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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14563

Chapter 14563 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Dabev, D.; Struck, H., 1971:
Microliter determination of free hydroxyproline in blood serum

Ash, W.J., 1966:
Micromelia--a lethal mutation in White Pekin ducks

Kaneseki, S., 1968:
Micrometeorological conditions in the small tunnel-like covering

Uchijima, Zenbei, 1966:
Micrometeorological evaluation of integral exchange coefficient at foliage surfaces and source strengths within a corn canopy

Barr, S.; Jankus, E.V., 1965:

E.P.Van Arsdel., 1965:
Micrometeorology and plant disease epidemiology

Mikac-Dević, D., 1969:
Micromethod for copper determination in serum and urine with 1,5-diphenylcarbohydrazide

Tsitovich, I.K.; Kuz'menko, E.A., 1968:
Micromethod for detecting 2,4-D-sodium in the soil after concentration on an ion-exchange resin

Karpaceva, V.A., 1964:
Micromethod for estimation of carotene and vitamin A in whole blood

Goodwin, J.F., 1971:
Micromethod for measuring pentoses by use of an aniline reagent

Weicker, H., 1968:
Micromethod for the chromatographic estimation of amino acids

Martinek, R.G., 1965:
Micromethod for the determination of uric acid in biological fluids

Martinek, R.G., 1965:
Micromethod for the estimation of xylose in serum and urine

Yoshida, A., 1965:
Micromethod for the quantitative determination of L-alanine

Fabianek, J.; DeFilippi, J.; Richards, T.; Herp, A., 1968:
Micromethod for tocopherol determination in blood serum

Rogers, W.P., 1964:
Micromethods for the study of leucine aminopeptidase

Yaalon, D.H., 1965:
Microminerals and micromineralogy

Szatalowicz, F.T.; Blenden, D.C.; Parker, C.L., 1969:
Micromodification of the Ouchterlony gel diffusion precipitin technique

Aravivsky Araviiskii, A.N., 1968:
Micromonospora in the discharges from giant ulcers in systemic mycosis

Dobrovol'skii, V.V., 1964:
Micromor-phological effects of metasomatic and colloidal phenomena during hypergenesis

Romashkevich, A.I., 1964:
Micromor-phological indications of the processes associated with the formation of the krasnozems (red earths) and the red-coloured crust of weathering in the Trans-caucasus

Babel, U., 1964:
Micromorphclogical investigations on the decomposition of lignified tissues in soil

Andreeva, N.P., 1969:
Micromorpho- logy of soils of a northern slope of the Kirghiz mountain chain

Cantarino, M.L., 1969:
Micromorpho-logical changes due to earthworms in a soil supplied with different amounts of organic matter

Buck, M.W.Von., 1967:
Micromorpho-logical investigations of structure elements and siliceous accumulations in older volcanic soils of the Colllpulli Series, Frontera (Southern Chile)

Morozova, T.D., 1965:
Micromorpho-logical properties of frozen straw-coloured soils of central Yakutia in connexion with frost action

Polnykov, V.V., 1964:
Micromorpho-logical structure of serozems

Rode, O.D.; Myagkova, A.D., 1968:
Micromorphological and mineralogical characteristics of some soils of the Gegam Highlands of Armenia

Coninck, F.D.Righi, D., 1969:
Micromorphological aspects of podzolization in the forest of Rambouillet

Schmid, R.; Liese, W., 1964 :
Micromorphological changes in the cell-wall structure of Beech and Spruce wood attacked by Polyporus versicolor

Gillesple, J.E.; Elrick, D.E., 1968:
Micromorphological characteristics of an Oneida soil profile

Gagarina, E.I., 1967:
Micromorphological characteristics of derno-carbonate and derno-podgozolic soils on carbonate-moraine

Kowalinski, S.; Pons, L.J.; Slager, S., 1972:
Micromorphological comparison of three soils derived from loess in different climatic regions

Labib, F.; Stoops, G., 1970:
Micromorphological contribution to the knowledge of some alluvial soils in the U.A.R. (Egypt)

Andronikov, V.L.; Yarilova, E.A., 1968:
Micromorphological diagnostics of solonetzic soils in the southern chernozem zone

Morozova, T.D., 1965:
Micromorphological features of pale-yellow permafrost soils of Central Yakutia in connexion with cryogenesis

H.Eswaran, 1972:
Micromorphological indicators of pedogenesis in some tropical soils derived from basalts from Nicaragua

Dobrovol'skii, G.V.; Shoba, S.A., 1972:
Micromorphological investigation of secondary pod-zolic soil by the electron scanning microscope

Borchert, H., 1965:
Micromorphological investigations on soil profiles in eastern Bavaria

Altemuller, H.J.; Klinge, H., 1964 :
Micromorphological investigations on the development of podzols in the Amazon basin

Szabo, I.; Klimes-Szmik, A.; Egerszegi, S., 1970:
Micromorphological method of determining the optimum depth of placing organic manure in sandy soils

Borchert, H., 1964:
Micromorphological observations on reclaimed soils

Barratt, Beryl, C., 1968:
Micromorphological observations on the effects of land use differences on some New Zealand soils

Kawai, K., 1969:
Micromorphological studies of andosols in Japan

Berg, R.; Taher, E.-S., 1969:
Micromorphological studies on the coronary vessels of the buffalo (Bos/bubalus/bubalis L.) I. Micromorphology of the coronary arteries in buffalo-fetuses

