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Pesticide residues in foodstuffs in Great Britain. XII. Organochlorine insecticide residues in hens' eggs from battery, deep-litter and free-range systems and from houses containing insecticide thermal vaporisers

Holmes, D.C.; Simmons, J.H.; Tatton, J.O.

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 20(8): 495-498


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5142
PMID: 5817707
Accession: 014601971

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The following is virtually the authors' abstract of this further-part of a series . A study was made of the organochlorine insecticide residues in hens' eggs produced in battery, deep-litter and free-range systems in Britain. Low residues (less than 0.05 part per million) were found except where the birds or their houses had been deliberately treated with insecticides to eradicate fleas or lice. A separate study was made of eggs produced in houses in which insecticide thermal vaporisers had been installed. The results were variable, depending on a number of factors, but relatively high concentrations of BHC and DDT were found regularly in the eggs from some of these houses.

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