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Present values of expected future income streams and their relevance to mobility of farm workers to the non-farm sector in the United States, 1917-62

Chennareddy, V.

Dissertation Abstracts A, The Humanities and Social Sciences 27(5): 1157-1158


ISSN/ISBN: 0095-9154
Accession: 014618219

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The major objectives were: (1) to estimate the present values of the expected future-income stream for a 25- and 45-year-old worker in the farm sector and in four non-farm occupations: manufacturing, construction, laundries and retail trade; (2) to formulate a model for estimating the supply function of farm workers; (3) to formulate a model for estimating the mobility of farm operators of different ages from the farm sector to the non-farm sector; (4) to utilize the estimated relationships for projecting age composition of farm operators to 1970; (5) to estimate the number of farm workers in the future. The projected number of farm operators in each age group for 1970 indicates that the trend of aging farm operators is not going to be reversed. According to the projected number of farm operators for 1970, the number of farm operators will decrease by about 1.15 million in the period 1960 to 1970. Diss. A. abr.

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