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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14615

Chapter 14615 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Mehlu. O.P.; Randhawa, N.S., 1971:
Potentio-mctric titrations of zinc-humic acid complexes

Eschena, T.; Solinas, V., 1968:
Potentio-metric titration of unsaturated clays in the absence of electrolytes

Ovcharenko, F.D.; Gordienko, S.A.; Gluschenko, T.F., 1971:
Potentiometric and spectro-photometric determination of the dissociation constants of humic adds

Carlson, R.M.; Paul, J.L., 1969:
Potentiometric determination of boron in agricultural samples

Hubach, Clifford, E., 1966:
Potentiometric determination of chlorides in wine, distilled spirits, and wine vinegar

Totev, T.; Kulev, I., 1965:
Potentiometric determination of manganese in soil

Ishijiki, K.; Ito, T.; Odagiri, S., 1970:
Potentiometric determination of sodium chloride in foods

Hardesty, William, S., 1964:
Potentiometric determination of vitamin C in highly colored products

Riet B van't; Wynn, J.E., 1969:
Potentiometric determinations of calcium, magnesium, and complexing agents in water and biological fluids

Kiermeier, F.; Petz, E., 1966:
Potentiometric estimation of sulphydryl groups in milk

Charlampowicz, Z.; Wozniak, W., 1969:
Potentiometric estimation of vitamin C

Ovcharenko, F.D.; Gordienko, S.A.; Gluschenko, T.F., 1971:
Potentiometric investigations on complex formation by humic acids

Lacroix, R.L.; Keeney, D.R.; Walsh, L.M., 1970:
Potentiometric titration of chloride in plant tissue extracts using the chloride ion electrode

Chipman, E.W., 1966:
Potherbs or greens for the Maritimes

Koo, R.C.J., 1968:
Potsaslum nutrition of tree crops

Uexkuell, H.R.Von., 1968:
Pottassium nutrition of tropical crops

Poncelet, J., 1968:
Potted and bare-rooted planting stock of Pseudotsuga menziesii. Early selection of P. menziesii

Einert, A.E.; Box, C.O., 1970:
Potting depth effects on development and low temperature survival of naturally cooled Easter lilies

Marrero, J., 1965:
Potting media for Honduras Pine

Spithost, L.S., 1969:
Potting media, transplants and yields in the production of glasshouse tomatoes

Elk, B.C.M.Van, 1965:
Potting soil for stocks

Van Bastelaere, H., 1966:
Potting soil for tomatoes

Vaoejeko, J., 1965:
Pou itialergickeho intradermalniho a intrapalpebralniho testu v diagnostice fasciolozy u skotu

Anon., 1970:
Pouch packs milk at 1 cent/quart

Anon., 1970:
Pouches increase shelf life 25%, are easily disposable

Sapovalov, J. Ja.; Iofe, N.S., 1968:

Anonymous, 1964:
Poultry Inquiry 1960-61

Devriese, L.; Viaene, N.; Van Assche, E.; Devos, A., 1968:
Poultry abattoirs in Belgium. III. Bacterial contamination of the surface of carcasses

Anonymous, 1966:
Poultry and egg marketing in Northern Ireland

Hunt, K.E.; Clark, K.R., 1967:
Poultry and eggs in Britain 1966-1967

Anonymous, 1967:
Poultry and the practitioner

Van Albada, M., 1964:
Poultry breeding and disease resistance. A review

Kolesnikov, L.B., 1971:
Poultry breeding in England

Laszlo, Lne., 1965:
Poultry breeding in Hungary, 1961-1965

D.Cuenca, C.L., 1971:
Poultry breeding in Mediterranean countries and possibilities for its development

Lagutkin, N.A., 1965:
Poultry breeding in the Republic of Cuba

Klimes, B., 1969:
Poultry coccidiosis, Czechoslovakia, September 19-20, 1968. Papers prepared for symposium planned to be held in Brno

Kawashima, H., 1965:
Poultry Disease In Japan

Cuevas, S., 1969:
Poultry droppings as a source of protein for fattening sheep

Zorita Tomitlo, E.; Rodriguez Guedas, J.; Balboa Martin, J., 1966:
Poultry droppings for feeding ruminants. 1. Trials with pregnant. and lactating ewes

Rodriguez Guedas, J.; Zorita Tomillo, E., 1967:
Poultry droppings for feeding ruminants. 2. Trials with growing cattle

Zorita, E.; Rodriguez Guedas, J.; Santos Borbujo, S.; Ovejerpo, F.J., 1967:
Poultry droppings for feeding ruminants. 3. Trials with milking ewes

Kumanov, S.; Angelova, L.; Mircheva, D.; Yankov, B.; Pinkas, A., 1971:
Poultry droppings in feeds for fattening pigs

Mcconnell, D.J., 1968:
Poultry economics-a report on the results of layer and broiler trials carried out at the University of New England

Abdul Wahid, T.I., 1968:
Poultry farming in Pakistan with particular reference to broiler production

Akkilic, M., 1969:
Poultry farming in Turkey and in the world

Akkilic, M., 1969:
Poultry farming in the world and in Turkey

Reyntens, N.; Keppens, L., 1964:
Poultry feeding trial on the value of oleandomycin as a growth stimulant

Horvath, I., 1965:
Poultry flock-book recording, performance testing, food conversion and artificial incubation in 1963-64

Anonymous, 1964:
Poultry flockbook recording and performance testing 1962/63

Mcdonald, M.W.; Duncan, D.C., 1966:
Poultry genetics research at Seven Hills. A review of the investigations at the Poultry Research Station. Revised by R. A. E. Pym

Sainsbury, D.W., 1970:
Poultry housing

Ferguson, W., 1970:
Poultry housing in the tropics: applying the principles of thermal exchange

Nordskog, A.W., 1964:
Poultry immunogenetics

Jover, F.P., 1969:
Poultry in Spain

Stupova, N., 1967:
Poultry industry in socialist countries

Ketelaabs, E.H., 1966:
Poultry keeping in Belgium

Thomann, W., 1969:
Poultry keeping in developing countries

Cwilich, R.; Hadani, A.; Kohane, J., 1966:
Poultry lice in Israel

Szelenyine, M.G.; Czako, J.; Barabas, E.; Regiusne, A.M., 1969:
Poultry litter for feeding cattle

Cenni, B.; Jannella, G.; Colombani, B., 1969:
Poultry litter for feeding table poultry

Rossi, G.; Cosseddu, E., 1972:
Poultry litter in a feeding trial with young Sardinian Brown x Modica-Sardinian cattle

Anonymous, 1969:
Poultry manure

Roorda Van Eysinoa, J.P.N.L.; Stolze, J.A.B., 1972:
Poultry manure and N manuring of lettuces on light dune-sand

Leibholz, J., 1969:
Poultry manure and meat meal as a source of dietary nitrogen for sheep

Mcelwee, E.W., 1970:
Poultry manure as a soil amendment for container-grown Ligustrum japonicum and Podocarpus macrophylla maki

Ware, L.M.; Johnson, W.A., 1968:
Poultry manure for vegetable crops-effects and value

Schiirmann, E., 1966:
Poultry meat inspection-a critical view

Anonymous, 1966:
Poultry performance testing and artificial incubation in 1964-65

Macneil, J.H.; Dimick, P.S., 1970:
Poultry product quality. 1. Compositional changes during cooking of turkey roasts

Nordskog, A.W., 1966:
Poultry random sample testing in the U.S.-trends and accomplishments

Champion, L.R.; Zindel, H.C., 1968:
Poultry science research at the Upper Peninsula Experiment Station, Chatham, Michigan. V. The egg laying pattern of females on litter floors and in single and multiple bird cages

Kim, Y.H., 1971:
Poultry scientists obtain boost in eggshell quality

Merck Sharpe Dohme., 1965:
Poultry service manual

Cooper, D.M., 1970:
Poultry: principies of disease control. I. Production of specified pathogen-free stock by management-environment control

Powell, D.G., 1970:
Poultry: principles of disease control. II. Eradication

Wallis, A.S., 1970:
Poultry: principles of disease control. III. Vaccination

Kersh, D.A.; Kersh, I., 1967:
Pouring spout

Guilhon, J.; Graber, M., 1965:
Pouvoir anthelminthique du thio bis (hydroxy-dichlorophenyle) sur divers helminthes des equides