Taher, E.S.; Berg, R., 1969:
Micromorphological studies on the coronary vessels of the camel (Cameras dromedarius)

Matsui, T., 1966:
Micromorphological studies on the so-called heavy soils in Hokkaido. 1. Impregnation method of heavy soils

Eswaran, H., 1967:
Micromorphological study of a cat-clay soil

Szendrei, G., 1970:
Micromorphological study of alkali (szik) soils of the Kiskimsag

Ghitulescu, N.; Stoops, G., 1970:
Micromorphological study of biological activity in some soils of the Dobrudja (Rumania)

Ghitulescu, N., 1971:
Micromorphological study of some soils of the Cilnistea Plain (Romania)

Jeanson, C., 1967:
Micromorphological study on chemical migration In artificial soil

Krause, W., 1964:
Micromorphological technique in investigating undried groundwater soils

Karpachevskii, L.O.; Shleinis, R.I., 1966:
Micromorphology and chemical characteristics of soils of spruce forests and oak woods of central Lithuania

Karpacevskij, L.O.; Slejnis, R.I., 1966:
Micromorphology and chemical features of the soils of Spruce and Oak forests in central Lithuania

Gagarina, E.I., 1969:
Micromorphology and chemico-mineralogical composition of the clayey fractions of some derno-carbonate soils of the northern Taiga

Parfenova, E.L.Mochalova, E.F.; Titova, N.A., 1964:
Micromorphology and chemism of humus-clay new-formations in gray forest soils

Jeanson, C., 1964:
Micromorphology and experimental soil zoology; contribution to the study, by means of giant-sized thin sections, of earthworm-produced artificial soil structure

Jongerius, A.; Bonfils, C.G., 1964:
Micromorphology of a black grumusolic soil of the Entre Rios province

Palan, J., 1965:
Micromorphology of aggregates of alluvial meadow soils in the Labe valley

Zaikina, I.N.; Mackevic, N.V., 1965:
Micromorphology of different polyploid series in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mayen

Kubiena, W.L., 1971:
Micromorphology of polygeneric soils and palaeosols in polar regions

Blevins, R.L.; Holowaychuk, N.; Wilding, L.P., 1970:
Micromorphology of soil fabric at tree root-soil interface

Blevins, R.L., 1968:
Micromorphology of soil fabric at tree root/soil interface

Pain, C.F., 1971:
Micromorphology of soils developed from volcanic ash and river alluvium in the Kokoda Valley, Northern District, Papua

Stoops, G., 1968:
Micromorphology of some characteristic soils of the Lower Congo (Kinshasa

Barratt, B.G., 1971:
Micromorphology of some intrazonaJ soils of New Zealand

Dhir, R.P., 1971:
Micromorphology of some soils of the north western Himalayas

Slager, S.; Jongmans, A.G.; Pons, L.J., 1970:
Micromorphology of some tropical alluvial clay soils

Frei, E., 1964:
Micromorphology of some tropical mountain soils

Barratt, B.C., 1971:
Micromorphology of some zonal soils of New Zealand

Greaves, H., 1969:
Micromorphology of the bacterial attack of wood

Marion, G.B.; Gier, H.T.; Choudary, J.B., 1968:
Micromorphology of the bovine ovarian follicular system

Meyer, B.; Kalk, E., 1964:
Micromorphology of the weathering of mineral species in Holocene soils, developed from loose sediments of the Pleistocene and Holocene, in central Europe

Geyger, E., 1964:
Micromorphometric investigations on the effect of certain plant associations on structure formation in soil. Grassland associations in the flood zone of the upper Elbe near Hamburg

Kubiena, W.; Beckmann, W.; Geyger, E., 1964:
Micromorphometric studies of soil pores

Lavy, T.L., 1968:
Micromovement mechanisms of s-triazines in soil

Sevcov, V.M., 1970:
Micromutations and macromutations in oats and barley. (Breeding & Seed-growing)

Rauhala, A., 1966:
Micromycete records. 1

Szasz, Elisabeta., 1968:
Micromycetes growing on wild fruit-bearing shrubs in the fagaras Mountains

Huguenin, B., 1964:
Micromycetes of the S. Pacific. I. Leaf parasites of Pandanus

Huguenin, B., 1969:
Micromycetes of the South Pacific. VII. Meliolineae of New Caledonia

Nelen, E.S., 1966:
Micromycetes of the plant formations and communities of the Zeya-Bureya plain

Nelen, E.S., 1966:
Micromycetes of the plant formations and groupings in the Zeya-Bureya plain

Gamalitskaya, Mme, N.A., 1964:
Micromycetes of the south-western part of Central Tien-Shan

Stone, W.M.; Stewart, T.B.; Peckham, J.C., 1970:
Micronema deletrix Anderson and Bemrick, 1965 in the central nervous system of a pony

Pokrovskaya, T.V., 1964:
Micronema intermedia n.sp. (Nematoda: Panagrolaimidae)

Alban, J., 1964:
Micronized Griseofulvin In Pediatric Patients

Clowes, F.A.L., 1964:
Micronuclei and radiosensitivity in the root meristem of Vicia faba

Geering, H.R.; Hodgson, J.F., 1969:
Micronutrient cation complexes in soil solution: III. Characterization of soil solution Iigaeds and their complexes with Zn2+ and Cu2+

Hodgson, J.F.; Lindsay, W.L.; Trierweiler, J.F., 1966:
Micronutrient cation complexing in soil solution. II. Complexing of zinc and copper in displaced solution from calcareous soils

