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Integrated control of the mealy plum aphid Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffr.) in Czechoslovakia (Hom. Aphididae)

Stary, P.

Annales de la Societe Entomologique de France 1(1): 177-180


ISSN/ISBN: 0037-9271
Accession: 014529438

Hyalopterus pruni (Geoffr.) is a serious pest of plum in Czechoslovakia, attacking the branches and young fruits as well as the leaves when infestation is heavy. The author considers that this aphid also infests peach . Two indigenous parasites, Ephedrus plagiator (Nees) and Praon volucre (Hal.), commonly attack H. pruni, but are not very effective. Aphidius transcaspicus Telenga, which is known as an efficient parasite of the aphid in southern Europe, Asia Minor and central Asia, was therefore introduced into Czechoslovakia from Israel and Italy and was successfully established on primary and secondary food-plants, with a view to control on Prunus in small private orchards and on Phragmites in ponds and marshes where chemical treatment is impracticable. This might eventually lead to integrated control in commercial orchards.

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