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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14560

Chapter 14560 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Duncan, G.R.; Duncan, L.F.; Duncan, L.I., 1970:
Method for cleaning a sealed milk container

Roe, J.E.; Marcus, J.; Breeding, E.C., 1971:
Method for coating cereal with ice cream products

Saito, M.; Ono, Y., 1968:
Method for collecting pollen by means of cellophane bags

Adamek, M.; Jilek, R.; Kominek, J., 1964:
Method for colorimetric estimation of butterfat in milk and cream

Malichenko, B.F.; Malichenko, N.A.; Levchenko, E.M.; Alyab'eva, G.I.; Shomova, E.I., 1967:
Method for combating diseases of plants

Kogan, L.M.; Rabovskaya, N.S.; Golyshin, N.M.; Andreeva, E.I.; Solov'eva, G.V.; Obolenskova, L.B.; Vol'fkovich, S.I., 1966:
Method for combating the causal agents of fungus diseases of plants

Hanousek, M., 1968:
Method for combining a rotary evaporator in a film-type plant

Eyrard, A., 1964:
Method for commercial manufacture of yoghurt

Ryakhovskaya, I.; Guss, T., 1966 :
Method for continuous cooling of sweetened condensed skim-milk

Maeno, M.; Ogasa, K., 1966:
Method for continuous manufacture of multiple-layer ice cream

Anonymous, 1966:
Method for continuous manufacture of sweetened condensed milk

Budahn, B.-E., 1969:
Method for continuous production of cheese

Damerow, G., 1967:
Method for controlling the mixing ratio of skim-milk curd and cream

Marijnen Koelindustrie N V., 1969:
Method for cooling a device with movable parts, particularly an ice cream vending machine

Mnilk, R.; Peters, E., 1966:
Method for cooling butter granules in continuous butter-making machines

Uhle, H.J., 1964:
Method for cost control for dairies without plant accounting

Klimovskii, I.I.; Zvyagintsev, V.I.; Gudkov, A.V.; Medvedeva, Z.P., 1971:
Method for culturing lactic acid streptococci capable of producing a bitter taste in cheese

Bailey, R.L., 1966:
Method for detecting volatile organic contaminants in reusable containers

Kudeyarov, V.N.; Potkin, A.I., 1971:
Method for determination of fixed ammonium in soil

Lammke, A., 1969:
Method for determination of fluorine in wood preservatives and in treated timber

Rook, H.L.; Gills, T.E.; LaFleur, P.D., 1972:
Method for determination of mercury in biological materials by neutron activation analysis

Mirgorodsky Mirgorodskii, B., 1966:
Method for determination of the cohesion of cheese grains in monolith

Nikitin, B.A., 1972:
Method for determination of the humus content of soil

Cudinov, B.S., 1969:
Method for determination of the mean thermal values of wood

Kliman, P.G.; Pallansch, M.J., 1965:
Method for determination of water in butteroil by near-infrared spectrophotometry

Lynch, V.P., 1969:
Method for determining 'Alar' (B-995) residues in apples

Saleh, S.M.; Harris, R.F.; Allen, O.N., 1969:
Method for determining Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis Berliner in soil

Dobrolyubskii, O.K.; Viktorova, G.M., 1969:
Method for determining chromium, and its content in soils of the Odessa region

Romanov, La., 1967:
Method for determining conditional and unconditional stability of soil aggregates to water

Shebanin, P.V., 1968:
Method for determining induction period of butterfat

Pokorna, V., 1964:
Method for determining lipolytic activity of raised bog and fen peats and muds

Kernohan, E.A., 1968:
Method for determining minimum number of cells required to give CMT reactions

Loginov, Yu. M., 1965:
Method for determining nitrogen by the Kjeldahl macro-method

Pavlotskaya, F.I.; Fedoseev, G.A.; Babicheva, E.V.; E.A., 1964:
Method for determining strontium-90, stable strontium and calcium in soils and plant residues

Manning, P.B.; Heinselman, A.L.; Jenness, R.; Coulter, S.T., 1969:
Method for determining sulphydryl and disulphide groups in milk proteins

Ronsivalli, L.J.; Bernsteins, J.B.; Tinker, B.L., 1966:
Method for determining the bacterial permeability of plastic films

Panella, S.; Fortini, S., 1968:
Method for determining the coefficient of utilization of phosphate fertilizers. Possibilities and limits of chemical and radiometric techniques

Allen, C.; Parks, O.W., 1969:
Method for determining the contribution of methyl ketones to flavours of sterile concentrated milks

Poulsen, P.R.; Hansen, K., 1966:
Method for determining the degree of homogenization of homogenized liquid milk

Grindel', N.M.; Zyrin, N.G., 1965:
Method for determining the dynamics of organic compounds of phosphorus in the plowed horizon of slightly cultivated derno-podzolic soil

Henning, H., 1967:
Method for determining the efficiency of agricultural road building and implications for the justifiable level of investment in road building

Starova, E.R.; Trancheva, A.B., 1970:
Method for determining the exudation of liquid fat from butter

Krivonosova, G.M., 1972:
Method for determining the fractional composition of organic phosphates in thick and podzolized chernozems

Kaplyuk, L.F., 1968:
Method for determining the moisture content of soils containing rubble from rocks with a high moisture capacity

Mirulatova Mirpulatova, N.S.; Kireeva, G.S., 1966:
Method for determining the presence of V. dahliae in the soil

Rankine, L.B., 1970:
Method for determining the productivity of irrigation water for the production of sugar in Hawaii: an empirical approach

Pierson, C.F., 1968:
Method for determining the sensitivity of fungus spores to hot water

Staikov, T.; Arabadzhieva, Z., 1965:
Method for determining the solonetsicity of soils

Maldav, Z.A.; Vitol, A.Y.; Grinberg, G.Y., 1965:
Method for determining total beta -radioactivity of soils

Niedermaier, T., 1966:
Method for determining total nitrogen (ammonium-nitrogen and nitrate-nitrogen) in mineral fertilizers with the autoanalyser

Muller. W.; Fiedler, H.J., 1970:
Method for determining total nutrients in forest soils

Fenner, H., 1965:
Method For Determining Total Volatile Bases In Rumen Fluid By Steam Distillation

Hempenius, W.L.; Liska, B.J., 1968:
Method for determining volatile acids in cultured dairy products

Koopmans, H., 1969:
Method for draining curd and moulding cheese

Goossens, R.; Schuyter, J De, 1970:
Method for drawing forest maps by means of an office computer

Schuster, H., 1971:
Method for drying hard or kneadable foods

Anonymous, 1966:
Method for drying whey

Petukhov, R.T., 1967:
Method for early diagnosis of honeybee poisoning by organophosphorus insecticides

Morr, C.V.; Josephson, R.V.; Thomas, E.L.; Frommes, S.P., 1966:
Method for electron microscopic examination of heated whey and ultrafiltrate systems

Samezima, H.; Furukawa, H.; Deguchi, T., 1970:
Method for enriching dairy products

Kulakov, E.V.; Markova, M.V., 1972:
Method for establishing a rating scale for soils of the Kokchetav region of the Kazakh SSR

Znamenskii, N.N.; Morozova, E.V., 1968:
Method for estimating N-containing compounds in milk

Maggi, E., 1966:
Method for estimating free choline in meat

Banerjee, A.K.; Bajpai, G.K.; Tandon, I.N., 1968:
Method for estimating intensity of the little leaf disease of brinjal (Solanum melongena)

Dammert, S.; Kirchgessner, M.; Giessler, H., 1972:
Method for estimating optimal doses of active substances in animal nutrition: with the example of Peson in fattening calves

Depocas, F.; DeFreitas, A.S., 1970:
Method for estimating rates of formation and interconversion of glucose-glycerol and glucose-lactic acid in intact animals

Eugster, H., 1971:
Method for estimating the breeding value of young bulls

Roy, G.; Dumont, B.-L.; Brazal-Garcia, T., 1970:
Method for estimating the maturity of the skeleton in cattle

Rensburg, P.J.J.Van Coetzee, W.H.K., 1971:
Method for estimation in vitro of protein synthesis by rumen microorganisms from non-protein nitrogen

Dikshit, R.G.; Verma, G.P., 1968 :
Method for estimation of available manganese in soils of Madhya Pradesh

Pyatnitskii, N., 1965:
Method for estimation of pepsin and rennin in preparations of these enzymes

Burns, R.E., 1971:
Method for estimation of tannin in grain sorghum

Munthe, B.P.; Ethington, R.L., 1968:
Method for evaluating shear properties of wood

Katz, S.E.; Fassbender, C.A., 1968:
Method for evaluating the potential availability of water-Insoluble nitrogen sources in mixed fertilizers

Plewinska-Wierzbowska, D.; Bielanski, W., 1970:
Method for evaluating the speed and type of movement of spermatozoa

Henshaw, J.L.; Noakes, G.; Morris, S.O.; Bennion, M.; Gubler, C.J., 1970:
Method for evaluating thiamine adequacy in college women

Molchanova, I.V.; Mironov, B.; Kulikov, N.V., 1971:
Method for experimental study of the migration of Sr90 in natural forest biogeocoenoses

Meshcheryakov, A.M.; Artamonova, N.V., 1971:
Method for extracting metastable phosphates from serozems

Evers, D.; Tuchenhagen, O., 1970:
Method for extracting milk samples from piping

Nekhorocheff, J.; Cantau, B., 1964:
Method for extraction of organs and tissues of animals

Minor, R.E.; Mcmillion, S.B., E.P.e Corp., 1972:
Method for extrusion of ice cream

Perras, J., 1969:
Method for facilitating the eating of cheese portions

Probst, A., 1964:
Method for fat and protein estimation in milk

Kontz, E.Von, 1964:
Method for filling curd into moulds in soft cheese manufacture

Jalovenko, F., 1966:
Method for fixing the service life of tractors

Rondomanski, W., 1969:
Method for forecasting the intensity of primary infection of Onion downy mildew in Poland

Matta, H., 1966:
Method for formulating mixtures for balancing rations

Terpugov, A.V.; Yuzhakov, Yu. I., 1969:
Method for fractionating the forms of phosphorus in soil

Anderwert, F., 1966:
Method for freeze-drying products and equipment

Vibe, P.P., 1964:
Method for holding dogs during anthelmintic treatment with arecoline solution

Stevens, W.C.; Dean, A.R., 1967:
Method for improving bending properties of wood

Teberdiev, D.; Cherkesov, A., 1969:
Method for improving hilly pastures

Khino, T.; Khayasi, K.; Iitsuka, N., 1965:
Method for improving the flavour of milk enriched with amino acids

Kacherauskis, D.V.; Matekaitis, P.P.; Deksnis, A.A., 1966:
Method for improving the quality of packaged butter

Halder, M., 1972:
Method for improving weight accuracy and attaining uniform DM content in soft cheese manufacture

Anonymous, 1964:
Method for improving whipping cream

Barnhart, C.E.; Chaney, C.H., 1966:
Method for inhibiting anaemia in young pigs by feeding the sow an iron agent

Selman, R.L.; Hanrahan, F.P.; Farrall, A.W., 1965:
Method for injection of liquefied gas into milk concentrates drying

Zvara, J., 1970:
Method for inoculating cruciferous plants with P. brassicae

Shvebs, G.I., 1965:
Method for investigating destruction of particles of soil and ground in a stream of water (stability to water of soil-grounds)

Malec, K., 1965:
Method for investigating resistance of Potato breeding material to wart

Weissbach, F.; Laube, W., 1964:
Method for investigating silage and carrying out ensiling experiments. 2. Estimating the alcohol content of silage

Laube, W.; Weissbach, F., 1964:
Method for investigating silage and carrying out ensiling experiments. 3. Ensiling experiments in bags of plastic foil

Michalikoa, A., 1968:
Method for investigating the mycelium of U. nuda in the coleoptile of Wheat

Efimov, V.N.; Vasil'kova, M.G., 1970:
Method for isolating humus substances from peat soils

Anonymous, 1970:
Method for isolating native albumin and/or globulin from an aqueous system

Mekhtieva, N.A., 1969:
Method for isolating predacious hyphomycetes from the soil

Willes, R.F.; Mendel, V.E.; Robblee, A.R., 1969:
Method for isolating the rumen of sheep in situ

Sullivan, R.; Fassolitis, C.; Read, R.B.; Jr., 1970:
Method for isolating viruses from ground beef

Cerbulis, J.; ArdJ.S., 1967:
Method for isolation and detection of dioctyl phthalate from milk lipids

Steffen, C., 1968:
Method for lactic acid determination in cheese

Filka, J., 1965:
Method for liver biopsy in calves

Avdeev, A.A., 1971:
Method for machine milking of cows

Maebasi, K.; Kattori, T., 1965:
Method for making a cheese-like product

Samezima, H.; Furukawa, H.; Deguchi, T., 1970:
Method for making a cultured milk beverage

