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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14503

Chapter 14503 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hohlov, S.S., 1971:
Half a century of N. I. Vavilov's law of homologous series

Breznev, D.D.; Zarubajlo, T.J.; Dorofeev, V.F., 1967:
Half a century of Soviet breeding science

Melehov, I.S., 1967:
Half a century of Soviet forestry

Lobasev, M.E., 1967:
Half a century of Soviet genetics

Bogdaskin, P., 1967:
Half a century of electrification in the village

Ostrovsky, M., 1970:
Half a century of investigations in agricultural economics in Slovakia

Afendulov, K.P.; Kovin'ko, V.P., 1967:
Half a century of research

Smith, D.M.; Wahlgren, H.E., 1971:
Half a core gives better results in core-to-tree specific gravity relationships

Martin, D.; Grassia, A., 1965:
Half fruit dipping for testing scald inhibitors

Anonymous, 1969:
Half yearly progress report (April-September 1969) of the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria, Moor Plantation, Ibadan, 1969

Nakladal, J.; Ptacek, J.; Braun, B., 1972:
Half-carcass analysis and chemical composition of meat in Czech Pied cows

Robertson, I., 1970:
Half-cream and full-cream milk

Fromweiler, J.P.; Mialhe-Voloss, C.; Stutinsky, F., 1968:
Half-life and rate of secretion of corticosterone in the rat. Influence of fasting

Kosmatyi, E.S.; Kavetskii, V.N., 1972:
Half-life of chlorofos in plants

Bruenger, F.W.; Stevens, W.; Stover, B.J., 1967:
Half-periods of serum proteins in the dog

Anonymous, 1967:
Half-yearly progress report (April-September 1967) of the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. Moor Plantation. Ibadan 1967

Anonymous, 1968:
Half-yearly progress report (April-September 1968). of the Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria. Moor Plantation. Ibadan 1968

Anonymous, 1966:
Half-yearly progress report (April-September. 1966) of the Cocoa Research Institute, Tafo, March 1967

Nater, J.P.; Doeglas, H.M., 1970:
Halibut liver poisoning in 11 fishermen

Hasbrouck, E.R., 1966:
Halichoanoiaimus raruanensis n.sp. (Chromadoroidea : Cyatholaimidae) from New Jersey

Rotov, R.A., 1965:
Halimodendron halodendron in the Main Botanical Garden

Ramon-Casas, J.A.F., 1964:
Hallazgo de larva de nematode en un caso de sinusitis maxilar

Masi Pallares, R.; Ortiz, D., 1970:
Hallazgos de Labiduris zschokkei Listow, 1899 y L. gulosa (Rudolphi, 1819) Schneider 1866 (Kathlaniidae: Nematoda) en una tortuga (Testudo denticulata)

Warkentin, B.P., 1972:
Halloysite in the red brown and yellow brown soils of Barbados

Sieffermann, G.; Millot, G., 1968:
Halloysite in young soils over recent basalts In Central Cameroon

Patterson Sam, H., 1964:
Halloysitic underclay and amorphous inorganic matter in Hawaii

Der Marderosian, A., 1967:
Hallucinogenic Indole compounds from higher Plants

Farnsworth, N.R., 1968:
Hallucinogenic plants

Schultes, R.E., 1969:
Hallucinogens of plant origin

Gane, A.J., 1964:
Halo blight

Hagedorn, D.J.; Patel, P.N., 1965:
Halo blight and bacterial brown spot of bean in Wisconsin in 1964

Tominaga, T., 1968:
Halo blight of Ryegrasses, Brome grasses, and Fescues

Docea, E.; Severin, V., 1965:
Halo blight of oats produced by the bacterium Ps. coronafaciens (Elliott) Stevens

Horning, S.; Pilleri, G.; Testi, F., 1971:
Halocercus in the lung of Delphinus delphis L. of the Adriatic

Cotner, R.C.; Hamilton, R.H.; Mumma, R.O.; Frear, D.E.H., 1968:
Halogenated pesticides. Localization of dieldrin in wheat tissue

Portyanko, V.F.; Kudrya, L.M., 1966:
Halogens as pollen germination stimulators

Portjanko, V.F.; Kudrja, L.M., 1966:
Halogens as stimulators of pollen germination

Ashirov, D.; Nosov, A.K., 1966:
Halogens in the cotton plant

Ropot, B.M., 1972:
Halogeochemical processes in soils and groundwaters of the lower reaches of the river Talas

Fournier, F., 1965:
Halomorphic soils of the African continent

Jones, E.B.Gareth, 1965:
Halonectria milfordensis gen. et sp. nov., a marine pyrenomycete on submerged wood

Chaudhri, I.I.; Sheikh, M.Y.; Alam, M.M., 1969:
Halophytic flora of saline and waterlogged areas of West Pakistan Plains

Grigore, S., 1969:
Halophytic vegetation on low ground between the rivers Timis and Bega

Birnbaum, C.; Gabler, R.; Hartung, J.; Schimke, E.; Wenzel, U.D., 1969:
Halorthane anaesthesia in the Mustelidae

Jones, R.S., 1966:
Halothane anaesthesia in turkeys

O'Brien, J.J., 1966:
Halothane as a complete anaesthetic in the dog

Bosman, C.J., 1966:
Haloxon as an anthel-mintic for horses

Colglazier, M.L.; Wehr, E.E.; Burtner, R.H.; Wiest, L.M., 1967:
Haloxon as an anthelmintic against the cropworm Capillaria contorta in quail

Luthgen, W.; Bernau, U., 1967:
Haloxon for the control of capillariasis in pigeons

Shamsutdinov, Z.; Chalbash, R.; Lbragimov, I., 1968:
Haloxylon aphyllum windbreaks

Sankaran, T.; Srinath, D.; Krishna, K., 1967:
Haltica caerulea Olivier (Col.: Halticidae) as a possible agent of biological control of Jussiaea repens L

Chaudhry, A.N.; Pal, S.K., 1971:
Haltica caerulescens Baly (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae), a pest of weeds in Simla Hills

Anonymous, 1969:
Halving the chromosomes speeds up alfalfa breeding

Uusisalmi, U., 1971:
Ham quality and its relationship to carcass quality. I. Ultrasonic and other measurements

Uusisalmi, U., 1971:
Ham quality and its relationship to carcass quality. II. Specific weight and dissection analysis of the ham

Sonin, M.D.; Barus, V., 1971:
Hamalospiculum rysavyi sp.n. (Nematoda: Diplo-triaenidae) from Afghanistan

Parrott, W.L.; Fowden, G.; Jenkins, J.N., 1969:
Hampea sp., host of the

Maxwell, F.G.; Hardee, D.D.; Parrott, W.L.; Jenkins, J.N.; Lukefahr, M.J., 1969:
Hampea sp., host of the boil weevil. I. Laboratory preference studies

