Practical use of Tordon 225 mixture herbicide on Texas rangelands

Hoffman, G.O.

Down to Earth 27(2): 17-21


ISSN/ISBN: 0012-5792
Accession: 014614473

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Following the application of Tordon 225 mixture (picloram 1 lb/gal -f 2, 4, 5-T-triethylamine 1 lb/gal) at 0.25 gal/ac for the control of honey mesquite and up to 1 gal for the control of mixed brush species, 78 soil samples were taken at 5 localities, 60 grass samples were taken at 21 localities and water, grass and soil samples were taken at Catarina. Grass samples showed 0 to 6.9 ppm residue of picloram 72 to 170 days after treatment.