Akadzava, I., 1965:
Method for making a dried cultured milk product

Anonymous, 1969:
Method for making cheese

Kido, S.; Tonoki, T.; Suzuki, I., 1970:
Method for making concentrated frozen milk

Yaginuma, I.; Munemura, T., 1965:
Method for making dried cheese flakes

Kori, S.; Simasono, K., 1965:
Method for making food products

Hansen, F.F., 1971:
Method for making high protein bread

Nicolic, V.; Nemet, V., 1967:
Method for making infant milk

Yamada Isamu., 1965:
Method for making lactic beverage

Dilanyan, Z.K.; Khachaturyan, V.A.; Karagul'yan, M.S.; Tumanyan, V.A., 1968:
Method for making pickled cheese

Maeno, M.; Tanaka, S.; Ogasa, K., 1965:
Method for making rapidly soluble dried cream

Suzuki, H., 1968:
Method for making readily soluble casemates

Coffin, H.A., 1972:
Method for making yoghurt and apparatus therefor

Rogee, G., 1970:
Method for manufacture of sour milk beverages and flavoured whole milk

Anonymous, 1969:
Method for manufacturing Cheddar cheese

Cannalonga, M.A.; Eisenstein, P.P., 1969:
Method for manufacturing a vitamin preparation for vitaminizing foodstuffs and beverages

Rahm, J., 1971:
Method for manufacturing biscuits intended to be brought in contact with ice cream

Sigrand, A.J.E., 1969:
Method for manufacturing cheese boxes

D'yachenko, P.F.; Mitina, N.A., 1967:
Method for manufacturing dried skim-milk

Unilever Nv., 1970:
Method for manufacturing food products, and a special sweetener

Anonymous, 1972:
Method for manufacturing ice cream

Reuter, G., 1967:
Method for manufacturing sour milk and sour milk products

Carle, P., 1968:
Method for mass production of eggs of Matsucoccus feytaudi (Coccoidea, Margarodidae) by trapping the females

Carr, S.B.; Jacobson, D.R., 1968:
Method for measurement of gastrointestinal absorption in normal animals, combining portal-carotid differences and telemetered portal flow by Doppler shift

el-Shazly, K.; Hungate, R.E., 1966:
Method for measuring diaminopimelic acid in total rumen contents and its application to the estimation of bacterial growth

Walker, D.J.; Nader, C.J., 1968:
Method for measuring microbial growth in rumen content

Exton-Smith, A.N.; Millard, P.H.; Payne, P.R.; Wheeler, E.F., 1969:
Method for measuring quantity of bone

Bach, A.; Metais, P.; Haberey, P., 1967:
Method for measuring specific activity of 14CO2 in air expired by rats given labelled lipids

Mendez, A., 1970:
Method for measuring the socio-cultural situation of rural families in Central America and its application to health programmes

Tuchenhagen, O., 1970:
Method for metering milk in collection stations

Maunaury, A.H.H., 1967:
Method for milk preservation permitting the control of casein content

Tuchenhagen, O., 1970:
Method for milk reception, in particular in tankers

Mel'nikova, M.K.; Kovenya, S.V., 1969:
Method for modelling the movement of dispersed particles in porous media

Kalnina, V.A.; Vorob'eva, E.S.; Sher-Shukova, G.A., 1968:
Method for modern large-scale mapping of soils

Shank, R.P.; Aprison, M.H., 1970:
Method for multiple analyses of concentration and specific radioactivity of individual amino acids in nervous tissue extracts

Berlyand-Kozhevnikov, V.M.; Kvitko, K.V.; Shitova, I.P.; Budanov, V.E.; Mikhailova, L.A., 1971:
Method for multiplying the population of the parasite and determining the race composition of brown rust under aseptic conditions

Pilgaokar, A.K.; Raut, V.S., 1966:
Method for neutral fraction of urinary 17-ketosteroids

Alles, P.T.; Alles, G.K.; Altmeri, U.K.; Seer, E.M.; Khaaviste, V.N.; Klaar, Y. I.; Voytk, K.I.; Toots, V.E.; Mardiste, A.O.; Kolk, L.E.; Kirt, A.A.; Pyarnsalu, S.M., 1972:
Method for obtaining a biopreparation

Hisaharu, O., 1971:
Method for obtaining a fermented drink free from products adversely affecting its flavour

Ramanauskas, R.I.; Urbene, S.K., 1970:
Method for obtaining a milk-protein coagulum

Pokrovskii, A.A.; Levyant, P.P., 1968:
Method for obtaining a protein-rich product from dairy products

Sukhotskene, I.I., 1968:
Method for obtaining a starter culture

Popov, V.I.; Stepanova, M.Y.; Sidirova, S.F., 1972:
Method for obtaining and purifying microsclerotia of V. dahliae

Lipatov, N.N.; Filatov, Yu. I.; Kharitonov, V.D., 1972:
Method for obtaining dry, rapidly-soluble food products

Maeno, M.; Reki, T.; Kavadzima, T., 1966:
Method for obtaining industrial phenothiazine

Kawashima, T., 1964:
Method for obtaining lactose breakdown products for adding to baby foods

Riordan, D.F., 1965:
Method for obtaining large numbers of unmated Aedes aegypti (L.)

Zdarska, Z., 1964:
Method for obtaining metacercariae from cysts in vitro

Cesul, J.; Sikora, P.; Filipkowski, S., 1966:
Method for obtaining purified protein from whey

Kuipers, A., Molkerei J.A.Meggle, 1969 :
Method for obtaining the casein fraction from milk under simultaneous yield of whey, suitable for the manufacture of lactose, foodstuffs and feeds

Schneider, J.; Pungs, W., 1969:
Method for packaging cheese

Bohme, W.; Grosee, K., 1970:
Method for packaging drinks in sachets

Anonymous, 1965:
Method for packaging smoked cheese in sausage form

Arthur, R.E.; Davis, W.H.; Shepherd, E.L., 1971:
Method for precision planting small plots of soybeans

Hipp, B.W.; Thomas, G.W., 1968:
Method for predicting potassium uptake by grain sorghum

Lagoda, I.V., 1969:
Method for predicting the storage life of dried starters

Cosmonda Voedingsmiddelen Nv., 1970:
Method for preparing a basic powder mixture for ice cream manufacture

Gray, J.C.; Cohan, A.N., 1969:
Method for preparing a cookie-like product

Anonymous, 1969:
Method for preparing a flavouring composition for food products

Muynck, E.P.L.D.Branteghem, A.E.Van, 1969:
Method for preparing a sterilized custard or blancmange product with good storage qualities

Muynck, E.P.L.D.Branteghem, A.E.Van, 1969:
Method for preparing a sterilized custard with good storage qualities

Unilever, N.V., 1970:
Method for preparing cheese spread

Sato, E.; Nagato, O.; Torimi, Y., 1968:
Method for preparing dried cultured milks

Unilever Nv., 1971:
Method for preparing emulsions

Unilever N V., 1970:
Method for preparing emulsions of edible oils

Polyakov, A.N., 1965:
Method for preparing thin sections of soil-forming rocks for micro-morphometric measurements

Reinders, M.A.; Gotlieb, K.F., 1968:
Method for preparing viscous dairy products containing flour such as blanc-mange and custard

Maeno, M.; Futaki, T.; Ogasa, S., 1964:
Method for preserving liquid milk products

Ryser, A., 1969:
Method for pressing cheese

Laguta, N.A.; Valer, S.N., 1966:
Method for preventing mould attack and slime formation on hard cheese during ripening

Nikki, I.; Kaneuti, N.; Hamamoto N.; Miyao, K.; Matsuoka, Y., 1968:
Method for preventing spoilage of liquid milk products during storage after warming

Pontecorvo, N.E.; Shaffer, W.A., 1968:
Method for processing cheese curd into plasticized cheese of the Mozzarella type

Dechaine, R.C.; Callaghan, R.W., 1966:
Method for processing protein fibre

Page, J.A.; Bauer, W.G., 1968:
Method for processing protein fibres

Unuever Nv, 1971:
Method for producing a dessert product

Unilever Nv., 1970:
Method for producing a dry food composition

Sardinas, J.L., 1968:
Method for producing a mildly proteolytic milk coagulating enzyme

Wiken, T.O.; Bakker, G., S.N., 1972:
Method for producing a milk-coagulating enzyme preparation

Okami, K.; Fudziki, S.; Iokstani, M., 1966:
Method for producing a nutritive food product

Anonymous, 1968:
Method for producing alcohol from whey

Leeuwen, G.J.; Mijnders, A.; Boot, G.W., 1968:
Method for producing almost dehydrated edible fats with improved frying properties

Schogt, J.C.M.; Haverkamp-Begemann, P.; Jong, K.D.R.demacher-Koster, J.; Wel, H.V.n Der., 1969:
Method for producing aromatizing substances with long-lasting aromatizing effect

Schulz, M.E., 1969:
Method for producing bacteria impervious packages

Schwander, K., 1971:
Method for producing containers with a sterile interior, preferably thermoplastics bottles

Roiner, F.X.J.; Grosserhode, J., 1972:
Method for producing cultured milk products

Korobkina, G.S.; Danilova, E.N.; Kalinina, N.N., 1967:
Method for producing dried formulae for feeding infants

Laskin, M., 1971:
Method for producing flavoured or coloured confectionery food products

Unilever Nv, 1972:
Method for producing food products from dried potatoes

Groth, W.; Hussmann, P., 1968:
Method for producing instant products

Unilever N V., 1970:
Method for producing modified proteins for the preparation of emulsions

Fursova, S.A.; Makar'ina, N.V., 1969:
Method for producing preserved butter

Mauch, R., Robert Mauch Elro-Werke Ag, 1970:
Method for producing smoke, particularly for smoking food products

Mayer, B.M.; Powell, M.E., 1966:
Method for producing soft plastic yoghurt

Stumbo, C.R.; Heinemann, B., 1966:
Method for producing sour cream dressing

Erzinkyan, L.A.; Pakhlevanyan, M.S.; Muradyan, E.A.; Charyan, L.M.; Akopova, A.B., 1966:
Method for producing table vinegar

Unilever Nv., 1969:
Method for producing' dry food products

Strakhov, V.V.; Voropayeva, V.S., 1972:
Method for production of concentrated milk

Radaeva, I.A.; Shchedushnova, T.N., 1972:
Method for production of condensed milk

Schlager, L.Gervais Ag., 1970:
Method for production of fresh cheese exhibiting little whey separation

Altmeri, U.K.; Voitik, K.I.; Klaar, Y. I.; Seer, E.M.; Khaaviste, V.N., 1972:
Method for production of processed cheese

Manning, W.J.; Crossan, D.F.; Adams, A.L., 1970:
Method for production of sclerotia of Rhizoctonia solani

Schiffmann-Nadel Mina Cohen, E., 1968:
Method for production of sporangia of Phytophthora citrophthora

D'yachenko, P.F.; Bublichenko, E.S., 1968 :
Method for protecting hard cheeses against mould attack, slime formation and drying during ripening

Schogt, J.C.M.; Haverkamp-Begemann, P.; Jong, K.D.R.demaker-Koster, J., 1969:
Method for providing food products with a cream or butter-like aroma

Lammke, A., 1967:
Method for quality control of wood fireproofing with intumescent flame retardants

Baden, J., 1969:
Method for rapid high-temperature heating and cooling of milk and other liquids

Peterson, J.I., 1970:
Method for rapid infrared microdetermination of serum carbonate

Daumal, J., 1969:
Method for rearing Cardiastethus nazarenus on the eggs of Ephestia kuehniella

Tuchenhagen, O., 1972:
Method for receiving milk ia dairies

Petit, M., 1969:
Method for recording time used by herds of suckling cows on pasture

Fujiwara, M.; Fujiwara, K., 1968:
Method for recovering preservatives in foods by steam distillation under reduced pressure

Thompson, R.S.; Dickey, J.F.; Henricks, D.M., 1969:
Method for recovery of progesterone added to milk

Sullivan, R.; Read, R.B., 1968:
Method for recovery of viruses from milk and milk products

Heringa, P.K., 1969:
Method for regulated soil leaching

Ovanova, T.G., 1967:
Method for regulating the duration of milk coagulation in cheese manufacture

Cimr, J.; Kaspar, F., 1965:
Method for repeated collection of blood from the portal vein of piglets

Ivey, M.C.; Claborn, H.V.; Brink-Man, B., 1967:
Method for residues of Zytron, O-2,4,-dichlorophenyl O-methyl isopropylphosphoramido-thioate, in chicken tissues and eggs

Tuchenhagen, O., 1970:
Method for rinsing, particularly milk pipelines,

Palo, V.; Urbanek, J., 1966:
Method for ripening ewes' milk 'lump' curd and similar products made from ewes' or cows' milk