Maxwell, F.G.E.Al, 1969:
Hampea sp., host of the boll weevil. I. Laboratory preference studies

Parrott, W.L.; Maxwell, F.G.; Jenkins, J.N., 1969:
Hampea sp., host of the boll weevil. II. Laboratory antibiosis studies

Mallanna, K.N.; Rajashekara, B.G., 1969:
Hamsa-a protein-rich, high-yielding white ragi

Reed, R.C., 1964:
Hamster mutations

Robinson, R., 1964:
Hamster varieties in U. S. and England

Thirumalachar, M.J.; Padhye, A.A., 1967:
Hamycin and dermostatin in the treatment of superficial fungal infections

Banerjee, A.K.; Choudhury, D.S., 1966:
Hamycin in candidiasis

Ahuja, O.P.; Bal, A.; Nath, K.; Nema, H.V., 1967:
Hamycin in experimental keratomycosis

Shende, G.Y.; Gogate, M.C.; Padhve, A.A.; Thirumalachar, M.J., 1965:
Hamycin in the treatment of pulmonary conditions complicating tuberculosis

Cabello, J.A.; Cox, J.H.; Gonzalez, R.R.; De la Puente, R.; Cancino, H., 1967:
Hamycin treatment for vaginal mycosis in Peru (S. America)

Utz, J.P.; Witorsch, P.; Williams, T.W.; Emmons, C.W.; Shadomy, H.J.; Piggott, W., 1967:
Hamycin: chemotherapeutic studies in systemic mycoses of man

Preston, A.P.; Way, D.W., 1969:
Hand and spray thinning of Worcester Pearmain apple

Tisserand, A., 1964:
Hand compasses and sighting in hilly country

Ferguson, R.; Christ, E.G., 1970 :
Hand pollination of Red Delicious apples

Brown, H.D.; Krezdorn, A.H., 1969:
Hand pollination tests and field evaluation of pollinators for citrus

Appel, K.-R.; Busse, H.; Schulz, K.-D.; Wilk, W., 1971:
Hand rearing of gnotobiotic and SPF-rabbits

O'connor, C.B., 1968:
Hand salting of cheese can cause inconsistent grading

Aliev, M.G.; Kuliev, K.M.; Mamedov, N.G., 1965:
Hand stripping after machine milking of buffaloes

Mikus, M., 1969:
Hand strippings after machine milking of ewes in relation to udder measurements, stage of lactation and certain other characteristics

Saario, L., 1965:
Hand tool injuries in logging work

Stentzel, E.E., 1964:
Hand tools or machinery in forestry. Retrospect and prospects

Traub, L.G.; Wright, P.L.; Steele, H.L., 1971:
Hand versus mechanical harvest of tomatoes

Sluder, E.R., 1966:
Hand-pollinate Yellow-Poplar without climbing

Mikus, M., 1969:
Hand-stripping after the machine-milking of sheep in relation to the udder measurements, stage of the lactation period and some other characters

Roemer, K., 1967:
Hand-thinning of Cox's Orange Pippin, 1966

Van Rheenen, H.A., 1969:
Hand-threshing of non-shattering sesame

Anonymous, 1968:
Handbook on animal diseases in the tropics

Ginsburg, L., 1965:
Handling and cold storage of clingstone peaches in bulk bins

Banwell, M.G., 1971:
Handling and marketing strawberries

Vines, H.M.; Grierson, W., 1967:
Handling and physiological studies with the carambola

Ditman, W.D., 1968:
Handling animal poisoning complaints

Micke, W.C Mitchell, F.G., 1968:
Handling cherries to maintain top quality and shelf life

Grierson, W., 1966:
Handling citrus fruit automatically

Van, D.Kwaak, J., 1966:
Handling gerbera flowers

Stevens, G.N., 1969:
Handling groundnuts with auger conveyors

Goud, J.V., 1967:
Handling irradiated material in segregating generations

Janco, J., 1967:
Handling of cordwood

Anonymous, 1965:
Handling of liquid manure

Sun, N.-C.; Sadanaga, K., 1968:
Handling of oat chromosomes

Lotter, J.D.V., 1969:
Handling of plums for the fresh-fruit market in the Western Cape

Larsson, K.; Aniansson, G.; Noren, O., 1968:
Handling potatoes; labour requirements, costs, choice of method

Micke, W.C.; Mitchell, F.G.; Maxie, E.C., 1965:
Handling sweet cherries for fresh shipment

Markin, G.P., 1968:
Handling techniques for large quantities of ants

Bjaanes, H., 1969:
Handling whole trees in a thinning stand with a larger model of the Agria Drabant

Ljungman, L., 1969:
Handling windthrown timber

Kerr, H.W.T., 1970:
Handling working capital in discounted cash flow calculations

Laszlo, I., 1966:
Handling, packing, storing and obtaining profit from table grapes

Anonymous, 1968:
Hannover Veterinary School Symposium on the course of chronic swine erysipelas as seen today

Anonymous, 1965:
Hanover Fair 1965

Tanaka, S., 1970:
Haphid rice plants in mutation studies

Khush, G.S.; Rick, C.M., 1967:
Haplo-triplo-disomics of the tomato: origin, cyto-genetics, and utilization as a source of secondary trisomies

Andersson, K., 1968:
Haplodiplosis marginata in 1967

Chapman, V.; Riley, R., 1964:
Haploid Aegilops candata

Thomas, J.L., 1970:
Haploid and diploid pollen in Hypericum patulum

Tsunewaki, K.; Noda, K.; Fujisawa, T., 1968:
Haploid and twin formation in a wheat strain Salmon with alien cytoplasms

Symko, S., 1969:
Haploid barley from crosses of Hordeum bulbosum (2x) x Hordeum vulgare (2x)

Bloom, S.E., 1970:
Haploid chicken embryos: evidence for diploid and triploid cell populations

Anubhava Narain Prakash Singh., 1968:
Haploid meiosis and its bearing on the constitution of the castor oil plant

Jauhar, P.P., 1970:
Haploid meiosis and its bearing on the phylogeny of pearl millet, Pennisetum typhoides Stapf et Hubb

Sharp, W.R.; Dougall, D.K.; Paddock, E.F., 1971:
Haploid plantlets and callus from immature pollen grains of Nicotiana and Lycopersicon

Devreux, M.; Saccardo, F.; Brunori, A., 1971:
Haploid plants and isogenic lines of Nicotiana tabacum obtained by culture of anthers and stems in vitro

Nitsch, J.P.; Nitsch, C., 1969:
Haploid plants from pollen grains

Emeis, C.C., 1966:
Haploidization of diploid yeast by means of p-fluorophenylalanine

Bosemark, N.O., 1971:
Haploids and homo-zygous diploids, triploids and tetraploids in sugar beet

