Section 15
Chapter 14,606

Physiological studies OH the genus Trifolium with special reference to the South African species. III. Rhizobium affinities

Small, J C.C.; Clarke, B.

S. afr. J. agric. Sci 1: 227-235


Accession: 014605701

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Rhizobium strains that were effective on European species of Trifolium (T. pratense L., T. subterraneum L.) were not effective on African species and vice versa. African clovers were specific in their Rhizobium requirements, and they could be divided into two groups: (a) the E. African species T. usambarense Taub., T. ruepellianum Fres., and T. burchellianum Ser. var. johnstonii Oliv and the S.

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