Anonymous, 1964:
Method for salting soft cheese

Perov, S.S., 1966:
Method for salvaging quarg

Shirko, V.N.; Glushchenko, E.Y., 1968:
Method for selecting Tomato in breeding for resistance to Phytophthora sp

Krupskii, N.K.; Aleksandrova, A.M.; Daragan, Yu. V., 1968:
Method for separate determination of exchangeable hydrogen and aluminium present together In soil

Kontson, A.; Tamsma, A.; Kurtz, F.E.; Pallansch, M.J., 1970:
Method for separating volatiles from steam-deodorized milk fat into lactones, free fatty acids, and nonacidic compounds

Untermann, F., 1969:
Method for sero-logical detection of staphylococcal enterotoxins in milk and milk products

Vaupel, P.; Gunther, H., 1971:
Method for simultaneous estimation of glucose, lactate and pyruvate in micro blood samples

Solms-Baruth, H., 1971:
Method for sterile packaging of products which can be sprayed or foamed, in aerosol containers

Solms-Baruth, H., 1970:
Method for sterile packaging of products, which are to be sprayed or foamed, in aerosol containers

Frolich, M., 1969:
Method for sterilizing a plant for the heat treatment of liquid products

Smith, K.L., 1965:
Method for studying acid production and growth in lactic cultures

Grammatikati, O.G., 1969:
Method for studying availability of soil moisture to plants

Apreleva, M.S., 1970:
Method for studying embryonic and secondary roots in dicotyledonous plants and the importance of these roots for sunflower

Tarasov, F.M., 1971:
Method for studying heat exchange

Dyzhin, Yu. V.; Lyubimov, E.I., 1971:
Method for studying milk secretion and the milking of animals

Korneva, N.G.; Bogatyreva, G.D.; Chertkova, V.M., 1971:
Method for studying the effectiveness of fertilizers on irrigated land

Zakharchenko, I.G.; Shilina, L.I., 1964:
Method for studying the role of legume crops in nitrogen accumulation in the soil

Solel, Z.; Edgington, L.V., 1972:
Method for studying transcuticular movement of fungicides

Anonymous, 1970:
Method for supplementary feeding of high-yielding cows, particularly before and after calving and the supplement used

Martov, L.B., 1967:
Method for taking filmy monoliths on clayey types of soils

Kohlstock, N.E.Al, 1969:
Method for team-work harvesting of Beech pulpwood

Crossa-Raynaud, P.; Gharieni, R., 1967:
Method for testing the resistance of some Apricot varieties to moniliosis

Crossa-Raynaud, P.; Radhia Gharieni., 1967:
Method for testing the resistance of some apricot varieties to Sclerotinia laxa

Gessner, P.K., 1970:
Method for the assay of ethanol and other aliphatic alcohols applicable to tissue homogenates and possessing a sensitivity of 1 micro g/ml

Chow, C.K.; Draper, H.H.; Csallany, A.S., 1969:
Method for the assay of free and esterified tocopherols

Rehm, E., 1970:
Method for the cultivation of lactobacteria

Brandt, D.C., 1968:
Method for the detection and recording of faint sounds such as the gnawing of insect larvae

Bogdanov, V., 1964:
Method for the detection of Catenularia moulds in sweetened condensed milk

Glatzle, D.; Korner, W.F.; Christeller, S.; Wiss, O., 1970:
Method for the detection of a biochemical riboflavin deficiency. Stimulation of NADPH2-dependent glutathione reductase from human erythrocytes by FAD in vitro. Investigations on the vitamin B2 status in healthy people and geriatric patients

Nikolov, N., 1964:
Method for the detection of antibiotics and other inhibitory substances in milk

Rasstanova, T.P., 1966:
Method for the determination of fat globule size in milk and relation of this measure to milk fat content

Goulden, J.D.S., 1969:
Method for the determination of fat in milk

Hahn, H.; Keding, H., 1969:
Method for the determination of foreign fats in butter-containing pastries by gas chromatography of the fatty acid methyl esters

Said, F.; Amer, M.M.; Ahmed, A.K.; Said, A.A., 1964:
Method For The Determination Of Iodine Value

Steiger, M.; Schulz, J., 1970:
Method for the determination of lactose in milk

Muller, W., 1970:
Method for the determination of macro- and micro-nutrients in conifer needles

Boer, H.B.D.Kleinepier, J.F., 1969:
Method for the determination of the anti-liverfluke compound Ph. 1882 in milk after the treatment of cattle against distomatosis

Prapuolenis, A.A., 1968:
Method for the determination of the distribution of potatoes in the soil

Kerimov, N.B., 1970:
Method for the determination of the stiffness of teatcup liners

Anonymous, 1970:
Method for the determination of undenatured whey protein nitrogen in non-fat dried milk

Brozovich, B., 1968:
Method for the determination of unsaturated iron-binding capacity of serum using radioactive iron and magnesium carbonate

Mello, E.J.R., 1967:
Method for the determination under laboratory conditions of resistance to insecticides in aphids

Nickels, C.; Leesment, H., 1964:
Method for the differentiation and quantitative determination of starter bacteria

Schmidt, F.H.; Dahl, K.V., 1968:
Method for the enzymic estimation of neutral fat in biological material

Harris, J.M.; Grncarevic, M., 1968:
Method for the estimation of damage on dried sultanas

Dabrowska, Wieslawa, 1965:
Method for the estimation of the solubility of spray-dried whole milk

Gal'tseva, V., 1964:
Method for the estimation of urea and ammonia in milk

Bills, D.D.; Kaufman, W.M.; Hannan, E.J., 1971:
Method for the identification of nanogram amounts of certain insecticides

Danjou, P.; Danjou, X., 1967:
Method for the manufacture and packaging of sterile liquid foods, particularly milk

Baltadzhieva, Mariya, 1966:
Method for the manufacture of 'Rodop' cheese

Anonymous, 1967:
Method for the manufacture of 'set' milk or milk products

Senkevich, R.M.; Kuz'mina, S.Y., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of Ukrainian cultured milk (ryazhenka)

Kudri, F.P., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of Vologda butter from high-fat cream

Denkov, Ts. A., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of White pickled cheese from ewes' or cows' milk without whey separation

Hampel, H.G.; Hempel, H.C., 1964:
Method for the manufacture of a baby food

Rod, C.; Rod, E., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of a dairy product

Hitaka, Y.; Takemura, M., 1964:
Method for the manufacture of a dried acidophilus product for the preparation of beverages

Maunaury, A., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of a milk product

Berktold, K., 1969:
Method for the manufacture of a new type of hard cheese

Menzi, R., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of a product for making sparkling milk beverages

Bryzgin, M.L.; Shalygina, A.M.; Popova, T.V.; Vasil'ev, P.V., 1969:
Method for the manufacture of a protein milk product

Troesch, H.A., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of a rapidly wettable powder and equipment for carrying out the method

Schweigart, H.A., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of a standardized baby food based on milk

Bratland, A., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of a whippable milk product

Anonymous, 1966:
Method for the manufacture of cheese

Anonymous, 1967:
Method for the manufacture of cheese

Chasov, F.V.; Krasheninin, P.F., 1969:
Method for the manufacture of cheese

Rouvreau, A., 1964:
Method for the manufacture of cheese in special moulds and the equipment

Shubin, E.M.; Kuz'mina, V.A.; Shubina, L.N., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of cheese paste from whey

Lipatov, N.N.; Dolgikh, Yu. F., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of concentrated milk products

Anonymous, 1967:
Method for the manufacture of dried cheese

Olenev, Yu. A.; Favstova, V.N.; Fil'chakova, N.N., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of dried ice cream mixes

Runge, R.; Schruth, A., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of dried milk from an emulsion with substitute fats

Hanson, E., Sweden, 1964:
Method for the manufacture of dried-milk products

Nava, L.J.; Hutton, J.T.; Shields, J.B.; Kempf, C.A., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of dry milk products

Kunz, G., 1970:
Method for the manufacture of farinaceous products with reduced carbohydrate content

Shields, J.B.; Nava, L.J., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of fat-containing dried milk and cream products

Shields, J.B.; Nava, L.J.; Kempf, C.A., 1969:
Method for the manufacture of fat-containing dried milk and dried cream products

Schlor, R., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of fruit ice cream

Oks, V.I.; Laanoya, V.L.; Peerna, T.K.; Kapp, G.O., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of hard cheese

Schmidt, H.P.F., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of ice cream

Chernov, L.M., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of koumiss

Anon., 1971:
Method for the manufacture of long-life whipping cream in aerosol packs

Nava, L.J.; Palmer, G.M.; Hutton, J.T., 1970:
Method for the manufacture of low density products

Schulz, M.E., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of mould-ripened cheese powder

Chamay, C.J., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of new products

Nakadzima, D.; Kumagaya, R., 1968:
Method for the manufacture of preserved foods

Kuleshova, M.F.; Buzenkova, A.M., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of processed cheese

Pijanowski, E.; Dluzewski, M.; Pacholczyk, Z.; Zmarlicki, S.; Cybulska, H.; Jozwiak, M., 1965:
Method for the manufacture of rapidly ripening quarg using Oospora lactis

Budding, H., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of readily wettable and sinkable dried dairy products

Bratland, A., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of recombined milk or cream

Munns, W.O.; Dutkewych, E., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of rennin

Jung, H.; Furstenau, I., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of sour milk foods

Herwig, O., 1967:
Method for the manufacture of sour-milk cheese

Coca-Cola-Gmbh., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of sponge-like porous dried milk

Schulz, M.E., 1966:
Method for the manufacture of spreadable dry butter

Anonymous, 1966:
Method for the manufacture of sterile flavoured milk

Michels, P., 1964:
Method for the packing of food, particularly cheese, in a material non-permeable to air

Takahashi, M., 1968:
Method for the preparation of a beverage from pearl oyster

Oguro, Y., 1965:
Method for the preparation of a cream-type product using dried skim-milk

Besserezhnov, A.S., 1968:
Method for the preparation of a whey beverage

Anonymous, 1965:
Method for the preparation of cheese

Nagamatsu, N.; Tsutiya, K., 1968:
Method for the preparation of milk beverages containing chlorella

Sagava, K.; Yamaoka, N.; Chujo, T., 1964:
Method for the preparation of multicolour ice cream

Girginov, T.; Velichkova, P.; Krumova, Z., 1966:
Method for the preparation of starter culture in the form of concentrate for the manufacture of White pickled cheese

Chernov, L.M., 1967:
Method for the production of cultured milk products

Levin, F.I., 1964:
Method for the quantitative determination of the organic mass of agricultural crops during the study of the biological cycle of nitrogen and mineral elements

Coolen, W.A.; Hendrickx, G.; D'herde, J.C., 1971:
Method for the quantitative extraction of nematodes from plant tissue and its application in the testing of rose rootstocks for resistance to endoparasitic root nematodes

Maeno, M.; Reki, T.; Ogasa, K., 1964:
Method for the rapid freezing of liquid milk

Ackermann, H.; Engst, R.; Fechner, G., 1968:
Method for the separate determination of trich-lorphon and dischlorphos residues in milk

Anonymous, 1969:
Method for the sterilization of cheese

Antonov, S.F.; Vermel', B.I.; Kosmodem'-Yanskii, Yu. V., 1968:
Method for the sterilization of liquids

Fischer, H.; Fischer, G., 1965:
Method for the sterilization of milk

Poggioli, A.; Gaeta, O.D., 1965:
Method for the sterilization of milk by fractional sterilization

Ainsworth, J.F.; Crawford, D.V., 1965:
Method for the study of a soil profile with a water table

Kling, W.; Huhn, E., 1964:
Method for the surface treatment of soft cheese

Roos, P., 1969:
Method for treating liquid products to make them suitable for freeze-drying

Poel, L.V.D., 1969:
Method for treating tablet-shaped powdery foodstuffs

Kajda, B., 1967:
Method for washing casein

Sansoni, B.; Kracke, W., 1971:
Method for wet-ashing biological materials

Anonymous, 1967:
Method in connection with dairying and plant for carrying out the method

Korobko, P.V., 1971:
Method of accelerated growing of Picea schrenkiana seedlings under plastic in the Trans-Ili Ala-tau

Pupavkina, G.M., 1969:
Method of accumulating Ditylenchus-infected potato tubers

Plotnikov, V.L.; Zalegaller, B.G., 1969:
Method of accurate calculation of motor capacity for circular cross-cut saws

Lambertsen, G.; Braekkan, O.R., 1971:
Method of analysis of astaxanthin and its occurrence in some marine products