Geering, H.R.; Hodgson, J.F.; Sdano, C., 1969:
Micronutrient complexes in soil solution. IV. The chemical state of manganese in soil solution

Woltz, S.S.; Jones, J.P., 1968:
Micronutrient effects on the in vitro growth and pathogenicity of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lycopersici

Fiskell, J.G.A.; Hutton, C.E.; Thompson, L.G.J.; E.A., 1965:
Micronutrient fertilization and rates used for Florida crops

Cox, F.R.; Kamprath, E.J., 1972:
Micronutrient soil tests

Bhumbla, D.R.; Dhingra, D.R., 1964:
Micronutrient status of saline and alkali soils of the Punjab

Mehta, B.V.; Reddy, G.R.; Nair, G.K.; E.A., 1964:
Micronutrient studies on Gujarat soils and plants

Krentos, V.D., 1968:
Micronutrient supply of surface horizons from selected Minnesota soils to the soybean Plant, Glycine max (L.) Merrill as related to certain Rhizobium japonicum strains

Warnock, R.E., 1970:
Micronutrient uptake and mobility within corn plants (Zea mays L.) in relation to phosphorus-induced zinc deficiency

Anderson, O.E.; Harrison, R.M., 1970:
Micronutrient variation within cotton leaf tissue as related to variety and soil location

Carter, R.L., 1964:
Micronutrients and crop production in Georgia

Brown, J.C., 1970:
Micronutrients can fertilize or pollute

Lucas, R.E., 1967:
Micronutrients for vegetables and field crops

Joseph, K.T.; Parameswaran, M.; Soman, S.D., 1970:
Micronutrients in nitrogenous, phosphatic and mixed fertilizers

Popovici, V.; Hiastru, F.; Grigore, C.; Darie, P., 1968:
Microoganisms of the Bedsonia group in bovine abortions

Simonart, P., 1964:
Microorganisms and humus

Aleksandrova, I.V., 1966:
Microorganisms and nitrogen nutrition of plants

Barber, D.A., 1971:
Microorganisms and plant nutrition

Barber, D.A., 1968:
Microorganisms and the inorganic nutrition of higher plants

Kononova, M.M., 1966:
Microorganisms and the process of humus formation

Mccarter, S.M.; Roncadori, R.W.; Crawford, J.L., 1970:
Microorganisms associated with Cotton boll rots in Georgia

Wood, F.A.; French, D.W., 1965:
Microorganisms associated with Hypoxylon pruinatum

Fordyce, C.; Jr., 1968:
Microorganisms associated with market deterioration of the cultivated mushroom

Gois, M.; Veznikova, D., 1967:
Microorganisms associated with porcine infectious pneumonia in Czechoslovakia and the aetiology of this syndrome

Jalaluddin, M.; Sinha, S., 1971:
Microorganisms associated with stored food grains and milled products from Dacca City Godowns

Dommergues, Y.; Beck, G., 1966:
Microorganisms decomposing organometallic complexes in soil

Akai, S.; Kuramoto, T., 1968:
Microorganisms existing on leaves of Rice plants and the occurrence of brown leaf spot

Hyogo, Y.; Nakanishi, T., 1966:
Microorganisms gaining access to milk during stall milking

Przylecka, J.K.nski, H.; Szymczykiewicz, S., 1970:
Microorganisms in sputum of textile workers suffering from nonspecific lung diseases

Smirnoff, W.A., 1968:
Microorganisms isolated from Malacosoma americanum and Malacosoma disstria in the Province of Quebec

Groot, R.C D.Lott, D.L., 1970:
Microorganisms isolated from boles of healthy Longleaf Pines

Atlas, D.Gotuzzo, Esther., 1970:
Microorganisms isolated from normal and spotted Soybean seed, their effect on the percentage of germination

Popovici, V.; Bragaru, F., 1966:
Microorganisms of the Bedsonia group in cattle. IV. Experimental infection of calves

Myrsha, G.N., 1969:
Microorganisms of the genus Pseudomonas developing on humic compounds

Stankova-Opocenska, E., 1968:
Microorganisms of the rhizosphere of some ornamental plants grown in a clay-peat substrate

Kuliev, A.M.; Namazov, I.I.; Gadzieva, M.A.; Dzafarov, E.D., 1968:
Microorganisms oxidising normal paraffin hydrocarbons

Jensen, H.L.; Lautrup Larsen, G., 1967:
Microorganisms that decompose nitro-aromatic compounds, with special reference to dinitro-ortho-cresol

Hasegawa, Y., 1966:
Micropalaeonto-iogical study of alluvial soil during the Early Jomon Age of the Kanto Plain, Central Japan. (The fossil diatoms 1 & 2.)

