Section 15
Chapter 14,530

Instrumental milk fat determination. I. Effects of potassium dichromate concentration and sample storage time on Milko-Tester results

Kroger, M.

J. Dairy Sci 54(5): 735-737


DOI: 10.3168/jds.s0022-0302(71)85916-7
Accession: 014529248

At 0.08 to 0.80% levels of K2Cr2O7 the milk fat content determined with a Milko-Tester Automatic was not measurably affected by up to 3 days storage at 21-27 degrees C. Official methods recommend 0.21%. A depression of <0.05% in the fat % is detectable by the Milko-Tester Automatic after 3 days of sample storage. Deviations of >0.05% between duplicates, and fat % depressions of >0.1% occurred on and after the 5th day. Storage results on days 7 and 12 were still more unsatisfactory.

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