Nitrogen fertilizing in Scots pIne stands of medium age. (IV) Needle analyses in the second to fourth years after a 3-year N-fertilizing treatment. (V) Yield studies up to the disappearance of the effect of a 3-year N-fertilizing treatment

Hohne, H.; Fiedler, H.J.

Arch. Forstw, 19: 9/10, 877-98, 899-919


Accession: 014577183

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cf. F.A. 29 No. 2287.) (IV) N fertilizing increased the weight and length of needles and the concentrations of N, P and K, and depressed the concentrations of Ca, Mg, Mn and Si compared with unfertilized needles. In the 4th year (1967) after the last N treatment, these values no longer differed significantly from the controls.