Growth, development and productivity of sheep with crossbred wool in relation to type of crossbreeding

Eseneev, T.K.

Biol. Nauki. Vyp. 2. Alma-Ata, 142-148


Accession: 014501044

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The following matings were carried out: (1) Border Leicester (B.L.) x fine/coarse-wooled (F.C.W.); (2) Lincoln x F.C.W.; (3) B.L. x (Lincoln x F.C.W.); (4) Lincoln x (B.L. x F.C.W.); (5) B.L. x (B.L. x F.C.W.); (6) Lincoln x (Lincoln x F.C.W.). Weaning weight of lambs of groups 3-6 was 5-10% greater than that of groups 1 and 2. Subsequent growth rate was highest for group 5, and it exceeded that for groups 1 and 2 by 14.9-20.3%.