Crowther, H.A.H.; Yapp, E.J.; Lisboa, N.P.; Rivers, K.F., 1968:
Method of and apparatus for cleaning and/or sanitizing milking and other equipment

Lambert, D.R.M.; Sharkey, J.M., 1968:
Method of and apparatus for conditioning cheese curd

Lambert, D.R.M.; Sharkey, J.M., 1967:
Method of and apparatus for handling cheese curd

Anonymous, 1965:
Method of and apparatus for the continuous and automatically controlled production of a milk/fat/sugar solution

Peters, L., 1968:
Method of and means for embossment and packaging of cold butter

Mahapatra, I.C.; Bedeker, A.R., 1970:
Method of application of urea on rice

Harvey, P.N., 1964:
Method of applying fertilizer for spring cereals

Fernandes, J., 1971:
Method of applying herbicides on insufficiently prepared soils

Hoffbrand, A.V.; Newcombe, F.A.; Mollin, D.L., 1966:
Method of assay of red cell folate activity and the value of the assay as a test for folate deficiency

Libackij, E.P., 1966:
Method of assessing hop seedlings for yield

Nilov, V.N., 1968:
Method of assessing the water supply of the root systems of young Spruce

Timofeev, V.; Budis, Y.; Kvetkovskii, V., 1970:
Method of assessment of suitable size and siting of dairy farms in agricultural undertakings

Dzalagonija, S.I., 1968:
Method of breeding and botanical description of the new mandarin hybrid Sakartvelo (seedling No. 1)

Surmenjan, G.A., 1964:
Method of breeding and results of variety testing of the winter-wheat cultivar Sevan 40

Lukovnikova, L.A., 1967:
Method of butter manufacture

Frebling, J.; Poly, J.; Poutous, M.; Chambeyron, J., 1967:
Method of calcinating milk production indices. IV. Use of results

Andreev, V.N., 1971:
Method of calculating and mapping the amounts of fodder in the phytomass of the Sub-Arctic

Grigorenko, P.P., 1966:
Method of calculating economic losses from bovine brucellosis

Sijatov, S.G., 1970:
Method of calculating indices of tree increment

Poly, J.; Poutous, M.; Frebling, J., 1965:
Method of calculating milk production indices

Frebling, J.; Poutous, M.; Calomiti, S., 1966:
Method of calculating milk production indices, II. Practical application

Frebling, J.; Poly, J.; Poutous, M.; Chambeyron, J., 1967:
Method of calculating milk production indices, III. Correction factors and their application

Frebling, J.; Poutous, M.; Calomiti, S., 1966:
Method of calculating milk production indices. II. Practical example

Poutous, M.; Grochez, S., 1971:
Method of calculating milk production indices. V. Milk indices for females. Pt 1

Novikov, G.N., 1967:
Method of calculating optimum sizes of brigades and (livestock breeding) farms

Chao, H.S., 1964:
Method of calculating soil porosity from volume weight

Glugla, G., 1969:
Method of calculating the actual moisture content and gravitational flow of water in soil

Gecow, R., 1971:
Method of calculating the optimum density of forest road networks on the basis of management data and prevailing skidding costs

Ondrej, M., 1964:
Method of calculating the strength of genetic linkage in gene interaction

Voropanov, P.V., 1966:
Method of calculating the total productivity of stands when constructing yield tables

Ivanjuta, V.M., 1966:
Method of calculating thinning intensity

Movnin, M.S.; Otarov, A.A., 1968:
Method of calculation for toothed wheels made of wood/resin plastic and compressed wood

Anonymous, 1967:
Method of cheesemaking

Szmidt, A., 1966:
Method of chemical monitoring of the occurrence of certain pests of Pine in tree crowns

Aidinyan, R.Kh., 1966:
Method of clarifying clay-soil suspensions by a specially constructed supercentrifuge

Nemeth, N., 1968:
Method of clonal selection of vine at Pecs and results obtained

Rahimov, K.; Kadyrov, U.Z., 1965:
Method of collecting pancreatic juice in chronic experiments

Tasenov, K.T., 1965:
Method of collecting pancreatic juice in sheep and goats

Borcsok, S., 1969:
Method of comparison of regions

Kajrjukstis, L.; Juodval'kis, A.; Karazija, S.P., 1969:
Method of compiling yield tables for mixed and multi-storeyed stands

Vinogradov, U.V., 1969:
Method of computing rainfall floods characteristics

Przybylski, T., 1968:
Method of conducting provenance trials with Pinus sylvestris from Poland, established by the Institute of Dendrology and Kornik Arboretum

Burnevskij, Ju. I., 1966:
Method of constructing

Zajcev, G.N.; Demidova, S.F., 1969:
Method of constructing scales for evaluating the winter hardiness of woody plants

Baron, P.; Huot, A.; Tremolieres, J., 1968 :
Method of continuous recording of respiratory exchange of the albino rat in a closed circuit

Anonymous, 1970:
Method of continuously coagulating milk, and apparatus for performing the same

Grillio Torrado, J.M.; D.M.slera, B.P.; Perez Arrieta, A., 1967:
Method of controling inactivated vaccines against Newcastle disease by titration of neutralizing antibodies

Korotkov, V.V., 1970:
Method of controlling the pressing of particle boards

Dissescu, R.; Purcelean, S.; Florescu, I.I., 1968:
Method of converting uneven-aged natural forest into selection stands

Scheer, M.; Hartwich, J., 1967:
Method of counting Mycoplasma colonies growing in sym- biosis with bacteria, as applied to porcine strains

Atger, P., 1964:
Method of counting the inclusion bodies of insect viruses

Maruashvili, G.M.; Gordadze, G.N.; Zenaishvili, O.P., 1966:
Method of cultivating hookworm larvae for experimental purposes

Miszke, W.; Skucinska, B., 1967:
Method of culturing higher plant tissues in vitro for use in genetic studies, on the example of carrot

Herlache, H., 1965:
Method of curing cheese in an inspection type container

Damerow, G., 1971:
Method of dairy factory planning

Fakirov, V., 1970:
Method of demarcating and mapping the floodlands along the Danube according to the duration of flooding

Abramova, T.G., 1970:
Method of depicting grasslands according to their ecological-topo-logical and utilization categories on geobotanical maps

Descoings, B., 1971:
Method of describing inter-tropical herbaceous formations by the structure of the vegetation

Salimov, B.; Ernazarov, Z., 1969:
Method of detecting foci of dicrocoeliosis (by examining ants for metacercariae)

Romina, L.I., 1970:
Method of detecting organophospfaorous insecticides in foodstuffs

Azeem Soraya., 1964:
Method of detection of Piricularia oryzae and Helminthosporium oryzae on malt agar

Karpachevskii, L.O.; Kiseleva, N.K., 1969:
Method of determination and some characteristics of CO2 release from soils under broad-leaved-spruce forests

Karpacevskij, L.O.; Kiseleva, N.K., 1969:
Method of determining CO2 evolution from soils, and some features of CO2 evolution under broadleaved/Spruce forests

Chojnacki, W., 1964:
Method of determining accurately the age of underwood and annual height increments in some species of forest trees

Galstyan, A.Sh., 1965:
Method of determining activity of hydrolytic enzymes of soil

Rehak, J., 1964:
Method of determining branch volume

Jolliffe, V.A.; Day, B.E.; Jordan, L.S.; Mann, J.D., 1967:
Method of determining bromacil in soils and plant tissues

Lebedeva, N.G., 1965:
Method of determining chest measurements in sheep

Chow, S.Z.; Hancock, W.V., 1969:
Method of determining degree of cure of phenolic resin

Polovnikov, L.I., 1971:
Method of determining fluctuations in the annual increment of Picea abies in the Ukrainian Carpathians

Kopejkina, T.D., 1968:
Method of determining labour consumption

Bormotov, V.E.; Matrosov B.F.; Savtenko, V.K., 1966:
Method of determining leaf surface area of polyploid sugar beet

Gorlovskij, S.I.; Morozova, S.F., 1967:
Method of determining mineral admixtures in chips and sawdust

Fukel'man, L.M.; Vol'man, L.B., 1968:
Method of determining monuron and diuron in compounds, in the soil and in grapes

Zukov, V.I., 1969:
Method of determining open flowering in wheat

Kaurov, I.A.; Vakula, V.S., 1964:
Method of determining pollen viability of conifer species

Kukharenko, T.A.; Ekaterinina, L.N., 1967:
Method of determining quinoid groups in humic acids

Morozova, A.V., 1968:
Method of determining reserves of available nitrogen in derno-podzolic soils

Grochowski, J., 1969:
Method of determining stand volume with the help of constant true form factors

Pyatnitskii, N.P.; Pyatnitskaya, I.N.; Mkrtchyan, M.M., 1971:
Method of determining the activity of a biopreparation containing rennet

Andreyashkina, N.I., 1971:
Method of determining the aerial biomass of shrubs and subshrubs in the forest-tundra

Pridnja, M.V., 1968:
Method of determining the age of Spruce advance growth in field conditions

Sennov, S.N., 1971:
Method of determining the amount of natural mortality

Karpacevskij, L.O.; Kiseleva, N.K., 1968:
Method of determining the amounts of litter fall, and of litter/humus, in mixed forests

Jakovlev, L.S., 1969:
Method of determining the assembly tension of a cable-type log mover

Chudnyi, A.V., 1971:
Method of determining the clonal identity of Pine grafts

Malakhovskii, A-Ya., 1969:
Method of determining the combining ability of parental pairs for individual selection in dairy cattle breeding

Bac, S.Jr., 1968:
Method of determining the components of the water balance on irrigated fields

Ivanovskij, E.G.; Izraelit, A B Lautner, E.M., 1968:
Method of determining the deformation of wood as it is cut

Ierusalimov, E.N., 1968:
Method of determining the degree of damage to the crown by needle- and leaf-eating insects

Goossens, R., 1964:
Method of determining the economics of pruning Oak

Vissac, B., 1964:
Method of determining the genotypic index of A.I. bulls by the value of their slaughter calves

Ahmatov, K.A., 1966:
Method of determining the heat resistance of plants in field conditions

Florov, R.J., 1967:
Method of determining the mean annual value of entropy of forest sites

Momotov, I.F., 1965:
Method of determining the moisture content of gypseous soils and grounds

Bormotov, V.E.; Savcenko, V.K., 1966:
Method of determining the number of pollen grains of plants per unit weight or volume of pollen

Wedler, W., 1965:
Method of determining the pF value by means of the centrifuge

Nifontova, M.G., 1971:
Method of determining the photosyntheic capacity of leaves of Arctous alpina and Betula nana in forest-tundra conditions

Goren'kov, M.P., 1966:
Method of determining the porosity

Jadrov, A.A., 1969:
Method of determining the reaction of hybrid almond seedlings to thermal factors

Bazzi, B.; Fabbrini, R.; Canale, G., 1964:
Method of determining the residues of the insecticide Cidial in olives

Homenko, E.I., 1968:
Method of determining the technical properties of Poplar wood in variety testing

Zelepuhin, V.D., 1969:
Method of determining the water-retaining power of leaves

Chausov, V.I., 1964:
Method of determining viability of eggs of Hymenolepis nana

Atamanyuk, A.K., 1970:
Method of determining volume weight of soil

Chenost, M.; Jailler, M., 1970:
Method of digestibility in vitro for prediction of feeding value of forages

Gulyaev- Zaitsev, S.S.; Ob"edkov, K.V., 1967 :
Method of dilatometric examination of milk fat

Ito, H.; Ebine, H., 1966:
Method of discrimination between processed cheese and natural cheese

Ververis, A.L., 1969:
Method of distinguishing early- and late-flushing Spruces

Koopmans, H., 1970:
Method of draining cheese curd and of forming cheese

Anonymous, 1965:
Method of enhancing the flavour of dairy dessert

Andreev, N.G., 1965:
Method of establishment and usage of sown pastures in the forest zone

Redemann, C.T., 1968:
Method of estimating 6-ehioropieoIinic acid in soil

Berg, K.; Jentsch, W., 1971:
Method of estimating dry matter in green fodders

Dmiteieva, N.A.; Petrun'kina, A.M.; Homulo, P.S., 1968:
Method of estimating mevalonic acid in urine and its content in urine of healthy people and of patients with atherosclerosis

Clark, D.S., 1965:
Method Of Estimating The Bacterial Population On Surfaces

Kabanov, V.D., 1971:
Method of estimating the meat quality of pigs from the results of deboning the ham

Serdyuk, V.V., 1969:
Method of evaluating the economic loss caused by cysticerciasis of cattle and sheep

Dragavcev, D. v. A.; Dragavcev, D., 1966:
Method of evaluating the role of heredity and environment in the development of characters of trees without the need for a succession of generations

Belenkov, D.A., 1966:
Method of evaluating the toxicity of preservatives by the probability of protection of the wood

