Nitrogen composition of Burley tobacco. 3. Effect of nitrogen nutrition, suckering practice and harvest date on concentration and distribution of nitrogenous constituents

Sims, J.L.; Atkinson, W.O.

Tobacco International 172(13): 69-73


Accession: 014577013

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In plot trials in 1966, N fertilizer increased N content and yield in all treatments. Percentage N increased with sucker control. Leaf nitrate was lowest in (d) (0.84%) and highest in (a) with 400 lb N/ac (1.78%). At early harvest, nitrate and alkaloid contents in (c) and (d) were lower than at late harvest. Lower percentages of alkaloid in leaves of (d) than in (c) suggested an effect of MH on alkaloid transport. In (d) reduction of total N suggested an effect of MH on root uptake.