Kazimierska, E.M.; Kazimierski, T., 1969:
Haploids in yellow lupine

Budin, K.; Broks, V., 1968:
Haploids of cultivated potato

Laptev, Ju. P., 1965:
Haploids of potato, Solanum tuberosum L., and the prospects of their utilization in genetics and breeding

Bingham, E.T., 1969:
Haploids will speed alfalfa improvement

Raven, P.H.; Thompson, H.J., 1964:
Haploidy and angiosperm evolution

Laptev, J. P.; Dvorjankina, D. r. S.; Dvorjankina, D., 1968:
Haploidy and polyploidy in the potato

Cipar, M.S.; Peloquin, S.J.; Hougas, R.W., 1967:
Haploidy and the identification of self-incompatibility alleles in cultivated potato groups

Kao, K.N.; Kasha, K.J., 1971:
Haploidy from interspecific crosses with tetraploid barley

Dvoryadkina, A.G.; Zamotailov, S.S., 1970:
Haploidy hi the castor oil plant

Dimitrov, B., 1970:
Haploidy in cultivated plants

Induni, Ceasar, J., 1966:
Haploidy in the potato

Tulecke, W., 1965:
Haploidy versus diploidy in the reproduction of cell type

Stettler, R.F.; Bawa, K.; Livingston, G.K., 1969:
Haploidy: an approach to the development of high-yielding varieties

Sahai, B.N., 1970:
Haplorchiasis taichui in pariah dogs

Bhatnagar, G.C.; Prasad, N., 1967:
Haplosporella canker of Citrus auranti-folia in Rajasthan

Beaudoin, R.L.; Wills, W., 1968:
Haplosporidium simulii sp.n. (Haplosporidia: Haplosporidiidae), parasitic in larvae of Simulium venustum Say

Parsons, R.B.; Herriman, R.C., 1970:
Haploxerolls and argixerolls developed in recent alluvium, southern Willamette Valley, Oregon

Peacock, A.C.; Gelderman, A.H.; Ragland, R.H.; Hoffman, H.A., 1967:
Haptoglobin levels in serum of various strains of mice

Locatelli, A.; Genchi, C.; Falagiani, P., 1969:
Haptpglobin and serum creatine phosphokinase activity in rabbits experimentally infected with Trichinella spiralis. Preliminary note

Sulyndin, A.F.; Cerednicenko, V.N., 1966:
Har'kov 194 tetraploid rey

Pahomova, V.P.; Usan', S.A., 1968:
Har'kov 60 winter rye

Mul'ov, G.B., 1968:
Har'kov 8, a new mulberry variety

Flann, I.B.; Lamb, F.M.; Neilson, R.W., 1967:
Hard Maple raw material for furniture components: effect of sawmill edging practice on the yield

Gay, J., 1969:
Hard and semi-hard cheese production in the EEC with special reference to Belgium

Forbes, I.; Wells, H.D., 1968:
Hard and soft seededness in blue lupine, Lupinas angustifolius: inheritance and phenotype classification

Protzman, C.M., 1964:
Hard cordage fibers in changing world

Zdanovski, N., 1967:
Hard ewes'milk cheeses in Yugoslavia

Anonymous, 1970:
Hard rennet cheeses. Technical requirements for export cheeses

Trentin, A., 1964:
Hard seeds of lucerne. How many of them germinate, and when ?

Buck, T.G., 1970:
Hard seeds of silage Malvaceae

Lower, H.F., 1968:
Hard to kill pests of fruit trees-mealy bugs

Fordham, A.J., 1967:
Hard to root woody plants

Jarvis, R.H., 1969:
Hard to succeed in both main aims of cultivation

Skyrme, H.P., 1970:
Hard udders in ewes

Ranjhan, S.K.; Mohanty, G.C.; Talapatra, S.K., 1965:
Hard water and urinary calculi in buffalo calves

Pavlov, P., 1969:
Hard wheat (Triticum durum Desf.) from southern Bulgaria, initial material for breeding)

Anonymous, 1971:
Hard wheat in north-central Italy

Paris, P., 1964:
Hard wheats in northern Italy. Biological and biometrical characteristics of some spring-sown varieties derived from crosses

Fessel, F., 1964:
Hard-alloy tools for working wood and wood-based materials

Nelson, S.O.; Stetson, L.E.; Works, D.W., 1968:
Hard-seed reduction in alfalfa by infrared and radio-frequency electrical treatments

Ferrari, A.; Rotili, P.; Zannone, L., 1969:
Hard-seededness in white clover

Lower, H.F., 1968:
Hard-to-kill pests of fruit trecs-the scales

Lower, H.F., 1968:
Hard-to-kill pests of fruit trees-the mites

Lower, H.F., 1968:
Hard-to-kill pests of fruit trees-the scale insects

Lower, H.F., 1968:
Hard-to-kill pests of fruit trees-woolly apple-aphid

Semana, J.A.; Anderson, A.B., 1968:
Hardboard from Benguet Pine bark-wood compositions

Stewart, D.L.; Butler, D.L., 1968:
Hardboard from Cedar bark

Sinclair, G.D.; Dymond, D.K., 1968:
Hardboards from Poplar wood

Zurn, H., 1965:
Hardening by grinding, a process for improving cutting properties, exemplified by

Gorskova, A.N.; Serman, I.E.; Sannikov, V.A., 1965:
Hardening cutting instruments with MoS2

Rudnick, A.W.; Ross, I.J.; Fox, J.D., 1969:
Hardening ice cream by immersion in liquid nitrogen

Fleming, R.A., 1966:
Hardening of annual flowering plants

Geissler, W., 1971:
Hardening of ice cream, using liquid nitrogen

Vigodsky, H., 1970:
Hardening of iris bulbs for hot-water treatment

Loof, B.; Jonsson, R., 1965:
Hardening trials with winter rape

Crandon, T., 1964:
Hardier plants from lower potash fertilizer

Smith, G.L., 1964:
Hardiness and pollination of the Carpathian strain of Persian walnut

Pomerleau, R.; Bard, J., 1968:
Hardiness and resistance to Ceratocystis ulmi (Buis.) C. Moreau of hybrids and clones of Europeazn and American Elm

Yeatman, C.W.; Holst, M.J., 1972:
Hardiness of Jack Pine hybrids and provenances in the boreal forest

Lapins, K.O.; Schmid, H., 1969:
Hardiness of fruit buds of sweet cherries, 1968-69

Kay, B.L., 1969:
Hardinggrass and annual legume production in the Sierra Foothills

Noack, D.; Stockmann, V., 1966:
Hardness measurements on wood particle boards with the Hoppler cone

Dolby, R.M.; Taylor, M.W., 1968:
Hardness of continuously churned butter at packing

Robson, J.R.; el-Tahawi, H.D., 1971:
Hardness of human nail as an index of nutritional status: a preliminary communication

Siva Rao, D.V., 1967:
Hardness of sugarcane varieties and its relation to shoot borer (Chilotraea infuscatellus Snell) incidence