Svab, J.; Bakos, Z.; Kiss, T.; Ivanyi, S., M., 1968:
Method of evaluating varieties of flax, hemp and poppy by means of a combined economic index

Sudarikov, V.E.; Shigin, A.A., 1965:
Method of examining strigeid metacer-cariae

Knezevic, M., 1969:
Method of expressing log taper for mechanical conversion

Yamane, I.; Sato, K., 1967:
Method of extracting organic acid from flooded soil

Aidinyan, R.K.; Ivanova, M.S.; Solov'eva, T.G., 1968:
Method of extracting sulphate-sulphur from plants by electrodialysis, and its determination in solution

Wang, T.S.C.Liang, Y.C.; Shen, W.C., 1969:
Method of extraction and analysis of higher fatty acids and triglycerides in soils

Sorensen, O.H.; Hellesen, C., 1967:
Method of extraction and effect on Ca in blood

Streuli, H.; Schwab-Von Buren, H.; Hess, P., 1966:
Method of fat determination in raw and roast coffee

Kalmanson, S.Y.; Zuenkov, A.I., 1967:
Method of feeding and its effect on rate of milking, yield and fat content of milk

Deberdeev, A.A., 1967:
Method of felling a tree, in which one point of the tree moves in a given trajectory

Dudas, F.; Jelinek, K.; Pelikan, M., 1968:
Method of fertilization with nitrogen in relation to yield and quality to winter wheat

Matsumura, Y.; Iwasaki, S., 1965:
Method of fertilizing rice in direct-sowing culture on dry fields

Desal, R.N.; Kumar, D., 1964:
Method of fitting constants and weighted squares of means to study the effect of season of calving on production traits in Murrah buffaloes

Zelent, M., 1970:
Method of fixing machine stocks for inter-circle machine centres based on linear programming

Stengel, M., 1969:
Method of forecasting damage for use in the control of the corn borer in Alsace

Mereminskii, A.I., 1968:
Method of forecasting outbreaks of Fasciola and Parampbistomum infections

Kawana, A., 1966:
Method of forest fertilization. 1

Nelson, F.S., 1967:
Method of formulating frozen dessert

Vyskot, M., 1966:
Method of foundation and evaluation of thinning sample plots

Hackenberg, U.; Kautz, K., 1967:
Method of freeze-drying liquid dairy products

Ogden, R.P., 1967:
Method of freeze-drying liquid milk products

Razmologov, V.P., 1964:
Method of germinating, and some morphological characters of, the pollen of gymnosperms

Barannikov, L.F.; E.A., 1967:
Method of growing highly productive stands with integrated mechanization of all the jobs

Svab, J.; Mandy, G.; Bocsa, I., 1968:
Method of growth analysis by logarithmic function in hemp

Wells, K.F., 1966:
Method of importation of animals from countries in which exotic diseases may be prevalent

Cheng, D.S.; Wan, S.S.; Hsia, Y.J., 1966:
Method of improving sandy soil

Rausing, H.A., 1967:
Method of improving the flavour of milk reconstituted from oxidized milk powder

Lughina, N.N., 1971:
Method of increasing disease resistance and improving seed quality in fibre flax

Lepnev, D.A., 1965:
Method of increasing the effectiveness of fertilizers

Movnin, M.S.; Otarov, A.A., 1968:
Method of increasing the load capacity of toothed wheels made of wood/resin plastic

Nilson, C.-G., 1970:
Method of indicating changes of liquid pressure in a centrifugal separator

Hardwick, R.C., 1972:
Method of investigating genotype environment and other two factor interactions

Alpatkina, R.P., 1968:
Method of investigating the coefficients of moisture conduction of wood

Agre, N.S., 1964:
Method of isolating and culturing thermophilic actinomycetes

Karpenko, N.P.; Karavaev, N.M., 1966:
Method of isolating humic acids by freezing

Taimr, L., 1971:
Method of labelling insects

Leuck, D.B.; Harvey, J.E., 1968:
Method of laboratory screening of peanut germ plasm for resistance to the lesser cornstalk borer

Unger, H.; Wagner, M., 1965:
Method of macroscopic immunofluorescence and the quantitative determination of typified colonies of bacteria

Shifrin, G.A., 1968:
Method of making a food package

Stenn Stenne, P., 1968:
Method of making cheese

Godo Shusei Kk., 1969:
Method of making cheese

Claesson, C.O.; Claesson, E.M.H., 1971:
Method of making cheese

Donay, J.K.; Tahan, V.G., 1964:
Method of making combined fruit yoghurt

Glabe, E., 1964:
Method of making continuous-mix bread

Carswell, D.R.; Hurlburt, J.C., 1970:
Method of making cream cheese

Poarch, A.E., 1965:
Method of making sausage products

Wieren, Wilhelmine H.Van Langberg, J.C., 1966:
Method of making soft unripened curd cheeses

Kocijancic, M.; Kotnik, M., 1968:
Method of making the first and periodic

Goranov, V., 1971:
Method of manufacture and ripening of cows' milk Kachkaval cheese. I. Method of manufacture

Anonymous, 1971:
Method of manufacture of a powder product intended for preparation of 'instant custard' or jellies

Budahn, B.E., 1964:
Method of manufacturing cheese continuously

Inklaar, P.A., 1971:
Method of manufacturing improved meat products of the sausage type and composition thereof

Schuler, R., 1969:
Method of manufacturing milk products

Kuleshova, M.F.; Buzenkova, A.M.; Senkevich, R.M.; Fastovskii, I.S., 1970:
Method of manufacturing processed cheese

Vebteelt-E.Zuivelberichten., 1967:
Method of marking pellets of deep-frozen semen

Berthezene, F.; Mornex, R.; Orgiazzi, J.; Gharib, C., 1971:
Method of measuring absolute uptake of stable iodine in the rat

Ozols, Ya. N., 1971:
Method of measuring dielectric properties of milk and milk products

Rusev, G.; Ivanova, E.; Vankov, K.; Aleksiev, A.I., 1970:
Method of measuring milkability

Zelev, I., 1966:
Method of measuring standing trees without direct measurement of the distance from them and without putting a measuring rod at their base

Pulikowski, Z., 1967:
Method of measuring the efficiency of wood-disintegrating machines in fibre-board production

Aho, K., 1971:
Method of measuring the vibration of chain saws and evaluating the results

Ujhelyi, S.; Balatoni, M., 1966:
Method of mechanical cleaning of milk collecting tankers and its results

Happel, F., 1966:
Method of mechanical milking

Anonymous, 1970:
Method of milk recording of cows

Jensen, V.H., 1966:
Method of milking and a specific teat cup liner

Shakarian, D.D., 1967:
Method of milking cows

Varma, H.P., 1966:
Method of minimising losses in sugarcane yields in April planting

Tabachnikov, V.P.; Krasheninin, P.F.; Onopriiko, A.V., 1970:
Method of moulding and pressing cheese

Ramanauskas, R.I., 1972:
Method of obtaining a coating for protecting the surface of hard cheeses against mould growth during ripening

Meduzov, V.S.; Strakhov, V.V.; Korotkova, V.S., 1972:
Method of obtaining a flour additive for production of milk baby foods

Bryzgin, M.E.; Shal Gina, A.M.; Yaremenko, N.F., 1970:
Method of obtaining a milk protein product for the manufacture of processed cheese

Belova, G.A.; Manenkova, A.I.; Klimovskil, L.; Krasheninin, P.F., 1971:
Method of obtaining a starter culture

Sukhotskene, I.I., 1972:
Method of obtaining an acidified milk drink

Eller, K. A.; Otstavel, A.R.-F.; Villemson, E.Y.; Prangel, E.I.; Vool, K. Ya.; Ellervee, S.N.; Khansen, K. I., 1971:
Method of obtaining butter oil

Korzh, K.P.; Taranik, K.T., 1967:
Method of obtaining cultures of Dictyocaulus filaria larvae

Klement, Zoltan, 1965:
Method of obtaining fluid from the intercellular spaces of foliage and the fluid's merit as substrate for phytobacterial pathogens

Ryzeeva, O.I., 1967:
Method of obtaining linseed varieties with high oil content and resistance to Fusarium wilt

Tashenov, K.T., 1965:
Method of obtaining pancreatic juice from sheep and goats

Kalnin's, A.I.; Svikle, D.J.; Zanderson, J. G., 1967:
Method of obtaining paper size from oleoresin

Chuzhova, Z.P.; Besfamil'naya, G.A., 1968:
Method of obtaining starter for butter manufacture

Sokolova, L.I.; Morozova, N.M.; Ol'shanova, K.M.; Donskaya, G.A., 1972:
Method of obtaining sterilized milk

Snow, R.A., 1964:
Method of packaging cheese curd

Borodina, N.A., 1965:
Method of phenological observations on members of the family Pinaceae

Gimadeev, C.; R.R.fikov., 1964:
Method of planning labour and other inputs in agriculture

Lenka, D.; Gautam, O.P., 1971:
Method of planting for increased grain production of pea (Pisum sativum L. var. arvense Poir.)

Hodyrev, G.A., 1967:
Method of pollination of Indian mustard under Western Siberian conditions

Feng, M.P., 1968:
Method of potash application on paddy rice in Taiwan

Bouat, M., 1968:
Method of potassium application and the potassium nutrition of grapevine

Kuipers, A., J.A.Meggle, 1969:
Method of precipitating casein from milk

Plotnikova, T.A., 1972:
Method of precipitation of humic acids from alkaline solutions

Bedenko, V.F.; Cybukov, V.N., 1967:
Method of predicting resin production in the conditions of the Dolgij Most area, Krasnoyarsk region

Buchheim, W., 1972:
Method of preparation for the electron microscopical study of surface and internal structures of water-soluble powder particles

Chuiko, L.S., 1967:
Method of preparation of hydatid antigen

Gorman, J.M.; Hannah, V.H., 1965:
Method of preparing a dried egg product

Arndt, R.H., Ralston Purina Co., 1972:
Method of preparing a simulated milk product

Arndt, R.H., Ralston Purina Co., 1972:
Method of preparing a simulated skim-milk

Little, L.L., 1968:
Method of preparing acidified dairy products

Moseley, W.K.; Elliker, P.R.; Sandine, W.E., 1967:
Method of preparing creaming composition for dairy products and the resulting product

Simmons, J.R.; Rapport, A., 1969:
Method of preparing food supplement

Segal, S., 1967:
Method of preparing free flowing water-insoluble solid particles

Kvashnina, E.S.; Pekhova, I.L.; Parakin, V.K.; Reshetova, M.G.; Kononyuk, M.V., 1964:
Method of preparing highly active oxy-tetracyclme by surface fermentation on grain substrate

Clark, R.E.; Eckhardt, E.R.; Spence, E.R.; Stribley, R.C., 1965:
Method of preparing liquid infant formula

Genzken, O., 1966:
Method of preparing semen for freezing at a different location using the nitrogen method

Winterberg, A., 1966:
Method of preserving comestibles

Lachowska, H., 1967:
Method of procedure for producing and selecting tetraploid chicory

Ogden, R.P.; Lawson, W.P., 1968:
Method of processing and packaging milk

Thies, K., 1964:
Method of processing ovalbumen

Koopmans, H., 1971:
Method of producing Cheddar

Anonymous, 1969:
Method of producing a container for packaging, and a container produced in accordance with the method

Chandler, A.D., 1964:
Method of producing a fungal immunological response in Guinea Pigs to Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Rubenstein, I., 1970:
Method of producing a gasified frozen confection

Sukhotskene, I.L.; Bernotene, O.P., 1968:
Method of producing a lactic drink from buttermilk

Mykleby, R.W., 1966:
Method of producing a low calcium nonfat dried milk product

Romaskaya, N.N.; Kalmysh, V.C., 1971:
Method of producing beverages from whey

Koopmans, H., 1971:
Method of producing cheese

Laskin, M., 1969:
Method of producing freeze-dried sour cream fruit products

Goodman, A.H.; Pettinato, E.F.; Kroll, A.; Lipka, D.H., 1969:
Method of producing frozen comestibles

Shakhunov, S.E., 1971:
Method of producing hard cheeses

Mikhailina, A.G., 1971:
Method of producing mayonnaise

Kutmina, Z.A.; Panfilova, V.A., 1972:
Method of producing processed cheese

Akhmedov, M.N., 1970:
Method of producing table eggs under the commercial conditions in Uzbekistan

Logginov, V.B., 1970:
Method of protecting the contact between scion and stock ingrafting Spruce

Khramtsov, A.G.; Kravchenko, E.F., 1972:
Method of purifying whey in lactose production

Mihovic, A.I., 1969:
Method of quantitative evaluation of the water-regulating role of forest