Petithory, J.; Sang, H.T.; Brumpt, L.C., 1964:
Pouvoir toxique experimental des microfilaires Loa loa chez la souris

Svoboda, S.; Jurajda, V., 1967:
Pouziti Thibenzolu pri lecbe syngamozy kuirat

Schanzel, H.; Hubacek, J., 1964:
Pouziti methyridinu pri kapilarioze a heter-akidoze kurat

Upham, W.K.; Wright, D.E., 1966:
Poverty among Spanish Americans in Texas: low-income families in a minority group

Bacon, L., 1971:
Poverty among interregional rural-to-urban migrants

Pollitt, E., 1971:
Poverty and malnutrition: cumulative effect on intellectual development

Kangayappan, K., 1969:
Poverty as an issue in Indian development policy

Parsons, K.H., 1969:
Poverty as an issue in development poiicy: a comparison of United States and underdeveloped countries

Fel, A., 1971:
Poverty in French agriculture

Dandekar, V.M.; Rath, N., 1971:
Poverty in India-I: dimensions and trends

Dandekar, V.M.; Rath, N., 1971:
Poverty in India-II: policies and programmes

Bird, A., 1964:
Poverty in rural areas of the United States

Kaufman, H.F.; Wilkinson, K.P.; Cole, L.W., 1966:
Poverty programs and social mobility

Mclean, D.M.; Devos, A.; Quantz, E.J., 1964:
Powassan Virus: Field Investigations During The Summer Of 1963

Whitney, E., 1965:
Powassan virus in Broome County

Chernesky, M.A., 1969:
Powassan virus transmission by ixodid ticks infected after feeding on viremic rabbits injected intravenously

Alston, A.S., 1966:
Powder post beetle: Lyctus species

Anonymous, 1966:
Powder produced from butter or other edible fats

Hansen, P.M.T.; Linton-Smith, L., 1966:
Powder produced from butter or other high-melting fats

Viguerie, J., 1971:
Powdered butter

Saslaw, I.M.; Brady, J.J., 1967:
Powdered fat compositions and process for manufacture

Mishkin, A.R.; Yingst, D.E.; Peters, J.J., 1970:
Powdered ice cream mix

Anonymous, 1970:
Powdered infant food

Tetzlaff, A.R., 1970:
Powdered lactose product

Anonymous, 1970:
Powdered milk product

Anonymous, 1971:
Powdered milk product

Anonymous, 1970:
Powdered milk production

Pordab, Z.; Pazola, Z.; Cieslak, J., 1970:
Powdered purees from vegetables and cereals and from fruits and cereals for children. 1. Technology

Pordab, Z.; Piechanowski, J.; Maik, L., 1971:
Powdered purees from vegetables and cereals and from fruits and cereals for children. 2. Losses of L-ascorbic acid and beta -carotene and keeping quality of powdered purees during storage

Kuriyama, T., 1970:
Powdered whipping composition

Mraz, F., 1971:
Powdery mildew (E. g. f.sp. tritici and Wheat yields in 1968

Benada, J., 1965:
Powdery mildew (E. graminis) on Barley, VI. Harmfulness of powdery mildew on spring Barley sown at normal periods

Bruckner, F., 1964:
Powdery mildew (E. graminis) on Barley. V. Resistance of Barley vars. to physiologic races of E. graminis detected in Czechoslovakia, and the possibility of using this in breeding for resistance

Benada, J.; Mraz, F., 1965:
Powdery mildew (E. graminis) on Wheat. I. Harmfulness of powdery mildew

Mraz, F., 1971:
Powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis var. tritici) and the yields of wheat in 1968

Anon., 1969:
Powdery mildew and black spot of Roses

Iminov, M.L., 1967:
Powdery mildew and the density of pea stands

Von Schmeling, B.; Covey, R.A., 1966:
Powdery mildew control by new sulfites

Raabe, R.D.; Hurlimann, J.H.; Sciaroni, R.H., 1970:
Powdery mildew control with benomyl for greenhouse-grown Snapdragons

Y.Koltin, R.Kenneth, I.Wahl, 1964:
Powdery mildew disease of Barley in Israel and physiologic specialization of the pathogen

Van Uffelen, J.A.M., 1969:
Powdery mildew in cucumbers and PP675 in practice

Volvach, P.V.; Eremeev, G.N.; Margolin, A.F., 1972:
Powdery mildew infection of Apple varieties grafted on different clone and seed stocks

Belbva Liliya Kutova, Irina., 1970:
Powdery mildew of 'Pepper

Videnov, B., 1971:
Powdery mildew of Apple

Vonica, I., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Apple caused by P. leucotricha and its control

Khachatryan, M.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Apple in the Armenian SSR and chemical measures for its control

Khachatryan, M.S., 1971:
Powdery mildew of Apple in the Armenian SSR and chemical measures for its control

Odintsova, O.V., 1969:
Powdery mildew of Apple in the Krasnodar region along the Black Sea coast

Kopan', V.P., 1970:
Powdery mildew of Apple in the L'vov district

Brooks, D.H., 1970:
Powdery mildew of Barley and its control

Koval, E.Z.; Nelen, E.S., 1970:
Powdery mildew of Caragana arborescens in the Soviet Far East

Macnish, G.C., 1967:
Powdery mildew of Cucurbits

Magnani, G., 1964:
Powdery mildew of Eucalypts

Nikulina, N.K.; Chumakov, A.E., 1968:
Powdery mildew of Gramineae

Mikhailyuk, I.B., 1971:
Powdery mildew of Grapevine

Solheim, W.G.; Eboh, D.; Mchenry, J., 1968:
Powdery mildew of Oak caused by a species of Typhulochaeta

Iliev, I., 1967:
Powdery mildew of Peach and its control

Drak, C.R., 1970:
Powdery mildew of Peach in Virginia

Kirik, N.N.; Belova, L.V., 1972:
Powdery mildew of Peach in the forest steppe of the Ukraine

Pogrebnova, L.E., 1965:
Powdery mildew of Phlox caused by L. taurica f. phlogis

Kulikova, M.T., 1968:
Powdery mildew of Raspberry in Kazakhstan

Shaw, Dorothy, E., 1968:
Powdery mildew of Rubber in Papua

Mukhopadhyay, A.N., 1969:
Powdery mildew of Sugarbeet-a new record for India

Cole, I.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC). II. Further studies of the effects of potassium deficiency on susceptibility, free amino nitrogen and carbohydrate conteni of leaves

Cole, J.S., 1964:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC.). I. Effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on susceptibility, growth, and chemical composition of infected and healthy Tobacco grown in water culture

Cole, J.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC.). III. Some effects of irrigation on disease development

Cole, J.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC.). IV. Conidial content of the air within infected crops

Cole, J.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC.). V. Susceptibility of proximal and distal parts of leaves from different stalk positions on intact and topped field plants in relation to free amino nitrogen and carbohydrate content

Cole, J.S., 1966:
Powdery mildew of Tobacco (Erysiphe cichoracearum DC.). VI. Some effects of methods of inoculation and air humidity on germination of conidia and growth of hyphae on leaves

Johnston, H.W.; Sterling, J.D.E., 1971:
Powdery mildew of Wheat in the Maritimes

Anonymous, 1968:
Powdery mildew of apple (Podosphaera leucotricha)

Heyns, A.J.; Schwabe, W., 1967:
Powdery mildew of apples

Vonica, I., 1966:
Powdery mildew of apples caused by Podosphaera leucotricha and its control

M.A.Elbakyan., 1965:
Powdery mildew of cereals

Gindpat, D., 1969:
Powdery mildew of cereals

Rebandel, Z., 1967:
Powdery mildew of strawberries

Ialongo, M., 1971:
Powdery mildew on C. spinosa

Mclean, D.M., 1970:
Powdery mildew on Watermelon fruits

Mamedov, A.I., 1969:
Powdery mildew on cobnuts

Batalova, T.S., 1969:
Powdery mildew on gooseberries

Kulikova, M.T., 1964:
Powdery mildew on melons

Proshaev, V.P., 1964:
Powdery mildew on monogerm Beet

Procenko, E., 1965:
Powdery mildew on roses

Kooistra, E., 1968:
Powdery mildew resistance in Cucumber

Dikanev, G.P., 1969:
Powdery mildew to varieties of cucumber and their resistance to it

