Production of baby beef with Simmental and Brown Alpine calves fed only on concentrate feeds. Effect of composition and physical form of the diet on weight gain, intake of feed and characteristics of the carcass

Catalano, A.; Russo, V.

Riv. Zootec. Agric. Vet 5: 317-335


Accession: 014622944

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In Italy the term "baby beef" refers to calves fattened to between 250 and 300 kg liveweight. Groups of 4 Simmental and 4 Brown Alpine calves were fattened from about 100 kg liveweight to final weight about 260 kg on complete feeds with 6 to 10% hay and maize or barley as the main cereal, each given as meal or pellets. In Simmentals gain was better with maize than with barley and better with meal than with pellets.