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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14548

Chapter 14548 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Boulter, M.C., 1970:
Lignified guard cell thickenings in the leaves of some modern and fossil species of Taxodiaceae (Gymnospermae)

Kormscikov, P.A., 1967:
Lignin and its role in digestion of plant fodders

Anonymous, 1964:
Lignin and lignification: the distribution and nature of the lignin in bent seedlings of hardwoods

Pepper, J.M.; Lee, Y.W., 1969:
Lignin and related compounds. I. A comparative study of catalysts for lignin hydrogenolysis

Barsul, C.S., 1972:
Lignin as an indicator in animal nutrition

Ranhotra, G.S.; Sahai, K.; Kumar, I., 1965:
Lignin as an indicator in digestibility determinations

Plut, D.L.; Melotti, L., 1965:
Lignin content and other chemical components of jaragua and molasses grass

Kausch, W.; Haas, W., 1966:
Lignin content of the cell walls of sun and shade leaves of copper beech

Manskaja, S.M.; Generalova, V.N., 1968:
Lignin formation in differentiation plant tissues

Whitmore, F.W., 1971:
Lignin formation in wheat coleoptile cell walls: a possible limitation of cell growth

Farmer, V.C.; Morrison, R.I., 1964:
Lignin in spbagnum and phragmites and in peats derived from these plants

Gardner, J.A.F.; Maclean, H., 1965:
Lignin model compounds. III. Detection of 1-hydroxy-1-(4-hydroxy-3-methoxyphenyl)-2 propanone in the acidolysis products of lignin

Kleinert, T.N., 1970:
Lignin radicals as initiators in dehydrogenation reactions

Wick, H.L., 1970:
Lignin staining, a limited success in identifying Koa growth rings

Anonymous, 1966:
Lignin structure reactions. A symposium sponsored by the Division of Cellulose, Wood, and Fiber Chemistry at the 150th meeting of the American Chemical Society, Atlantic City, N.J., Sept. 13-14, 1965. (Advances in Chemistry Series, Washington No. 59)

Freudenberg, K., 1965:
Lignin: its constitution and formation from p-hydroxycinnamyl alcohols

Yaku, F.; Koshijima, T., 1971:
Ligninacetyl glucomannan interaction in Bjorkman LCC

Sopko, R., 1967:
Ligninolytic activity of the white-rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus. I. The influence of some nutrient solutions on the decomposition of lignin

Sopko, R., 1967:
Ligninolytic activity of the white-rot fungus Pleurotus ostreatus. II. The effect of temperature on the decomposition of lignin

Mangenot, F.; Kifflr, E., 1972:
Ligninolytic power of soils of the R.C.P. 40

Levitin, N., 1970:
Lignins of sapwood and mineral-stained Maple

Kandasamy, R.; Prasad, N.N., 1971:
Lignite as a carrier of Rhizobia

Rülcker, C., 1965:
Lignocaine hydrochloride with and without adrenaline for epidural analgesia in cattle

Mel'nikova, M.E.; Petri, V.N., 1967:
Lignocarbohydrate hot-pressed sheets made of Larch chips without the addition of binder

Rezcov, R.I.; Petri, V.N., 1968:
Lignocarbohydrate hot-pressed sheets made of Pine logging slash

Dominguez, X.A.; Carmona, J.; Venegas, R.D., 1971:
Lignoceric acid and other compounds in

Felicescu, A., 1969:
Lignofol, a material with antifrictional properties for the construction of sliding bearings

Sopko, Roman, 1966:
Lignolytic activity of white-rot fungi

Karschon, R., 1971:
Lignotuber occurrence in Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehn. and its phylogenetic significance

Dykman, R.A.; Murphree, O.D.; Peters, J.E., 1969:
Like begets like: behavioral tests, classical autonomic and motor conditioning, and operant conditioning in two strains of pointer dogs

Kojima, Ken Ichi, 1967:
Likelihood of establishing newly induced inversion chromosomes in small populations

Padmavathi, P., 1967:
Likely paratenic avian hosts for the thorny-headed worm; Onnicola in and around Madras

Trotter, R.R., 1971:
Likely trends in the beef cattle industry

Matsumoto, T.; Su, H.J., 1966:
Likubin or Huanglungpin, Citrus virus disease closely related to tristeza (I)

Murdoch, R., 1965:
Lilac leaf miner

Hunt, P.B., 1971:
Lilac propagation-the compatibility response of lilac hybrids on rootstocks of other members of Oleaceae

Cumming, W.A., 1967:
Lilacs for prairie Canada

Sytsema, W., 1968:
Lilies as pot plants

D.Graaff, J., 1967:
Lilies for the greenhouse

Wyman, Donald, 1964:
Lilies in their order of bloom

Palmer, E.F.; Forster, R.R., 1968:
Lilium introductions Cayuga and Oneida

Blinkhorn, T.A., 1971:
Lilongwe: a quiet revolution

Alippi, H.E., 1969:
Lily blight caused by B. elliptica in Argentina

Langhans, R.W.; Smith, D.R., 1966:
Lily bulb size

Kiplinger, D.C.; Miller, R.O.; Tayama, H.K., 1965:
Lily culture for Easter. 1966

Dottling, F., 1968:
Lily culture is spreading

Miller, R.O.; Kiplinger, D.C.; Snow, R., 1964:
Lily experiments, 1962-1963

Budano Va, V.I., 1971:
Lima bean in Krasnodar province

Tereshkovich, G., 1965:
Lima bean performance trials in the Georgia Piedmont, 1958-60 and 1964