Korando, V.A.; V'yunkov, S.M.; Andreev, K.P., 1966:
Method of quarg manufacture

Koenig, R.L., 1968:
Method of ramet establishment affects early cone production in a Loblolly Pine seed orchard

M.Migliori, 1965:
Method of rapid inoculation for studying the resistance of plants to viruses

Neghme, A.; Alfaro, E.; Reyes, H.; Schenone, H., 1967:
Method of rearing T. infestans in the laboratory

Van Den Bruel, W.E.; Bollaerts, D., 1966:
Method of rearing and observation applicable to Pyemotes ventricosus and other mite or insect species of small size

Prusakova, I.R.; Snabel, A.D., 1965:
Method of reducing the bleeding of urea glue

Bouthilet, R.J., 1966:
Method of removing organic material from waste waters

Ewing, S.A., 1965:
Method Of Reproduction Of Babesia Canis In Erythrocytes

Vine, L.A.La, 1966:
Method of revitalizing foodstuff

Sjoholm, C.B.; Martenssen, K.J.G.; Holmgren, M.K., 1966:
Method of salting butter

Anonymous, 1966:
Method of sampling and test for cream

Bourque, S.H., 1968:
Method of screening chemicals for herbicidal and/or synergistic potential

Tramier, R.; Andreoli, C., 1965:
Method of selecting healthy gladioli by in-vitro cultures

Nikitin, V.M.; Vasil'ev, N.I., 1971:
Method of separating cellulose from wood

Rempe, E.K.; Bernard, V.V., 1966:
Method of setting up sterile pot experiments

Pekarskij, D.E.; Cizik, O.P., 1969:
Method of simultaneous estimation of all water spaces

Sundaresan, D.; Pltri, T.R.; Gurnani, M., 1965:
Method of sire evaluation for milk production on Indian farms

Gay-Bellile, F., 1969:
Method of soil management under vines, using chemically controlled cropping with ryegrass in alternate inter-rows

Osipov, G.K.; Jacjuk, M.D., 1965:
Method of spectroscopic quantitative estimation of trace elements in daily rations

Khramtsov, A.G.; Eremin, E.G., 1972:
Method of stabilizing whey proteins

Stewart, A.P., 1966:
Method of sterilization

Brooks, J.W., 1966:
Method of stimulating milk production in animals

Kuwabara, Y., 1968:
Method of storing green tea leaves

Cybul'kin, E.K.; Kapic, I.G.; Andreeva, N.P., 1970:
Method of studying K metabolism in newborn infants

Kurilov, N.V.; Masloboev, A.J.; Sevast'janova, N.A.; Grigorjan, G.S., 1966:
Method of studying absorp-tion in the forestomachs with the aid of polyethylene catheters

Vasilevskaja, L.S., 1966:
Method of studying biliary secretion in the rat while preserving the hepato-intestinal circulation of bile components

Mcalister, R.H., 1969:
Method of studying dimensional movement in wood floors in response to moisture changes

Davidenko, I.A., 1968:
Method of studying soil temperature regime in permanent plot studies in forest

Danjulis, E.P., 1968:
Method of studying the development of uneven-aged stands

Accardi, F., 1966:
Method of studying the fate of foods in the digestive tract of ruminants

Makarenko, A.A., 1970 :
Method of studying the structure of stands

Painter, L.I., 1966:
Method of subjecting growing plants to a continuous soil moisture stress

Graham-Bryce, I.J., 1967:
Method of supplying water to soil at osmotically controlled potentials

Grudev, D.I., 1969:
Method of testing for meat production in pigs

Kruger, H., 1967:
Method of testing herbicides pre-sowing and pre-emergence in plastic containers with sub-irrigation

Bodyagin, E.V.; Leont'eva, N.D., 1968:
Method of testing milk for detecting bovine carriers of salmonellae

Barinova, Ju. V., 1969:
Method of testing the adhesion strength of flexible facing materials to wood

Marrou, J.; Messiaen, C.-M.; Migliori, A., 1967:
Method of testing the state of health of lettuce seeds

Anonymous, 1964:
Method of texturizing soft uncured cheese

Kajrjukstis, L.A., 1964:
Method of thinning broadleaved/Spruce stands

Flickinger, G.D.; Stimpson, E.G., 1969:
Method of treating Cottage cheese curd

Anonymous, 1972:
Method of treating cheese pulp

Anonymous, 1967:
Method of treating low-acid food to improve its keeping properties

Anonymous, 1969:
Method of treating milk or milk products

Vedebura, N.I., 1965:
Method of treatment of lime chlorosis

Trzecki, S., 1968:
Method of undistiurbed soil samples by means of a ring-auger for the determination of low pF values, as used at the Agricultural College in Warsaw

Mazel', Yu. Ya., 1968:
Method of using 45Ca In studying plant nutrition

Olsson, P.B., 1964:
Method of using a recording device with mechanical milkers

Ugolve, B.N.; Krotov, E.; Kuznetsova, T.V., 1971:
Method of using differential shrinkage for monitoring maximum stresses during lumber drying

Pjateckij, G.E Gavrilenko, G.A., 1964:
Method of using explosives for draining forests in

Alpatova, E.F., 1964:
Method of utilizing radioactive phosphorus in a pot experiment. (Preliminary report)

Hansson, H.E.W., A.Tetra Pak, 1969:
Method of vitaminizing protein-containing foodstuffs

Anonymous, 1966:
Method of yoghurt manufacture

Girginov, T.A., 1968:
Method of yoghurt manufacture using freshly isolated strains of bacteria giving a product of improved shelf-life and quality

Alpura, A.G., 1964:
Method of, and apparatus for, controlling the specific gravity of a heat-treated liquid

D.W.ele, M.; Raimond, Y., 1968:
Method off determining magnesium in soil extracts by atomic-absorption photometry

Sevcik, J.; Jurenka, R., 1969:
Method procedure and application of the principles of internal management in (Czechoslovakia) unified agricultural co-operatives

Ekelund, K., 1971:
Method studies as an aid to the functional design of farm buildings

Christ, R.A., 1966:
Method to detect equipment causing injury to fruit

Takacs, J., 1969:
Method to determine specialization in farms

Nath, A.; Mathur, B.K., 1965:
Method to save sugarcane crop from lodging

Maggs, Monica M., 1964:
Method which revolutionised soft cheese

Lange, S., 1967:
Method, content and organization of fire-prevention and fire-fighting instruction in professional and technical forest schools of E. Germany in view of current needs

Szirtes, J., 1970:
Method, with application, for evaluating crude protein content of grass species and populations

Bazin, J.C.; Lancastre, F., 1967:
Methode generale de culture d'helminthes en anaerobiose

Dancesco, P., 1970:
Methode larvosoopique quantitative et qualitative utilisant des boites fermees pour le diagnostic et l'etude de certaines helminthiases veterinaires

Kremer, M., 1965:
Methode nouvelle de recherche des larves filariformes de Strongy- loides stercoralis dans les coprocultures

Eckert, J.; Burger, H.J., 1965:
Methoden zur Gewinnung reiner Stamme von Trichostrongyliden der Hauswiederka uer

Dalmasso, A., 1969:
Methodes de lutte contre un nematode vecteur du courtnoue de la vigne

Graber, M.; Euzeby, J.; Birgi, E., 1971:
Methodes permettant d'evaluer le pouvoir anthelminthique de divers medicaments a l'egard des formes immatures de Fasciola gigantica

Anonymous, 1967:
Methodical basis for economic valuation of land

Falinski, J.B., 1971:
Methodical basis for map of potential natural vegetation of Poland

Naglitsch, F., 1965:
Methodical investigations on the effect of soil arthropods on the humification of organic substances

Demidov, S.F.; Vasil'ev, P.I., 1969:
Methodical principles of planning agriculture

Wodzicki, T.J.; Zajaczkowski, S., 1970:
Methodical problems in studies on seasonal production of cambial xylem derivatives

Berzkaln, O.Ja., 1969:
Methodical problems of accounting, distribu-tion, income and outlay of collective farmers on the basis of sample surveys

Krastin', O.P., 1969:
Methodical problems of determination and use of economic functions in agriculture

Bercks, R., 1966:
Methodical studies on the serological detection of plant pathological viruses with the bentonite flocculation, latex agglutination, and barium sulphate tests

Weisbach, I.; Teklinski, A.; Wozniak, K., 1969:
Methodics of lyophilization and comparative determination of activity of vaccine against fowl pox

Kreeb, K., 1970:
Methodological and ecophysiological investigations of heat resistance, particularly of Eucalyptus spp

Colakov, S.; Todorov, T., 1971:
Methodological and methodical aspects of the economic analysis of the basic funds of irrigation systems

Scholtz, D., 1967:
Methodological and practical problems of farm projections

Schmelz, D.V., 1970:
Methodological approaches in the analysis of Indiana old-growth forests

Monney, R., 1964:
Methodological aspects of choice and replacement of equipment

Prestamburgo, M., 1971:
Methodological aspects of zonal programming in agriculture

Krastev, S., 1969:
Methodological bases for differentiating the purchase prices of plant products according to quality

Soroka, A., 1967:
Methodological basis of price zoning for agricultural production

Partyka, T., 1969:
Methodological basis of wood pricing with special reference to the initial price in a socialist forest economy

Perez, J.S.; Bustamante, J.A.; Trivelli, O., 1964:
Methodological considerations for grain supply programmes: the case of maize in Chile

Pagano Toscano, G., 1969:
Methodological contribution to the mathematico-statistical interpretation of the results of organoleptic tests on meat

Serbanescu, I.; Niculescu, D.; Trandafirescu, T.; E.A., 1965:
Methodological contributions and some problems concerning phosphorus fixation in sandy soils

Fekete, F., 1965:
Methodological essay on assessing differential rents.

Six, L., 1969:
Methodological introduction to the principle of programme planning

Ulrich, B.; Khanna, P.K., 1971:
Methodological investigations on cation contents of the soil solution and Schofield's potentials

Schmuntzsch, S., 1966:
Methodological investigations on parametric optimization

Sandri, I., 1966:
Methodological outlines for periodic investigations on the trends and condition of agriculture

Skiebe, K., 1966:
Methodological possibilities of breeding for protein quality in vegetables

Sollig, V., 1969:
Methodological principles for defining, calculating and determining profitability and their application to crop and livestock production in the development of socialist agriculture towards specialized farms (in East Germany). (Habil-Schr.)

Labenez, W., 1971:
Methodological principles in forecasting agricultural development

Ivanov, S., 1966:
Methodological principles of cost price calculation in agricultural production

Hlebnikov, V.N., 1968:
Methodological principles of valuation of agricultural production and the equivalence of exchange

Anonymous, 1964:
Methodological problems in biology must be worked out more profoundly

Herer, W., 1970:
Methodological problems in capital-output ratio estimation

Gutescu, L., 1964:
Methodological problems in determining final agricultural 'output

Trifonov, P., 1970:
Methodological problems in determining the prospective cost price of agricultural production

Rezny, K., 1968:
Methodological problems in investigating the existence of the class of socialist co-operative farmers in Czechoslovakia

Szende, K., 1966:
Methodological problems in molecular genetics

Saran, R., 1970:
Methodological problems in national economic planning and data needs

Koyacs, G., 1970:
Methodological problems in national economic planning and the provision of basic data (Hungary)

Numata, M., 1971:
Methodological problems in research

Pochon, J.; Tardieux, P.; D'aguilar, J., 1969:
Methodological problems in soil biology

Doukov, N.; Lozanova, Z., 1968:
Methodological problems in the efficiency of investment in agriculture

Guzvin, P., 1967:
Methodological problems of hozrascet in agriculture

Mihailov, M., 1970:
Methodological problems of calculating total efficiency of investment in agricultural mechanization

Onica, P., 1964:
Methodological problems of determining the unfinished production in agriculture

Krutka, S., 1966:
Methodological problems of international comparison of productivity of labour

Dubinin, N.P., 1970:
Methodological problems of modern genetics

Kassirov, L., 1968:
Methodological problems of net income and profitability of agricultural production

Lemesev, M., 1968:
Methodological problems of planning agriculture

Kljukac, A., 1971:
Methodological problems of planning crop yield

Leupolt, M., 1970:
Methodological problems of project evaluation in development planning

Sazima, V.; Tichy, J., 1972:
Methodological problems of projecting the internal organization and management of an enterprise

Coneva, M., 1970:
Methodological problems of the cost price of crops produced on co-operative farms

Emel'janov, A.; Marinko, I., 1965:
Methodological problems of the transition of state farms to full profit and loss accounting

Trifonov, P., 1970:
Methodological problems regarding the cost price of production of co-operative farms by 1975. (The prospective cost price.)