El-Guindi, M.M.; Ashmawy, H.M.; Refai, R.Y.; Hamza, Y.A., 1966:
Hardness of wheat kernels and its relation to gluten quality and moisture content

Gerard, C.J.; Burleson, C.A.; Cowley, W.R.; E.A., 1964:
Hardpan formation in coarse and medium-textured soils in the lower Rio Grande valley of Texas

Cameron, D.F., 1967:
Hardseededness and seed dormancy of Townsville lucerne (Stylosanthes humilis) selections

Gartner, J.B.; Meyer, M.M.J.; Saupe, D.C., 1971:
Hardwood bark as a growing medium for container-grown ornamentals

Gartner, J.B., E.Al., 1970:
Hardwood bark as a medium for container growing

Gartner, J.B., E.Al., 1970:
Hardwood bark fiber is ased for growing, mulching, and packaging of ornamental plants

Gartner, J.B.; Klett, J.; Saupe, D.C., 1971:
Hardwood bark for packaging of bare root nursery stock

Miller, W.F.; Starr, J.W., 1966:
Hardwood control as related to phenological development and growth rate of Loblolly Pine

Stoutemyer, V.T., 1969:
Hardwood cuttings

Rice, W.W., 1968:
Hardwood dimension drying - is it feasible?

Hedlund, A.; Knight, H.A., 1969:
Hardwood distribution maps for the South

Tamolang, F.N.; Wangaard, F.; Kellogg, R.M., 1968:
Hardwood fiber strength and pulpsheet properties

Timson, F.G., 1970:
Hardwood log weighing and its potential use

White, D.P.; Schneider, G Lemmien, W., 1970:
Hardwood plantation establishment using container grown stock

Grammel, R.; Clavadetscher, H., 1969:
Hardwood pulpwood in long lengths

Ohnishi, K.; Awaya, S.; Egawa, K., 1968:
Hardwood refiner groundwood as a newsprint furnish component

Barrett, J.W., 1965:
Hardwood regeneration-the Danish approach

Gillis, E.R., 1969:
Hardwood rounds as ready-to-use components

Cooper, Glenn, A., 1967:
Hardwood siding performance

Metcalf, M.E., 1965:
Hardwood timber resources of the Douglas Fir subregion

Ellis, G.R., 1970:
Hardwood tubeling test (Black Walnut and Tulip-Poplar)

Martens, D.G., 1971:
Hardwood? carpet? or tile? A comparison of flooring costs under residential conditions

Whitney, R.D., 1964:
Hardwoods as inoculum carriers for Polyporus tomentosus inoculations

Chavasse, C.G.R., 1970 :
Hardwoods for amenity, shelter and timber

Skvortsov, V.I., 1971:
Hardwoods in pulp and paper production

Feilberg, L., 1968:
Hardwoods on sand dunes at Kaergard

Broadfoot, Walter, M., 1964:
Hardwoods respond to irrigation

Palmer, L., 1967:
Hardy agapanthus as a plant for the outdoor garden

Buckley, A.R., 1966:
Hardy asters for the autumn garden

Abernathie, J.W.; Buxton, J.W., 1965:
Hardy chrysanthemum trial results-1964

Clore, W.J., 1967:
Hardy early-blooming chrysanthemums for irrigated central Washington

Cantrill, R.J., 1967:
Hardy trees and shrubs for the hot, dry districts

Kraay, G.J., 1968:
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium on blood group loci in the Dutch Black and White cattle breed

Bailenger, J.; Tribouley, J.; Amyot, B.; Duret, J., 1965:
Hares and rabbits as reservoirs of Fasciola hepatica and Dicrocoelium dendriticum

Bijkerk, H., 1968 :
Haringwormziekte (anisakiasis)

Pitman, G.B.; Vite, J.P.; Kinzer, G.W.; Fentiman Jr.; A.F., 1968:
Hark beetle attractants: trans-verbenol isolated from Dendroctonus

Weber, C.R., 1967:
Hark soybean. It's new ! It's good !

Frankel, O.H.; Bennett, E., 1970:
Harland, S. C. Gene pools in the New World tetraploid cottons

Vanekova, Z.E.Al, 1968:
Harmful agents

Anonymous, 1967:
Harmful and useful insects of the Far East of the USSR

Lelbach, W.K., 1967:
Harmful effect of different alcoholic beverages on the liver

Juran, C., 1967:
Harmful effect of industrial fluorine exhalations on agricultural plants

Holgado Rivas, D.E., 1970:
Harmful effect of lightning on horses

Lenz, M., 1969:
Harmful effect of some mould fungi on termites

Vetter, O.; Wujanz, G.; Priboth, W., 1968:
Harmful effect on cows of the ingestion of lucerne containing haemolysin

Jerichow, H.; Jungmann, R., 1969:
Harmful effects of Babesia divergens. I. Content of K. Ca, Mg and Fe in the blood of naturally infected cattle

Rohmeder, E., 1967:
Harmful effects of a herbicide on the health and performance of young Poplar plants

Lazarov, M., 1965:
Harmful effects of certain herbicides and insecticides on sunflower and sugar beet

Schneider, J.; Haass, K., 1969:
Harmful effects of red mites (Dermanyssus avinm) under conditions of intensive husbandry

Vega, J., E.Al., 1964:
Harmful effects of summer pruning on vines

Sinadskij, Ju. V., 1967:
Harmful mycoflora of trees and shrubs in the arid zone of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Sinadskii, Yu. V., 1967:
Harmful mycoflora of wood and shrub plants in the arid zone of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Selik, M., 1964:
Harmful occurrence of G. platani on Plane in the surrounding of Istanbul

Powell, R.H., 1968:
Harmful plant species entering New Zealand 1963-1967

Kazachenko, R.F., 1967:
Harmfulness of Peronospora disease

Borovikova, A.Z., 1969:
Harmfulness of Rhodococcus turanicus

Zlotina, G.D., 1967:
Harmfulness of Verticillium blight of Apple

Ryabkova, N.A., 1965:
Harmfulness of anthracnose of Raspberries and chemical control measures against it under the conditions of the Leningrad district

Khetsuriani, G.A., 1966:
Harmfulness of powdery mildew of Tobacco

Smrz, J., 1966:
Harmfulness of viroses in diploid and polyploid Sugar Beet in relation to the tolerance of varieties tested

Israel, P.; Prakasarao, P.S., 1968:
Harmonia arcuata Fabr. (Coccinellidae)-predatory on the rice plant hoppers Sogatella furcifera Horvath and Nilaparvata lugens

Oostenbrink, M., 1964:
Harmonious control of nematode infestation

Aiello, C., 1970:
Harmonization of agriculture in the countries of the Mediterranean basin

Tolkmitt, H., 1972:
Harmonization of food legislation in the EEC and its bearing on the dairy industry