Jankowski, F.; Florczak, K., 1967:
Powdery mildew, Erysiphe cichoracearum DC, and the ways of its control

Ceremisinov, N.A., 1970:
Powdery mildews (Erysiphaceae) of the Tellerman experimental Forest

Anon., 1969:
Powdery mildews of Gooseberry and Black Currant

Solheim, W.G.; E.A., 1967:
Powdery mildews of Oak in the U.S.A

Akhmedova, F.G., 1966:
Powdery mildews of south-western outskirts of Tyan-Shan'

H.Karis., 1966:
Powdery mildews parasitizing introduced ornamental plants in the Estonian S.S.R

Ceremisinov, N.A., 1970:
Powdery mildews, and measures to control them

Mitov, N., 1968:
Powdery smut of durum Wheat, U. nuda f.sp. tritici duri

Zaretskii , M.S.; Golovkov, S.I., 1967:
Power and chemicals from wood wastes

Mcarthur, J.D., 1969:
Power chain saws: the facts and the future

Lipatov, N.N.; Asriev, E.I.; Stepanyatov, V.E., 1968:
Power consumption in the homogenizing chamber of a separator-clarifixator

Stransky, J.J.; Bilan, M.V., 1964:
Power cutter for large undisturbed soil cores

Beljaev, K., 1966:
Power cutting in the felling of trees

Neetzel, J.R.; Christopherson, C.H., 1964:
Power driving blunt vs. pointed wood posts

Greulich, H.S., 1970:
Power generation by means of coal in dairy factories

Schweizer, E.E.; Weatherspoon, D.M., 1967:
Power incorporation versus knife injection of three thiolcarbamate herbicides for preplanting weed control in sugar beets

Emanuel, D.M., 1971:
Power mulchers can apply hardwood bark mulch

Marchand, J.L., 1971:
Power of germination of peanut seeds and viability of embryos

Shetty, H.V., 1968:
Power orientation of lift irrigation-a case study of potentialities and situation in South Kanara district

Wilmot, C.A.; Watson, H., 1966:
Power requirements and costs for high-capacity cotton gins

Hajdu, E., 1967:
Power requirements for cable skidding

Papworth, R.L.; Erickson, J.R., 1966:
Power requirements for producing wood chips

Papworth, R.L.; Johnson, K.R., 1968:
Power requirements for producing wood chips with a parallel knife chipper

Vorlicek, J., 1970:
Power requirements of rotary vacuum pumps

Bennett, W.D., 1964:
Power saw fires in Canada 1961-1963

Bennet, W.D., 1970:
Power saw fires in Canada 1961-1969

Bennett, W.D., 1968:
Power saw fires in Canada 1961-67

Lidberg, B., 1964:
Power sawing and welding techniques

Anonymous, 1969:
Power saws with heated handles

Jayne, B.A.; Tang, R.C., 1970:
Power series stress function for anisotropic and orthotropic beams

Nesterenko, V.G., 1969:
Power severance of branches by rigid and flexible hinged cutters

Luddy, F.E.; Menna, A.J.; Calhoun, R.R.; Jr., 1969:
Power shaker-mixer for use with small glass vials

Caraciuoiuc, G., 1970:
Power sources for the machinery used in viticulture

Anonymous, 1966:
Power sprayers and dusters

D-, S.K.; B-, S., 1967:
Power spraying

Stankovic, D.; Sevarlic, M., 1968:
Power supply in agriculture

Anonymous, 1968:
Power used in agricultural work: its nature and its special features

Frademann, R.U., 1969:
Power, authority and agrarian reform

Nordman-S., 1970:
Power-assisted manual planting

Ware, George, W., 1966:
Power-mower flies

Thomas, C.A., 1971:
Power-operated milker support

Landschutz, W., 1969:
Power-saw times in the conversion of stemwood

Kaminsky, G., 1964:
Power-saw work and manual dexterity

Morawski, S., 1967:
Power-station waste heaps-types and afforestation trials

Spencer, B., 1966:
Power-steered prune harvest

Echols, R.M., 1969:
Powered drive for large increment borers

Polishchuk, A.P.; Shmakov, D.K.E.A., 1970:
Powered tools for logging: theory, design and use

Poliscuk, A.P.; Kretov, V.S., 1964:
Powered tools in logging

Sidorov, N.A.; Revzin, P.I.; Lesman, I.Z., 1965:
Powerful new wheeled tractor

Scipanov, P.S., 1966:
Powerful wheeled tractors in logging

Ganiev, M.K.; Farzaliev, I.A., 1964:
Pox in buffaloes from contact with vaccinated human beings

Korzenko, V.N.; E.A., 1964:
Pox in cows during vaccination of the human population

Dubose, R.T., 1965:
Pox in the sage grouse

Dzaganija, A., 1967:
Pox of olives

Mazan, B., 1971:
Pox viruses of animals and milkers' nodule

Liminowicz, J.; Jablonowski, Z.; Tarczynski, S., 1970:
Poziom sodu potasu i wapnia w surowicy Swinek morskich w przebiegu askarydozy larwalnej

Liminowicz, J.; Jablonowski, Z.; Tarczynski, S., 1970:
Poziom sodu, potasu i wapnia w surowicy szczurow w przebiegu askarydozy larwalnej

Jablonowski, Z.; Tarczynski, S., 1970:
Poziom witaminy C w niektdrych narz-dach i sklad bialek surowicy krolikow w przebiegu askarydozy larwalnej

Bondy, R., 1965:
Poznamky k v£vo-jovym cyklum hlistic Trichostrongylus retortaeformis (Zeder, 1800) a Aspiculuris tetraptera (Nitzsch, 1821) i chovech laboratornich zvirat

Euzet, L.; Cauwet, A., 1967:
Pplylabris diplodi n.g., n.sp. (Monogenea, Microcotylidae) parasite de teleosteens du genre Diplodus (Sparidae)

Gordon, A.G., 1970:
Pr e-germination in barley

Ruting, E.; Seils, R.; Weyhe, D.; Benndorf, E., 1969:
Practicability of using the tissue-culture neutralization test in the official testing of absorbed foot and mouth disease vaccines. I

Gehlon, M.S.; Sekhon, G.S., 1969:
Practicability of weaning of calves in Mariana cattle

Delabraze, P., 1970:
Practical advice for the use of herbicides and arboricides In silviculture

Polge, H., 1971:
Practical advice on the care and use of Pressler borers

Jelliffe, E.F.P.; Jelliffe, D.B., 1968:
Practical age-grouping in young children in areas without birth verification

Duncan, J.; Ellis, E., 1964:
Practical and economic aspects of bolter operations in southern Michigan

Belshaw, D.G.; Hall, M., 1965:
Practical application of agricultural research results. Experiences gained in African developing countries

Cerruti, C.; Quesada, A.; D.A.seris, P.; Roperti, C.; Acone, P.; Vaccaro, A., 1968:
Practical application of avianized vaccine against pasteurellosis in buffaloes

Cellerino, G.P., 1969:
Practical application of chemical control against Marssonina brunnea in Italy

Cellerino, G.P., 1969:
Practical application of chemical control of M. brunnea on Poplar in Italy

Stegenga, T., 1968:
Practical application of commercial crossing to domestic animals

Rauluszkiewicz, S.; Senze, A.; Nogala, M., 1971:
Practical application of cytological and cytogenetic examinations of mink

Sekhar, A.C.; Sharma, R.S., 1967:
Practical application of shrinkage values in grading of timber

Luck, H., 1969:
Practical application of the Milko-Tester for determining the fat content of 10-day preserved composite milk samples

Suter-Kopp, V.; Giacometti, P.L.; Bernhard, A., 1971:
Practical application of the indirect immunofluorescence technique for diagnosis of parasitic diseases in patients returning from tropical areas. II. Bilharziasis and filariasis

Bardzinski, S., 1968:
Practical application of the results of scientific research at the Breeding Research Station, Ghrzastowo

