Section 15
Chapter 14,578

Nitrogen nutrition of leguminous plants. 1. The effect of different forms of nitrogen on the growth and symbiotic N2 fixation by red clover and sainfoin plants. 2. The effect of increasing amounts of nitrogen on the yield and N2 fixation by sainfoin (Onobrychis viciaefolia var. persica)

Koter, Z.

Pam. Pulawski, 20, 3-37, 39-52. Bibl. 47+14


Accession: 014577446

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Application of N to inoculated red clover and sainfoin in pots reduced nodulation but accelerated growth, except when the source of N was ammonia. N from nitric acid, ammonium nitrate or urea increased the N yield from clover by 7-15%, compared with inoculated controls given no N, and that from sainfoin by 20-33%. Sainfoin plants using only atmospheric N produced little green material by flowering time and flowered late, compared with those given fertilizer N (except ammonia). 2.

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