Section 15
Chapter 14,523

Influence of level of initial air inclusion at ensiling on quality of silage. 9. Relationship of the effect of evacuation or air invasion after ensiling

Takahashi. M

Journal of Japanese Society of Grassland Science 17(3): 197-204


ISSN/ISBN: 0447-5933
Accession: 014522770

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6 samples of high-moisture (3 with high and 3 with low contents of water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC)) and 3 samples of wilted Italian ryegrass herbage were chopped and ensiled in laboratory silos (2-1 capacity) at 3 levels of initial air inclusion adjusted by consolidation of the ensiled material to give 300, 450 or 600 kg/m3. Some silos were evacuated and re-sealed, while the remainder were allowed to remain unsealed for 3 days. All silos were kept at 25 degrees G for 3 weeks.