Identification of two strains of Tobacco (Tomato) mosaic virus in U.A.R. Transmission of Tomato (Tobacco) mosaic virus. Effect of Tobacco mosaic virus on growth, chemical constituents and yield of Tomato plants

Mazyad, H.M.; Stino, K.R.; Radwan, A.A.; Nour-Eldin, F.

Agric. Res. Rev., Cairo 47(5): 55-65; 66-77; 78-90


Accession: 014512388

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The strs. isolated, P5 and SI, had a thermal inactivation point of 92-93 degrees C for 10 min; the dilution end point was 1: 106; infectivity was retained for >8 months at room temp. The host range was recorded. b. The isolates could be transmitted by sap inoculation and through infested soil. Infection from soil occurred through the crown of plants injured during transplanting. The virus disappeared from the soil 15-45 days after removal of plant debris.