Nitrogen retention and growth studies with young sheep using two sources of formalin-treated protein

Rattray, P.V.; Joyce, J.P.

N.Z. J. Agric. Res 31: 623-630


DOI: 10.1080/00288233.1970.10421608
Accession: 014577514

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Groups of 6 wethers 10 months old were given pelleted diets with 18% linseed oilmeal or 12% meat meal. The sources of protein were untreated or soaked in 2.5% solution of formalin for 1 h and dried at 80 degrees C. The sheep given the treated linseed meal retained more N than those given the untreated meal, but with meat meal the reverse was true. Absolute retention of N differed widely among diets, but this did not significantly affect weight gain or wool growth.