Section 15
Chapter 14,619

Preservation of roots by ensiling. 1. Ensiling of sugar beet with different preservatives

Laube, W.; Weissbach, F.; Budzier, H.H.

Archiv für Tierernährung 18: 229-238


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
Accession: 014618371

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Additions of HSO4 and K2S2O5 to crushed sugar beet ensiled in plastic sacks increased the alcohol content and reduced acid fermentation; formate had little effect. CaCO3 in amounts too high for the silage to be eaten stimulated production of lactic acid but further supplementation produced spoilage due to formation of butyric acid. Sodium benzoate, the best additive, reduced alcohol formation and silage losses; sugar was largely unchanged. The composition of the silages is tabulated.