Pettapiece, W.W.; Zwarich, M.A., 1970:
Micropedological study of a chernozemic to grey wooded sequence of soils in Manitoba

Yurakhno, M.V., 1968:
Microphallus orientalis n.sp. (Trematoda: Microphallidae), a parasite of the Pacific walrus and bearded seal

Hansson, E.; Olsson, H.; Sjostrom, G., 1966:
Microphotography of cheese structure

Benko, B., 1968:
Microphotography of, apple flower bud development

Il'jasov, G.U.; Injusin, V.M., 1967:
Microphotometric measurement of DNA content in nuclei of the embryo sac and in the caryopsis of barley

Nagl, W., 1967:
Microphotometric measurements of DNA contents in nuclei of Pinus sylvestris ovules during intermitosis, mitosis and the resting period

Elliott, G.K.; Brook, S.E.G., 1967:
Microphotometric technique for growth-ring analysis

Haring, F.; Gruhn, R., 1970:
Microphthalmia, a simple recessive gene in sheep

Browman, L.G., 1971:
Microphthalmia, prolactin and fertility in rats

Zuffa, A.; Matis, J.; Salaj, J., 1970:
Microplaque titration of pseudorabies virus by immunofluorescence

Wilski, A.; Radziwinowicz, J.; Szczotka, Z., 1964:
Microplot field-trials on the control of potato root eelworm (Heterodera rostochiensis Woll.) with Trapex and Terracur

Timofeev, V.A.; Monseev, A.N., 1965:
Micropopulation of serozems and the rhizosphere of maize in relation to the use of herbicides

Teplov, O.V., 1969:
Microprecipitation reaction on live Ascaris larvae for immunogenetic studies of pig ascariasis

Fedorchenko, A.N., 1966:
Microprecipitation reaction with live Dictyocaulus filaria larvae

Teplov, O.V., 1969:
Microprecipitation test on live Ascaris larvae for the study of immunogenesis in Ascaris infection in pigs

Sreenivasaya, M.; Srimathi, R.A., 1967:
Micropress for obtaining press sap from plant tissues

Van Buijtenen, J.P.; Einspahr, D.W.; Peckham, J.R., 1968:
Micropulping loblolly pine grafts selected for extreme wood specific gravity

Kunau, R.T.; Frick, A.; Rector, F.C.; Seldin, D.W., 1968:
Micropuncture study of the proximal tubular factors responsible for the maintenance of alkalosis during potassium deficiency in the rat

Sivak, B.; Shaw, M., 1970:
Microradioautography of Potato leaves inoculated with SH-labelIed conidia of Phytophthora infestans

Reeves, J.T., 1967:
Microradiography of intrapulmonary bronchial veins of the dog

Benz, L.C.; Sandoval, F.M.; Mickelson, R.H.; George, E.J., 1964:
Microrelief influences in a saline area of ancient glacial lake Agassiz: II. On shallow ground water

Sandoval, F.M.; Benz, L.C.; George, E.J.; E.A., 1964:
Microrelief influences in a saline area of glacial Lake Agassiz. salinity and tree growth

Sandoval, F.M.; E.A., 1964:
Microrelief influences in a saline area of glacial lake Agassiz: I. On salinity and tree growth

Shmotina, G.E., 1970:
Microsclerotia of V. albo-atrum (type dahliae)

Geles, I.S., 1971:
Microscope and electron-microscope study of the tertiary wall of Spruce wood tracheids

Grill, D.; Hartel, O., 1969:
Microscope studies on Norway Spruce needles after exposure to SO2

Das, L.N.; Biswal, G., 1967:
Microscopic anatomy of oesophagus, proventriculus and gizzard of the domestic duck (Anas boscas)

Kozlowski, G.P.; Calhoun, M.L., 1969:
Microscopic anatomy of the integument of sheep

Sar, M.; Calhoun, M.L., 1966:
Microscopic anatomy of the integument of the common american goat

Bonotto, S., 1968:
Microscopic and chromatographic study of Larix decidua and Betula verrucosa wood attacked by fungi

Bechcinska, Bozenna Torzecki, Z., 1970:
Microscopic and histochemical changes in the liver of mice infected with C. albicans and A. fumigatus

Kaul, A.K.; Dhar, R.D.; Swaminathan, M.S., 1972:
Microscopic and other dye binding techniques of screening for proteins in cereals

Haul, A.K.; Dhar, R.D.; Swaminathan, M.S., 1970:
Microscopic and other dye-binding techniques of screening for proteins in cereals

Klein, H.; Pothmann, E., 1971:
Microscopic cell count in milk compared with the results of electronic cell counting

Frank, A.; Marolt, J., 1970:
Microscopic changes in the eyes of horses and cattle with symptomatic periodic ophthalmia

Pappagianis, D.; Maibach, H.; Smith, C.E., 1967:
Microscopic characteristics of the cutaneous reaction to coccidioidin in humans

Keith, C.T.; Cote, W.A., Jr., 1968:
Microscopic characterization of slip lines and compression failures in wood cell walls

Bucher, H., 1968:
Microscopic demonstration of the lignin in lignified tissues by means of iodine malachite green

Thieme, D., 1964:
Microscopic diagnosis of bovine mastitis

Kozar, M., 1971:
Microscopic diagnosis of sarcosporidiosis and the prevalnce of this infection in some domestic animals in Poland

Zickrick, K., 1967:
Microscopic estimation of bacterial counts of milk supplies to dairies

Behr, E.A.; Sachs, I. E.A., 1969:
Microscopic examination of pressure-treated wood

Unger, M., 1964:
Microscopic findings in the spinal cord in bovine postparturient paresis

Bakalivanov, D., 1965:
Microscopic fungi in some Bulgarian soils and factors affecting their development

Bakalivanov, D., 1965:
Microscopic fungi in some soils in Bulgaria and factors for their development

Nepomiluev, V.F.; Benidovskaya, S.G., 1971:
Microscopic fungi of gray forest soils

Grebenyuk, I.N., 1964:
Microscopic fungi of gray forest soils and chestnut soils of West Siberia

