Intensive beef production from sorghum grain and sorghum stubble. Effects of methods of processing the grain and the stubble, vitamins A, E and K and selenium supplementation and anthelmintic treatment on rate and efficiency of body weight gain and carcass composition

Morris, J.G.; Pepper, P.M.

J. Agric. Sci 73: 41-48


DOI: 10.1017/s0021859600024114
Accession: 014529679

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In a factorial trial Hereford bullocks 18 months old in 18 groups of 4 were given finely milled or rolled sorghum grain; chaffed or milled sorghum stubble; daily supplements of 1 mg Se; 200 mg vitamin E alone or with 100 mg vitamin K; 3 million IU vitamin A by muscle and drenching with thiabendazole. None of the groups differed significantly in rate of gain or total gain of bodyweight or carcass weight. Bullocks given vitamin A had lower dressing percentage than others.