Reuss, U.; Ploger ., 1967:
Practical application of udder health control

Stellingwerf, D.A., 1968:
Practical applications of aerial photographs in forestry and other vegetation studies. 2. Forests in the temperate zones. 2.1. Forest management activities

Bumgardt, B.R., 1965:
Practical Approach To Calculation Of Gastrointestinal Tract Fill

Singh, R.; Nath, N., 1969:
Practical approach to the classification of Citrus

Schutte, A.P.; Bezuidenhout, J.P., 1965:
Practical aspects of A.I. in dogs. I: Collection of semen

Schutte, A.P., 1965:
Practical aspects of A.I. in dogs. II: Insemination of the bitch

Nes, N., 1968:
Practical aspects of breeding Shadow mink

Robinson, G.W., 1971:
Practical aspects of chemical control of weeds in land drainage channels in England and Wales

Hansel, W., 1970:
Practical aspects of controlling the oestrous cycle in domestic livestock with special reference to cattle

Ferrigno, F.; Jobbins, D.M.; Ruber, E., 1964:
Practical aspects of mosquito-wildlife investigations on Cumberland County marshes

Franz, J.M., 1966:
Practical aspects of the microbiological control of insect pests

Khan, A.A., 1966:
Practical aspects of the treatment of hookworm infection in Kampala children

Hantjs, K., 1969:
Practical aspects of thermoregulation in sheep

Lapushner, D.; Frankel, R., 1967:
Practical aspects, and the use of male sterility in the production of hybrid tomato seed

Demkin, A.P.; Bondarenko, A.D., 1965:
Practical assessment of monoecious hemp varieties

Kreyger, J., 1969:
Practical bases for the storage of combine-harvested grain

Morgan, H.C., 1964:
Practical canine kidney function tests

Norsa, U., 1964:
Practical cases of appraising immature poplar stands

Stribley, R.C., 1971:
Practical characteristics of ion-selective membrane electrodialysis in milk products processing

Huyskes, J.A.; Van Dam, R., 1970:
Practical chicory forcing without a soil cover

Butaye, R., 1970:
Practical con-elusions on the success and consequences of mating in cattle

Korting, A., 1965:
Practical conclusions drawn from several years' investigations on the duration of effectiveness as preventative insecticides of some wood preservatives

Korting, A., 1965 :
Practical conclusions from long-term investigations on the duration of the preventive insecticidal effects of some wood preservatives

Liuni, C.S.; Galo, A., 1966:
Practical considerations and experimental results on the winter pruning of vines

Weaving, A.J.S., 1964:
Practical considerations in the use of pyrethrum to control the bedbug, Citnex lectularius in municipal housing estates in Nakuru, Kenya

Bates, J.F., 1969:
Practical considerations of sugarcane diseases in Guyana

Galetta, G.J., 1969:
Practical considerations on the utilization of inbreeding in strawberry improvement

Ross, E.W., 1967:
Practical control of Fomes annosus in Southern Pines

Parris, G.K., 1971:
Practical control of two lawn grass diseases without fungicides by removal of mower clippings

Seutin, E.; Baurant, R., 1967:
Practical control test against Adeiges on spruce

Koster, P.; Schelling, W., 1967:
Practical design calculations for flexibly constructed composite building components

Didier-Bertrand, D.Volf, A., 1964:
Practical determination of optimal rates of molybdenum as fertilizer

Connell, C.A.; Cousins, D.A., 1969:
Practical developments in the use of chemicals for forest fire control

Balows, A.; Ausherman, R.J.; Hopper, J.M., 1966:
Practical diagnosis and therapy of canine histoplasmosis and blastomycosis

Howard, J.; Fawcett, K., 1966:
Practical differential diagnosis of polioencephalomalacia and thromboembolic meningoencephalitis

Cessac, M.; Burgaud, L., 1964:
Practical effectiveness of a new contact insecticide and acaricide: phosalone (R.P. 11974)

Hrbacek, J., 1965:
Practical estimation of field tests using variance analysis methods

Radova, E.; Bolek, S.; Hais, K.; Svoboda, K.; Snoflak, M., 1970:
Practical evaluation of DDVP strips in farm buildings

Nielsen, H.S.; Conant, N.F., 1967:
Practical evaluation of antigenic relationships of yeastlike dematiaceous fungi

Scott, J.M.; Sommerville, J.W., 1965:
Practical Evaluation Of The Figlu Test In Pregnancy With Special Reference To The White Cell Changes

Godlevskaya, T.R.; Larin, I.V.; Bog-Danov, V.M.; Kretova, A.P., 1968:
Practical exercises in the study of grasslands and grassland farming

Lippman, D., 1970:
Practical experience and recommendations on the introduction of vegetable growing in developing countries

Kbamer, G., 1966:
Practical experience and results in the linebreeding of Improved Landrace at the VEG (Z) Herzberg-Woeten Breeding Centre

Leitch, T.A.T., 1970:
Practical experience in

Trommer, F., 1971:
Practical experience in blood sampling of pigs from the external jugular vein

Skreblyukov, I.E., 1969:
Practical experience in the prevention of milk-borne food poisoning

Falke, W., 1970:
Practical experience in the treatment of ovarian cysts in cattle

Bodai, J., 1970:
Practical experience of inherited lameness in Hungarian Pied and Simmental cattle

Marjanov, M., 1970:
Practical experience of the investigation for ten years of a leptospirosis- infected herd of pigs

Heggeman, H.; Mehlitz, E., 1970:
Practical experience of the utilization and treatment of Scots Pine natural regeneration as a rational silvicultural process

Lemke, G., 1972:
Practical experience on spawn production

Kemper, A., 1969:
Practical experience on the use of Carbamoyloxime granules for the control of plant parasitic nematodes

Eelderink, H., 1964:
Practical experience with Flavanda white peas

Schilder, R., 1964:
Practical experience with blasting and transport of materials along the alignment when building forest roads in Styria

Rusew, G., 1968:
Practical experience with cold-air drying of lucerne

Merenyi, I., 1972:
Practical experience with continuous buttermaking machine-type FBFB 12

Butaye, R., 1967:
Practical experience with dual-purpose cattle

Bauer, A., 1967:
Practical experience with summer transplanting of Norway Spruce

Van Der Kieft, G., 1971:
Practical experience with the artificial lighting of broiler dams

Eelderink, H., 1964:
Practical experience with the white pea Flavanda

Szepesi, L., 1969:
Practical experiences from an international comparative test of plane teeth chains

Huhold, K.; Lange, H., 1967:
Practical experiences in the use of the P. Rommel pregnancy diagnosis test in the mare

Feeks, F.H.; Van Soest, W., 1968:
Practical experiences with Dimexano

Aigner, M., 1966:
Practical experiences with different cooling systems in milk collecting centres

Pfaff, W., 1965:
Practical experiences with hydrolysed milk protein in the manufacture of meat products

Steger, O., 1964:
Practical experiences with large-scale chemical control in recent years

Anonymous, 1964:
Practical experiences with the Schilde rotating-jet dryer for chips

Langner, C., 1968:
Practical experiences with the neutron probe in comparative determination of soil moisture

Schmidt, G.J.; Ten Wolde, J., 1967:
Practical experiences with tomato vibrators

Wilson, J.H.G.; Van Der Kooi, K., 1967:
Practical experiments on prevention of milk fever by vitamins D and A

Beuzenberg, M.P., 1966:
Practical experiments with methyl bromide

Munz, E.; Stahel, M., 1971:
Practical experiments with the hot-water treatment of strawberry planting material for controlling nematodes

Crohain, A.; Rixhon, L., 1968:
Practical fertilizer value of mulching with vetch, cereal straw and with waste from sugar refineries

Crohain, A.; Rixhon, L., 1967:
Practical fertilizing value of sugar-beet leaves and crowns

Crohain, A.; Rixhon, L., 1968:
Practical fertilizing value of vetch green manure, cereal straw and sugar-factory muds

Woidich, H., 1966:
Practical gas chromatography of fats

Medvedev, N.N., 1966:
Practical genetics

Mike, E.M., 1965:
Practical guide and dietary management of children with seizures using the ketogenic diet

Anonymous, 1967:
Practical guide to Eurofruit '67

Anonymous, 1966:
Practical hints for an economic choice of the size of farm wheeled-tractors