Tuma, E.H., 1969:
Harmony and conflict in agrarian reform

Weinberger, J.H.; Harmon, F.N., 1966:
Harmony, a new nematode and phylloxera resistant rootstock for vinifera grape

Hayes, J.D., 1969 :
Harnessing F1 hybrid vigour for increased cereal production

Rijavec, M.; Kurelec, B., 1965:
Harnstoffzyklus bei einigen Rinderparasiten (Helminthen)

Lengyel, A.; Levai, J.; Vidor, E., 1969:
Harom anthelminthicum hatasossaganak osszehasonlito vizsgalata human ancylostomiasisban

Lashkevich, G.I.; Leuto, I.E., 1971:
Harrowing sugar beet on peat soil

Johansen, B.R., 1968:
Harrowing v. cutting for white clover seed crops

McConnell, E.E.; Garner, F.M.; Kirk, J.H., 1968:
Hartmannellosis in a bull

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Hartnup disease in three siblings

Matsuyama, T.; Nakamura, T.; Isahai, K.; Oya, A.; Kobayashi, M., 1967:
Haruna virus, a group A arbovirus isolated from swine in Japan

Van Mullem, W.A., 1969:
Harvest and grade your cold tomatoes too, quickly and easily

Rawstron, R.R., 1971:
Harvest and survival of rainbow trout infected with Sanguinicola davisi Wales

Richard, J.L.; Cysewski, S.J.; Fichtner, R.E., 1971:
Harvest and survival oi Aspergilhis fumigatus Fresenius spores

Filip, S.M., 1967:
Harvest costs and returns under 4 cutting methods in mature Beech-Birch-Maple stands in New England

Toropova, G.N., 1967:
Harvest dates and storage life

Filushkin, N.P., 1969:
Harvest dates and yields of kenaf seeds

Lusk, J.W.; Mcgee, W.H., 1971:
Harvest early for quality hay

Hoskins, W.G., 1964:
Harvest fluctuations and English economic history, 1480-1619

Stoskopf, N.C., 1964:
Harvest index - a new concept

Singh, I.D.; Stoskopf, N.C., 1971:
Harvest index in cereals

Miller, C.H.; Hughes, G.R., 1969:
Harvest indices for pickling cucumbers in onceover harvested systems

Bryan, R.W., 1970:
Harvest machine built for thinning forest plantations

Kerkham, W.D., 1968:
Harvest management with dimexan

Berlage, A.G., 1968:
Harvest mechanization as affected by tree shape

Longden, P.C.; Austin, R.B., 1970:
Harvest methods for seed crops of vining peas

Mcbrearty, J.C., 1971:
Harvest of plenty in fields of shame: the migrant worker today

May, P.; Kerridge, G.H., 1967:
Harvest pruning of Sultana vines

Wirth, A.; Meli, T., 1967:
Harvest rationalization in intensive fruit orchards

Malicki, L., 1970:
Harvest residues of crops cultivated on soils formed on loess

Kalaidzhieva, S.; Georgiev, Z., 1970:
Harvest timing for Vicia faba grown as a fodder crop for seed

Kalaidzhieva, S.; Georgiev, Z., 1970:
Harvest timing for Vicia faba grown as a fodder seed crop

Ekstrom, N., 1964:
Harvest wheat and rye earlier than normal

Banic, I., 1966:
Harvest yields and the role of machinery in co-operative farming with a review of the production of sugar-beet and maize from 1963-1966

Kamp, T.C.Van Der., 1966:
Harvest-date trials with various broad-bean varieties, 1961 to 1964

Bryan, R.W., 1969:
Harvester produces 3 cords/hour

Anonymous, 1970:
Harvester tested for forest thinning

Moser, A.; Stadlbauer, F., 1971:
Harvesting 'short' industrial wood in the state forests of Upper Franconia with the aid of a Volvo SM 668 skidder

Roberts, H.M., 1969:
Harvesting S352 timothy for seed

Bazzocchi, R.; Biondi, G.; Gorini, F., 1970:
Harvesting and cold storage in palletized bulk bins

Pires, A.J.C., 1967:
Harvesting and collecting fruit

Rixhon, L.; Crohain, A.; Guiot, J., 1969:
Harvesting and conservation of lucerne

Riehl, G., 1964:
Harvesting and disposal of small Spruce wood in the Harz mountains

Sorenson, J.W.; Jr.; Person, N.K.; Jr., 1967:
Harvesting and drying selected forage crops

Glllbanks, R.A., 1967:
Harvesting and fruit transport-a discussion on current practices

Holley, W.D.; Cheng, L.H.ng, 1967:
Harvesting and handling of immature carnations

Grierson, W., 1968:
Harvesting and market preparation techniques for Florida lemons

Illes, T., 1968:
Harvesting and marketing of winter apples

Ford, I., 1971:
Harvesting and maturity of chinese gooseberries

Stannek, G., 1970:
Harvesting and preparation of vegetable beans for the (E. German) processing industry under conditions of industrial scale of production

Rixhon, L.; Crohain, A.; Guiot, J., 1969:
Harvesting and preservation of lucerne

Grinwald, M.E., 1968:
Harvesting aquatic vegetation

Wojcikiewicz, F., 1967:
Harvesting bundled smallwood

Wllking, E.; Von Hardenberg, D.-W.; Graf., 1965:
Harvesting bush fruits

Larson, K.L.; Garter, J.F., 1970:
Harvesting cereals for forage in North Dakota

Mcdonald, P.M., 1969:
Harvesting costs and production rates for seed-tree removal in young growth, mixed conifer stands

Coppock, G.E., 1968:
Harvesting early and midseason citrus fruit with tree shaker harvest systems

Paatela, J.; Raininko, K., 1965:
Harvesting experiments of red clover seed crop

Pearson, C.H.O., 1965:
Harvesting frequency and its effect on yield, sugar recovery and the fibre content of cane

Wilson, M.R., 1971:
Harvesting hardwood pulpwood in eastern Canada

Bol, M.; Schaafsma, A.; Wijnbergen, A., 1970:
Harvesting industrial assortments of standard length

Goossens, A., 1970:
Harvesting lettuce by a new method

Bryan, R.W., 1969:
Harvesting machine receives acid test in Pine swampland

Kerr, H.W., 1964:
Harvesting methods in relation to sugar production

Beadle, P.T.G., 1971:
Harvesting of home-grown timber. FTITB survery underlines part which training can play in raising efficiency

Sankar, N.S., 1967:
Harvesting of oil palm

Van Rheenen, H.A., 1967:
Harvesting of shattering sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

Mattingley, W.J., 1968:
Harvesting of strawberries

Van't Sant, G.F., 1964 :
Harvesting of winter carrots

Wayman, J.A.; Hawkins, J.C., 1970:
Harvesting potatoes by the haulm

Weaver, M.L.; Roberts, J.; George, J.E.; Jensen, M.; Sandar, N., 1965:
Harvesting potatoes into water in a water-tight truck bed

