Plasma progesterone concentrations during pregnancy and parturition of ewes grazing yarloop clover

Obst, J.M.; Seamark, R.F.; McGowan, C.J.

Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 26(2): 259-262


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-4251
PMID: 5558415
DOI: 10.1530/jrf.0.0260259
Accession: 014609319

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In pregnant ewes grazing oestrogenic (Yarloop clover) and non-oestrogenic (rye grass) pastures, the overall plasma progesterone pattern was similar throughout pregnancy in the two groups, except that the mean values determined from the 90th day of gestation in ewes on Yarloop were lower than in those on grass. No significant differences were recorded in the length of pregnancy or in birth weight of lambs, although some evidence of maternal dystocia was obtained for the ewes on Yarloop.