Budanova, V.I., 1971:
Lima bean under the conditions of the Krasnodar area

Bernardi, J.B., 1966:
Lima beans

Bradley, G.A.; Vose, H.H.; Mcdonugh, M.A., 1970:
Lima beans for Arkansas

Webster, R.E.; Fisher, V.J.; Blount, V.L., 1971:
Lima beans resistant to Phytophthora phaseoli, strain C

Wester, R.E., 1968:
Lima beans resistant to downy mildew (Phytophthora phaseoli)

Guerout, R.; Vilardebo, A., 1964:
Limacodidae parasitic on bananas, with special reference to Teinorhyncha umbra in the Ivory Coast

Pinar, M.; E.A., 1965:
Limatine from

Soboleva, T.N., 1971:
Limax turkestanus, intermediate host of Brachylaemus spinulosus (Hoffman, 1899)

Hinchcliffe, J.R.; Ede, D.A., 1967:
Limb development in the polydactylous talpid-3 mutant of the fowl

Peterson, R.S., 1966:
Limb rust damage to Pine

Peterson, R.S., 1968:
Limb rusts of Pine: the causal fungi

Hensel, J.S., 1967:
Limbing devices

Myhrman, D., 1970:
Limbing devices: technical data

Caplan, B., 1968:
Limbs, bark, removed in single operation

Staszkiewicz, J., 1970:
Lime (Tilia cordata Mill.)

Lee, J.; Ryan, M., 1969:
Lime and Nutrient Status of Soils

Long, O.H.; Overton, J.R.; Counce, E.W.; E.A., 1965:
Lime and fertilizer experiments on soybeans

Reith, J.W.S.; Robertson, R.A., 1971:
Lime and fertilizer requirements for the establishment and growth of grass on deep peat

Leenheer, L.De., 1969:
Lime and humus status, soil structure, and productivity in mechanized farming

Fiskell, J.G.A.; Lundy, H.W., 1966:
Lime and micronutrient studies with Hardee soybeans

Bashinskaya, L.V., 1966:
Lime and molybdenum for horse beans

Bennett, R.J.; Russell, R.D.; Watkin, J.E., 1968:
Lime and phosphate treatments for reclamation of heather moorland

Koutepas, N.; Boodley, J.W., 1966:
Lime and phosphorus fertilization on tulips

Grant, P.M., 1971:
Lime as a factor in maize production. 2. The effect of lime on yields and mineral composition of maize plants

Grant, P.M., 1970:
Lime as a factor in maize production. Part 1. The efficiency of liming

Parsons, R.F.; Speckt, R.L., 1967:
Lime chlorosis and other factors affecting the distri-bintioa of Eucalyptus on coastal sands in southern Australia

Parsons, R.F.; Specht, R.L., 1967:
Lime chlorosis and other factors affecting the distribution of Eucalyptus on coastal sands in southern Australia

Hutchinson, T.C., 1969:
Lime chlorosis as a factor in seedling establishment of calcareous soils II. The development of leaf water deficits in 402 plants showing lime chlorosis

Hutchinson, T.C., 1967:
Lime chlorosis as a factor in seedling establishment on calcareous soils. 1. A comparative study of species from acidic and calcareous soils in their susceptibility to lime chlorosis

Hutchinson, T.C., 1970:
Lime chlorosis as a factor in seedling establishment on calcareous soils. 2. The development of leaf water deficits in plants showing lime chlorosis

Hutchinson, T.C., 1970:
Lime chlorosis in seedling establishment on calcareous soils. III. The ability of green and chlorotic plants fully to reverse large leaf water-deficits

Kirienkov, M.P.; Rihter, M.A., 1966:
Lime chlorosis in the Crimea

Boneva, K., 1969:
Lime chlorosis in the Damask rose (Rosa damascena, Mill.)

Boskma, K., 1964:
Lime condition and nitrogen manuring for preserving-peas on reclaimed peat soil

Brenner, Y.S.; Wagenbuur, H.T.M., 1969:
Lime farmers: a study of a cashcrop in a subsistence economy

Minnhaar, J., 1968:
Lime for azaleas

Peevy, W.J.; Newman, B.E.; Brupbacher, R.H.; Sedberry, J.E., 1969:
Lime increases soybean yields on acid soil

Turner, R.C.; Clark, J.S., 1965:
Lime potential and degree of base saturation of soils

Turner, R.C.; Clark, J.S., 1967:
Lime potential in acid clay and soil suspensions

Peech, M., 1965:
Lime requirement

Udupa, S.G.; Deshpande, P.B., 1969:
Lime requirement of Malnad soils of Dharwar and Belgaum districts

Anderson, C.A.; Calvert, D.V., 1968:
Lime requirement of soils used for citrus

Ross, G.J.; Lawton, K.; Ellis, B.G., 1964:
Lime requirement related to physical and chemical properties of nine Michigan soils

Reeve, N.G.; Sumner, M.E., 1970:
Lime requirements of Natal oxisols based on exchangeable aluminium

