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Investigations on the availability of phosphorus in soil enriched through long-term phosphate fertilizing. 1. Availability of transformation products in acid soil

Werner, W.

Z. PflErnahr. Bodenk 126: 135-150


Accession: 014535867

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Lolium perenne was used in pot experiments for assessing the availability of P that had accumulated in various acid soils on long-term (9-53 years) fertilizing with superphosphate, Rhenania phosphate or basic slag. From 26 to 59% of the accumulated P was plant-available; best indicated by the Egner-Riehm method. Assessment of the utilization of soluble P by the (I) Bray and (II) Olsen methods depended on soil type: according to (I), 54 and 122% of the soluble P were utilized by plants in humose sands and loams, respectively; utilization in the same soils was 179 and 281% according to (II).

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