Stankushev, Kh., 1969:
Microscopic fungi on Oat and Barley grain used as winter forage

Katar'yan, B.T., 1971:
Microscopic fungi with herbicidal activity

Petric, B., 1964:
Microscopic identification of

Modor, V., 1970:
Microscopic identification of poisonous plants causing the death of animals

Ferrando, R.; Henry, N., 1966:
Microscopic identification of the components of feedingstuffs

Konstantnaya, Mme, A.A., 1964:
Microscopic investigation of Spruce and Larch wood infected by wood staining fungi

Sergeeva, V.N.; Ozolinja, N.R.; Krejcberg, Z.N., 1969:
Microscopic investigation of the cell wall of Spruce wood attacked by Trametes trogii

Samygin, G.A.; Bliadze, D.S., 1969 :
Microscopic investigations on ice formation in lemon and tea tissues

Kalk, E., 1969:
Microscopic investigations on the mineralogical composition of marine muds from the North-Sea coast

Konstantnaja, A.A., 1964:
Microscopic investigations on the wood of Spruce and Larch damaged by wood-staining fungi

Marcus, L.C.; Ross, J.N., 1967:
Microscopic lesions in the hearts of aged horses and mules

Tsoumis, G., 1964:
Microscopic measurement of the amount of cell wall substance in wood and its relationship to specific gravity

Smith, Diana, M., 1967:
Microscopic methods for determining cross-sectional cell dimensions

Locci, R., 1971:
Microscopic observations in relation to infection of Rice leaf tissue by Cochliobolus miyabeanus

Kitazawa, K.; Tomiyama, K., 1969:
Microscopic observations of infection of Potato cells by compatible and incompatible races of Phytophthora infestans

Davies, G.W., 1968:
Microscopic observations of wood fracture

Simpson, M.E.; Marsh, P.B., 1969:
Microscopic observations on fungi associated with Cotton boll-rot fibers

Schwerdtfeger, G.; Kennel, W., 1971:
Microscopic observations on the healing of simulated hail wounds in apple fruits

Chandra, G.; Bharadwaj, M.B., 1970:
Microscopic observations on the muzzle skin of buffaloes (Bos bubalis)

Levy, J.F.; Greaves, H., 1966:
Microscopic observations on the types of timber decay in a disused copper mine

Cheville, N.F.; Cutlip, R.C.; Moon, H.W., 1970:
Microscopic pathology of the gray collie syndrome. Cyclic neutropenia, amyloidosis, enteritis, and bone necrosis

Kaul, A.K.; Dhar, R.D.; Swami-Nathan, M.S., 1969:
Microscopic screening of rice grains for protein characteristics

Gailiunas, P., 1968:
Microscopic skin lesions in cattle with foot-and-mouth disease

Vlachos, J.D.; Zachariadou, S., 1972:
Microscopic structure of Echinococcus granulosus miniature scolices. Birefringence and interference as aids to definition

Dokov, V.D.; Angelova, L.; Dzarova, M., 1970:
Microscopic structure of the liver and kidney and carcass quality of pigs given low-protein feeds

Bychkov, N.P., 1970:
Microscopic structure of the udder in high-yielding cows at different stages of lactation

Nakanishi, T.; Kondo, Y., 1971:
Microscopic studies on cheese structure. I. Comparison of the various commercial cheeses

Hamilton, R., 1964:
Microscopic studies on laterite formations

Hofmann, W.D.; Kern, G., 1970:
Microscopic study of breast secretion

Lozinalozinski, L.K.; Namatov, T.N., 1970:
Microscopic study of freezing of the nematodes Rhabditis sp. and Anguina tritici under low and ultra-low temperatures

Zhurov, A.V., 1972:
Microscopic study of movement of soil moisture on the wetting front

Treiber, I.; Balint, I., 1964:
Microscopic study of orientated sections of soils in the neighbourhood of Cluj

Modor, V., 1967:
Microscopic study of poisonous and other plants contaminating forage

Szendrei, G., 1970:
Microscopic study of resistant minerals in soils of the Kiskunsag

Mardanov, A.A.; Safraliev, P.M.; Abut-Talybov, M.G., 1971:
Microscopic study of the root growth rhythm

Mathur, M.L., 1971:
Microscopic study of the thyroid gland of the Asiatic water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Goyon, M., 1969:
Microscopic, bacteriological and serological diagnosis of brucellosis

Tokaj, J., 1968:
Microscopical and chemical investigations of soil aggregates

Wagner, H.; Hoelzl, J., 1968:
Microscopical and chromatographic differentiation of Petroselinum and ajowan fruits

Alsafar, T.; Wood, F.W., 1966:
Microscopical examination of fat dispersion of ice cream

Seeler, G., 1968:
Microscopical examination of microtome sections for growth of white mould in Camembert cheese

Modor, V., 1966:
Microscopical identification of plants contaminating roughages

Seidemann, J., 1964:
Microscopical identification of starch of unripe tomatoes

Cambini, A., 1967:
Microscopical identification of the wood of Italian Oaks

Mulder, H.; Graaf, J.J.D.W.lstra, P., 1966:
Microscopical observations on the structure of curd and cheese

Friedhoff, K., 1969:
Microscopical studies on the development of Babesia ovis in Rhipi-cephalus bursa. I. Development in female ticks after repletion

Weber, G.; Friedhoff, K., 1971:
Microscopical studies on the development of Babesia ovis in Rhipicephalus bursa. II. A cytochemical study on the merozoites in the salivary glands of female ticks