Thomson, N.J.; Basinski, J.J., 1964:
Harvesting practices, quality and yields of cotton in the Ord valley, Northern Australia

Selders, A.W., E.Al., 1967:
Harvesting processing apples mechanically

Buttram, J.R., 1970:
Harvesting processing oranges with the use of cycloheximide

Sauer, P.; Kurzdorfer, H.; Hein, H., 1970:
Harvesting pulpwood: a new system for small dimensions

oydvin, J., 1971:
Harvesting raspberries

Staud, V., 1970:
Harvesting seedlings in forest nurseries

Kaminski, E.; Kowalski, J., 1967:
Harvesting small dimensions in row or selective thinning

Haberle, S.; Sterzik, H.K.; Kopf, E.U., 1971:
Harvesting small wood

Anonymous, 1968:
Harvesting strawberries. A work study investigation in Kent

Anonymous, 1969:
Harvesting sugar cane

Mauch, A., 1966:
Harvesting techniques in commercial fruit growing

Roberts, H.M., 1971:
Harvesting tetra-ploid ryegrass for seed

Mal'nev, P.P., 1965:
Harvesting the hybrid Bukovina 3

Rose, R.J., 1966:
Harvesting time for bananas

Zavorotchenko, I.S., 1970:
Harvesting unripe fibre flax

Panol, Y.F.; Escober, T.R., 1969:
Harvesting, loading and transport systems of sugarcane in the Philippines

Partridge, L.R., 1967:
Harvesting, loading and transporting sugar cane in Puerto Rico in the past, present and future

Limaye, V.P., 1966:
Harvesting, packing and transport of Alphanso mango fruits

Hendrix, T., 1971:
Harvesting-, sorting- and packing line for lettuces

Buzzell, R.I.; Aylesworth, J.W.; Haas, J.H.; Anderson, L.J., 1971 :
Harwood soybean cultivar

Timmer, M.J.G.; D.V.oomen, C.O.N.; Van Dam, H.W.M., 1970:
Has 2-year culture of tulips any possibilities?

Mlle. G.Risser, J.Louvet, J.Brun, 1964:
Has Fusarium disease of Melon been controlled ? A report of experiments in the South-East. Grafting and use of resistant varieties

Lorber, M.; Novak, V., 1967:
Has Ipsotox helped in barkbeetle control?

Brugger, E., 1972:
Has Swiss agriculture a future?

Destanne, D.B.rnis, G.; Pernet, F., 1969:
Has agricultural co-operation still a role to play?

Healey, J.S.; Eastoe, R.D., 1967:
Has controlled breeding a place in the sheep industry?

Walls, I.G., 1968:
Has fan ventilation of glasshouses any future?

Stickler, P., 1967:
Has forced ventilation a chance?

Sas, L.J.M., 1967:
Has plum growing still a future?

Bunjes, A.M.; Kapteyn, A.; Sonnemans, C.H.M., 1972:
Has the EEC agricultural marketing and price policy an integrating or a disintegrating effect?

Kovacevic, Z., 1965:
Has the application of insecticides at low dosages a practical importance in pest control?

Kalison, S.L., 1968:
Has the herbicide really killed the animal?

Kolenbrander, G.J., 1970:
Has the leaching of chemical fertilizers affected the quality 1560-568 of groundwater of water-regulated farms?

Staden, O.L., 1966:
Has the occurrence of storage disorders in fruit been controlled?

Hllkenbaumer, F., 1964:
Has the use of stem builders and interstocks still some importance?

Rasmussen, K., 1968:
Has the world food situation changed radically during the last three years?

Sanyal, S.K., 1972:
Has there been a decline in agricultural tenancy?

Kakde, J.R., 1965:
Hastening decomposition of incorporated green manure

Fordham, A.J., 1968:
Hastening germination of some woody plant seeds with impermeable seed coats

Joshi, D.P., 1966:
Hastening maturity in Luffa cylindrica Roem. by 2,4-D sprays

Konechnaya, V.P., 1967:
Hastening seed maturation in soyabean with defoliants

Way, R.D., 1971:
Hastening the fruiting of apple seedlings

Jagtenberg, W.D., 1968:
Hastening the grass crop in spring

Konechnaya, V.P., 1967:
Hastening the maturation of soybeans with the aid of defoliants

Ragab, M.T.; Ghany, M.A.; Samkari, M.K., 1967:
Hatchability of Fayoumi, Balady, Rhode Island Red chickens and their crosses

Tengerdy, R.P.; Fitch, J.W.; Moreng, R.E., 1969:
Hatchability of chicken embryos under simulated high altitude conditions

Becker, W.A.; Spencer, J.V.; Swartwood, J.L., 1967:
Hatchability of eggs held in plastic bags at two temperatures

Warren, D.C.; Roff, H.A.; Long, E., 1965:
Hatchability of eggs stored in plastic-lined egg cases

Agcanas, P.B., 1969:
Hatchability of eggs under three different storage environments

Becker, W.A.; Spencer, J.V.; Swartwood, J.L., 1964:
Hatchability of turkey eggs shipped in plastic bags

Yamamoto, R.; Ortmayer, H.B., 1967:
Hatcher and intraflock transmission of Mycoplasma meleagridis

Nichols, A.A.; Leaver, C.W., 1967:
Hatchery hygiene evaluation as measured by microbiological examination of samples of fluff

Park, S.C., 1971:
Hatching and activation of some cestode ova. The effects of various artificial hatching-activating solutions upon some cestode ova

Abbott, U.K.; Christensen, G.C., 1971:
Hatching and rearing the Himalayan snow partridge in captivity

Merritt, E.S., 1970:
Hatching egg storage and post embryonic performance

Weischer, B., 1968:
Hatching experiments with wild potatoes differing in resistance

Bernays, E.A., 1971:
Hatching in Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal) (Orthoptera : Acrididae)

Voge, M.; Edmonds, H., 1969:
Hatching in vitro of oncospheres from coracidia of Lacistorhynchus tenuis (Cestoda: Tetrarhynchidea)

Ractliffe, L.H., 1968:
Hatching of Dicrocoelium lanceolatum eggs

Meyer, M.C., 1967:
Hatching of Diphyllobothrium sebago eggs in nature

Myagi, E., 1970:
Hatching of Heterodera rostochiensis larvae

Greene, G.L., 1970 :
Hatching of bean leaf roller eggs as influenced by insect diet components

Woodard, D.B.; Chapman, H.C., 1970:
Hatching of flood-water mosquitoes in screened and unscreened enclosures exposed to natural flooding of Louisiana salt marshes

Slikas, A., 1966:
Hatching of larvae of Capillaria from poultry in vitro

Heinrichs, E.A.; Matheny, E.L., 1969:
Hatching of sod webwonn eggs in relation to low temperatures