Baghinschi, V.; Brasoveanu, N.; Candela, V., 1965:
Methodological problems relating to the economic efficiency of investments in (Rumanian) agriculture

Hartia, S., 1965:
Methodological problems relating to the economic valuation of land (in Rumania)

Szilagyi, Gy., 1970:
Methodological questions arising out of price scissor calculations

Dukov, N.; Lozanova, C., 1968:
Methodological questions on the efficiency of capital investments in agriculture

Okolo-Kulaks, S., 1964:
Methodological remarks on planning of regional agricultural development

Schubert, E., 1966:
Methodological studies in testing for frost hardiness in fruit trees, with special reference to early selection

Decourtye, L.; Lantin, B., 1971:
Methodological studies in the isolation of induced mutants in apple and pear

Schroeder, M., 1970:
Methodological studies on data from the large-lysimeter installation at Castricum, Netherlands

Brunner, H.; Mikaelsen, K.; Nagl, K.; Konzak, C.F., 1968:
Methodological studies on factors influencing the mutagenic effect of diethyl sulphate in barley

Sator, C.; Bommer, D., 1971:
Methodological studies to distinguish functional from nonfunctional roots of grassland plants. (Ecological studies. Analysis and synthesis. Volume 2)

Pouget, R., 1969:
Methodological study of relative earliness of bud burst in the grape vine

Pouget, R., 1969:
Methodological study of the relative earliness of bud break in vine

Ito, M.; Takagishi, H.; Suzuki, M., 1969:
Methodological study on the detailed soil survey of a mulberry area

Decourtye, L., 1970:
Methodologie in induced mutagenesis and results

Nica, V., 1966:
Methodologie indication for technical economic studies on the long-term development of an agricultural production co-operative

Lukinov, I., 1971:
Methodology and development of pricing

Hoeck, F.V.n Myttenaere, C.; Ringoet, A., 1964:
Methodology and interpretation of experiments on the mineral nutrition of annual plants

Van Hoeck, F.; Myttenaere, C.; Ringoet, A., 1964:
Methodology and interpretation of trials on the mineral nutrition of annual plants

Ley, H., 1965:
Methodology and philosophy in modern genetics

Coppock, C.E.; Natzke, R.P.; Everett, R.W.; Merrill, W.G., 1970:
Methodology and procedures in field trials in dairy science

Becker, M., 1971:
Methodology and reliability of long-term wood-demand forecasts

Gillies, P.A.; Womeldorf, D.J., 1968:
Methodology employed in the California mosquito larvicide resistance surveillance program

Vrejba, S., 1968:
Methodology for establishing economic analysis of poultry breeding units

Plaunt, D.H., 1966:
Methodology for evaluating economic theories

Silverstein, R.M.; Rodin,; Wood, D.L., 1967:
Methodology for isolation and identification of insect pheromones with reference to studies on California five-spined Ips

Navalihina, N.K., 1965:
Methodology for obtaining tetraploids of red clover Trifolium pratense L.) by means of colchicine

Burley, J., 1969:
Methodology for provenance trials in the tropics

Mckinley, W.P.; Mccully, K.A., 1967:
Methodology for the determination of pesticide residues. Part I

Silvetti, E.; Brunelli, B., 1969:
Methodology for the genetic investigation of egg-plant varieties

Silvetti, E.; Grillo, G.; Giovannelli, G., 1968:
Methodology for the genetic study of tomato and pepper varieties

Merrell, D.J., 1965:
Methodology in behavior genetics

Samojlov, N.P., 1964:
Methodology in breeding cotton for earliness

Zoz, N.N.; Makarova, S.I., 1964:
Methodology of application of chemical mutagens in plant breeding

Scheinberg, E., 1968:
Methodology of computer genetics research

Hashmi, S.A., 1967:
Methodology of development planning for underdeveloped countries with special reference to Pakistan

Kruijer, G.J., 1964:
Methodology of evaluation research

Bleasdale, J.K.A., 1967:
Methodology of experimental agriculture-5. Systematic designs for spacing experiments

Malinin, B.M., 1964:
Methodology of improving wilt resistance in cotton

Berezin, V.P.; Ryzhaya, A.M., 1968:
Methodology of laying down experiments in the chemical weeding of fibre flax from the air

Anonymous, 1965:
Methodology of plant eco-physiology. Proceedings of the Montpellier symposium

Medeiros, A.G., 1967:
Methodology of research to study resistance of cacao to Phytophthora palmivora (Butl.) Butl

Kanbur, M.G.; Neudecker, H., 1966:
Methodology of spatial equilibrium models of the rice economy of South India

Stojuskin, I.A.; Zolotarev, M.P., 1966:
Methodology of studies on the physico-mechanical properties of the grape bunch

Krippl, J., 1968:
Methodology of the evaluation of breeding value

Gebhardt, H.; King, M.T.; Meyer, B., 1969:
Methodology of the fluorescent X-ray spectro- graphic analysis of soils and of pedo- and lithogenic clays and rocks

Barth, R., 1970:
Methodology of the regulation of production

Bohman, V.R.; Lesperance, A.L., 1967:
Methodology research for range forage evaluation

Rastokin, P., 1964:
Methodology to determine an optimum fodder base for agricultural production co-operatives and state farms

Pekkarinen, M., 1970:
Methodologyin the collection of food consumption data

Cistjakov, A.R.; Uspenskij, E.I., 1967:
Methods and accuracy of assessing conifer advance growth when marking out coupes

Fajersson, F., 1966:
Methods and achievements in Swedish wheat breeding

Schapper, T., 1970:
Methods and agricultural policy

Weniger, J.H.; Steinhauf, D., 1969:
Methods and aims of bull beef production in Germany with special reference to quality

Budhahn, B.E., 1972:
Methods and apparatus for continuous manufacture of cheese

Millhollon, R.W., 1970:
Methods and benefits of weed control in sugarcane

Anonymous, 1967:
Methods and costs of distributing agricultural products

Sundhoff, E., 1967:
Methods and costs of distribution of poultry, eggs and dairy products (in West Germany). (Forsch.-Ber. Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen No. 1886.)

Pawelska, K., 1964:
Methods and criteria for selection of plants in breeding beets resistant to and tolerant of beet eelworm (H. schachtii Schmidt)

Lazurskii, A.V.; Labedinskaya, V.N., 1969:
Methods and dates for applying mineral fertilizers to winter wheat grown in the forest steppe zone of the Ukraine

Lazurskii, A.V.; Lebedinskaya, V.N., 1969:
Methods and dates of application of mineral fertilizers for winter wheat in the Ukrainian wooded steppe

Sund, J.M.; Barrington, G.P.; Scholl, J.M., 1966:
Methods and depths of sowing forage grasses and legumes

Chudnovskii, A.F., 1968:
Methods and devices for measuring moisture, evaporation and available wet ratio of soil based on the analysis of its heat regime

Greben', G.L.; Babkin, V.P., 1966:
Methods and devices for recording individual milk yields and for milk sampling

Anonymous, 1965:
Methods and effects of weed control

Berntsen, R., 1971:
Methods and equipment for spraying in hillside orchards

Mackevic, D.D., 1965:
Methods and equipment for the automatic counting and measurement of timber in floating

Nordby, A., 1969:
Methods and equipment for the control of grey mould (Botrytis cinerea) on strawberries

Horvath, M., 1968:
Methods and experience in (Hungarian) agricultural regional accounting

Schmidt, K.; Konen, J., 1967:
Methods and first experiences of the machine processing of the results of cost calculations in the production co-operatives in the Rostock district

Sermer, A., 1968:
Methods and formulas for the determination of soil evaporation and soil moisture content from hydrometeorological data

Mehner, A., 1969:
Methods and importance of official laying tests for hens

Molnar, M.; Frank, M.; Osvath, G., 1969:
Methods and importance of the collection of human milk at blood banks

Muraro, S.J., 1967:
Methods and needs for evaluating performance of prescribed fires

Guinard, A., 1971:
Methods and objectives of an economic approach in the preparation of agricultural development projects

Maton, A., 1965:
Methods and objectives of the scientific study of work in agriculture

Pevetz, W., 1968:
Methods and organization of agricultural policies in Switzerland and in the EEC member countries

Grobbecker, K., 1964:
Methods and organization of the machinery use on a co-operative, loan or hire basis

Seip, H.K., 1964:
Methods and possibilities of long-term forecasts in forest management

Spasov, S., 1968:
Methods and practices for hybrid melon-seed production

E.N.Koshkelova., 1964:
Methods and preliminary results of works on the study of the causal agent of Fusarium wilt of Cotton at the Institute of Botany, Acad. Sci., TSSR

Constantinescu, G., E.Al., 1967:
Methods and principles for determining the suitability of a region for viticulture and the choice of appropriate vine varieties

Nigmatullin, F.G., 1967:
Methods and principles of breeding barley at the Pamir Biological Station

Andersen, F.L.; Levine, N.D., 1967:
Methods and problems in microenvironmental measurements

Johnstone, D.R., 1965:
Methods and problems of aerial spraying. Proc

W.H.Read, 1965:
Methods and problems of glasshouse spraying

Jarchow, G., 1970:
Methods and problems of measurement in the quantitative evaluation of tariff policies

Koenig, Renate., 1971:
Methods and problems of virus testing in ornamental plants

Burton, J.E., 1964:
Methods and problems of weed control along highways

Schmidl, L., 1968:
Methods and problems related to the control of ragwort (Senecio jacobaea L.) in the flowering stage

Vasilenko, I.I., 1971:
Methods and prospects of breeding high-yielding short-strawed varieties of wheat

Campbell, G.K.G.; Russell, G.E., 1967 :
Methods and results in breeding of sugar beets for resistance to virus yellows and nematodes in England

Cleij, G., 1967:
Methods and results in breeding of sugar beets for resistance to virus yellows in the Netherlands

Petrov, P., 1967:
Methods and results in breeding winter barley

Dekaprelevic, L.L., 1964:
Methods and results of Phaseolus breeding in Georgia

Sievers, E., 1967:
Methods and results of a test concerning a plant-active content of growth-retarding substances in grafting waxes and paraffins

Slinin, A.A., 1965:
Methods and results of breeding fibre flax

Pollhamer, E., 1968:
Methods and results of breeding for mildew resistance in barley

Ivarnenko, A.N., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding hybrids for maize sowing in northern districts

Dyulane Chapodi Csapody, Gy.-Ne., 1968:
Methods and results of breeding monogerm varieties of sugar beet in Hungary

Sokolov, I.T., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding oats

Vlasova, N.S., 1965:
Methods and results of breeding perennial herbage plants

Al'smik, P.I., 1966:
Methods and results of breeding potatoes for increased dry matter content

Garkavyj, P.F., 1964:
Methods and results of breeding spring barley in the steppe zone of the Ukrainian SSR

Fradkina, D.L.; Kazachenko, R.F., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding sugar beet for resistance to Peronospora farinosa

Lavrinenko, A.P.; Khovanskaya, K.N., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding sugar beet for resistance to black leg and storage rot at the L'vov Experimental Breeding Station

Stehlova, A.D., 1965:
Methods and results of breeding sugar beet for resistance to bolting

Stepanenko, G.S.; Getts, B.V., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding sugar beet for resistance to powdery mildew in the Kirgiz SSR

Mazlumov, A.L.; Popova, I.V., 1969:
Methods and results of breeding sugar-beet varieties immune to storage rot

Udol'skaja, N.L.; Bannikov, G.L., 1966:
Methods and results of breeding work on spring wheat

Didus', V.I., 1967:
Methods and results of breeding work undertaken by Academician V. Ya. Yur'ev

Rabinovich, V.M.; Vlasyuk, I.I.; Yatsenko, Y. L., 1968:
Methods and results of breeding work with perennial herbage plants in the Ukraine

Savvicev, K.I., 1965:
Methods and results of breeding yellow fodder lupin

Kalinke, H., 1965:
Methods and results of economic investigations and the conclusions relevant to farm management

Daunicht, H.J., 1966:
Methods and results of experiments on the effects of CO2 concentration on vegetable crops

Lucam, F.; Fedida, M.; Dannacher, G., 1970:
Methods and results of fifteen years' official testing of foot and mouth disease vaccines in France

Grossmann, H., 1967:
Methods and results of increment determinations within the framework of continuous large-scale forest surveys

Khangil'din, V.K.; Biktimirov, A.N., 1969:
Methods and results of maize breeding

Stegmann, H., 1964:
Methods and results of measuring labour productivity in agricultural production co-operatives

Kozlovskij, A.I.; Steklova, A.D.; Semencova, T.N., 1968:
Methods and results of monogerm sugar beet breeding in White Russia

Khangil'din, V.K.; Khangil'din, V.V., 1969:
Methods and results of pea breeding

Schuster, W., 1970:
Methods and results of quantitative estimation of minerals in the juvenile skeleton

Steinberg, B., 1970:
Methods and results of soil cultivation experiments in viticulture

Verderevskij, D.D.; Kvopis, E.P.; Smykov, V.K., 1965:
Methods and results of studying varietal susceptibility to Cytospora dieback in apricot. (Vines and fruit crops.)