Bhaumik, H.D.; Asthana, R.K., 1969:
Lime requirements of the acid soils in the Damodar valley

Evans, C.E.; Kamprath, E.J., 1970:
Lime response as related to per cent Al saturation, solution Al, and organic matter content

Boskma, K., 1964:
Lime status and nitrogen fertilization for cannery peas on reclaimed peat soil

Boskma, K., 1965:
Lime status of the soil and yield of hungry gap kale

Boskma, K., 1964:
Lime status of the soil and yield of turnips

Fleischel, H., 1970:
Lime supplied by fertilizers in West Germany

Koch, B., 1968:
Lime tolerance of lupine with special respect to the production of varieties for green-manuring calcareous sandsoils in the area between the Danube and Tisza

Brown, A.L.; Hills, F.J.; Krantz, B.A., 1968:
Lime, P, K, and Mn interactions in sugar beets and sweet corn

Younge, O.R.; Plucknett, B.L., 1964:
Lime, a neglected material for high yields on Hawaiian soils

Adams, A.F.R.; Lowther, W.L., 1970:
Lime, inoculation, and seed coating in the establishment of oversown clovers

Beyers, C.P.D.L., 1969:
Lime, molybdenum and copper for dryland lucerne in the winter rainfall region

Jensen, Jens, 1964:
Lime-boron interaction

Yusim, F., 1969:
Lime-induced chlorosis, its nature and methods of controlling it. Papers presented at the symposium of 1-4. 7. 1969

Hlonov, Ju. P., 1965:
Limes (Tilia spp.) and Lime stands of W. Siberia

Upton, M., 1971:
Limes in Montserrat

Jaworski, C.A., 1966:
Limestone boosts tomato yields

Goczan, L., 1968:
Limestone-coated, erubase chernozem in the Tihany Peninsula

Bekhov, P.A., 1965:
Liming acid soils

Chernova, L.V., 1970:
Liming agricultural lands: a bibliography of literature for 1965-1969, containing 459 references in Russian and 210 references in other languages

Juste, C.; Solda, P.; Laborde, A.; E.A., 1968:
Liming and development of reclaimed acid soils in the Basses-Pyrenees. Results of a long-term experiment

Popov, V.V.; Mel'nichuk, V.P.; Popova, L.D., 1972:
Liming and digestibility of pasture grasses and legumes

Siuta, J.; Adamczyk, Z., 1965:
Liming and neutralization of the deeper horizons in acid soils

Kramer, W., 1966:
Liming and red rot in Spruce

Godoy, C.; Jr.; Godoy, O.P.; Graner, M., 1964:
Liming and the growth of coffee seedlings

Foster, H.L., 1970:
Liming continuously cultivated soils in Uganda

Parra, H.J., 1969:
Liming five crops in volcanic ash soils. Experiments in the coffee zone

Breland, H.L.; Pritchett, W.L.; Lundy, H.W., 1964:
Liming flue-cured tobacco : its effect on yield and composition

Brovkina, K.A., 1964:
Liming in the forest steppe of the Ukrainian RSR

Kulakovskaya, T.N., 1972:
Liming of acid soils in White Russia

Blazhevskii, V.K., 1969:
Liming of acid soils in the south-west of the Ukrainian wooded steppe

Krishnappa, K.T., 1964:
Liming of arecanut gardens in the Malnads

Aanonsen, A.; Olsen, K., 1967 :
Liming of azalea soil

Totev, T., 1966:
Liming of leached cinnamon forest soil with and without irrigation

Zhornitskii, A.L., 1966:
Liming of low acid soils as a measure for combating Stachybotrys atra

Lapucan, A.; Lapusan, A., 1970:
Liming of natural pasture on podzolic soil in north-west Transylvania

Anonymous, 1968:
Liming of rice soils

Wenzl, H.; Schlager, H., 1965:
Liming of soil and potato scab

Sadowski, S., 1972:
Liming of soil within crop rotation. Part I. Liming effect on yields and their structure. Part II. Effect of liming on some soil properties

Nikishkina, P.I.; Medvedeva, S.T., 1966:
Liming of soils and requirement of plants for molybdenum fertilizers

Breland, H.L.; Pritchett, W.L.; Lundy, H.W., 1965:
Liming soils for flue-cured tobacco in the Suwannee Valley area

Prudnikova, U.M.; Neupokoev, A.A., 1970:
Liming soils in the Omsk region

Boskma, K., 1964:
Liming status and nitrogen dressing for canning peas on cut-over high moor soil

Bowe, R., 1964:
Liming the peat substrate for gerbera growing

Pestalozzi, M., 1970:
Liming trials in West Norway, 1959-66

Pestalozzi, M., 1970:
Liming trials in Western Norway 1959-1966

Balla, A., 1965:
Liming trials on chernozem-brown forest soils

Ellison, B.E., 1966:
Limit theorems for random mating in infinite populations

Munk, H., 1969:
Limit values for phosphorus, applicable to investigations on grassland soils

Peyer, K.; Frei, E., 1971:
Limit values of the phosphorus requirements of different soils, determined according to the Swiss CO2 method

Lang, A.R.G.; Gardner, W.R., 1970:
Limita-tion to water flux from soils to plants