Matheny, E.L.; Heinrichs, E.A., 1971:
Hatching of sod webworm eggs in relation to low and high temperatures

Moore, R.C.; Bickley, W.E., 1966:
Hatching of the eggs of Aedes taeniorhynchus (Wiedemann) (Diptera: Culicidae) in response to temperature and flooding

Edmonds, S.J., 1966:
Hatching of the eggs of Moniliformis dubius

Light, W.I.S. G.; John, M.E.; Gould, H.J.; Coghill, K.J., 1968:
Hatching of the winter eggs of the fruit-tree red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi (Koch))

D.Conza, J.J., 1968:
Hatching requirements of dwarf tapeworm eggs (Hymenolepis nana) in relation to extraintestinal development of larval stages in mice

Webber, A.J.; Barker, K.R., 1968:
Hatching response of Hypsoperine ottersoni to canarygrass root emanations

Caveness, C.E.; Caveness, F.E., 1970 :
Hatching Response of Meloidogyne incognita acrita to Electric Shock

Steele, A.E.; Caveness, F.E.; Caveness, C.E., 1970:
Hatching Response of the Sugarbeet Nematode, Heterodera schachtii, to Electric Shock

Woodhouse, W.W., J.; Chamblee, D.S., 1969:
Hatteras beachgrass

Mcintosh, J.A.; Wright, D.M., 1970:
Haul roads in the sky

Svensson, B., 1966:
Haulm area investigations

Siepman, A.H.J., 1964:
Haulm pulling

Williams, P.G., 1969:
Haustoria-like branches in axenic cultures of Puccinia graminis f.sp. tritici

Heath, Michelle., 1971:
Haustorial sheath formation in Cowpea leaves immune to rust infection

Nishiyama, K.; Naito, H.; Hirata, K., 1966:
Haustorium formation and colony development of the Barley powdery mildew fungus, Erysiphe graminis f.sp. hordei, at the primary stage of infection

Armentrout, V.N.; Wilson, C.L., 1969:
Haustorium-host interaction during mycoparasitism of Mycotypha microspora by Piptocephalis virginiana

Podhajecky, K., 1964:
Hautung und Kopulation der Trichinella spiralis

Matusis, I.I., 1965:
Have bioflavonoids been shown to be essential nutritional factors?

Kovacevic, Z., 1965:
Have lower dosages of insecticides any significant practical value in pest control?

Saure, M., 1965:
Have under-sized fruits poor seeds?

Jungk, E., 1964:
Have yields been improved by the imported East Friesian bulls?

Lanyon, L., 1970:
Have you had problems with soybean emergence?

Fleming, A.A.; Kozelnicky, G.M., 1971:
Having difficulty with sweet corn?

Andersen, S., 1964:
Havreal og flydende ammoniak

Videgard, G., 1967:
Havrecyst-nematoden angriper all varsad

Walstedt, I., 1967:
Havrenemato-draser och sortresistens

Jakobsen, J., 1968:
Havrenematoden breder sig

Anonymous, 1971:
Hawaii Insect Report

Littlecott, L.C., 1969:
Hawaii first

Anonymous, 1968:
Hawaii insect report

Anonymous, 1970:
Hawaii insect report

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Hawaii's mechanized field methods

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Hawaiian Macadamia nut cultivars

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Hawaiian ethnobotanical studies. 1. Native food and beverage plants

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Hawaiian macadamia nut cultivare

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Hawaiian medicinal plants

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Hawaiian plant studies-XIV. Alkaloids of

Scheuer, P.J.; Pattabhiraman, T.R., 1965:
Hawaiian plant studies. XIII. Isolation of a canthinone from a member of the family Amaranthaceae

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Hawaiian soils from volcanic ash

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Hawkweed control with turf herbicides

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Hay and silage from long-term grassland and their use as fodder

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Hay as feed for livestock. 1

Philipsen, P.J.J., 1965:
Hay as roughage. 3

Philipsen, P.J.J., 1965:
Hay as roughage. 4

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Hay for dairy cows-time of cutting and feeding value

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Hay from cereals under Mediterranean conditions

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Hay or silage on the dairy farm?

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Hay production and nutrient uptake at high altitudes in Colorado with different grasses in conjunction with alsike clover and nitrogen fertilizer

Grable, A.R.; Willhite, F.M.; Mccuistion, W.L., 1965:
Hay production and nutrient uptake at high altitudes in Colorado with different grasses in conjunction with alsike clover or nitrogen fertilizer

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Hay silage-a new method of ensiling lucerne and natural pasture grasses

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Hay ventilation with heated or unheated air ?

Boonman, D.C.M., 1965:
Hay: loose or baled?

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Haylage and hay meal for sheep

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Haylage and its use in animal feeding

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Haylage as the only roughage for calves from 3 to 6 months old

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Haylage for young cattle

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Haylage in metal chambers

Keyes, E.A., 1967:
Haylage versus baled hay

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Haymaking from Fahl berseem

Dernedde, W.; Wilmschen, R., 1969:
Haymaking losses through raining on crimped herbage

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Hays of the Leon mountains. 3. Influence of time of cutting on yield of the pastures and nutritive value of the hays

Kavai, A.; Kobulej, T.; Varga, I., 1969:
Hazai eloallitasu meniklofolan kipro-balasa natal fasciolak ellen

Black, W.A.; Girdwood, R.W., 1969:
Hazards from raw fish

Garrod, L.P., 1964:
Hazards of antibiotics in milk and other food products

Latham, M.C., 1964:
Hazards Of Groundnuts

Sheffield, F.M.L.; Jones, T., 1965:
Hazards of international exchange of forest trees and products

Berenberg, W.; Mandell, F.; Fellers, F.X., 1969:
Hazards of skimmed milk, unboiled and boiled

Howe, I.R.; Lloyd, M.K., 1967:
Hazards to 131-I estimation in thimerosal preserved milk

Loosmore, R.M., 1969:
Hazards to health

Bailey, S.; Bunyan, P.J.; Jennings, D.M.; Taylor, A., 1970:
Hazards to wildlife from the use of DDT in orchards

Bialobrzeska, M., 1970:
Hazel (Corylus avellana L.)

