Section 15
Chapter 14,522

Influence of dietary cholesterol on the fatty acid composition in cholesterol esters

Majima, Y.; Nakamura, F.; Nagao, S.; Hata, K.; Kudo, E.

J. Jap. Soc. Food Nutrition. 20: 492-494


Accession: 014521661

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Male albino rats weighing 200 g were divided into 5 groups, given a fat-free basal diet with cholesterol linoleate, cholesterol oleate, cholesterol stearate, cholesterol palmitate and cholesterol in 2 % concentration, respectively, for 3 weeks. Fatty acids in cholesterol esters in serum and liver were studied. In the cholesterol esters in serum, fatty acids from the esters ingested increased. The corresponding increase in the liver was trivial.

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