Dobson, A.; Sellers, A.F.; Thorlacius, S.O., 1971:
Limitation of diffusion by blood flow through bovine ruminal epithelium

Mckeen, W.E.; Bhattacharya, P.K., 1970:
Limitation of infection by Erysiphe graminis f jsp. hordei culture CR 3 by the Algerian gene Mia in Barley

Guzewska, I.; Ostrowski, W.; Machnik, J., 1968:
Limitation of superficial Apple scald by using diphenylamine

Sandner, H.; Stanuszek, S., 1967:
Limitation of the Colorado beetle by nematodes and prospects for their practical utilization

Bol, M., 1965:
Limitation of types of wood assortments

Legner, E.F.; Oatman, E.R., 1965:
Limitation on the pupal development of the eye-spotted bud moth in northeastern Wisconsin

Duffield, J.W., 1972:
Limitations and advantages of conifers, vs. agronomic crops, as resistance breeding materials

Sestak, Zdenek, 1966:
Limitations for finding a linear relationship between chlorophyll content and photosynthetic activity

Amer, F.; Mahdi, S.; Alradi, A., 1969:
Limitations in Isotopic measurements of labile phosphate in soils

Twomey, A., 1966:
Limitations in the use of Q.A.C. detergent-sanitisers

Al-Sayed, F., 1970:
Limitations of agricultural development in developing countries

Mcdivitt, M.E.; Jerome, N.W., 1965:
Limitations Of Fibrinogen-Polymyxin Medium In Detecting Coagulase-Positive Staphylococci In Raw Milk

James, E., 1968:
Limitations of glutamic acid decarboxylase activity for estimating viability in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Bartels, H.A.; Blechman, H., 1964:
Limitations of mold establishment in the oral cavity

Serrano, M.; Morales, C.; Radua, P., 1967:
Limitations of the TTC method in testing the viability of seeds with high carbohydrate content

Gibbons, F.R., 1968:
Limitations of the usefulness of soil classification

Bedford, J.M., 1969:
Limitations of the uterus in the development of the fertilizing ability (capacitation) of spermatozoa

Ullrey, D.E.; Youatt, W.G.; Johnson, H.E.; Fay, L.D.; Purser, D.B.; Schoepke, B.L.; Magee, W.T., 1971:
Limitations of winter aspen browse for the white-tailed deer

Philip, J.R., 1971:
Limitations on scaling by contact angle

Schmitt, Guenther., 1964:
Limitations to agricultural production

Anonymous, 1971:
Limitations to dairy production in the tropics. Conference held at Wollongbar, NSW, May 10-14, 1971

Anonymous, 1971:
Limitations to dairy production in the tropics. Tropical Grassland Society of Australia Conference held at Wollongbar, NSW, May 10-14, 1971

Mcarthur, E.J., 1966:
Limitations to debt servicing in rural industry

Falk, J.L., 1965:
Limitations to the specificity of NaCl appetite in sodium-depleted rats

Scott, R.S., 1964:
Limited advantages from drainage of foothill country

Kong, K.T.; Dommergues, Y., 1970:
Limited cellulolysis in organic soils. I. Respiro-metric study

Tribble, L.F.; Mcfate, K.L., 1965:
Limited feeding of finishing swine. (Univ. Missouri Agric. Exp. Stat. Res. Bull. No. 882)

Hagmann, L.E., 1966:
Limited field tests on the use of Abate for the control of Culex pipiens L

Gottlieb, D., 1971:
Limited growth in fungi

Chidlow, J.; Tremaine, J.H., 1971:
Limited hydrolysis of cowpea chlorotic mottle virus by trypsin and chymotrypsin

Winter, E.J., 1971:
Limited irrigation for vegetable production

Boling, J.A.; Bradley, N.W.; Lovell, D.R., 1971:
Limited protein and energy for wintering yearling steers on standing Kentucky bluegrass

Fosburg, R.G.; Baisch, B.F.; Trummer, M.J., 1969:
Limited pulmonary resection for coccidioidomycosis

Tso, T.C., 1970 :
Limited removal of Po210and Pb210 from soil and fertilizer by leaching

Pecar, S., 1968:
Limited replacement of protein by urea in the feeding of dairy cows

Forney, M.M.; Williams, D.J.; Papp, E.M.; Tyler, D.E., 1969:
Limited survey of Georgin cattle for fat necrosis

Baird, D.M.; McCampbell, H.C.; Allison, J.R., 1971:
Limited-fed diets equal in total protein and energy to full-fed diets for pigs in drylot and pasture

Pond, W.G.; Maner, J.H.; Linares, F.A., 1971:
Limiting amino acids in Colombian floury-2 corn for growth of young rats

Warnick, R.E.; Anderson, J.O., 1968:
Limiting essential amino acids in soybean meal for growing chickens and the effects of heat upon availability of the essential amino acids

Goor, C.P Van, 1967:
Limiting factors in the choice of species

Keane, M.G.; Crowley, J.P., 1968:
Limiting factors in the induction of early breeding in sheep

Allee, G.L.; Baker, D.H., 1970:
Limiting nitrogenous factors in corn protein for adult female swine

Yankulov, I.K., 1967:
Limiting requirements of water for germinating seeds of Datura spp

Spoelstra, P., 1966:
Limiting soot deposits and pollution on glass when burning heavy oil

