Qualitative study of Atriplex halimus as a forage plant growing under semi-arid conditions in Israel. 1. Seasonal variations in the content of chlorides and essential minerals, and the presence of oxalates in the different plant parts

Lachover, D.; Tadmor, N.

Agron. trop., Paris, Paris 20(3): 309-22


Accession: 014629356

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There is an urgent need to find suitable forage plants for the non-irrigated arid regions of Israel. During the past few years, large areas, especially in N. Negev, have been planted with A. halimus for improving the natural pastures. It is feared, however, that the high salt content of this plant could be harmful to animals. In investigations during 2 yr, the content of sodium chloride was found to be very high; it decreased in winter and increased in summer.