Rochecouste, E., 1965:
Practical hints on chemical weed control

Butterfield, R.M., 1965:
Practical implications of anatomical research in beef cattle

Pal, R., 1965:
Practical implications of insecticide resistance in Culicine mosquitoes

Coz, J.; Hamon, J.; Mouchet, J., 1965:
Practical importance of insecticide resistance in Anopheles

Frederiksen, P.S., 1967:
Practical investigations on field retting of fiber flax, yield and quality problems

Keylwerth, R., 1969:
Practical investigations on the equilibrium moisture content of wood

Baxter, K.P., 1971:
Practical marketing and the formation of marketing groups

Schipper, I.A., 1967:
Practical mastitis chemotherapy

Bertalan, O., 1968:
Practical means of reducing working time

Lindsten, K., 1964:
Practical measures for controlling oat dwarf tillering virus

Gligor, V.; Tacu, A.; Vermesan, N.; Florescu, S., 1967:
Practical method for detecting iron-deficiency anaemia in baby pigs

Hermann, S., 1969:
Practical method to conserve pollen of forest trees under vacuum

Lippmann, D., 1970:
Practical methods and proposals for introducing vegetable growing into developing countries

Martens, M.; Detroux, L., 1967:
Practical methods of applying herbicides in sugar beet crops in Belgium

Foster, S.J., 1968:
Practical neurological examination of the dog

Raphael, T.D., 1967:
Practical notes on internal breakdown in pears

T.; A.; L.; B.; M.; R.D., 1971:
Practical notes on the feeding of dairy cows

Ciovica, I.; Zabrautanu, G., 1965:
Practical observations on the frost resistance of vine varieties grown at the Pancesti Vine-Growing Centre, Adjud District

Petrov, I.P.; Koropov, V.M., 1964:
Practical pathological physiology

Reisch, J., 1970:
Practical pest forecasts in forestry

Anonymous, 1970:
Practical possibilities of early pregnancy diagnosis in domestic livestock

Helybely, L., 1964:
Practical possible applications of model calculations to agriculture

Lucam, F.; Fedida, M.; Dannacher, G.; Perraud, J., 1967:
Practical problems concerning the choice of prophylactic measures when foot and mouth disease caused by an immunological variant of the virus breaks out

Mossberg, R., 1970:
Practical problems concerning the marketing of cereals with improved protein value

Vrchota, J.; Hormannova, M., 1971:
Practical problems in forecasting

Jorgensen, J.P.; Veilby, K.H., 1968:
Practical problems in hop and hop extract analysis

Makowskij, N.W., 1964:
Practical problems in the programming of woodworking machines

Worthington, R.W.; Kleeberg, H.H., 1965:
Practical problems in tuberculin testing in cattle

Gabriel, W.J.; Howe, G.E., 1968:
Practical problems of a sugar maple selection program

Acs, A.; Belak, S.; Kovacs, L., 1968:
Practical problems of directing large farms

Reddy, S., 1968:
Practical problems with obtaining valid and reliable information on household food utilisation

Kiss, A.; Feher, B.I., 1968:
Practical production of triploid (seedless) watermelons

Preuschen, G., 1968:
Practical rationalization: The principle of self-help on the farm

Karnatz, H., 1965:
Practical recommendations for chemical weed control in fruit

Leviton, A.; Vettel, H.E.; Vestal, J.H., 1964:
Practical reduction of orthokinetic flocculation in the processing of sterile milk concentrates. (Abstr. pap. read at ann. meeting Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass., June 1964)

Stryckers, J.; Himme, M.V.n, 1965:
Practical results

Heursel, J.; Van Onsem, J.G., 1968 :
Practical results obtained with B-9 on azaleas.)

Gulamov, M.-K.K.; Narimov, S.; Atezanov, M.A.; Ryhsihodzaev, T., 1968:
Practical results of breeding in the cotton species Gossypium hirsutum, using ionizing radiation

Vancura, V., 1970:
Practical results of temperature control in dairies

Bouma, J., 1964:
Practical results of the use of mutation breeding

Pansaers, L., 1971:
Practical results with Calyram in 1970

Matzke, W., 1965:
Practical results with the propagation of carnations and different woody ornamentals in the tower greenhouse

Mayer, W., 1965:
Practical results with the tower greenhouse

Gordon, M.A., 1970:
Practical serology of the systemic mycoses

Smith, K.J., 1970:
Practical significance of gossypol in feed formulation

Anonymous, 1967:
Practical significance of studies in animal ecology

Baier, W.; Doyle, J.J.; Gangopadhyaya, M.; Razumova, L.A.; Winter, E.J., 1968:
Practical soil moisture problems in agriculture

Johnson, A.G.; Adams, B.; Cotton, J., 1970:
Practical studies on bud-pollination of brussels sprouts

Takeshita, S.; Itagi, T.; Koto, M., 1964:
Practical studies on gravel culture. (No. 1.) (i) Investigation of gravels and water used for gravel culture. (ii) Management of the nutrient solution

Nakajima, T., 1967:
Practical studies on herbicides for citrus orchards. A comparison of the weed controlling ability of two new herbicides, bromacil and DCPA+NAC, for annual and perennial weeds in citrus orchards

Tsudoda, K.; Wada, J.; Sato, R., 1966:
Practical studies on injury to rice by cold. XXII. Intervarietal differences in degree of delay in heading due to low temperature and the mechanism involved. 1

Yasunobu, Y.; Ito, S., 1964:
Practical studies on the economy of labour for bagging the fruits of Japanese pear, green varieties. II. Prolonging the non-bagging period and the control of P. comstocki Kuwana

Nakajima, T.; Manago, M.; Ogaki, C., 1969:
Practical studies on the use of naphthaleneacetic acid for thinning the fruits of Unshiu orange trees

Wunderlich, W.E., 1966:
Practical suggestions for a large-scale aquatic weed control project

Carmona, B.C., 1966:
Practical system for storing maize on the farm

Ueda, M.; Shibata, J.; Kawabata, K., 1966:
Practical tables and graphs for the main cable in sky-line logging

Anonymous, 1966 :
Practical tasks of genetics in agriculture

Giordano, E., 1969:
Practical techniques for planting seedlings raised in plastic containers

Neusser, H., 1967:
Practical testing of urea-resin glues for particle board with a view to shortening pressing time

Neusser, H., 1968:
Practical testing of urea-resin glues for particle boards, with a view to shortening the pressing time. II

Petri, L.; Pasztory, F., 1968:
Practical tests of laminated, glued beams for cage guide-bars in mine shafts

Statens Forsogsmejeri., 1971:
Practical tests on transport of butter in containers

Starets, V.A., 1967:
Practical tests with a reduced programme for the control of the codling moth

Ross, C.V.; Riley, J.G.; Shelton, G.C., 1967:
Practical tests with anthelmintics for grazing lambs

Dreosti, J.M., 1964:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 6. Modification of protein

Dreosti, J.M., 1964:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 7. Modification of fat

Dreosti, J.M., 1964:
Practical therapeutic dietetics. 8. The feeding of infants and children

Kubler, H., 1968:
Practical tips on the determination of wood moisture content

Inoue, Y.; Yano, T.; Sekiya, Y., 1968:
Practical treatment study of the timber forest. (1) On the establishment of experimental area in pruning and stand composition

Litjens, J.B., 1965:
Practical trial of a vaccination scheme for broilers

Mclellan, R.H., 1965:
Practical trials of foggiisg tobacco warehouses with synergised pyreiarum-in-oil solutions to control the adult cigarette beetle

Ende, H., 1969:
Practical trials with Ectimar-a new antimycotic for horses

Reinders, J.S., 1966:
Practical trials with Ripercol (tetramisole) in lungworm and intestinal worm infections in cows

Op't Hoog, G.T.; Nuyten, H.M.C., 1968:
Practical trials with leeks at the Breda research garden

Banga, O., 1965:
Practical trials with radishes

Nijsse, L., 1968:
Practical trials with strawberries under glass

Madison, J.H., 1971:
Practical turfgrass management

Hoffman, G.O., 1971:
Practical use of Tordon 225 mixture herbicide on Texas rangelands