Kozubenko, V.E., 1965:
Methods and results of work in maize breeding

Sokolov, B.P., 1967:
Methods and results of work on breeding and seed production

Sokolov, B.P., 1967:
Methods and results of work on breeding cold-resistant hybrids

Kosmodem'janskij, V.N., 1965:
Methods and results of work on breeding tobacco for resistance to downy mildew (Peronospora tabacina Adam. (Technological crops.)

Neitzel, K., 1969:
Methods and significance of aphid control with regard to haulm destruction and virus reduction in seed Potatoes

Kunakbaev, S.A., 1969:
Methods and some results of breeding work with winter rye

Thomasius, H., 1968:
Methods and tasks of silvicultural research, past and present

Savolainen, R., 1967:
Methods and technical conditions of logging in the logging year 1966-67

Gajewski, J., 1972:
Methods and techniques applied for working out detailed plans of farm organization in Poland

Miller, J.C.; Fontenot, J.F., 1964:
Methods and techniques for breeding the Irish potato

Delhaye, R.J., 1968:
Methods and techniques for the breeding of pyrefhrum (C. cinerariaefolium Vis.)

Garcia Nuno, J.J., 1966:
Methods and techniques in leaf analysis. 1. Perchloric acid in the digestion of samples. A new collecting apparatus for the gases arising from the process

Ersov, L.A.; Bojcova, T.D., 1966:
Methods and times of grafting Scots Pine, Norway Spruce and Larch in the Archangel forests, N. taiga zone

Jakobsen, J., 1971:
Methods and value of soil sampling for determination of population size of Heterodera avenae in fields

Jakobsen, J., 1971:
Methods and value of soil sampling for determining the population size of Heterodera avenae in fields

Nisula, P., 1967:
Methods applicable to the measuring of the solid volume of timber by means of its density

Hultnas, C.A., 1968:
Methods applied to recording of fertility in Swedish cattle breeding. A short survey

Haider, A., 1967:
Methods applied to survey of Pine forests in Honduras C.A

Jakubac, J.M., 1966:
Methods borrowed from agriculture aid turnpike maintenance

Grandjouan, G., 1965:
Methods employed in Sologne to characterize the ecology and productivity of sites by their weed floras

Barring, U., 1967:
Methods employed in planting Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris on farm land in southern and central Sweden

Ruiz Castro, A., 1964:
Methods for analyzing phytotherapeutic products. VI. Formulations with sulphur (2nd note)

Braun, O.H.; Dehnert, J.; Gedek, B.; Haenel, H.; Hoffmann, K.; Kienitz, M.; Knothe, H.; Mayer, J.B.; Mossell, D.A.A.; Reploh, H.; Reuter, G.; Seeliger, H.P.R.; Werner, H., 1967:
Methods for and results of bacteriological tests on faeces

Neitzel, K., 1969:
Methods for and the importance of the determination of aphid populations in connection with the destruction of the haulms to reduce virus infection in seed potatoes

Thrasher, D.M.; Scott, V.B.; Hansard, S.L., 1966:
Methods for anemia prevention in suckling pigs

Rajhathy, T.; Dyck, P.L., 1964:
Methods for aneuploid production in common oats, Avena sativa

Fetisov, V.I., 1966:
Methods for anthelmintic treatment of dicrocoeliasis in sheep

Minich, A.N., 1969:
Methods for applying Nitrofoska to oats on derno-podzolic soil

Kuvshinova, O.P.; Bashmurov, N.A.; Shmakov, S.P., 1970:
Methods for applying mineral fertilizers to potatoes

Volodos', A.A., 1970:
Methods for applying mineral fertilizers to sugar-beet

Good, J.M., 1969:
Methods for applying nematicides and soil fumigants

Alves, A.; Forster, R.; Gregori, R., 1967:
Methods for applying the herbicides diuron and trifluralin to cotton crops

Logten, M.J.Van, 1972:
Methods for assessing permissible levels of intentional and unintentional food additives and the consequences for human beings when these levels are exceeded

Baghinschi, V., 1968:
Methods for assessing the economic limit of milk production in dairy cows (Rumania)

Niemczyk, E.; Lech, W., 1969:
Methods for assessing the effectiveness of bacterial preparations for the control of Lepidopterous larvae in orchards

Kenten, R.H.; Lego, J.T., 1970:
Methods for assessing the tolerance and resistance of different types of Cocoa to Cocoa swollen-shoot virus

Dixon, G.R.; Doodson, J.K., 1970:
Methods for assessing varietal resistance to some major diseases of vegetable, fodder and herbage crops

Reynolds, J.D., 1966:
Methods for assessing vining pea varieties in field trials

Sainclivier, M.; Buttiaux, R.; Desez, A.; Jarrousse, R.; Petransxienne, D.; Portmann, A.; Serres, L.; Veisseyre, R., 1969:
Methods for bacteriological examination of butter

Sudachkova, N.E.; Osetrova, G.; Varaksina, T.N., 1971:
Methods for biochemical investigations on the vegetative organs of conifers

Belov, N.; Krasnopivcev, A., 1971:
Methods for calculating cost price of agricultural production are to be 'perfected

Denisov, V.I., 1968:
Methods for calculating differential land rent

Skromanis, A., 1971:
Methods for calculating relationships and evaluating results of study of milk accumulation in the alveolar and cisternal compartments of the udder

Lafrance, J., 1970:
Methods for catching wireworms (Coleoptera: Elateridae) in organic soils of southwestern Quebec

Shirling, E.B.; Gottlieb, D., 1966:
Methods for characterization of Streptomyces species

Bykov, O.D., 1969:
Methods for complex studies in photosynthesis

Vigodsky, Hillela., 1969:
Methods for controlling Sclerotinia rot of Gerbera and studies on the disease cycle in Israel

Ershova., 1969:
Methods for controlling bracken

Lancaster Jr.; J.L.; Simco, J.S., 1967:
Methods for controlling horn flies on cattle

Trunov, G.A., 1969:
Methods for controlling smut in Onion seedlings

Cerna, E.; Hladikova, Z.; Peterkova, L., 1970:
Methods for controlling the manufacture of dried whey

Trolldenier, G., 1968:
Methods for counting soil bacteria by fluorescent microscopy

Nikolaevskii, V.G., 1971:
Methods for counting stomata in grass leaves

Fedotova, T.I.; Glukhovtseva, N.I., 1971:
Methods for creating complex resistant vars. of spring Wheat for the central Volga area

Sethi, S.L.; Swenson, K.G., 1967:
Methods for culturing root aphids on woody plants

Arkhipov, G.E., 1970:
Methods for decreasing pea moth incidence

Belyaeva, V.B., 1966:
Methods for decreasing the harmfulness of root rot of Cucumber in greenhouses

Lustinec, J.; Resing, W.L., 1965:
Methods for delimitation of the flow area by micro-tapping and radio-isotopes

Munro, D.D., 1969:
Methods for describing distribution of soundwood in mature Western Hemlock trees

Kott, S.A., 1968:
Methods for destroying scentless mayweed

Hrdy, I., 1971:
Methods for detecting and measuring resistance in arthropods to chemical treatments

Herrmann, J.E.; Cliver, D.O., 1968:
Methods for detecting food-borne enteroviruses

Strzalkowska-Domanska, Marta, 1964:
Methods for detecting starter failures caused by bacteriophages

Wickens, G.M., 1964:
Methods for detection and selection of heritable resistance to Fusarium wilt of cotton

Fink, M.A.; Feller, W.F.; Sibal, L.R., 1968:
Methods for detection of antibody to the mammary tumour virus

Kartashova, V.M., 1969:
Methods for detection of causative organisms in milk in cases of food poisoning

Karg, H., 1968:
Methods for determination of hormone residues in animal products

Omomo, Y.; Saiki, M., 1964:
Methods for determination of iodine-131 in fresh milk

Bragg, D.B.; Ivy, C.A.; Stephenson, E.L., 1969:
Methods for determining amino acid availability of feeds

Radov, A.S.; Filippova, K.M., 1970:
Methods for determining available phosphorus in chestnut and pale chestnut soils of the Volgograd region

Hornicke, H., 1966:
Methods for determining body composition in the live animal

Geraizade, A.P.; Chudnovskii, A.F., 1970:
Methods for determining coefficient of moisture transfer in some soil types of the Azerbaidzhan SSR, and the nature of changes in the coefficients

Pavlik, J., 1971:
Methods for determining costs and yields in ornamental plant production under glass

Shtoiko, D.A.; Andrusenko, I.I., 1971:
Methods for determining dates of sugar beet irrigations

Pelloux, P.; Dabin, B.; Fillman, G.; E.A., 1971:
Methods for determining exchangeable cations and cation-exchange capacity in soils

Venter, F., 1970:
Methods for determining fungitoxicity of calcium cyanamide in vitro

Erk, G.; Eisold, S.; Mahr, E., 1966:
Methods for determining inter-farm co-operative prices in livestock husbandry

Stehlik, K., 1968:
Methods for determining irrigation requirements

Yoshino, U.; Nisizawa, S.; Yamauchi, K.; Tsugo, T., 1968:
Methods for determining lactose in cheese and the lactose content in different types of cheese

Behringer, P., 1971:
Methods for determining pathotypes in potato nematode

Kossmann, K., 1970:
Methods for determining phenmedipham residues in plant material

Noble, L.W.; Robertson, O.T., 1964:
Methods for determining pink bollworm populations in blooms

Pyanovskaya, L.P., 1967:
Methods for determining protein in milk

Parodi, P.W., 1972:
Methods for determining the authenticity of modified milkfats

Grubb, Hanne England, Agnete, 1966:
Methods for determining the content of preservative in cheese rennet and preserved fruit for yoghurt manufacture

Stanescu, Z.; Covaci, M., 1967:
Methods for determining the degree of ploidy in sugar beet

Porodenko, V.V., 1972:
Methods for determining the incubation period of the causal agent of Wheat stem rust

Shiyatyi, E.I.; Lavrovskii, A.B., 1971:
Methods for determining the mechanical stability of structural units during the study of erosion of soil by wind

Mccasland, W.E.; Richardson, L.R., 1966:
Methods for determining the nutritive value of feather meals

Dirlbek, J., 1971:
Methods for determining the presence of soil pests (wire-worms-soil samples)

Weniger, J.H.; Steen, U., 1968:
Methods for determining the protein content of milk

Grushevaya, T.N., 1969:
Methods for determining the reserve of available phosphates in experiments with high rates of phosphorus fertilizers

Saluns'ka, N.I.; Shkodenko, V.I., 1969:
Methods for determining the resistance of Maize cobs to blister smut

Spesivtseva, N.A., 1969:
Methods for determining the toxicity of foodstuffs and fungi isolated from them

Yunusov, S., 1967:
Methods for determining toxicity of grain fodder infected with fungi from the genus F

Jacer, F.C.; Vles, R.O., 1970:
Methods for determining vitamin E requirement in ducklings. 1. Myopathy in-vitro haemolysis and leucocyte count

Jager, F.C.; Verbeek-Raad, J.A., 1970:
Methods for determining vitamin E requirement in ducklings. 2. Myopathy, serum enzymes and serum proteins

Niemann, E., 1969:
Methods for determining water conditions on the site of the plant

D.Pisani, A.L., 1970:
Methods for determining water requirements

Udovenko, G.V., 1970:
Methods for diagnosing plant resistance to drought, heat, soil salinity and frost

Steinberger, J., 1970:
Methods for differentiating wheat varieties in the laboratory

Manabe, A., 1966:
Methods for discriminating the height growth pattern by multivariate analysis and its application to soil study of Todo Fir plantations

Vyrmaskin, B.N., 1970:
Methods for disinfecting Barley seed against loose smut

Anderson, John R., 1964:
Methods for distinguishing nulliparous from parous flies and for estimating the ages of Fannia canicularis and some other cyclorraphous Diptera

Petkov, A., 1965:
Methods for economic appraisal of the structure of sown areas on socialist agricultural enterprises

Fedorinchik, N.S., 1968:
Methods for enriching soil with the saprophytic fungus T. viride, an antagonist to pathogenic micro-organisms

Kozak, A., 1970:
Methods for ensuring additivity of biomass components by regression analysis

Chisci, G.-C., 1964:
Methods for establishing meadows

Nica, V., 1968:
Methods for establishing trends in production in agricultural co-operatives with facilities for extending irrigated areas (Rumania)

Tortuero Cosialls, F.; Garcia Perez, M.S., 1971:
Methods for estimating carotenoids in fresh lucerne

Rasch, D., 1970:
Methods for estimating the genetic time trend in cattle

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