Anonymous, 1966:
Limiting steps In ion uptake by plants from soil

Diener, U.L.; Davis, N.D., 1970:
Limiting temperature and relative humidity for aflatoxin production by Aspergillus flavus in stored peanuts

Piotrowski, J., 1971:
Limiting the effects of changes in rumen fluid in the estimation of the digestibility of feeds in vitro. 1. Use of preliminary substrates

Sid'ko, A.A., 1970:
Limiting toxicity off salts and effective depth of desalinization of soil during fundamental washing

Finck, A., 1968:
Limiting values of mineral contents in Plants and their use for estimation of fertilizer requirements

Jannaccone, A., 1968:
Limits and tasks of agronomy

Ferreira Pinto, G.; Araujo Neto, J.S., 1972:
Limits for single cell protein utilization in human feeding

O'regan, William, G., 1964:
Limits for the sum of predictions in regression analysis

Martinstetter, H., 1966:
Limits of agricultural policy

Angulo, M.D.; Figueras, C., 1969:
Limits of cytological action of PCMB

Herbert, H.J., 1970:
Limits of each stage in populations of the European red mite, Panonychus ulmi

Kamm, L., 1968:
Limits of fertilization in hop growing

Ellison, B.E., 1965:
Limits Of Infinite Populations Under Random Mating

Koroikin, V., 1969:
Limits of necessary product on collective farms

Atanasiu, P.; Gamet, A.; Guillen, J.C., 1968:
Limits of rabies diagnosis in the laboratory

Stadie, W., 1966:
Limits of rationalization in cheesemaking

Fleming, J.; Jr.; Jeffrey, A.D., 1964:
Limits of the choice process

Stahlin, A., 1969:
Limits of the intensive fertilizing of grassland, especially with nitrogen

Yana, A., 1966:
Limits of use of lindane and malathion for controlling grain insects in Tunisia

Lafenetre, H.; Carrere, L.; Cortez, A.; Vollhardt, Y.; Quatrefages, H., 1964:
Limits of vaccinal protection against brucella in sheep

Merrell, D.J., 1969:
Limits on heterozygous advantage as an explanation of polymorphism

Keller, W., 1971:
Limits on western range forage production-water or man

Troje, H., 1971:
Limits to measures to encourage investment

Hill, W.G., 1968:
Limits to selection for line-cross performance

Salerno, A.; Malossini, F.; Pilla, A.M., 1967:
Limits to the use of concentrates in diets for dairy cows

Vetter, A.; Klasink, K.Z., 1972:
Limits to the use of pig and poultry slurries

Popov, V.V.; Mel'nichuk, V.P.; Popova, L.D., 1972:
Limlag and digestibility of grasses and legiaminous plants ia pastures

Lame, D.; Levy, E.C.; Jain, M.K., 1971:
Limo-noids of biogenetic interest from Melia azadirachta L

Scott, W.C., 1970:
Limonin in Florida citrus fruits

Maier, V.P.; Beverly, G.D., 1968:
Limonin monolactone, the non-bitter precursor responsible for delayed bitterness in certain citrus juices

Adesogan, E.K.; Taylor, D. H., 1970:
Limonoid extractives from Khaya ivorensis

Adesogan, E.K.; Okorie, D.; Taylor, D. H., 1970 :
Limonoids from Khaya anthotheca (Welw.) C.DC

Taylor, D.A.H., 1970:
Limonoids from Khaya madagascariensis Jumelle et Perrier

Taylor, D.A.H., 1969:
Limonoids from Khaya nyasica Stapf. ex Bak

Killinger, G.B., 1971:
Limpograss (Hemarthria altissima (Poir) Stapf et. C. E. Hubb

Khan, K.F.; Kuppuswamy, B.S.; Arumugam, R., 1966:
Linaloe industry in India

Flanzy, M.M., 1971:
Linalol, an important but non specific constituent of muscat grape aroma

Thompson, A.E., 1964:
Lincoln Bell, a new Illinois variety of sweet pepper

Mcarthur, A.T.G., 1969:
Lincoln College annual review, 1968

Anonymous, 1968:
Lincoln Red Cattle Weight Recording Scheme, 1961 to 1967

Sokolov, N.K., 1965:
Lincolns have the greatest prospect of producing crossbred wool

Arakawa, A.; Kohls, R.E.; Todd, A.C., 1968:
Lincomycin therapy for experimental coccidiosis in calves, with special reference to macroscopic and microscopic observation

Olsson, G.; Wiklund, K., 1967:
Linda and Sorbo two new oat varieties

Swain, K.M.; Wickman, B.E., 1967:
Lindane can help control California flatheaded borer in Jeffrey Pine

Giles, P.H., 1964:
Lindane contamination in stored sorghum and millet in Northern Nigeria

Smith, Virgil, K., 1968:
Lindane controls Lyctus powder-post beetles during air-drying of rough ash lumber

Ehlers, W.; Letey, J.; Spencer, W.F.; E.A., 1969:
Lindane diffusion in soils I. Theoretical considerations and mechanism of movement

Ehlers, W.; Farmer, W.J.; Spencer, W.F.; E.A., 1969:
Lindane diffusion in soils. II. Water content, bulk density, and temperature effects