Ravilly, Francoise., 1971:
Microscopical study of wood degradation. II. P. incarnata

Labots, H.; Blaauw, J., 1964:
Microscopical-bacteriological examination of milk and of dried milk manufactured therefrom

Hohmann, B., 1971:
Microscopy of curry leaves, the leaves of Murraya koenigii

Freudiger, U., 1965:
Microsedimentation in dogs and cats

Van Handel, E., 1965:
Microseparation of glycogen, sugars, and lipids

Gilmore, A.R.; Geyer, W.; Boggess, W.R., 1968:
Microsite and height growth Yellow-Poplar

Lorio, P.L., Jr.; Hodges, J.D., 1968:
Microsite effects on oleoresin exudation pressure of large Loblolly Pines

Mccrum, R.C.; Studenroth, J.C.; Olszewska, D., 1971:
Microslide Ouchterlony technique for serologicai detection of Potato virus X

Tolkacheva, L.M., 1965:
Microsomacanthus spasskii n.sp. (Cyclophyllideaj Hymenolepididae) from Anseriformes

Wilson, T.G.; Hodgson, E., 1971:
Microsomal NADPH-cytochrome creductase from the housefly, Musca domestica :solubilization and purification

Bland, D.E.; Hillis, W.E., 1969:
Microspectrophotometric investigation of lignin and polyphenol distribution in wood sections

Bahr, H., 1965:
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Microspectrophotometric observations on the cell walls of Japanese Radish (Raphanus sativus) root infected by Peronospora parasitica

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Microsporidan parasites of Simulium ornatum Mg. in South England

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Microsporidia (Protozoa : Microsporidia) in Newfoundland black-fly larvae (Diptera : Simuliidae)

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Microsporidia parasitising Lymantria dispar

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Microsporidian diseases of sod webworms in bluegrass lawns

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Microsporidian infection and the reproductive capacity of the larch sawfly, Pristiphora erichsonii

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Microsporidian infection of a marine nematode, metoncholaimus scissus

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Microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in Feijoa

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Microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in Stipa spp

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Microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in clover, Trifolium repens L

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Microsporogenesis and development of the male gametophyte in sterile and fertile forms of winter rye

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Microsporogenesis and development of the pollen grain in 56-and 42-chromosome wheat- Agropyron hybrids

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Microsporogenesis and early embryogenesis in maize triploids and tetraploids

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Microsporogenesis and early pollen forcing in a White X Black Spruce hybrid and its parental species

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Microsporogenesis and embryo genesis in Pennisetum flaccidum Griseb

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Microsporogenesis and embryogenesis in Quercus

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Microsporogenesis and heteroehromatin grains in octoploid Trifolium repens L

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Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte development in male-sterile maize forms and their fertile analogues

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Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in Santalum L

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Microsporogenesis and microgametogenesis in egg plant

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Microsporogenesis and pollen abortion in Bruce plum (Prunus salicina X P. angustifolia)

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Microsporogenesis and pollen development in maize haploids

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Microsporogenesis and spermatogenesis in rye - couch grass hybrids

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Microsporogenesis and the development of pollen grains in lines of winter wheat with cytoplasmic male sterility

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Microsporogenesis in C. stenophylla G. Don. and C. salvatrix Swynn. et Phil

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Microsporogenesis in N. tabacum L. cultivar Goiano-ESA

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Microsporogenesis in Triticum timopheevi.

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Microsporogenesis in Ulmus spp. and the influence of ecological conditions on its development

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Microsporogenesis in alloplasmic rye

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Microsporogenesis in diploid and tetraploid Nigella damascena

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Microsporogenesis in forms of maize with male sterility

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Microsporogenesis in some Indian potato varieties

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Microsporogenesis in some species of (Abies)

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Microsporogenesis in tetra-ploid forms of flax (Linum usitatissimum L

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Microsporogenesis in tetraploid cucumber forms

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Microsporogenesis in tetraploid flax (Linum usitatissimum L.)

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Microsporogenesis in the cacao Gatongo (Th. cacao L.)

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Microsporogenesis in the vine, Vitis vinifera L

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Microsporogenesis of Larix decidua in stands damaged by industrial air pollutants in the Ostrava region

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Microsporon canis infection in a pig

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Microsporosis a rarity?

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Microsporosis caused by M. canis on humans and a dog transmitted toy an imported cat

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Microsporosis caused by Microsporum canis in adults

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Microsporosis caused by the soil keratophil M. gypseum

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Microsporosis in Horses with particular reference to a M. gypseum infection in a Foal

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Microsporosis in adults

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Microsporosis of the glabrous skin caused by M. cookei

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Microsporosis of the scalp in a 10-day-old baby

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Microsporum amazonicum nova species

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Microsporum cookei Ajello in an eczematous skin lesion

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Microsporum cookei as the pathogenic agent of microsporia superficialis

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Microsporum cookei found in Hungary

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Microsporum distortum ringworm in New Zealand

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Microsporum ferrugineum infection with the clinical appearance of microsporosis

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Microsporum gypseum dermatophytosis in a rabbit

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Microsporum gypseum infection in chinchillas

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Microsporum gypseum infection in the parrot (Melopsittacus undulatus)

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Microsporum gypseum infection in young tigers and treatment with griseofulvin

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Microsporum gypseum isolated from feline ringworm

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Microsporum Gypseum Isolated From Soil In Formosa

