel, C.H.; Ares, F.N.; Nelson, A.B.

J Range Manage 20(5): 296-298


DOI: 10.2307/3895975
Accession: 014498008

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Actual observations for3 years and utilization surveys for 4 years were used to determine the grazing distribution patterns of cows. The grazing patterns of the 2 breeds were similar in the pastures studied. There was good distribution throughout the pastures which extended 3 1/2 miles from water. In larger pastures, Santa Gertrudis cows may graze farther from water than Hereford cows because they walk farther. Earlier studies indicated a decreasing degree of utilization with an increasing distance from water. In this study, where a variety of species were available, cattle readily grazed a distance from water to obtain certain species. An important tool in obtaining better livestock distribution would be to encourage the growth of palatable species at a distance from water.