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Chapter 14,548

Linoleic acid in margarine and butter produced in Poland in the second half of 1969

Rozycki, C.; Zorawski, A.

Ttuszcze Jadalne 14: 227-232


Accession: 014547502

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Margarine and butter produced in 8 regions of Poland were analysed by GLC. In one type of margarine described as 'milk margarine' the content of linoleic acid was greatest, 29.6%, in the Bodaczow region in July and least, 6.9%, in the Bielsko region in Oct. In. margarine described as 'Palma dessert margarine' values ranged from 13.9% in the Bodaczow region in Oct. to 26.9% in the Bielsko region in Dec. There was a considerable variation in values between districts.

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