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Microsporum gypseum macroconidial development revealed by transmission and scanning electron microscopy

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Microsporum infection in Orang-outangs and Gorillas

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Microsporum infection of two Tigers

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Microsporum nanum in New Zealand pigs

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Microsporum nanum infection in Virginia Swine

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Microsporum Nanum: First Recorded Isolation From Animals In The United States

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Microsporum racemosum nova species

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Microsporum rivalieri isolated from tinea capitis in East Anglia (England)

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Microsporum rivalierj. Vanbreuseghem isolated from tinea capitis in Florida

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Microsporum spp. in tinea pedis

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Microstructural and functional changes in the thyroid in vitamin C deficiency

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Microstructural characteristics of the triceps and longissimus dorsi muscles in Ukrainian Grey cattle and their crossbreds

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Microstructure and stability of two sandy loam soils with different soil management

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Microstructure of cheese produced from sweet curd and deposition of calcium salts therein

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Microstructure of rennet cheeses with different fat contents

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Microstructure of strongly podzolic soil and movement of clayey suspensions

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Microstructure of the endosperm in different wheat cultivars

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Microstructure of the mammary gland of Kurgan cows

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Microstructure of the udder of highly productive cows at different stages of lactation

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Microtaxonomic revision of the Lotus corniculatus L. agg. species complex in the Pannonian and Carpathian flora

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Microtemperature investigations in the major forest types at Bigla-Vrteska by Bitola

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Microterys flavus How. (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae)-an effective parasite of the soft scale (Coccus hesperidum L.) on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus

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Microtest using the technique of serum neutralization by the kinetic method, for the investigation and titration of neutralizing antibodies to rinderpest virus

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Microtitration of free fatty acids in plasma

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Microtitre method for enumerating viable bacteria IB milk

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Microtome cryostat applications for horticultural research

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Microtome-slice projections for histological examination of sugarcane

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Microtrichial polymorphism among hymenolepid tapeworms as seen by scanning electron microscopy

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Microtubules in the peripheral cytoplasm of cestode spermatozoa

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Microtubules in the spermatids of the domestic fowl

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Microtus population biology. II. Genetic changes at the transferrin locus in fluctuating populations of two vole species

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Microvariation of soil properties within the limits of a single soil profile

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Microvilli on the outside of a nernatode

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Microwatersheds and ground colour for sugar beet production

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Microwave drying of lucerne and grass samples

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Microwave radiometric sensing of soil moisture content

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Micurin and modern biology

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Micurin was discovered by Lenin

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Micurinist biology, the scientific basis of breeding crop plants

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Micurinist genetics applied to the agriculture of the Celinnyj region. On the direction of breeding work

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Micurinist methods in grape breeding

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Micurinist plant breeders

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Mid-diaphyseal bone turnover during and after vitamin A toxicosis in kittens. A fluorescent labelling and microradiographic study

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Mid-piece sperm abnormality due to high temperature exposure of rams

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Mid-summer gap is bridged at Stockbridge

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Midd-drepende virkning av binapacryl og metyl-chinoxalin-dithiokarbonat

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Middle ear mycosis in a premature infant. Clinicopathologic study of a case

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Midge control in flood channels

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Midgut epithelium of adult Chelisoches morio (Dermaptera: Chelisochidae) and Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) following ionizing irradiation

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Midwest agronomists compare chemical and mechanical weed control

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Mielmais 50 and grain hybrids

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Mielmais in Italy

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Mierocaiorimetrie determination of calcium fixation in cows' milk

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Migracao da Biomphalaria glabrata em campo eletrico de corrente continua pulsante

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Migracao de S. mansoni em camundongos por drogas usadas em anestesia

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Migrant farmers

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Migrant labour and economic development

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Migration and economic development

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Migration and economic development; some recent spatial changes in the population of rural Sumatra, Indonesia

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Migration and settlement in the Peruvian montana--the Apurimac

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Migration and settlement of the Iraqw in Hanang area: an ecological observation on an agro-pastoral tribe

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Migration centers, growth centers and the regional commissions. An analysis of expected future lifetime income gains to migrants from lagging regions

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Migration flows, their determinants and the effects of return migration

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Migration from a Canadian Indian reserve

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Migration from agriculture

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Migration of 90Sr and 137Cs in domestic and certain wild animals

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Migration of Fe and organic matter through the profile of soils in the N. taiga subzone

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Migration of Liorchis scoiiae in the final host

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Migration of Liorchis scotiae in the body of the definitive host

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Migration of Schistosoma mansoni through mouse tissue. Ultrastructure of host tissue and integument of migrating larva following cercarial penetration

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Migration of Spirocerca lupi in the body of the definitive host (dog)

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Migration of Spirocerca lupi in the final host

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Migration of Toxocara cati larvae in mice

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Migration of Trichinella spiralis larvae in the host's body

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Migration of an anholocyclic strain of the spotted alfalfa aphid into Nebraska

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Migration of bacteria on seedling plants

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Migration of beet armyworm larvae

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Migration of embryos in the anastomosed uterine horns of the pig

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Migration of farmer and agricultural development

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Migration of fatty acids to White Spruce veneer surface during drying; relevance to theories of inactivation

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Migration of foxes and the rabies situation in Southern Jutland

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Migration of grasshoppers from plots sprayed with dieldrin in a Saskatchewan wheat field

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Migration of humus and certain elements in the profile of volcanic forest soils of Kamchatka

