Nucleic acid metabolism in the ruminant. 2. Formation of microbial nucleic acids in the rumen in relation to the digestion of food nitrogen, and the fate of dietary nucleic acids

Smith, R.H.; McAllan, A.B.

British Journal of Nutrition 24(2): 545-556


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-1145
PMID: 5452704
Accession: 014580165

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For part 1 see Title 2280, Vol. 40. 2. Concentrations of nucleic acid nitrogen (NAN) and other nitrogenous constituents were estimated in samples of rumen fluid taken from calves and cows which were either given stall diets of varying N content or allowed to graze pasture. Concentrations of NAN ranged from 1.5 to 27.5 mg per 100 g water. Ratios of RNA: DNA in rumen fluid were similar to those in rumen bacteria and were not related to those in the diets.