Nutrient uptake of crop plants. 4. Comparative physiology of the uptake of iron, manganese and copper. Uptake of Fe59, Mn54 and Cu64 by barley seedlings as influenced by metabolic inhibitors

Dokiya, Y.; Kumazawa, K.; Mitsui, S.

J. Sci. Soil Tokyo 35: 367-372


Accession: 014580851

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The seedlings were either (1) pretreated with various inhibitors for two hours before incubation in isotopic nutrient solution, or (2) simultaneously treated with isotopic nutrient solution containing inhibitors. Uptake of Fe59 and Cu64 was greatly inhibited by 5 X 10-3m EDTA in both treatments. Mn54 uptake was greatly inhibited by simultaneous treatment but slightly inhibited by pretreatment. 10-3m NaCN pretreatment inhibited Fe59 uptake of rice but not of barley.