Sokolov, I.A.; Karaeva, Z.S., 1965:
Migration of humus and of some elements in the profile of volcanic forest soils of Kamchatka

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Migration of hydrocarbons of a heavy fraction of coal tar in the soil

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Migration of larvae of the sugarcane stalk borer, Chilotraea auricilia Ddgn. to the stubbles during April-May and in winter months

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Migration of male lone star ticks on the host in relation to mating

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Migration of milk fat from the milk chocolate coating of biscuits

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Migration of motile spermatozoa into sperm-free medium and the dilution effect

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Migration of organic and mineral substances in soil with systematic use of fertilizers

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Migration of organic matter and iron in soils of the solonets complex of the wooded steppe of west Siberia

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Migration of parasitised aphids from their food-plants and a method of counting them

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Migration of phosphorus down the soil profile during long-term use of fertilizers

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Migration of salts from soil into the atmosphere

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Migration of soluble salts in an irrigated field in relation to rainfall and irrigation

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Migration of sorghum midge on the South Plains of Texas relative to injurious infestations

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Migration of strontinm-90 in soils of Georgia

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Migration of strontium-90 and cerium-144 in soils of different mechanical composition

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Migration of strontium-90 in the soil profile

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Migration of the alfalfa weevil, Hypera postica (Coleoptera : Curculionidae), to and from estivation ates

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Migration of the army cutworm, Chorizagrotis auxiliaris (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). I. Evidence for a migration

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Migration of the six-spotted leaf-hopper Macrosteles fascifrons (Stal). Part 1. Evidence for long distance migration of the six-spotted leafhopper into Wisconsin

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Migration of the six-spotted leaf-hopper Macrosteles fascifrons (Stal). Part 2. Migration of the six-spotted leafhopper in Central North America

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Migration of trace elements in soils and plants in the southern taiga of Central Siberia

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Migration of trace elements in the lithogenic base of landscapes of the Volyn elevation

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Migration of water and ions in undisturbed soil columns and its description by simulation models

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Migration of water and minerals in cheese due to salting

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Migration of water-soluble organic matter and sesquioxides in humus illuvial soils of the northern taiga

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Migration patterns and residential selection in Auckland, New Zealand

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Migration patterns of a mild and a severe strain of Prunus ringspot virus in newly inoculated Bing cherry trees

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Migration patterns, social and economic problems, and problems relating to cultural and living conditions (Bulgaria)

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Migration policy and regional development in Nigeria

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Migration route of invasive juvenile Philonema oncorhynchi (Nematoda: Philometridae) in young salmon

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Migration study of items made from 2- and 3-component high-impact polystyrene by different production methods

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Migration-factor in the socio-economic development of Androy (Madagascar)

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Migration-inducing and income-equilibrating factors involved in restructuring the Alabama farm labor force 1950-67: a multivariate analysis

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Migration: chicken or egg?

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Migrations and development of Angiostrongylus vasorum (Baillet, 1866) in the dog

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Migrations in Hungary at the beginning of the third Five Year Plan

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Migratory behavior of X-irradiated and nonirradiated larvae of Ascaris suum in pigs

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Migratory farm labor (in the USA)

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Migratory labour in South Africa; causes of a labour market phenomenon of a dualistic economic society. (Okon. Stud. No. 14)

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Migratory potential of the army cutworm

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Migratory sheep farming in the S. German region

Anonymous, 1968:
Mihail Efimovic Lobasev (on his 60th birthday)

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Mikkel-swiss, a poinsettia novelty

Anonymous, 1965:
Miklos Horn, 1899-1965

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Mikola Mikolajovyc Kuljesov

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Mikrofilariamie bei Filarien-Infektionen und Geschlechterverhaitnis der Filarien in Beziehung zur Infektionsdauer und Befallsstarke

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Milk as a source of minerals

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Milk bottle with external sealing

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Milk butyrometric pipettes

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Milk can last longer

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Milk cooling on Danish farms

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Milk cooling on the farm

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Milk cooling on the farm

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Milk cooling on the farm

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Milk fat is harder

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Milk fat, protein and lactose estimation in raw milk by infrared spectro-scopy

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Milk fermentation, milk coagulation and milk agar tests as methods of assessing the suitability of milk for cheesemaking

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Milk Fever

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Milk fever

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Milk Fever In Goats

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Milk fever treatment: attempted improvement, particularly to prevent relapse

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Milk filter

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Milk filtration

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Milk flow indicating and metering devices for pipeline milking machines

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Milk for Calcutta's millions

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Milk for drinking and milk drinks

Anon., 1968:
Milk for export

Anonymous, 1972:
Milk for manufacturing purposes and its production and processing

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Milk formulae for suckling infants

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Milk from cows fed 'Harvestore' silage. I. Chemical and microbiological properties

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Milk handling in large-scale farm milk houses

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Milk hygiene study of pipeline milking installations

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Milk immunoglobulins

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Milk immunoglobulins

Anonymous, 1965:
Milk in a bag

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Milk in a new package

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Milk in non-returnable containers

Anonymous, 1968:
Milk in plastic beakers-now a reality

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Milk in schools: an experiment in nutrition education

Anonymous, 1966:
Milk in single-service plastic bottles

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Milk in the tropics. A study of the chemical composition and variations in the composition of milk from cows in Mali

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Milk in treatment of gastric disease

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Milk intolerance in hypoacid and anacid gastritis and its practical alleviation

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Milk is not good for everyone

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Milk lactose and its importance in diagnosis of mastitis

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