Nutritional status and intake regulation in sheep. 5. Effects of intraruminal infusions of volatile fatty acids upon voluntary intake of roughage by sheep

Egan, A.R.

Austral. J. Agric. Res 17: 741-755


Accession: 014581630

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For parts 1 to 4 see Abst. 1538, Vol. 36.5. Merino wethers with a rumen fistula, and 2 also with a fistula in the duodenum, were used in 7 experiments in which infusions of volatile fatty acids induced changes on voluntary intake of roughage. The changes did not take place immediately. Intake was depressed by single infusions and that was only partly related to the energy supplied by the infusion. In experiments with longer infusions acetic acid depressed intake more than did propionic. When both acids were given propionic acid modified the effect of acetic. Intake was depressed when casein was infused for 14 days into the duodenum of sheep fed on roughage and casein.