Smith, R.H., 1967:
Lindane in diesel oil prevents western Pine beetle attacks for at least one year

Somme, L.; Taksdal, G.; Sakshaug, J., 1965:
Lindane residues in carrots

Davey, R.J.; Gerrits, R.J., 1970:
Lindane residues in tissues and excreta of swine

Treece, R.E.; Ware, G.W., 1965:
Lindane Residues On Alfalfa And In Milk

Tomov, A.; Topalova, E., 1969 :
Lindane residues on lucerne and in milk

Collett, J.N.; Harrison, D.L., 1968:
Lindane residues on pasture and in the fat of sheep gracing pasture treated with lindane prills

Collett, J.N.; Harrison, D.L., 1968:
Lindane residues on pasture and in the fat of sheep grazing pasture treated with lindane prills

Champ, B.R.; Cribb, J.N., 1965:
Lindane resistance in Sitophilus oryzae (L.) and Sitophilus zeamais Motsch. (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) in Queensland

Stevens, R.E.; Mitchell, J.C., 1970:
Lindane spray effective against mountain Pine beetle in the Rocky Mountains

Boyd, E.M.; Chen, C.P., 1968:
Lindane toxicity and protein-deficient diet

Hamilton, R.A.; Izuno, T., 1965:
Line 10--a new strain of export papaya

Hodzimuradova, P.H.; Pathullaev, S., 1968:
Line 2284 as restorer of fertility in plants

Vsyakikh, A.S., 1969:
Line breeding of Ala-Tau cattle and progeny testing of bulls

Kliment, J., 1968:
Line breeding of Slova-kian Red Pied cattle

Yatsenko, A.E., 1966:
Line breeding with Lebedin bulls

Volchkov, I.I.; Nemlikher, Y. S., 1970:
Line for granular quarg manufacture

Shershneva, V.; Belyaev, A.; Pekhota, I.; Balashova, L.; Zuikova, I.; Cherkasova, N., 1964:
Line for the production of lactic beverages with cooling in continuous flow

Lindemann, E., 1968:
Line membership, conditions of inbreeding and relationship of German Black Pied cattle in Rostock county-a contribution to linebreeding

Basak, W., 1968:
Line pattern disease of raspberry

Singh, B.B.; Murty, B.R.; Butany, W.T., 1971:
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Line-crossing to increase the productivity of hens

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Linear combination of several measurements for maximizing genetical variability

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Linear equations for the simultaneous flow of matter and energy in a continuous soil system

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Linear expansion of veneered furniture panels

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Linear growth of A. fumigatus and A. flavus isolated in their parasitic and non-parasitic states

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Linear growth of the skeleton in purebred and crossbred pigs

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Linear growth of the skeleton of Romanov sheep during intra-uterine development

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Linear mathematical models in economics

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Linear optimization distribution method as an aid to decision-making in determining transport expenditure and location

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Linear programming and farm management advice

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Linear programming and farm planning

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Linear programming and farm rationalization

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Linear programming and practicable farm plans - A case study in the Goondiwindi District, Queensland

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Linear programming as a planning tool

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Linear programming as a tool in choosing farm investments

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Linear programming as an aid for pulp wood procurement and scheduling

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Linear programming as an aid to farm planning

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Linear programming as an instrument in farm planning

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Linear programming as research method in agriculture

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Linear programming for individual farms: a contribution toward a commercially applicable system

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Linear programming in a small forest products firm

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Linear programming in forestry

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Linear programming in horticulture

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Linear programming in mechanized farm budgeting

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Linear programming in planning the development of animal breeding

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Linear programming in the GLC parks

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Linear programming method and the diminishing of risk connected with yields fluctuations

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Linear programming methods applied to calculate an optimum regional distribution of agricultural production

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Linear programming models applied to inter-regional competition and policy choices for U.S. agriculture

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Linear programming models for determining irrigation demand for water

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Linear programming models in planning farm management

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Linear programming of sawmill production

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Linear programming of yield and felling plans

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Linear programming over time to establish least-cost wood procurement schedules

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Linear programming usually provides a good source of ideas for creating better profit levels

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Linear programming with iterative modification of the objective function and restraints vector

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Linear programming, principles, assumptions and limitations

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Linear programming, resource allocation and non-market benefits

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Linear programming-application to machine loading in a furniture plant

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Linear programming. A new tool available to farmers to help in decision making

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Linear sequence of the autosomal loci

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Linear shrinkage in Pinus montezumae

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Linearity of change in milk composition of cows fed graded levels of pelleted corn

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Linearity of heritability of Holstein first-lactation milk production

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Linearized solution of unsteady deep flow toward an array of horizontal drains

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Linebreed- ing of sheep

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Linebreeding as a basis for the pig breeding programme in the German Democratic Republic

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Linebreeding in dairy cattle

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Linebreeding using group mating

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Linebreeding with pigs and the use of inbreeding

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Lines of White North Caucasus turkeys

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Lines with high contents of beta -carotene

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Linfluence de certaines bacteries sur l'etablissement de trichines dans le tube digestif de la souris

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Linguatula serrata in relation to halzoun and the marrara syndrome

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Linhomoeidae (Nematoda) des vases profondes du Golfe du Lion

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Lining out in a small nursery. An improved technique for the single-handed