Boudet, G.; Riviere, R., 1968:
Practical use of analysis of forage for evaluation of tropical pastures

Boudet, G.; Riviere, R., 1968:
Practical use of fodder analysis to assess the value of tropical pastures

Levy, G., 1968:
Practical use of foliar analysis in the study of nutrition of forest species

Gomis Colls, J.M., 1968:
Practical use of insemination of cows with frozen semen in pellets

Hagberg, A.; Persson, G., 1964:
Practical use of mutations in genetics, taxonomy and breeding

Lhbrault, P.; Guy, R.; Schmttlin, B., 1969:
Practical use of residual herbicides in pear orchards. Results of five years' trials

Anonymous, 1968:
Practical uses and training in the techniques of aerial photography in forestry

Martin-Prevel, P., 1970:
Practical uses of foliar diagnosis

Yenkataramani, K.S., 1966:
Practical utilization of plant variability in tea

Kolyakov, Y. E.; Kozlovskii, E.V.; Gitel'son, S.S.; Bairak, V.A., 1967:
Practical virology

Sutherland, J.A., 1964:
Practical work in agricultural education

Saupe, R.; Esther, H., 1965:
Practical work with cold-aerosol insecticides in field crops

Langner, W., 1969:
Practice and problems in Douglas Fir seed production in the natural range of the species

Schrofl, J., 1969:
Practice and problems of interfarm use of machinery in Austria

Parsons, S.D.; Hunter, G.L., 1965:
Practices controlling fertility and flock improvement in sheep farming

Romas, M., 1970:
Practices of collective farms' long-term credit

Parker, C.F.; Grimshaw, R.H., 1966:
Practices used in Ohio for producing three lamb crops in two years

Pringle, G.E.; Zapata, J., 1969:
Practices used on Puerto Rican farms with high production of sugar

Singh, H.K., 1969:
Practise intercropping and furrow planting for Hybrid Napier

Siemens, L.B., 1965:
Practising agrology in extension and industry : some implications for curriculum building

Sudarikov, V.E.; Nguyen Thile, 1968:
Praeuterogonimus skrjabini n.g., n.sp., from mammals and its position within Prostho-gonimidae

Campbell, T.E., 1971:
Prairie crayfish: a hazard to direct seeding

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Prairie regional studies in economic geography. No. 6-the Killarney region of Manitoba

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Prairie-forest transition soils of the South Dakota Black Hills

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Praktische Erfahrungen bei der Anwendung von 'Loxuran'-ein ungarisches Praparat zur Therapie und Prophylaxe der Dictyocaulosen bei Rind und Schaf

Singh, H.G.; Mathur, R.K.; Bakshi, M.M., 1966:
Pramukh-a new cotton variety for Uttar Pradesh

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Pratylenchoides laticauda n.sp., a new endoparasitic phytonematode

Khak, M.M., 1966:
Pratylenchus Filipev, 1934 (Nematoda: Pratylenchinae)

Wu, L.Y., 1971:
Pratylenchus macrostylus n.sp. (Pratylenchinae : Nematoda)

Zyubin, B.N., 1966:
Pratylenchus montanus n.sp. (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae) on a crop of the opium poppy in Kirgizia

Walker, J.T., 1969:
Pratylenchus penetrans (Cobb) Populations as Influenced by Microorganisms and Soil Amendments

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Pratylenchus pinguicaudatus n.sp. (Pratylenchinae : Nematoda) with a key to the genus Pratylenchus

Andersson, S., 1971:
Pratylenchus scribneri, a root-damaging nematode in Hippeastrum

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Pratylenchus spp. as citrus pathogens

Edward, J.C.; Misra, S.L.; Rai, B.B.; Peter, E., 1970:
Pratylenchus spp. associated with crops of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute campus

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Pratylenchus thornei, a nematode pest of wheat in Sonora, Mexico

Baxter, R.I.; Blake, C.D., 1968:
Pratylenchus thornei-a cause of root necrosis in wheat

Ronneberger, H., 1968:
Praxisver suche mit CitarinR an norddeutschen Rinderher den

Zahner, H.; Herzog, H.; Saupe, E.; Enders, B., 1970:
Prazipitierende Antikorper im Serum von Mastomys natalensis im Verlauf der Litomosoides carinii-Infektion

Lewis, W.M., 1970:
Pre and post emergence Poa annua control in common bermudagrass turf

Haramaki, C.; Atmore, S.; Koch, G., 1967:
Pre and post-transplant application of herbicides in zinnias

Southwick, F.W.; Lord, W.J.; Weeks, W.D., 1966:
Pre and postharvest response of apples to Ndimethyl ammo succinamic acid (Alar)

Murphy, H.J.; Goven, M.J.; Sewell, W.D., 1970:
Pre- and early post-emergence weed control with paraquat in potatoes

Gill, L.M., 1970:
Pre- and post-em. herbicides on anemone seedlings being grown to produce corms. (Interim report)

D.Rigo, H.T., 1964:
Pre- and post-emergence chemical weed control in Chinese water chestnut

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Pre- and post-emergence crabgrass control results for 1967 and 1968

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Pre- and post-emergence effect of 1-(2-methyl cyclohexyl)-3-phenylurea on crabgrass and five turf-grass species

Downs, W.G.; Dutch, J.M., 1966:
Pre- and post-emergence effect of siduron on crabgrass

Poverezhnyi, F.V., 1972:
Pre- and post-emergence harrowing of sugar beet

Leuthold, L.D.; Carpenter, W.J., 1966:
Pre- and post-emergence herbicide applications to annual and perennial garden flowers

Chiapparini, L., 1968:
Pre- and post-emergence trials to control Echinochloa in rice-fields with mixtures of propanil and HE 314

Mitchel, W.J.P., 1970:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control in maize

Hopen, H.J., 1968:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control on onions in Illinois during a three-year study

Chiapparini, L., 1968:
Pre- and post-emergence weed control tests with mixtures of propanil and HE 314 against Echinochloa in rice fields

Chandler, E.L., 1969:
Pre- and post-emergence weed killers for rice

Wells, J.M.; Gerdts, M.H., 1971:
Pre- and post-harvest benomyl treatments for control of brown rot of Nectarines in California

Kampe, W., 1971:
Pre- and post-planting herbicides for tomatoes in the field and in the greenhouse. Preliminary report

Munoz, H.; Martin, T.; G., 1969:
Pre- and post-weaning growth in Santa Gertrudis, Brahman and Criollo cattle and their reciprocal crosses

Bathgate, M., 1967:
Pre-European cultural interference on the forests of the southern part of the South Island

Brown, D.F.; Doyle, J.T., 1967:
Pre-beta lipoproteinemia. Its bearing on the dietary management of serum lipid disorders as related to ischemic heart disease

Bobb, M.L., 1969:
Pre-bloom oil sprays for European red mite control

Bolay, A.; Simon, J.-L., 1966:
Pre-blossom treatments for vine downy mildew: an example of copper phytotoxicity

Absher, C.; Hobbs, C.S., 1969:
Pre-calving energy levels for first-calf heifers. (Tennessee Farm Home Sci. Progr. Rep. No. 69)

Biemans, J.A., 1970:
Pre-cautions for growing autumn lettuce

Hatano, K., 1967:
Pre-chilling (or stratification) of forest tree seeds and its physiological significance

Day, Maurice, W., 1967:
Pre-commercial thinning in conifers with silvicides

Fenton, R.H.; Bond, A.R., 1965:
Pre-commercial thinning not recommended for Virginia Pine stands in southern Maryland

Macconnell, W.P.; Babeu, R.G., 1965:
Pre-commercial thinning of pine with herbicides and soil sterilants

Viel, M.B.C.G., 1971:
Pre-concentraiion of cream for batter making

Farooq, M., 1969:
Pre-control investigations in bilharziasis

Eddy, T.P.; Nicholson, A.L.; Wheeler, E.F., 1969:
Pre-cooked frozen foods. 2. The use of microwave ovens

Kiplinger, D.C.; Tayama, H.K.; Staby, G., 1972 :
Pre-cooled versus controlled-temperature forcing of several lily cultivars

Pratella, G.; C.V.ncenzi, M., 1968:

Worthington-Smith, P.S., 1967:
Pre-cooling of fruit within the main storage chamber

Rees, A.R.; Wallis, L.W., 1970:
Pre-cooling of narcissus bulbs for early flowering in the field

Wikesjo, K., 1971:
Pre-cultivation and long-day treatment of carnations in nurseries in Scania during 1968-1970

Fornaroli, D., 1965:
Pre-digested feeds in diets for table poultry

Aniansson, G.; Noren, O.; Skarp, S.-U., 1965:
Pre-drying of mown herbage

Salopek, D., 1971:
Pre-drying-a modern production method

Leiderman, L.; Dos Santos, C.A.L., 1966:
Pre-em. and post-em. weed control in peas

Rognon, J.; Poignant, P., 1969:
Pre-em. weed control in crops of winter wheat with the help of associations of neburon and nitrofen

Coelho, J.P.; Viana, A.A., 1966:
Pre-em. weed control in garlic (Allium cepa)

Bellavita, O.; Morales, A., 1967:

Jagschitz, J.A.; Skogley, C.R., 1965:
Pre-emergence and broadleaf herbicide effects on turfgrass establishment

Mandal, S.K.; Mani, V.S., 1966:
Pre-emergence and post-emergence use of weed killers in peas

Leiderman, L.; Kramer, M.; Santos, C.A.L.D.s., 1964:
Pre-emergence application of herbicides in onions grown from sets

Gemawat, P.D.; Prasad, N., 1965:
Pre-emergence blight of Sesamum caused by Pythium aphanidennatum (Eds) Fitz

Leiderman, L.; Kramer, M.; Gregori, R.; Nagai, K., 1964:
Pre-emergence chemical control of Digitaria sanguinalis

Leiderman, L., E.Al., 1967:
Pre-emergence chemical control of Digitaria sanguinalis in coffee

Cozzani, C.; Sisto, A.M.; Tolve, N., 1964:
Pre-emergence chemical weed control in potatoes

Miller, R.W., 1971:
Pre-emergence control of annual grasses

Goss, R.L., 1965:
Pre-emergence control of annual meadow-grass

Regan, J.B.; Ilnicki, R.D.; Liu, L.C.; Visinski, E.J., 1966 :
Pre-emergence control of corn chamomile in small grains with herbicide mixtures

Eshel, J.; Kattan, J.; Siti, E.; Manjam, E.; Palevitz, D., 1971:
Pre-emergence control of weeds in direct-seeded sweet pepper

Engel, R.E.; Ilnicki, R.D., 1970:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control in Merion Kentucky bluegrass turf with RP-17623 and other herbicides

Cornman, J.F., 1966:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control in old and new turf in 1965

Cornman, J.F., 1967:
Pre-emergence crabgrass control results in 1966

Sato, K., 1964:
Pre-emergence damping-off on coniferous seedlings caused by the pathogenic fungi of snow blight at low temperature. (I.)

Gentner, W.A., 1970:
Pre-emergence herbicidal properties of nitralin analogs in nutrient solution

Juska, F.V.; Hovin, A.W., 1970:
Pre-emergence herbicide effects on the growth of Newport Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) seedlings

Agamalian, H.S., 1968:
Pre-emergence herbicide efficacy and its effects on precision-planted row-crop systems

Velmurugu, V., 1967:
Pre-emergence herbicide experiments on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) and sorghum (Sorghum vulgare)

Grower., 1971:
Pre-emergence herbicide mixtures sorted out at Kirton EHS

Fabre, J.P.; Brunck, F., 1971:
Pre-emergence herbicide test on an Ivory Coast species used in afforestation: Framire-Terminalia ivorensis

Ashrif, M.I., 1966:
Pre-emergence herbicide trial on groundnuts in the Gambia

Parochetti, J.V.; Hawes, D.T., 1967:
Pre-emergence herbicides and combinations for soybeans

Mcmurphy, W.E., 1969:
Pre-emergence herbicides for seeding range grasses

Locascio, S.J., 1965:
Pre-emergence herbicides for watermelons

Ross, M.A.; Williams, J.L., 1966:
Pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in crambe

Agamalian, H.; Lange, A.; Lyons, J.; Stilwell, E.; Ford, H.; Kempen, H.; Mccoy, O.; Robinson, F., 1967:
Pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in lettuce

Lange, A.H.; Day, B.E.; Jordan, L.S.; Russell, R.C., 1967:
Pre-emergence herbicides for weed control in walnuts

Jowett, D.; Doggett, H., 1964:
Pre-emergence herbicides in sorghum at Serere, Uganda. Preliminary report

Casamayor, G.R., 1967:
Pre-emergence herbicides in sugar cane

Nys, L.; Detroux, L., 1966:
Pre-emergence herbicides on potatoes in the Ardennes

Yepes, J.; Chaves, R., 1970:
Pre-emergence herbicides used pre-sowing incorporated in cotton

Dransfield, M., 1964:
Pre-emergence mortality of cotton in cold weather

Flentje, N.T., 1964:
Pre-emergence rotting of Peas in South Australia. I. Factors associated with the seed

Flentje, N.T.; Saksena, H.K., 1964:
Pre-emergence rotting of Peas in South Australia. III. Host-pathogen interaction

Flentje, N.T., 1964:
Pre-emergence rotting of peas in South Australia. 2. Factors associated with the soil

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Pre-emergence sexing of Glossina morsitans orientalis Vanderplank (Diptera) paparia

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Pre-emergence weed control in pineapple

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Pre-emergence weed control in sweet corn with atrazine, linuron and dinoseb in combination with other herbicides

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Pre-emergence weed control in turf grasses

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Pre-emergence weed control in white potatoes

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Pre-emergenee herbicide applications in transplanted annual flowers

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Pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control in seeded onions

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Pre-emergent herbicide weed control in sugar-beet

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Pre-emergent herbicides for preparing Ponderosa Pine planting sites in the Southwest

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Pre-emergent herbicides in elephant grass. (Pennisetum purpureum, Sebum.)

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Pre-emergent herbicides on groundnuts. (Experiment No. 29)

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Pre-export treatments of rose cut-flowers

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Pre-fabricated components in the construction of dairies

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Pre-ferment process for making dough having high milk solids content

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Pre-fertilization ovules of tetraploid red clover in relation to its fertility

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Pre-freezing as a drying treatment

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Pre-germinate seed for early cucumbers

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Pre-germination selection against a deleterious mutant in red pine

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Pre-grafting preparation of rootstock cuttings in relation to storage conditions

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Pre-harvest death of groundnut plants in Northern Nigeria

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Pre-harvest defoliation of apple nursery stock using Ethrel

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Pre-harvest defoliation of castor beans

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Pre-harvest desiccation of onion tops

Anonymous, 1965:
Pre-harvest desiccation of seed crops

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Pre-harvest desiccation of sugar cane with paraquat in Queensland

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Pre-harvest desiccation of sugar-beet seed-crops with magnesium chlorate

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Pre-harvest field operations and costs in growing flue-cured tobacco in Georgia

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Pre-harvest killing of commercial timber

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Pre-harvest lenticel spot of apples

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Pre-harvest sampling of sugarcane for maturity determination

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Pre-harvest sprays of fungicides for the control of storage decay in Grape (Vitis vinifera L.)

