Section 15
Chapter 14,570

Mutations in barley induced by gamma irradiation of seeds

Popovic, A.; Zecevic, L.

Zborn. Rad. Zav. strna Zita/Rev. Res. Wk. Inst. small Grains, Kragujevac, 1966 1(1): 143-66


Accession: 014569663

Irradiation of dry seeds of four varieties with various doses produced reductions in the M1 in the percentage of germination, tillering capacity, plant height, ear length and proportion of fertile flowers per ear. Differences according to variety were observed. Other changes included yellow instead of black ears in some plants of the variety Bologna, two-rowed ears instead of six-rowed in the line F274 and seminaked or naked kernels in Kragujevac 268.

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