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Linings for fruit storage crates

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Link-up between co-operative credit, production and marketing in Ceylon

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Linkage analyses using biochemical variants in mice. I. Linkage of the hemoglobin beta-chain and glucosephosphate isomerase loci

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Linkage analyses using biochemical variants in mice. II. Levulinate dehydratase and autosomal glucose 6-phosphate dehydrogenase

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Linkage analyses using biochemical variants in mice. III. Linkage relationships of eleven biochemical markers

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Linkage analysis in rice by means of reciprocal trans-location. I. Linkage groups corresponding to chromosomes 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Linkage and epistasis exemplified by genetic systems in pigs

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Linkage and recombination at the chromosome level

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Linkage and recombination at the molecular level

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Linkage and selection: new equilibrium properties of the two-locus symmetric viability model

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Linkage and selection: new results for the two locus symmetric viability model

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Linkage and selection: theoretical analysis of the deterministic two locus random mating model

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Linkage between S alleles and pigmentation genes in marrow-stem kale, Brassica oleracea

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Linkage between chromosomal interchanges and colchicine mutated genes in Sorghum vulgare

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Linkage between genes for hairy first leaf and chlorophyll deficiency in Brassica oleracea

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Linkage between genes for reaction to powdery mildew and for length of vernalization requirement in wheat

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Linkage between marker genes and embryonic lethal factors may cause disturbed segregation ratios

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Linkage between morphology and viability in plant species

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Linkage between resistance to Phytophthora root rot and plant and seed characters in soybean

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Linkage between the H and 6-PGD loci in pigs

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Linkage between the K blood-group locus and the Hp locus for hematin-binding globulins in pigs

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Linkage between the blood, serum and milk type systems in cattle. (Preliminary report.)

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Linkage Between The Loci For C And J Blood Groups In Pigs

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Linkage between tolerance to high soil acidity and genetically high protein content in the kernel of wheat, Triti-cum aestivum L. and its possible use in breeding

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Linkage between two traits both controlled by duplicate genes in tobacco

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Linkage disequilibrium and associative overdominance due to random genetic drift

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Linkage disequilibrium and homozygosity of chromosome segments in finite populations

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Linkage disequilibrium between two segregating nucleotide sites under the steady flux of mutations in a finite population

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Linkage disequilibrium due to random genetic drift

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Linkage group I of N. incurvata

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Linkage group II of the house mouse

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Linkage groups II and XII of the mouse: cytological localization by fluorochrome staining

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Linkage groups in Sorghum

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Linkage groups of the mouse

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Linkage groups of the theta and Ly-A loci

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Linkage in Peromyscus

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Linkage in soybean

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Linkage in tetra-somic inheritance

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Linkage map of the mouse

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Linkage map of the mouse

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Linkage map of the mouse

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Linkage map of the mouse

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Linkage map orientation on barley chromosome 2

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Linkage of Es-l and Es-2 in the mouse

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Linkage of genes affecting tuber color and chlorotic foliage

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Linkage of green-lint and okra-leaf genes in a reciprocal translocation stock of Upland cotton

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Linkage of plasma esterase loci in the fowl

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Linkage of resistance to Erysiphe graminis f. sp. tritici (Pm3) and hairy glume (Hg) on chromosome 1A of wheat

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Linkage of serum esterase and tottering in the mouse

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Linkage of shambling with rex in linkage group VII of the mouse

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Linkage of the DDT-resistance gene in some strains of Aedes aegypti (L.)

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Linkage of the Rf1 gene in the T cytoplasm of maize with genes of the 3rd chromosome

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Linkage of turnip mosaic virus susceptibility and downy mildew, Bremia lactucas, resistance in lettuce

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Linkage relations between blood group and polymorphic protein systems in cattle

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Linkage relations in Pisum XIV. The chlorophyll deficiency genes chi 6, chi 9 and chi 17, determining chlorotica type, and ch 4 and ch 5, determining chlorina

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Linkage relations of another induced dwarfness gene d31 genie analysis in rice. IX

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Linkage relations of yellow-green 6 and neglect a 1 on chromosome 11 of the tomato

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Linkage relationship between Ga-factors and genetic markers of maize chromosome 9

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Linkage relationships of egg albumen loci in the domestic fowl

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Linkage studies in Pisum. III. Linkage of the mutant Aurea RS

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Linkage studies in Pisum. IV. The mutant Chlorina EOI and the linkage of the determining gene, Ch3

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Linkage studies in Pisum. IX. Linkage of the gene Chi15 in chromosome II

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Linkage studies in Pisum. V. The mutant Albina R2

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Linkage studies in Pisum. VI. The luteomaculata mutant

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Linkage studies in Pisum. VII. The manifestation of the genes cri and coch and the double-recessive in Pisum

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Linkage studies in Pisum. VIII. Gene-symbolization of 15 chlorotica-mutants

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Linkage studies in Pisum. X. Linkage of the gene Chi3

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Linkage studies in Pisum. XI. Linkage relations of the gene chil16 determining chlorophyll-deficiency chlorotica

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Linkage studies in Pisum. XII. Linkage relations of the genes Fr and Fru, determining ramification

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Linkage studies in Pisum. XIII. Contributions to the gene-map of chromosome II

