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Chapter 14,606

Physiological studies on the genus Trifolium with special reference to the South African species. 1. Germination

Small, J.G.C.; Joffe, A.

S. Afr. J. agric. Sci 10(1): 123-34


Accession: 014605817

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lydenbergense, T. africanum var. africanum and T. burchellianum generally contained >90% hard seeds. Age of seed (up to 3 years) had no effect on % hard seeds. Soaking in 98% H2SO4 for 30-90 min made imbibition and germination possible. The optimum germination temp. for the S. African, E. African and European clovers tested was about 21 degrees C. Light did not affect germination at this temp. At <21 degrees C, the S.

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