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Pre-harvest treatments for bitter pit reduction

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Pre-harvest use of 2,4-D on citrus

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Pre-historic cucurbits from the valley of Oaxaca, Mexico

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Pre-historic flora in South Wales uplands, Britain

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Pre-immunisation-a technique for reducing the effects of stem pitting on Grapefruit

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Pre-implantation death of mouse eggs caused by irradiated food

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Pre-incubation egg enrichment with carbon dioxide as a factor for increasing hatchability percentage of chicks

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Pre-incubation irradiation of eggs

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Pre-incubation of ntilk for control of keeping quality

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Pre-incubation of pasteurized milk for the detection of psychrophilic bacteria

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Pre-incubation storage effects on subsequent performance of chickens

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Pre-infection immunization of domestic animals against rabies in the light of recent advances

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Pre-inoculation of lucerne seed

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Pre-intestinal destruction of vitamin A by ruminants fed nitrate

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Pre-intestinal disappearance of vitamin A in steers and wethers fed cottonseed oil

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Pre-intestinal disappearance of vitamin A in steers fed different levels of corn

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Pre-investment study for forestry development in the valleys of Magdalena and Sinu, Colombia. Species trials in the Sierra Nevada

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Pre-investment study on forest industries development, Ceylon. Final report. Volume I. General report

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Pre-investment survey of selected forest areas. Greece. Final report. Volume I: General report. Volume II: Forest resources studies. Volume III: Soil and land use studies. Volume IV: Logging and transportation studies. Volume V: Forest industries studies

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Pre-investment survey techniques for forest industry

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Pre-laying nutritional and environmental factors in the performance of the adult fowl. 1. Adaptation of litter-reared single comb White Leghorn females to different calcium and phosphorus intakes

Anderson, D.L., 1967:
Pre-laying nutritional and environmental factors in the performance of the adult fowl. II. Influence of environment on the calcium requirement and adaptation of single comb white Leghorn females

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Pre-liminary report on an experiment on the sterilisation of adults of D. oleae in the field

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Pre-natal losses in sheep in western Victoria

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Pre-operational search for baseline radioactivity, critical food and population group at the Tarapur Atomic Power Station site

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Pre-packing of fruit

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Pre-packing vegetables and fruit

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Pre-patent period and parasitemia in Leucocytozoon simondi infections resulting from short exposures to sporozoites

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Pre-planning of the agricultural structure of the Butzbach region. Vols. III

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Pre-plant soil incorporated, pre-emergence, and post-emergence weed control in potatoes

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Pre-plant soil-incorporation methods of applying herbicides for weed control in sweet potatoes

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Pre-plant treatment of potting soil and liner beds with trifluralin

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Pre-plant, pre-emergence and post-emergence weed control in spring-seeded and summer-seeded alfalfa

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Pre-planting and post-planting herbicidal treatments in new strawberry plantings

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Pre-planting and pre-emergence application of herbicides in potato fields

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Pre-planting and pre-emergence weed control in tomatoes

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Pre-planting and pre-emergent contact herbicide treatments in onions

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Pre-planting applications of prometryne and bensulide combinations in irrigated cotton

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Pre-planting chemical weed control in cotton-1963

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Pre-planting fertilization and the growth of black currants

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Pre-planting grading and preparation of grafts

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Pre-planting heat treatment of onion sets of the variety Makovski

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Pre-planting herbicidal treatments to control weeds in rice fields

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Pre-planting preparation of apple rootstocks

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Pre-planting treatment

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Pre-planting treatment and the yield of onion seed

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Pre-planting weed control in cauliflower

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Pre-pressing plywood

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Pre-purchase property assessment

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Pre-seasoned meat and seasoning process

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Pre-selection for Phytophthora cactorum (Leb. & Cohn) Scbroet. resistance in apple seedlings

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Pre-selection for juvenile period, flowering and picking time in apple seedlings

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Pre-selection of compact mutants induced by X-ray treatment in apple and pear

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Pre-selection setting of woodworking machines

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Pre-selection trials with fruit tree grafts for vigour and compatibility

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Pre-setting and post-setting herbicidal treatments for weed control in cole crops

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Pre-slung packaged softwood: Russian invention demonstrated on Archangel cargo

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Pre-soaking before hot water treatment of narcissus bulbs

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Pre-sowing application of fertilizers to maize on chernozem soil in the Volgograd Province

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Pre-sowing application of microelements to seeds of perennial leguminous herbs

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Pre-sowing gamma-irradiation of seeds of fine-fibred cotton

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Pre-sowing hardening of plants to drought

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Pre-sowing heat treatments for sour orange seeds

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Pre-sowing irradiation of maize seed

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Pre-sowing irradiation of seeds with impulses of concentrated light

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Pre-sowing methods of treating Solanum laciniatum seeds

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Pre-sowing preparation of tomato seeds

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Pre-sowing seed treatment of Sugar Beet with micro-fertilizers as a factor in increasing resistance to black leg

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Pre-sowing seed treatment with micro-nutrient salt solutions for increasing drought resistance in wheat and barley plants

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Pre-sowing seed treatment with water subjected to magnetization treatment

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Pre-sowing soaking of seeds

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Pre-sowing treat ment of sorghum seed with succinic acid

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Pre-sowing treatment of barley seed with micronutrient salts

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Pre-sowing treatment of lilac seeds with growth stimulants

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Pre-sowing treatment of maize seed

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Pre-sowing treatment of maize seeds with zinc

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Pre-sowing treatment of onion and tomato seeds

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Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of blue lupin, horse beans and spring wheat in the field of an alternating current

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Pre-sowing treatment of seeds of the dog rose, Rosa canina L

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Pre-sowing weed control with paraquat, a new technique that allows cereals to be grown without ploughing

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Pre-starting, starting and growing feeds for piglets weaned at 10 days of age

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Pre-steaming an aid to pressure preservation of green Radiata Pine

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Pre-storage and pre-planting corm treatments of gladiolus

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Pre-storage promotion of leaf abscission of deciduous nursery stock with Bromodine

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Pre-storage washing of potatoes

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Pre-testing of warm-blood stallions

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Pre-transplant incorporated and post-transplant herbicide treatments for weed control in tomatoes

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Pre-treatment of Douglas Fir seeds with H2O2

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Pre-treatment of building timber

Muriel, W.L., 1965:
Pre-treatment of building timbers

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Pre-treatment of conifer seeds for chromosome studies

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Pre-treatment of dairy effluent by the tower system

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Pre-treatment of forest trees for root disease control in Hevea plantings

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Pre-treatment of leek seed as a means of overcoming superoptimal temperatures of germination

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Pre-treatment of soil with MCPA as a factor affecting persistence of a subsequent application

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Pre-treatment of the seeds of Terminalia ivorensis

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Pre-treatment of whole and skim-milk for the manufacture of yoghurt and buttermilk

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Pre-tupping shearing of Merino two-tooth ewes

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Pre-venting water resorption in weight loss determinations

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Pre-winter plant development and their winter dormancy in the steppes of the Black Sea area

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Prealbumin locus in chickens

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Prebloom freezing as a factor in the occurrence of the blossom blight phase of fire blight on apples

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Prebloom thinning of Thompson Seedless grapes is feasible when followed by bloom spraying with gibberellin

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Precancerous Lesions Of The Mammary Gland. Human And Experimental

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Precancerous processes in the gastric mucous membrane of horses

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Precautions for overwintering early cauliflower

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Precautions in estimating calcium in coprecipitates of milk proteins

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Precautions in the interpretation of deficiency symptoms

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Precautions in the use of weed killers

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Precedents for regional planning in Italian agriculture: plans for improvement and some recent regional plans for agricultural development

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Preceding crops and the root system of winter wheat

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Preceding crops and winter wheat yields in the irrigated zone of Kazakhstan

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Preceding crops for cigar-tobacco

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Preceding crops for winter and spring wheat E. of the Volga River

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Preceding-crop value of cereals for cereals

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Precipitants of kwashiorkor

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Precipitating antibodies in extracts from the mucosa and tunica muscularis of the alimentary tract of sheep infected with Oesophagostomum columbianum

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Precipitating antibodies in fowl pox

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Precipitation measurements

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Precipitation of whey proteins from whey

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Precipitation on the living larva of Trichinella spiralis as a diagnostic method, compared with the Ouchterlony method

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Precipitation probabilities for selected locations in Louisiana

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Precipitation, its chemical composition and effect on soil water in a Beech and a Spruce forest in south Sweden

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Precipitin (F.L.H.) Test In Farmer's Lung

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Precipitin activity in the sera of patients with deficiency of beta-lipoproteins (acanthocytosis)

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Precipitin production by chub (Leuciscus cephalus) to an intestinal helminth

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Precipitin response of cattle to bovine papilloma virus

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Precipitin tests in patients infected with C. albicans

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Precipitin, agar gel diffusion, and intragel absorption tests with three strains of Tomato bushy stunt virus

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Precipitinogens in the excretory gland contents and in extracts of isolated tissues of Stephanurus dentatus

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Precipitins Against An Antigen Extract Of Aspergillus Fumigatus In Patients With Aspergillosis Or Other Pulmonary Diseases

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