Pavlenko, F.A., 1965:
Hazel breeding

Costan, G., 1970:
Hazel cultivation in Italy

Zioni, E., 1964:
Hazel growing in the Riviera di Levante

Zioni, E., 1964:
Hazel nut growing on the eastern Italian Riviera

D.Rosa, M., 1967:
Hazel nut varieties and the requirements of the confectionery industry

Forte, A., 1966:
Hazel nuts tomorrow

Howard, B.H., 1966:
Hazel propagation by hardwood cuttings

Fontanazza, G.; Salleo, S., 1968:
Hazel propagation. Experiments on continuous layering

Knudsen, E.E.; Abrahams, J., 1968:
Hb values in blood donors

Moller, I.A., 1967:
Hb values of rural schoolchildren

Radojcic-Cosic, M., 1969:
Hb values, weight and height of pupils at an urban and a rural elementary school in the area covered by the schoolchildrens' dispensary of the Remetinec national health centre, Zagreb

Glancey, B.M., 1965:
Hcmpa as a chemosterilant for the yellow-fever mosquito Aedes aegypti (L.) (Diptera: Culicidae)

Zimmon, D.S.; Hadgraft, J.W., 1964:
Hcpatolienography in the rat using tetraiodo-phenolphthalein

Liu, L.C.; Cibes-Viabe, H.R.; Gonzalez-Ibanez, J., 1970:
He persistence of atrazine, ametryne, prometryne and diuron in soils under greenhouse condition

Winick, M.; Rosso, P., 1969:
Head circumference and cellular growth of the brain in normal and marasmic children

Bansal, I.J., 1969:
Head dimensions of Punjabi boys and girls aged 6-15 years

Beddows, A.R., 1968:
Head emergence in forage grasses in relation to February-May temperatures and the predicting of early or late springs

Benoit, F., 1972:
Head lettuce under plastic

Gugenhan, E.; Deiser, E., 1968:
Head lettuce varieties for forcing

Jalayer, T., 1967:
Head louse infestation in villages of Shiraz, Iran

Gray, E.; Lacefield, G.D.; Lowe, J.A., 1971:
Head mold on grain Sorghum

Burns, R.E., 1970 :
Head size of sunflower as an indicator of plot yields

Banyer, R.J., 1970:
Head smuts of Wheat and Barley

Makiya, K., 1969:
Head width of mosquito larvae for instar determination

Keller, W.J.; Jr.; Kleyn, D.H., 1972:
Head-space gas chromatography for objectively determining intensity of haylage flavour in raw milk

Sansavini, S., 1966:
Heading back branches in relation to fruiting in the pear variety Doyenne du Comice

Sakamoto, S., 1971:
Heading of japonica rice varieties in Ceylon

Hougen, F.W.; Quilliam, M.A.; Curran, W.A., 1971:
Headspace vapors from cereal grains

Fried, B.; Penner, L.R., 1964:
Healing Of Wounds Following Partial Or Complete Amputation Of Body Parts In A Trematode, Philophthalmus Hegeneri

Neely, D., 1970:
Healing of wounds on trees

Celoti, C.; Garagnani, F., 1968:
Healing processes in pear and apple fruits damaged by harvesting operations

Anonymous, 1971:
Health Laws and regulations-Malta

Anon., 1967:
Health Service for Animals in Drenthe Province. 21st and 22nd annual reports, 1966/7 and 1967/8

Daerr, H.-C.; Grunert, E., 1970:
Health and fertility in German Black Pied cattle after twin pregnancy

Maksimova, M.V., 1971:
Health and illness in boys of young and middle school age of different heights

Suharev, A.G.; Maslova, N.P.; Kazacuk, V.N., 1965:
Health and physical development of children of school age in Norilsk

Hardy, E.P.; Jr.; Rivera, J., 1968:
Health and safety laboratory. Fallout program. Quarterly summary report. (December 1, 1967 through March 1, 1968)

Anonymous, 1968:
Health and social activi-tes under the auspices of agricultural insurance (France)

Parry, W.H., 1970:
Health and welfare of immigrants

Ellenbogen, B.L.; Lowe, G.D., 1968:
Health care styles in rural and urban areas

Johnson, G.Z., 1964:
Health conditions in rural and urban areas of developing countries

Mello Amaral, Regina, E.D.Cintra, A.F., 1968:
Health conditions of Rice seeds in Sao Paulo State

Arhammar, G.; Tjernström, K.; Esrek, E., 1971:
Health control of young male immigrants in Stockholm

Anonymous, 1968:
Health evaluation of food fats Report of the meeting of the Swiss Society for Nutrition Research, Bern, June 1968

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Health foods: the phenomena of the 70's

Fish, N.A., 1968:
Health hazards associated with production and preparation of foods

Lacey, J., 1969:
Health hazards from mouldy fodder

Anon., 1969:
Health hazards in agriculture. Proceedings of the 23rd Conference of the British Occupational Hygiene Society held at the University of Cambridge, 17th and 18th September 1968

Brunner, 1967:
Health hazards in woodworking enterprises

Baldacci, E., 1971:
Health improvement of Grapevine in relation to virus diseases

Grainger, J., 1964:
Health in the greenhouse

Planck, U.; Fischer, G., 1969:
Health insurance for persons employed in the agricultural sector (W. Germany)

J.D.Tempe., 1964:
Health investigation of seeds for sowing. (De Zaadcontrole in 1963/1964. Overzicht van de werkzaamheden van bet Rijksproefstation voor Zaadcontrole te Wageningen over het verslagjaar 1 juni 1963 t.m. 31 mei 1964.)

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Australia

Anonymous, 1971:
Health laws and regulations-Belgium

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Canada

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Chile

Anonymous, 1968:
Health laws and regulations-Denmark

Anonymous, 1971:
Health laws and regulations-Denmark

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-France

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Hong Kong

Anonymous, 1971:
Health laws and regulations-India

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Luxembourg

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Norway

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Rhodesia

Anonymous, 1968:
Health laws and regulations-South Africa

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Spain

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Switzerland

Anonymous, 1970:
Health laws and regulations-Tanzania

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Thailand

Anonymous, 1968:
Health laws and regulations-United Kingdom

Anonymous, 1969:
Health laws and regulations-Yugoslavia

Brunswick, A.F., 1969:
Health needs of adolescents: how the adolescent sees them

Krzymuski, J.; Modrzejewska, I., 1968:
Health of Potato in Olsztyn Province

Hansen, K.M., 1964:
Health of hocks in the sons of an A.I. bull. Arthritis serosa tarsi in cattle

Witt, M., 1968:
Health of milch cows is unaffected by heavy N-fertilizing

Geldenhuys, J.J.; Groenewald, J.H.; Van Zyl, J.J.; Brede, H.D.; Weber, H.W.; Stephan, S.A.; Zuurmond, T., 1971:
Health problems encountered at the University of Stellenbosch primate colony

Anonymous, 1968:
Health problems in pre-school children. Eighth International Congresses on Tropical Medicine and Malaria, Teheran, Iran, September 1968

Kadaner, I.D., 1965:
Health Problems Of Mongolia

Gounelle, D.P.ntanel, H.; Astier-Dumas, M.; Gulat-Marnay, C.; Jacquet, J.; Huynh Cong Hau Boutibonnes, P.; Custot, F.; Mezonnet, R., 1971:
Health problems posed by carrots, in particular in the diet of the infant (methaemoglobin-aemia, insecticide residues)

Wodarz, S., 1970:
Health protection for power-saw operators in the forest

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