Section 15
Chapter 14,578

Nitrogen-supplying capacity of upland soils. 3. Distribution of some organic forms of nitrogen in upland soils

Miki, K.; Kawato, Y.; Mori, T.

Bull. Tokai-Kinki natn. agric. Exp. Stn. 15: 125-135


Accession: 014577663

The percentage distribution of hydrolysable forms of N in mineral and humic soils was total hydrolysable N 72-91, ammonium-amide 12-24, amino-sugar 5-11, amino acid 28-38, unidentified forms 19-29. Virgin mineral soil and virgin humic soil were similar in this respect although the proportions of total hydrolysable N and NH4-amide N were slightly higher in the former; conversely, the proportion of amino-acid N was slightly lower in cultivated mineral soils than in cultivated humic soils.

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