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Chapter 14,548

Lipid composition of RBC ghosts, liver mitochondria and microsomes of ethanol-fed rats

French, S.W.; Ihrig, T.J.; Morin, R.J.

Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol 31(4): 801-809


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-5649
PMID: 5490815
Accession: 014547596

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Phospholipids, cholesterol and fatty acids in liver mitochondria and microsomes and red blood cell (RBC) ghosts were estimated for rats after up to 25 weeks on an adequate diet with 30% ethanol or isocaloric sucrose or water to drink. Ethanol did not affect total cholesterol and phospholipids in mitochondria and microsomes after 13 weeks but caused a decrease in total mitochondrial phospholipid after 22 weeks.

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