Improvement of fine-wooled/coarse-wooled crossbred sheep to obtain semifine-wooled sheep of meat-wool-milk type

Agijan, E.T.; Grigorjan, S.B.; Arakeljan, G.B.

Dostizheniya i sovremennye problemy ovtsevodstva. (Mater. nauch. konf.), Stavropol': VNIIOK, 105-109


Accession: 014514954

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In the Armenian Republic, the sheep population in 1967 was approx. 2.3 million, i.e. 160/100 ha agricultural land or 280-300/100 ha summer pastures. Mutton equalled approx. 40% of total meat consumption, production of wool was 4100 tons and milk yield nearly 15, 000 tons. 90% of sheep were fine-wooled/coarse-wooled crossbreds, and 10% Bal-bases.