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Linkage studies in rice (Oryza sativa L.). IX. Inheritance and interrelationships of genes governing panicle type, grain arrangement and other characters

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Linkage studies with five naturally occurring chlorophyll mutations in barley (Hordeum species+)

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Linkage studies with nine blood-group loci in pigs

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Linkage study of two complementary genes for brittle rachis in barley

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Linkage tests in Upland cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L. II

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Linkage tests of Mendelian male sterility and other genetic characters in sugarbeets, Beta vulgaris L

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Linked genes arising among multiple mutants in EMS-treated Saccharo-myces

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Linked studies on the manual and mechanical harvesting of sugar cane

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Linked systematic cluster sampling for the estimation of timber removals

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Linking money and development

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Linking of production sectors at agricultural enterprises and specialized production units

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Links between agriculture and the food industry

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Links between knobs and quantitative characteristics in Italian maize

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Links between regional industrialization and investments in peasant farms (Poland)

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Links between serum proteins and radiocalcium (47Ca) and radiostrontium (85Sr)

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Linoleic acid accumulation in relation to the type of fat in the diet

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Linoleic acid in margarine and butter produced in Poland in the second half of 1969

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Linoleic acid requirement of the chick

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Linoleic acid requirement of the hen for reproduction

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Linolenic acid and platelet adhesiveness

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Linolenic Acid For The Prevention Of Thrombosis And Myocardial Infarction

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Linore flax

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Linseed for young breeding boars

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Linseed oil and coconut oil in diets for broilers

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Linseed oil and the fibrinolytic system

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Linseed production in Victoria

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Linseed variety trials, 1963-64 season

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Linseed within the clover ley farming system

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Linseed. New breeding techniques at IARI

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Lint quality of late-set bolls

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Lint yields of cotton strain crosses

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Lintworminfestaties bij schapen

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Linum breeding for plant height

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Linum modestum, a new species from Mexico

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Linuron (Afalon) as an alternative to simazine (Gesatop) in weed control?

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Linuron as a herbicide on narcissus and tulip

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Linuron as an additive to MCPA in weed control in cereals

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Linuron for selective weed control in potatoes

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Linuron-a good herbicide

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Linuron-a new herbicide for cereal crops

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Linuron-a new herbicide for peas

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Linuron-a success in 1966?

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Lion tail like root' formation in rice Plant and the soil conditions

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Liorchis n.g. (Trematoda: Paramphistomidae)

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Liothrips priesneri sp.n., a serious pest of avocado in Guatemala

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Liothyronine in the diagnosis and management of hypothyroid dogs

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Lipaemia (total lipids and iodine value) in the ewe: physiological variations

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Lipaemia (total lipids and iodine value) in the lamb: physiological variations and comparison between lambs and adults

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Lipase activation in farm milk supplies

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Lipase activity and fat mobilisation

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Lipase activity in cow's milk

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Lipase activity in human and cows' milk by utilization of p-nitrophenyl laurate as a substrate

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Lipase activity in human milk

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Lipase Activity In Somatic Cells From Separator Slime

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Lipase activity in the fat cake and aqueous phase of adipose tissue homogenate of fed, fasted and fasted-refed rats

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Lipase activity of Finnish milk

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Lipase activity of bovine mammary gland

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Lipase activity of gamma irradiated castor seeds germinated in dark

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Lipase distribution in milk protein. (Abstr. pap. read at ann. meeting Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass., June 1964)

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Lipase in pancreas and intestinal contents of chickens fed heated and raw soybean diets

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Lipase of Microbacterium lacticum

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Lipase of Mucor pusillus

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Lipase taint

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Lipase used in the manufacture of Italian cheese

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Lipase. I. Characterization of the milk lipase system

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Lipase. II. Some characteristics of selected microbial lipases

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Lipases and flavour development in some Italian cheese varieties

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Lipases and the lipolysis of milk

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Lipemia in rodent iron-deficiency anemia

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Lipid absorption and lipid-reesterifying enzyme activity in small bowel of the protein-deficient rat

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Lipid absorption by the stomach of the rat and the toad

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Lipid absorption in cystic fibrosis

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Lipid analyses of bovine teat canal keratin

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Lipid and amino acid composition of developing oats (Avena sativa L. cultivar 'Brave')

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Lipid and chloroform-methanol-extractable protein content of casein micelles and other milk fractions

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Lipid and cholesterol contents of liver in rats adapted to different temperatures and given different diets

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Lipid and lipid fractions of blood and muscle as related to beef carcass characteristics

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Lipid and nitrogen components of the mammary gland in heifers, nonlactating and lactating cows

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Lipid and other compositional changes in 9 varieties of sweet potatoes during storage

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Lipid and protein metabolism in patients with peptic ulcers

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Lipid antioxidants in the tissue of the internal organs of animals in relation to degree of unsaturation of exogenous lipids

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Lipid biosynthesis by bovine mammary cells in vitro

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Lipid biosynthesis in chloroplast mutants of barley

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Lipid biosynthesis in senescing cotyledons of cucumber

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Lipid changes in different organs of rats after whole-body exposure to lethal doses of X-rays. 6. Fatty acid composition of serum and spleen

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Lipid changes in germinated alfalfa seedlings related to lipid changes in three subcellular fractions

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Lipid changes in senescing cucumber cotyledons

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